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15 Best Esthetician Schools in Mass | 2022

The best Esthetician schools in Mass can help you learn more about the beauty industry. 

There is no better place for you. Students in Mass are taught how to properly care for the skin of their clients.

Facials and pore washing are among the topics covered in their first classes. Attending an Esthetician school can get you certified as a skin care expert in as little as six months.

The area of esthetics is one of the most rapidly expanding in affluent countries like the United States.

 Skincare products and the desire to seem younger are fuelling an economic boom that supports hundreds of employment in the medical services industry.

In this article, we will describe in detail the top 15 esthetician schools in Mass and as well as the requirements needed for each school. 

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Cost of Best Esthetician Schools In Mass

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an esthetician in Mass, you can expect to pay around $6,119 for an esthetician training program that lasts around five months. 

There’s no denying that looking well and taking care of one’s appearance is extremely important to the residents of Mass.

How Long Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Mass?

To become a certified Mass esthetician, you must complete at least 300 hours of training at one of the state’s authorized esthetician schools.

Sterilization and sanitation, treatment techniques, histology, and waxing are just a few of the topics covered in the dermatology curriculum. 

To broaden your horizons, you may want to consider pursuing advanced training classes.

The application for a Mass Cosmetology License will be completed in cooperation with your school. 

You will be able to schedule an exam time once your application has been approved by the commission.

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How To Become An Esthetician In The Best Esthetician Schools in Mass

There are 600 hours of training required in Mass before you can call yourself an esthetician.

Once licensed, a school must maintain good standing with the board to keep its accreditation. Licensed instructors are required to oversee the operations of all schools.

Waxing is a specialty for beauticians in Mass. It is possible, however, that to provide electrical hair removal treatments, you will require extra training and certification as an electrologist.

How To Get an Esthetician License In The Top Esthetician Schools in Mass 

Those who have completed a minimum of 600 hours of training in an approved esthetics program in Mass are eligible to apply for review and licensing.

 An application fee of $68 is required, as well as a written and practical exam.

You must pick the examinations you wish to take when completing the application. 

To apply, you’ll also need to provide your school and local council codes. Exam schedule permission will be granted once the board has received, reviewed, and accepted your application.

Pearson Vue is the testing and registration platform that the board makes use of. On their website, you’ll also find test information and forms to download. 

Pearson Vue allows you to pay the $150 test cost online during registration by selecting your desired testing site.

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What Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Mass?

Here are the top esthetician schools in Mass that you can enroll in

#1 Henri’s School of Hair Design 

Our first list of the best esthetician schools in Mass is Henri High School of Hair Design. 

The high on-time graduation percentage at Henri High School is a testament to the enthusiasm of the school’s professors in introducing pupils to a new career path.

Creative children who enjoy spending time with others are sought after by the school, which wants to make the classroom a fun place to be every day.

Every student in the institution is required to learn a cutting-edge haircutting system. Most other schools in the state are more expensive, thus this one is a great value for the money.

Scholarships for qualifying students make Henri’s an even more reasonable option.

Visit School Here 

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#2. Ali May Academy

The Ali May Academy cultivates an exciting atmosphere in which students can receive training to achieve success in the vocations of their choosing.

The education required to become an esthetician today includes lessons on procedures such as chemical peels, body treatments, and specific waxing techniques.

Additionally, it covers the fundamentals of running a spa business, thereby preparing students for careers in industries other than the spa industry.

Students interested in etiology will find that the tuition at Ali May is one among the state’s most affordable, making it a good value. It is among the best esthetician schools in Mass. 

Visit School Here

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#3. The Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy 

In the context of esthetic education in the United States, the Elizabeth Grady School holds a place that is singularly its own.

Once upon a time, esthetics and cosmetology were not regarded as two distinct areas; this changed when Elizabeth Grady defied the status quo and used the Grady Bill to separate the licensure requirements for the two fields…

a groundbreaking example that set a new standard for the whole sector!

The school has rigorous requirements, as seen by the high on-time graduation rate of 85 percent and the strong job placement rate of 80 percent for its graduates.

Students receive thorough instruction in financial and operational matters to familiarize them with the various aspects of a business that are essential to the administration of a successful salon.

Visit School Here 

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#4. Flavia Leal Institute of Esthetics

 The Flavia Leal Institute believes that a strong character that is founded on respect, appearance, and professionalism is the cornerstone upon which success is built.

Because the tuition for esthetics programs is so affordable, practically any student can enroll in one to learn advanced treatment techniques, as well as topics in cosmetic chemistry, anatomy, and physiology.

The institute also gives students in-depth instruction in business management, to assist them in realizing their aspirations of operating their independent practices, or even one-day managing or even owning a spa.

 It also ranks among the top medical esthetician schools in Mass. 

Visit School Here 

#5. Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy 

Through engaging and purposeful individualized instruction, Jolie intends to lead her students to rewarding jobs in the beauty, health, and wellness industries.

Students are successfully prepared for artistic professions by faculty members with years of experience, which helps 85 percent of students graduate on schedule.

They hold a position in 82% of all businesses. Students can better prepare for careers as independent practitioners or spa managers by gaining business skills during their time in school.

Visit School Here 

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#6. Rob Roy Academy

Rob Roy Academy takes great pride in the diversity of its student body as well as its faculty and staff, who are always available to assist students who require additional academic support; this trait is also reflected in the importance that the school places on involvement in the local community.

Students take part in a variety of charity events and fund-raising activities, thereby extending the generosity of the Rob Roy family throughout the neighborhood.

In comparison to the other institutions on the list, the Academy’s tuition is significantly lower than the national average, making it an excellent value. Furthermore, the institution regularly plays host to G.I. 

In addition to the benefits, it already provides, this bill will also lower tuition costs for former members of the armed forces.

Visit School Here 

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#7. Spa Tech Beauty Institute 

The esthetics curriculum at Spa Tech is leading the way in the industry’s redefinition by emphasizing the professionalization of esthetics services.

Graduates will have a well-rounded approach to working in an aesthetic spa or clinic thanks to the school’s thorough business training as well as its comprehensive education in the newest skin care procedures.

After graduating, graduates have a very low average amount of student loan debt, and 83 percent of them finish the program on schedule. It is one of the best esthetician schools in Mass. 

Visit School Here 

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#8. Jupiter Beauty Academy 

This is another one of the top online esthetician schools in Mass. Jupiter offers advanced aesthetic techniques training that includes both classroom instruction and hands-on practice. 

Topics covered include facial massage, eyebrow arching, and hair removal.

The tuition at this institution is the lowest of any program offered inside the state, and it is also willing to take VA benefits from qualifying former service members.

The Academy teaches its students not only the fundamental scientific and practical components of skincare, but also encourages them to become involved in the communities in which they live.

Students are unanimous in their assessment that Jupiter offers a gratifying learning environment that positions them well for careers in the skin care sector.

Visit School Here 

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#9. Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics

The Hinds Institute is committed to offering students the most comprehensive and advanced training in aesthetics available in New England and the United States.

Graduates are in high demand across the board in every region of the country. 

As a result of the low levels of school debt, graduates can enter the esthetics business with less stress and financial commitment.

Visit School Here 

#10. Aesthetics Institute of Boston 

This school has a graduate placement rate of 98 percent, which is higher than any other school in the state.

 This is made possible by the exceptional teachers, the small class sizes, and the intensive hands-on learning that students participate in here.

Because the advanced spa treatments that are taught at the Institute of Esthetics are so well received by the area’s spas and aesthetic clinics, there is a consistent demand for students to graduate from the Esthetics program at the Institute.

The Aesthetics Institute of Boston is widely considered to be among the most reputable esthetician schools in the Boston area of Mass.

Visit School Here 

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#11. Esthetics Institute of N.E

In 1986, the Electrology Institute of New England was founded.

 Since then, the school for skin care in Tewksbury, MA, has devoted itself to the teaching of experts in the field of permanent hair reduction. 

Many of their former students have gone on to start successful businesses around the country.

 They take great pride in and are grateful for the many referrals they send our way.

New to the Esthetics Institute of NE was their Esthetics Program, launched in 2004. As a pioneer in permanent electro-epilation, they will uphold the same standards in their skincare training that have made them so successful. 

Click the link below to find out more about this school. 

Visit School Here 

#12. North Shore Community College 

NSC is a two-year public institution of higher learning that is operated on a non-profit basis.

 In 1965, the state of Mass established the college to assist citizens on the North Shore. All students have equal access to affordable higher education through their institutions, curriculum, and resources. 

NSCC is a unique institution that cares deeply about its students and the communities it serves.

Students at NSCC may focus on their goals since the college is committed to helping them achieve them.

 Transferring to a four-year university to complete a bachelor’s degree is an option for some students. 

For others, it may imply obtaining specialized training before entering the workforce or even switching careers entirely.

 All without racking up a large student loan bill. It ranks among the top esthetician schools in Mass. 

Visit School Here 

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#13. Spatech Institute- Plymouth 

It was founded in 2001 by the combination of Headhunter II School of Cosmetology and the Polarity Realization Institute founded by Nancy Risley in 1980. 

In response to numerous requests from people who knew Nancy and her work to extend the school’s offerings, the school grew to four campuses in Ipswich, Plymouth, Westboro, and Westbrook, Maine. 

Every student who enrolls in one of their programs will leave with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the fields of holistic health, cosmetology, and spa services.

The success of Spa Tech Institute’s graduates serves as the ultimate yardstick of the institution’s performance.

 Our programs and facilities are always being improved by the business’s owners and employees. 

In addition, they boast that their solutions are the most comprehensive on the market.

Its mission is to turn students into productive members of society. The first step is to provide a high-quality educational program, train amazing educators, build stunning educational buildings, and oversee the necessary infrastructure. 

It’s all a prelude to what matters, Click the link below as this school is among the top esthetician schools in Mass. 

Visit School Here 

#14. Hair in Motion Cosmetology Academy 

As a student at Hair In Motion Cosmetology Academy, you will learn everything from hair coloring to nail art to makeup application and even aesthetics. 

We have a stunning new studio where you may learn how to be the best cosmetologist.

 Everything you need to know about working in a salon may be found in their extensive training program.

 Numerous workshops cover chemistry, coloring, nails, cosmetics, and more, so you’ll be prepared to transform anyone into a model in no time.

At the Demello International Center, Hair In Motion Cosmetology Academy is just blocked from the Whaling Museum, national parks, and a major highway, making it an ideal location for students to learn about hairstyling. 

The clinical learning laboratory classroom, manicuring area, facial area, supply room, locker room, and reception area of Hair In Motion Cosmetology Academy are all suited to accommodate students.

Hair In Motion Cosmetology Academy’s goal is to provide students with a well-rounded education that will prepare them for a career in the beauty industry. 

Every member of the Hair In Motion Cosmetology Academy staff will work hard to inspire every student to reach their full potential in this exceptional area.

Even though they do not guarantee employment following graduation and certification, they do offer a list of regional job openings available to their students. It is also among the top esthetician schools in Mass. 

Visit School Here 

#15. Hairstyle Laser Center 

On our last list of the top esthetician schools in Mass is Hairstyle Laser Centre. 

Cosmetologist and laser technician Alma “Meli” Hill practices at the Highstyle Laser Center in Boston. 

For more than a decade, Meli has been the go-to laser specialist for patients who want to smooth their skin, remove body hair, and decrease blemishes, cellulite, and visible veins.

Laser and radiofrequency-based aesthetic treatments have been a cornerstone of the High style Laser Center’s practice since its founding in 1983. 

The practice has a dedicated staff that is equally concerned with the well-being of their patients as they are with their jobs.

When Meli and her staff at Highstyle Laser Center see their patients, they realize how vital it is for them to look their best. 

Individualized care plans and gentle therapies are what they use to help patients realize their attractiveness.

Patients can attain amazing, long-lasting results with these procedures that require little to no upkeep or maintenance on the part of the patient.

Visit School Here 


Finally, you now know the top esthetician schools in Mass and how to apply for the programs each offer. 

A licensed esthetician program in the state of Mass needs 300 hours of study and the successful completion of written and practical esthetician licensing examinations to become a certified skin care professional.

There are numerous accredited schools in Mass that provide a dynamic esthetics program for prospective estheticians who want to get their feet wet in the business.

You’ll find all of the Mass esthetician schools you’re looking for in this directory. 

If you’re looking for a top-notch esthetics curriculum, as well as student perks from Associated Skin Care Professionals, check out these institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Estheticians In Demand In the Top Esthetician Schools in Mass?

Cosmetologists in Mass have a bright future ahead of them. The demand for skin care specialists in the state is predicted to grow by 5% through 2028, and they make more money than their counterparts in other regions of the country.

How Much Do Estheticians Make In The Top Esthetician Schools in Mass?

Cosmetologists in Mass made a median annual salary of $51,120 in 2020, or $24.58 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

 In comparison, the average yearly salary for skin care specialists in the United States is $41,230 ($19.82 per hour). In Mass, the top ten percent of cosmetologists make at least $78,240 per year.

Can I Become A Cosmetologist Apprentice In the Top Esthetician Schools in Mass?

Internships are not available to beginning cosmetologists in Mass.

Can Anybody apply for a program in these top esthetician schools in Mass?

If you meet the requirements for each school, you are eligible to apply for it.



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