Manhattanville College Student Email Login 2023: Full Student Guide

Manhattanville College is a premier option among institutions that provide a trustworthy education. 

For students from 50 states and over 47 countries, they provide management, information technology, business, and other courses with more than 90 degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. 

To use their systems, students must log in and create an account. 

For this simple operation, you need a username and password. 

Manhattanville College students can easily keep track of their progress and access their course materials from any device. 

Therefore, how to create use and a student guide to using a student email account at Manhattanville College is described in this article. 

Furthermore, we provide a list of frequently asked questions about the Manhattanville College student email in the article.

What is the Manhattanville College email address? What is an email address?

Email is a preferred communication method among students at Manhattanville College.

Also, note that the email account used at Manhattanville College is distinct from the one used at home. 

The email address for the school is one used for business. 

The way students would treat an account issued by a future employer or college/university should be the same way they approach their school accounts now. 

The use of personal email accounts for family and friend correspondence is to continue, and school email addresses are to be used for work-related correspondence.

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How do I get my Manhattanville College email address?

A network password and profile are required before accessing your email account. 

More details can be found when making your Manhattanville Password.

Students receive an email account after submitting a thorough application to the college. 

Students must also sign in and configure their email accounts before turning them on. 

Applicants and Students can get assistance with their student email accounts and passwords from the mymville Help Desk. 

Furthermore, the help desk will not support email client software and functionalities. 

Kindly click the Help Center link in your Office 365 account to obtain assistance.

Therefore, to get your Mville College email, the steps below show this;

  • Click Office 365 Email in the Student Quick Links box on the left after logging in at: or by visiting MyMville > Students. 
  • Last name and initials for the username (in most cases). Consider this: Smitha 
  • Password: Your first password is made up of the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name, and your whole seven-digit student ID number. 
  • As an illustration, Declan Shaw’s password is vx345678.

Do students keep their Manhattanville College mail after graduation?

Alumni of Manhattanville College are free to continue using their Manhattanville College email address after they graduate, but they should be aware of a substantial change. 

Microsoft Outlook has been the standard for all Manhattanville College students for a while. 

The institution offers alumni the choice to continue using their Manhattanville email addresses as Outlook Live accounts. 

These are the details of your new email address: Your [email protected] (example:[email protected]). 

Additionally, you can use our Technology Services Help Desk’s assistance to move any previously stored Manhattanville emails to your new Outlook Live account. 

Please be aware that upon further usage of the new Outlook Live account, they will terminate existing Manhattanville alumni and student accounts.

Lastly, anything in your email account that has not been moved to your new Outlook Live account will be lost.

Why is it important to get the Manhattanville College email?

All students at Manhattanville have access to Office 365 from Microsoft. 

Your favorite Office capabilities are also available online with Office 365, enabling you to make complex reports and presentations, work together in real-time with peers, and share and edit documents. 

Your school email address will be Manhattanville College’s primary method of communication. 

Through this site, you may monitor and keep up with changes to your admission status, tuition, examinations, and deadlines. 

Only at this email address will you hear from the university.

In case they have any queries or concerns, your lecturer or professor may contact you via this email. 

Time-sensitive details, including registration and payment deadlines, college news, events, and reminders, will be included in emails from Manhattanville College.

Furthermore, you must regularly check your student email account for crucial information, including re-enrollment deadlines, exam schedules, and semester results.

What can I do with my Manhattanville College email login?

Everything from class registration to completing a financial aid application and assignments may be done using your Manhattanville College email login. 

There are lots to expect, which are as follows: 

You are welcome to sign up for any course that Manhattanville College offers. 

This includes hybrid, online, and in-person courses.

The Manhattanville College email is also very useful for submitting assignments and meeting the course lecturer and professor’s deadlines.

Finally, note that you can apply for financial aid through the Manhattanville College email after class enrollment.

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Who is powering the Manhattanville College email? What Email does Manhattanville College use?

The only method for accessing student email accounts has been Microsoft Outlook since May 2018.

Is my Manhattanville College email Gmail or Outlook?

Manhattanville College email is an outlook email. 

Your username is your last name and first initial (in most cases). For example [email protected]

Also, you may need to sign in with your email address instead of your username in some cases when using Outlook.

Manhattanville School employee email

Your Mville employee login and password will allow you to log into your Email, campus computers, Moodle, WebAdvisor, Track-It, Sharepoint, and other services.

Also, to find your instructor’s email address, check the syllabus for your course or go to the faculty members’ websites.

How can I get in touch with Manhattanville College?

Contact the Office of Admissions

Mon – Fri | 9AM – 5PM


[email protected]

College Number: +1.914.694.2200 

Mailing Address:

Manhattanville College

2900 Purchase Street

Purchase, NY 10577

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Manhattanville College mail list for:

● Admission

The admissions team can address any queries or worries you may have during the application process. 

You can reach the Manhattanville College counselors through phone, text, zoom, and Skype, in addition to Email. 

Please click here to get your counselor’s contact information, or email the admissions office at [email protected] or call 914-323-5464.

● Accommodation

Please log in to the health and accommodations portal through [email protected] at least one month in advance if you need accommodations and student housing for guests to the school or campus events.

● Library

Each student has plenty of possibilities to study, locate readings, and extend their minds thanks to the library’s numerous access points to resources. 

Subject librarians are available in person or online, so no matter what your major, we’ve got you covered. 

Every library staff member is here to assist students in achieving academic achievement. 

The library has the ideal space, whether you prefer private study, group work, attending educational programs, or hanging out with friends in the Café.

Contact us: [email protected]

Follow Us. Like Manhattanville College Library on Facebook. Mail. Manhattanville College Library 2900 Purchase Street Purchase, NY 10577.

● Bursary

Financial aid opportunities at Manhattanville College include loans, grants, and scholarships. 

98% of students at Manhattanville are also eligible for financial aid or assistance, including scholarships.

Contact us: 

Elizabeth Valdez

Director of Student Financial Services and Bursar

[email protected] 

Room 318


Rhoan Cassells

Assistant Director of Student Financial Services

[email protected] 

Holladay Room


Nancy Guzman-Vega

Senior Student Financial Services Representative, Cashier

[email protected] 

Holladay Room


Melissa DeLaurentis

Senior Student Financial Services Representative

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[email protected] 

Holladay Room


●Student Affairs

All students’ general welfare at Manhattanville is the responsibility of the Division of Student Affairs. 

This office is dedicated to fostering student growth and development by establishing a living-learning environment. 

Collaborating offices under the direction of the vice president for student affairs meet a wide range of student requirements. 

Working together, our offices do all possible to effectively assess, represent, and cater to the requirements of the student body in Manhattanville.

Here, you can go to the information desk, apply for admission to the institution, register for classes, meet with advisers, receive help with financial aid, or go to the bookshop. 

Contact information is available at [email protected].

● Enquiries

General Inquiries

2900 Purchase Street

Purchase, NY 10577


Contact: [email protected]

● Scholarships

Despite their financial needs, Manhattanville College has a strong history of honoring students for their academic achievements. 

The College is devoted to making college accessible to those with low financial resources. 

Manhattanville College is pleased to offer students a range of scholarship possibilities to help with the cost of attendance.

Contact us: 

P 914.323.5357

F 914.323.5382

E [email protected]

● Career

Contact us:

Career Development: Reid Castle, Ground Floor (G2)

Phone: 914-323-5484

Email: [email protected]

 How do I log in to my Manhattanville College email?

The following website’s login page is accessible using your student email account: 

Access by clicking here. 

#1. Please enter your email address. 

You must enter your Manhattanville student email address in its entirety (your mville username plus “,” for example, [email protected]), then click “Next.” 

#2. Type in your password. 

If you are a new student and your password is still the default: 

Then, choose “Sign in” after entering your mville default password. 

#3. Your password will be changed upon request. 

Your new password will only be allowed if it is at least eight characters long, isn’t already in use a lot, or isn’t known to be particularly hazardous. 

The Password Reset page has further details; visit it for further info.

#4. Having already had your password changed: 

Enter your mville password, which you also use for Self-Service, Moodle, and WebAdvisor, in the “Sign in” box.

How do I recover my Manhattanville College password?

If you already have an Office 365® subscription, you can change your password using the Microsoft® Online Password Reset service. 

When asked for it, enter your Manhattanville College email address. 

You are not enrolled if you are advised that changing your password is impossible and that you should get in touch with the system administrator instead. 

Students should please get in touch with the HelpDesk if they haven’t subscribed to Office 365® yet. 

You must provide the following details for all requests: 

  • A Mville Username, 
  • Student ID, 
  • Date of Birth, 
  • Home Address, 
  • Call-Back Number for a Manhattanville class

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How to send a lecturer an email from my Manhattanville College account?

Similar to all other types of communication, emails need to be brief and formal.

Common advice on Email Format to a Lecturer 

  • Use your student email to ask staff members questions. 
  • Do not be rude
  • Try not to use emojis, acronyms, or slang because it is official business.
  • Avoid using all caps when writing emails since the lecturer might find it disturbing.
  • Never send an email when you are furious since the tone of the message often, if not always, indicates the sender’s mood. Waiting 24 hours under these circumstances is wise since it allows you time to gather your thoughts and respond appropriately. 
  • Email messages should be formatted as straightforward black text on a white background using a common typeface like New Times Roman.
  • Always Proofread your emails before sending them. 
  • Email subject lines should be informative and include the unit code.

Also, be succinct and clear in the purpose of your communication. 

Describe the test task in full and any unit codes, if applicable. 


Thank you 

Best wishes. 

Then, give your full name and student identification number.

How to send a student thank you Email.

You might receive a letter of admission from Manhattanville College if they determine that you would be a suitable fit for their institution. 

In order for the board to understand your enrollment purpose, you must reply to this letter. 

Using the Manstudent email, you must also write a thank-you email to express your appreciation.

To respond to a college acceptance letter, adhere to these steps: 

  • Include a contact number. 
  • Establish a subject line 
  • Include a formal greeting 
  • Declare that you want to enroll. 
  • Appreciate the Recipient
  • Add a concluding paragraph 

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Simple Manhattanville College email etiquette

While you’re still in school and after you graduate, your ability to communicate via Email could make or break your professional career

Please refrain from emailing your professor with questions or concerns about grades. 

If you have any concerns, arrange a meeting to go over the areas that want improvement. 

The mail may take the format below: 

  • The lecturer could hear from you about how their particular course influenced you. You could have loved the readings, in-class debates, or lectures. 
  • The class made you think about things you had never thought about before. 
  • Also, the professor’s feedback on your writings may have been helpful to you. 
  • The professor will treasure even a quick remark because it is uncommon to receive this kind of communication from a student.

In addition:

  • Respect the teachers and your fellow pupils. 
  • Don’t criticize people or bring unwelcome attention to situations. Treating everyone with respect is the golden rule. 
  • Formatting should be done with care. On the intended end receivers, various special characters, images, fonts, etc. 
  • Use the proper organization and structure. 
  • Your Email must have a clear structure because the text on a screen might be tough to understand.

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In conclusion, all students are advised to be aware of their online safety, use two-factor authentication when available, and create strong passwords. 

Manhattanville College also suggests that students sign out of their email accounts and always keep their passwords and PINs private when finished using them. 

Finally, we ask that students forward any emails they consider inappropriate or suspicious to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who should students contact if they have inquiries about their classes or graduation requirements? 

Contact the Academic Advising Office in Founders Hall for inquiries concerning courses or graduation requirements.

Who should I speak with regarding financial support to cover my college expenses? 

The division responsible for managing all financial aid granted to cover tuition and fees is known as financial aid. They have a phone number of 914-323-5357 and an email address.

What sources can I turn to for information about meal plans? 

The provider of food services on campus is Chartwells. Please check out their website or call them at 914-323-5396. 

Regarding the residence halls, I have some inquiries. To whom may I direct those? 

Residence Life is in charge of the residence halls and the professional and student personnel who work there.



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