15 Best Driving Schools in Orlando Review

A driving school’s main objective is to instruct you on how to drive. With the rapid development of technology, a driver could learn several new skills. 

If you have good driving skills, everywhere you go, it doesn’t matter if you’re visiting from another country or moving from a little to a huge car. It would help if you enrolled in a professional and well-certified driving school to enhance your driving skills.

Orlando is the most dangerous driving area in the U.S., with six Florida cities ranking among the top 10.

Drivers must develop the necessary skills and knowledge for safe driving at driving schools in Orlando.

But how can you pick a driver’s education program when so many institutions claim to offer the most excellent instruction? This article aimed to provide you with the most current, accurate information possible regarding driving schools in Orlando 2023. Explore now!

Why Attend A Driving School?

You should attend driving schools in Orlando and beyond for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should attend a driving school:

A driving school can identify and address bad driving habits.

A driving school can identify and address bad driving habits. People with a lot of experience driving on various roads feel comfortable. 

However, they are participating in risky behaviours that could lead to accidents and risks. If you choose a certified driving instructor, they’ll monitor you while you’re on the road. Additionally, they are skilled at identifying and reversing problematic behaviours.

You learn defensive driving from the very beginning.

The possibility of being in a car accident is among the scariest aspects of getting your driver’s license. However, attending a driving school gives you the ability to acquire defensive driving techniques that could help you reduce the likelihood of being in an accident.

Defensive driving puts safety first, which is a crucial attitude to have while driving. These driving skills may help you avoid significant financial losses and save your life.

Driving lessons Can Reduce Recklessness.

Young people drive recklessly because they have an overinflated sense of competence. They think they will always be the best drivers in the world.

Thus, the root of irresponsibility is established. Most individuals are unaware of how dangerous it is to drive aggressively on the road. If experienced drivers instruct you, you will be able to comprehend the risks associated with reckless driving. You can reduce your irresponsibility by getting schooled by experts from a reliable firm.

The Driving School Teaches the Driving Laws of Your State

Driving schools instruct students in your state’s driving regulations. Numerous federal and state laws change over time. 

The most recent traffic laws in the state are always being updated for certified driving instructors. Let’s say, for instance, that you reside in Pakistan. In that instance, they will instruct about the traffic signs, signals, and penalties for disobeying them.

A driving school can help you improve specific driving abilities.

You could enhance several parts of your driving with the aid of a driving school. If you’ve been a safe driver for a while, you can easily handle all of these situations. 

You could feel anxious in many situations, but if you have specific driving skills, you can fix any issues immediately. Instructors are always available to help you learn good skills so you can deal with everything, including parallel parking.

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What Are The Requirements For Attending A Driving School?

The prerequisites for driving schools in Orlando and the USA are as follows:

  • Copies of the visa for residence, passport page, and Emirates ID card in both the original and copied form.
  • Two images.
  • Accounts of eye exams.
  • No sponsor letter of opposition (if necessary by the relevant traffic department)

How Do I Know A Driving School Is Good For Me?

Before you enrol in driving schools in Orlando, you need to severely put these factors into consideration:

Quality Training

The most crucial consideration when choosing a driving school is the calibre of instruction they offer. 

Choose a driving school that provides students with clear and organized manuals, knowledgeable instructors, and programs that the necessary organizations have approved.

Don’t be hesitant to ask the driving school questions if you can’t find the answers on their website before making a decision.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to enrol in the top driving school. Professional schools charge fair rates for their services. You should request quotations from the driving schools you have chosen for the job if you want to receive the finest rate. 

Be aware that not all pricey driving schools offer the best driving services. Instead, they seek to deceive customers who desire to become proficient drivers.

licensed drivers

The best driving schools are renowned for having groups of qualified and certified driving instructors. Because they are knowledgeable about many facets of driving a car and are in charge of preparing pupils to become better drivers once they are behind the wheel, the instructors are a fantastic addition to the driving school. 

Before hiring driving instructors, highly regarded driving institutions ask them to present their qualifications and evaluate their abilities and knowledge.


The location of the driving school you wish to hire is the next factor you must consider. Is it close to or far from where you live? It’s best to select a driving school that is close to your residence, location of employment, or place of higher education.

Time of Classes

If your calendar is tight, you should look for lessons you may attend in your own time. The internet can assist you in finding driving schools that offer these courses. 

Online classes are the best choice for you if you’re looking for options that won’t take up a lot of your time. You can complete the courses from anywhere as long as you have internet access, saving you the time it would take to get to your driving school.

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What Age Can I Enroll In A Driving School?

Your state will determine what age you can attend a driving school. Teenagers can typically begin their driver’s education in a driving school at the age of 15.

You may enrol as early as you turn 14 before the course ends.

You wouldn’t be able to drive until you were 16 in several other states.

How Much Do Driving Schools Cost in Orlando Florida?

The normal cost of a driving school varies significantly from place to place. Retail pricing is also influenced by the quality, training time, and gas prices.

A classroom-based driver’s education program costs between $30 and $180; actual road instruction costs between $50 and $150 per session. Driving school all-inclusive deals often range in price from $200 to $800.

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What are the Best Driving Schools In Orlando 2023?

List Of Best Driving Schools In Orlando

  • B & W Driving School
  • Metro Traffic School
  • Improv
  • Orlando State Driving School
  • Rb Quality Driving School
  • Amigo Driving Schoo
  • Florida Safety Council
  • Aceable Driving School
  • iDriveSafely
  • First Coast Driving School
  • Florida Accredited Driver Improvement School
  • Jax Driving School Corp
  • L.A. Driving and Traffic School
  • National Truck Driving School
  • Hernadez Driving School

#1. B & W Driving School

One of your finest options for driving schools in Orlando is B&W Driving, which has an overall Google rating of 4.6 stars. 

The school’s entry-level and intermediate packages range from about $350 to $550. Teenagers who wish to practice driving, park, and learn about traffic rules and road signs can choose the basic six-hour program.

Official Site

#2. Metro Traffic School

Both the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles and the State of Florida has approved this driving school. The DMV Permit Test, Behind the Wheel Training, Driving Lessons, DMV Permit Test and Behind Wheel Training are among the many programs it offers. 

To assist with traffic penalties and suspended driver’s licenses, Traffic School also offers traffic school courses. The Metro Traffic School makes improving your driving skills simple. Students at Metro Traffic School can enrol in all the courses necessary to complete their Florida Traffic School requirements. 

Highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals will aid students in making educated decisions about their Florida Traffic School courses. There will be a program that works for every learner.

Official Site

#3. Improv

At the Improv Comedy Club, the most well-known traffic school, is in Orlando. Only at this institution is it possible to enjoy learning while doing it. Additionally, you can meet the BDI requirement for traffic school attendance. 

Instead of going to traffic school, it seems more like you are going to a comedy show. You could complete the Florida traffic school requirements here if you received a traffic citation in Orange County. 

You have the option to get your ticket erased from your driving record right away. Fast and enjoyable, the Orlando Traffic School Online Course is a great method to escape sticky circumstances. This is also regarded as one of the best driving schools in Orlando.

Official Site

#4. Orlando State Driving School

Here’s another great option among driving schools in Orlando.

Drive Dynamics is a top-rated, nationally recognized driving school that offers driving classes in Orlando. They won’t let you down and have a great first-time pass rate. The Driving Standards Agency has approved every one of our instructors.

Official Site

#5. Rb Quality Driving School

Are you looking for a driving school with expertise that can assist you in getting your license? Our goal at Rb Quality Driving School is to assist you in achieving it. Just like other driving schools in Orlando, this school provides reliable, practical training for different stages of clients.

Rb Quality Driving School also offers traffic school classes to assist with driving privilege suspensions and moving violations. Making driving improvements is simple with Rb Quality Driving School. Rb Quality Driving School offers its pupils the chance to complete all of the Florida Traffic School requirements.

Official Site

#6. Amigo Driving School

Among driving schools in Orlando, are you looking for a driving school with expertise that can assist you in getting your license? Amigo School of Driving has been in this business for more than 25 years. 

If you sign up today, we can teach you how to drive on Florida’s streets and roads in just a few weeks. Whether you’re just getting started or need to brush up on your skills, our cutting-edge methods will get you on the correct road in no time. For further information, call right away.

Official Site

#7. Florida Safety Council

With the help of qualified supervision, safety instruction, and testing, this driving school hopes to prevent fatalities and lessen injuries. All facets of our lives—at home and on the highways, in classrooms, workplaces, factories, and public spaces—promote safety. 

The Florida Safety Council is a network of people and businesses collaborating to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities while lowering expenses.

Official Site

#8. Aceable Driving School

A teen can quickly obtain a learner’s permit in Florida. However, Aceable makes it even simpler and more practical.

Aceable, in contrast to most other online driving schools, has a specialized mobile app that provides the four-hour TLSAE course and entirely substitutes for traditional classroom instruction.

Because the Aceable app is a mobile-first platform created particularly for smartphones, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a laptop. The course can be finished in one sitting or just when you have the time to work on it.

The TLSAE course never expires and is quick, simple, and fun. It has 12 stages and will instruct you on Florida safety regulations. A helpful robot will lead you and explain the details throughout the training.

The course is simple yet engaging, to put it briefly.

The first microlearning driving lessons are available online through MyImprov’s driver’s ed programs. It indicates that they present their courses in manageable portions so pupils can easily remember what they have learned.

Official Site

#9. iDriveSafely

The most straightforward and efficient online driver’s ed classes are offered by iDriveSafely. This is an astounding choice for those seeking online driving schools in Orlando.

Their seven-unit Florida TLSAE course has a straightforward structure. It contains all necessary driving guidelines and traffic legislation. Additionally, it discusses issues including night driving, road signs, and ways to avoid hazards.

There are several interactive features and instructional videos in the course. If you don’t enjoy reading, voice-overs let you unwind and hear the teachings.

The course on iDriveSafely has various animations that will assist you in progressing through the content more quickly, but not being as cutting-edge as Aceable and drivers.

The Florida teen driving education course from iDriveSafely provides parents with a significant number of resources. It gives them the resources they require to assist their teenagers on their path to becoming licensed.

Official Site

Best Driving Schools Close to Florida in 2023

#10. First Coast Driving School

This Jacksonville, Florida, location is a top-notch driving school with more than 12 years of experience. They offer various educational services, including fundamental and advanced driving instruction, driving school transportation, and in-depth practice on city streets and interstates. 

As part of their many training programs, they teach pupils how to make three-point turns, change lanes, stop in an emergency, prepare for driving tests, back up and park, and receive primary, intermediate, and advanced driving education. The most skilled driving instructors are employed by First Coast Driving School, which also offers individualized, practical practice, bilingual teaching, and safe, well-lit instruction vehicles.

Official Site

#11. Florida Accredited Driver Improvement School

Everyone in the city can use the services of this driver education company, which has two facilities and is based in Jacksonville, Florida. 

The state licenses them, and they provide both in-person and online classes. Although lessons are generally held from Monday through Friday, they are sometimes offered on weeknights and Saturdays. 

The eight-hour IDI course, the 12-hour ADL course, the Florida drug and alcohol courses, and the general Florida traffic school are all available online through Florida Accredited Driver Improvement School (BDI).

Official Site

#12. Jax Driving School Corp

In Jacksonville, Florida, a third-party testing facility and administrator has received state authorization. They have made it their mission to offer the community’s most valuable and superior driving education services ever since they were established in 1999. 

They take great satisfaction in teaching students how to drive safely, responsibly, and attentively, not just how to pass the exam. The teaching packages offered by Jax Driving School Corp. provide instruction in crucial skills and procedures such as three-point turns, highway driving, emergency stops, and extended street driving.

Official Site

#13. L.A. Driving and Traffic School

This Jacksonville, Florida-based family-run driving school offers excellent driving teaching and training, improving its pupils’ general vehicle expertise. 

They offer courses intended for first-time drivers and drivers who have had to take refresher lessons for reinstatements and to end license suspensions. 

They offer to teach in both English and Spanish languages for manual and automatic transmissions. L.A. Driving and Traffic School takes pleasure in providing the best instruction at fair, reasonable prices. Online or telephone scheduling is available for classes and courses.

Official Site

#14. National Truck Driving School

Orange Park, the Florida-based driving school, provides several driver education programs, including CDL training, heavy equipment operating, fleet truck driving, and CDL refresher courses. 

The school was established with the fundamental principles of upholding moral and holistic values, accepting responsibility for one’s actions, engaging in civil behaviour and mutual respect, and encouraging beneficial contributions to society. 

There are several restrictions and regulations at the National Truck Driving School, such as a minimum age requirement of 21, passing a DOT physical test, maintaining a clean driving record, and giving the Resident Training Phtor to graduate and get a certificate of completion.

Official Site

#15. Hernadez Driving School

Hernadez driving school has been in existence for 15 years. It offers driving lessons for students of all ages, specializing in working with Seniors, Teens, & Nervous drivers.

Students who enrol for Hernadez driver training learn skills that they need to pass the driving test. It also equips them to become safe defensive drivers.

Driver training prices range from $90 to $490

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a driving school be used to obtain my license?

Through the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, a written and driving test must be taken and passed to lawfully receive a driver’s license.
 Driving schools do not give out licenses. However, driving schools provide behind-the-wheel training classes that are helpful to new drivers and assist drivers in getting ready for both tests.

How much does insurance cost after driving school?

Several insurance companies offer reduced rates for minors who complete driver education courses and receive a certificate of completion. Rate reductions might range from one insurance carrier to the next, with an average monthly savings of up to $27.21. 

An intensive driving course is what?

This kind of class often lasts five to 10 days.
They frequently involve much travel during that time.
Additionally, lessons last between six and eight hours, including breaks.

Before beginning lessons, must I pass the driving theory test?

The quick response is no. Not necessary.
We do advise you to combine your theoretical studies with practical training.

Is it possible for me to pick a female instructor?

Yes, if the driving school you’re thinking about employs female instructors.


It’s essential to choose the right driving school. It’s crucial to get your education at a reputable school. 

This article has provided tangible information on the best driving schools in Orlando. Maximize it, and you will be happy you did!

Choose any of these driving schools in Orlando, and you can be confident that you will learn how to drive safely in Orlando, Florida.



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