15 Best Driving Schools in New Orleans Review

Driving is not a skill that can be learned overnight. It requires time, patience, and practice to become a good driver. But with the right help, you can learn to drive safely and confidently in no time at all. Here are the best driving schools in New Orleans to choose from.

The best way to learn how to drive a car is by taking driving lessons from a qualified instructor at a driving school.

If you live in New Orleans and want to get your driver’s license, different driving schools are available to help you.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 15 top driving schools in New Orleans. This list covers all types of driving schools based on reviews, recommendations, and other sources.

We hope this list helps you find the right school for your needs!

Benefits of Attending a Driving School

You can learn to drive or complete a legal obligation at a driving school before you can acquire your license, but there are additional reasons you might need to enroll.

Whether you are a first-time adolescent driver or going to school later in life, your effort will significantly impact how much you learn.

1. Improved safety

By enrolling in a driving school, you may be sure that you are well-versed in the laws of the road. You’ll learn how to adapt to changing weather conditions, understand how to avoid collisions, and be able to drive cautiously, in addition to having superior driving skills.

By taking driving lessons, you can guarantee your safety and that of other road users.

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2. The real test practice

Driving lessons are the best approach to raise your likelihood of passing the road test. Each class will test you in the real world and learn how to negotiate roadblocks and difficulties effectively.

You’ll gain confidence on the road as you practice. Also, you won’t experience tension or anxiety on the day of the actual test; instead, you’ll feel confident and prepared.

3. Lower insurance rates

The price of auto insurance can be significantly decreased with a diploma from a good driving school. Contact your insurance agent for a quote since the discount will vary based on your insurance agent and coverage.

4. Reduced wait time

Drivers might undertake their G2 road test eight months following their written exam, provided they have a certificate from a driving school. Drivers need to wait one year if they don’t have this certificate.

5. Improved driving record

Students are far less likely to pick up undesirable driving behaviors with instruction from experienced driving instructors, which lowers the risk of hazardous mishaps, violations, and expensive citations.

6. Keep up with the current rules and regulations.

The laws and rules of the road are constantly changing. A qualified driving teacher is knowledgeable about all traffic rules and can inform you of any new changes to the legislation, so you pass your road test on the first attempt.

What are the Requirements to Attend a Driving School?

A learner’s permit is required before a student may enroll in a driving school. Before enrolling in a pre-licensing course, students are highly advised to have some driving experience.

Before starting the pre-licensing course, the school must transmit a roster and money to the nearby testing facility. Additionally, until the completion of the course, students are required to keep their certificate booklets in a safe place.

Additionally, the Pre-Licensing Course instructor must be employed by all driving schools. Even more, the instructor has to have been teaching behind the wheel for at least 1,000 hours.

The driving school must have complete worker’s compensation insurance and an insurance certificate for each teacher.

Dual foot brake controls and a “student driver” sign must also be installed in any vehicles utilized for training in the school. Additionally, the school must advertise the car and display information about student drivers.

Best Driving Schools in New Orleans in 2023

Here are our top picks for the leading driving schools in New Orleans:

  1. New Orleans Safe Driving School
  2. 1st Step Driving School
  3. NOLA Driving Institute
  4. Victor Manning Driving School
  5. Precision Driving Academy
  6. PCNO Driving School
  7. Crescent City Driving School
  8. 4 Wheels Driving School Academy
  9. Lingle Driving Academy
  10. Drive Dat Academy
  11. Got Driving School
  12. Angelwood Auto Safety
  13. Safe Road Truck Driving School
  14. Abix Driving Academy
  15. St. Charles Driving Academy

1. New Orleans Safe Driving School

This is among the best driving schools in New Orleans. They provide a CDL and forklift training vocational course in addition to refresher courses, drug, and alcohol awareness classes, third-party road testing, a 14-hour course for new adult drivers, and a 38-hour course for high school students. Their 14-hour course costs $480, while their 38-hour course costs $550. 

They belong to the Driving School Association of Louisiana and the Driving School Association of the Americas, respectively. They are open from Monday through Saturday for business.

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2. 1st Step Driving School

With thorough driving training delivered by highly qualified, certified, and experienced teachers, 1st Step Driving School aims to develop exceptional drivers and keep the road safer for everyone.

They offer the 38 hours of education necessary for teen drivers, the 14 hours of state-mandated training for newly licensed adults, defensive driving lessons, and eight hours of private instruction.

There are classes available for different licensing kinds. This company offers fast online course registration, open Monday through Saturday. A $100 deposit is needed to reserve a class spot. This can be paid with any major credit card or via PayPal.

Their thorough training programs acquaint new drivers with normal traffic circumstances on the road and provide them with strict safety guidelines to prepare them for a potential emergency. A first-aid course is also a feature of their curriculum since safety comes first.

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3. NOLA Driving Institute 

This is also one of the best driving schools in New Orleans. They assist students in obtaining their licenses to drive swiftly and safely. 

A 14-hour driving course, a 38-hour course for new drivers under 18, and an eight-hour refresher course for licensed drivers are all options they have. The NOLA Driving Institute offers online registration and has convenient sites in Metairie and Norco.

Their 14-hour course costs $450. At the same time, their 38-hour course costs $550. You will need to make a deposit of $100 when you are booking. They accept credit or debit cards for the deposit. 

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4. Victor Manning Driving School

Victor Manning Driving School has served customers in the Greater New Orleans region for over 85 years.

By providing in-class driver’s education classes to prepare students for written tests and pre-licensing courses, its teachers assist students in preparing for licensing by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Students also receive in-car driving instruction to prepare them for the formal driving tests necessary to complete a license. Students may take legitimate driving tests through this institution if they so choose.

A $50 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is needed to book a class.  

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5. Precision Driving Academy 

Precision Driving Academy, based in the New Orleans metropolitan area, provides thorough, accommodating, and flexible driving education. Students can register for sessions at this driving school using the practical online course scheduling option.

They provide a 14-hour course for new drivers 18 years of age and older, 38, 41, or 44-hour courses for teenagers 15 to 17, hourly private driving lessons, a class on vehicles and emergency treatment, and as ticket-deferral classes.

Road skills evaluations are also provided by Precision Driving Academy every day of the week. All customers can save $10 on a DMV driving test, and students who receive good grades can save $10 on a driving course. Louisiana has granted Precision Driving Academy its certification.

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6. PCNO Driving School 

To assist its students in learning to drive safely, PCNO Driving School, which serves the whole New Orleans metropolitan region, has contemporary automobiles, cozy classrooms, and a staff of knowledgeable, highly educated teachers.

The PCNO Driving School is accessible by appointment only on Sunday and is open Monday through Saturday.

For students to prepare for the practical and written components of the state driver’s license exam, there are 14-hour and 38-hour classes available. Additionally, they provide Class D CDL training courses. 

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7. Crescent City Driving School

They are licensed to teach new and experienced drivers. Their instructors have many years of experience with both the written test, road test, and instruction.

They make you feel comfortable and confident while learning how to drive.

They offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy schedule. Crescent City Driving School offers both 14-hour and 38-hour courses on driving.

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8. 4 Wheels Driving School Academy 

This is another top-notch driving school located in New Orleans. To assist you in getting your driver’s license, classes are conducted by MVA-certified and skilled instructors who offer individualized behind-the-wheel (BTW) teaching and driving test preparation.

Anyone in Maryland who wants to drive legally must complete a 36-hour driving education course. Before beginning your behind-the-wheel training, you must have a learner’s permit.

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9. Lingle Driving Academy 

Lingle Driving Academy offers in-car and online education courses for teen drivers. They also provide basic driver training for adults who desire to brush up on their skills or obtain their license for the first time.

Their programs meet state requirements and prepare student drivers for the road ahead.

They offer an affordable, quality, and complete driver education program with a proven track record. Their instructors are highly qualified professionals committed to helping drivers pass their road tests safely and on the first attempt. 

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10. Drive Dat Academy

This driving school provides a range of driving courses, such as defensive driving instruction and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Drive Dat Academy is a graduate driving school that offers 14 and 38-hour driving programs for adults (18 years and above) and teenagers (15-17 years). Additionally, they provide independent road skills assessments.

Their teachers are certified through a rigorous training program to guarantee that drivers receive the best instruction for their future as safe drivers.

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11. Got Driving School

This driving school helps you confidently pass your driving test by providing high-quality driving lessons at an affordable price.

They offer a 14-hour pre-licensing course (18-year-olds and older), a 38-hour pre-licensing course (15 – 17-year-olds), and a third-party tester (Driving Test–State of Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Approved Tester).

Their 14-hour pre-licensing course costs $375, and you can pay instrumentally. Their 38-hour pre-licensing course costs $485, and their third-party tester course costs $90. They accept checks, cash, credit cards, and money orders. 

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 12. Angelwood Auto Safety

This is another driving school that helps prepare drivers for the road. In this school, you can learn everything you need to be an excellent driver.

The available classes are a 14-hour course that costs $400, Driver’s Education Course that costs $440, Defensive Driving Course, DUI/DWI Course, and the Driving Safety/Improvement Course.

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13. Safe Road Truck Driving School

Safe Road Truck Driving School, LLC aims to offer high-quality, reasonably priced truck and bus driver training services. To guarantee that they graduate the safest drivers possible, they work to provide the most excellent interpersonal training.

They provide Class “A,” Class “B,” and Refresher CDL courses in addition to a four and 8-week course. You can benefit from the classes they offer because they are flexible.

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14. Abix Driving Academy 

This is among the best driving schools to help you quickly become a licensed driver. They offer a 38-hour youth course and a 14-hour adult course. They also have great instructors ready to teach drivers all they need to know about driving on the road safely. 

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15. Charles Driving Academy

This is another trusted driving school on our list. They have served New Orleans for over 100 years. Their prices are affordable, and they offer flexible classes that can easily fit into your schedule whether you are an adult or a teenager. 

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How Much is a Driving Class in New Orleans?

In New Orleans, it costs between $650-$800 for 14 Hours of Class, Six hours in class, and eight hours driving. Then it costs between $550 -$650 for 38 Hour Class: 30 Class Hours and 8 Driving Hours. At the time of reservation, a $100 non-refundable deposit is requested.

For road skills, a third-party driving test costs $80.00; the tests cost $40, and $40 automobile use equals $80. Also, a $40 non-refundable deposit is required. Rescheduling an appointment is not possible.


How much is a driving class in New Orleans?

In New Orleans, it costs between $650-$800 for 14 Hours of Class, Six hours in class, and eight hours driving. Then it costs between $550 -$650 for 38 Hour Class: 30 Class Hours and 8 Driving Hours. At the time of reservation, a $100 non-refundable deposit is requested.

How long is New Orleans driving school?

The listed companies are presently authorized to deliver 38- or 14-hour driving instruction courses. Only certificates from accredited institutions are recognized.

What is the best driving school in New Orleans?

Best Nail Tech Schools in New Orleans:

New Orleans Safe Driving School
1st Step Driving School
NOLA Driving Institute
Victor Manning Driving School
Precision Driving Academy
PCNO Driving School
Crescent City Driving School
4 Wheels Driving School Academy
Lingle Driving Academy
Drive Dat Academy
Got Driving School
Angelwood Auto Safety
Safe Road Truck Driving School
Abix Driving Academy
St. Charles Driving Academy


Many driving schools in New Orleans offer different services and cater to different needs. Some schools are more expensive than others, but the prices reflect the quality of service each school provides.

These driving schools can equip you with the skills how to avoid accidents, drive defensively, handle emergencies, deal with other drivers on the road, and more.

We hope you will use this article to learn more about New Orleans driving schools and make a wise decision when choosing one for yourself.


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