15 Best Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia | 2022

There are roughly 183,000 estheticians licensed in the United States, according to the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). For the 2020s, the career prognosis for skin care professionals is very favorable.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, esthetician jobs will rise at a pace of 17% by 2029, this is substantially higher than the typical job.

Philadelphia offers everything you need to succeed as an esthetician. It ranks 144th out of 150 major metro regions for skin care and health. Philadelphia is also the fifth-highest employer in the beauty industry.

The city of Philadelphia has an annual mean salary of $38,460 for estheticians. This is greater than both the national median esthetician pay of $31,290 and the state’s median esthetician income of $33,790.

Because no two customers are the same, the best Esthetician schools in Philadelphia will offer you the foundation you need to deliver individualized skin care recommendations for your clients. Below are some of the top esthetician schools in Philadelphia. 

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Why Become an Esthetician in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, serves as the Delaware Valley’s economic hub. It is also the country’s fifth-most populous city. If you’re thinking about becoming an esthetician, Philadelphia should be on your list. It’s a fantastic place to visit and study.

The beauty industry is currently experiencing rapid and diverse growth, with opportunities expected to skyrocket in the coming years. Attending one of the top esthetician schools in Philadelphia puts you in a good spot for this growth. 

Philadelphia has the second-highest concentration of colleges in the United States. It has one of the best esthetician schools in the country. These schools’ high-quality programs make it a popular option for students looking to enter the beauty field.

The pay is another reason you should consider working as an Esthetician in Philadelphia. According to Indeed, the average base salary for an Esthetician in Philadelphia is $52,700.

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Are there any Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia?

Yes! There are several Esthetician schools in Philadelphia. The best Esthetician schools in Philadelphia offer programs that will provide you with the foundation needed to provide personalized skin care advice. You will learn about skin types, common skin concerns, and how to maintain healthy skin.

If you want to become an esthetician, you must have an interest in making others look and feel their best. You must be truly fascinated by the ever-changing trends in the beauty industry, particularly in skincare. Estheticians become intimately acquainted with their clients’ skin as they assist them in achieving and maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

Some programs will also highlight specific product lines, whereas others will take a more general approach and teach you how to choose the best product for your client’s skin. Continuing education in the field will set you apart from the competition and keep your clients coming back for more as you gain experience and confidence in the industry.

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Can you take esthetician classes online in Philadelphia?

There are numerous online esthetician school programs you can access easily. Online esthetician schools are advantageous for Philadelphia students who work full-time and have family obligations.

You cover the same amount of material with online courses, plus you don’t spend as much time away from home or traveling to and from classes.

On the other hand, it’s critical that the program you choose can provide internship training in nearby beauty centers so that you get the hands-on experience required for a thorough education.

It is impossible to acquire the skills required to work as an esthetician without the internship component of the training. So, if you decide to enroll in an online school, make sure that internship training is available in your area.

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How much do esthetician schools Cost in Philadelphia?

Several Community colleges and cosmetology schools offer esthetics programs. The average cost of an Esthetician school in Philadelphia varies depending on a variety of factors.

Factors like program duration, location, and training hours determine the cost of esthetician schools in Philadelphia. The cost usually ranges between $3,000 and $10,000.

Other fees associated with attending an esthetician program may include textbooks, registration fees, and equipment.

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How Long Will it Take to Attend Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia?

To become an Esthetician, you will need to put in months of hard work. To get an esthetician license in Pennsylvania, you must complete 300 hours of training.

All Philadelphia Esthetician schools must structure their programs to meet this state requirement. The Pennsylvania Esthetician board requires you to complete training in:

  • Facial Procedures (100 hours)
  • Hair Removal (10 hours)
  • Makeup (50 hours)
  •  Professional Procedures (40 hours)
  •  Sciences (100 hours)

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has everything you need to succeed as an esthetician. With so many Esthetician schools in Philadelphia to choose from, here are some of the best.

Medical esthetician schools in Philadelphia

Medical estheticians, also known as “paramedical estheticians,” are skin care professionals who work in more medical settings than typical estheticians. They can provide the same services as traditional estheticians as well as more extensive treatments.

  •  Belle institute
  •  Queen beauty institute
  •  Jean Madeline Aveda Institute

#1. Belle Institute

Belle Institute’s esthetics program combines classroom instruction with practical activities to prepare students to become licensed estheticians. The Esthetician program lasts 10 to 18 weeks.

The combination of lectures and practicals assists students in making the transition to professional estheticians. Body wraps, facials, introduction to skin care, and microdermabrasion peel are some of the topics covered in the course. Belle Institute is one of the best esthetician schools in Philadelphia. To finance tuition costs, a flexible payment plan is available for its students. 

#2. Queen beauty Institute

The esthetics program at Queen Beauty Institute lasts 8 weeks (full-time) or 13 weeks (part-time) (part-time). Tuition and fees amount to $6,850. Queen Beauty Institute offers theoretical and practical training in basic esthetic practices.

Histology of the skin, disorders of the skin, product ingredients and selection, facial treatment, facial massage techniques, and waxing and tweezing are some of the topics covered in the course. Students will have the opportunity to design their saloon with a group of partners in order to learn the fundamentals of running a business

Instructors cover courses for preparation for the state licensure exam. To graduate from the program, students must complete the required hours of training and pass with a grade of C or higher. Queen Beauty has one of the best Esthetician programs in Philadelphia, making it one of the best Esthetician schools in the city.

#3. Jean Madeline Aveda Institute

The esthetics program at Jean Madeline Aveda Institute aims to train students to meet the growing demand for skilled estheticians. The extensive training emphasizes skin care professional skills such as facials, back facials, waxing, aromatherapy wraps, makeup application, body exfoliation, and more.

Tuition, books, equipment, supplies, registration fee, and application fee are all included in the $5575 program. Hands-on training in the student spa with the opportunity to work on real clients prepares students for the real world. These sessions will take place under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Jean Madeline Aveda Institute has a solid reputation not only in the esthetician industry but generally in the beauty industry. It is one of the best Esthetician schools in Philadelphia.

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Accredited esthetician schools in Philadelphia 

Accredited Esthetician schools in Philadelphia have proven to provide high-quality education and programs. They’ve also established themselves as one of the best esthetician schools in Philadelphia.

An accredited Esthetician school is authorized to accept and request Title 4 funding. Title 4 is an abbreviation for Federal Financial Aid. The State Board of Cosmetology permits a school to become Accredited within five years of the first enrolled class start date.

  •  Bucks County School of Beauty Culture Inc
  •  Professional Academy of Cosmetology
  •  Empire beauty school
  •  Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology

#4. Bucks County School of Beauty Culture Inc

Bucks County School of Beauty Culture has provisions for online classes. It provides training for four qualifications, including the Pennsylvania Cosmetology License (Hair Design), the Pennsylvania Cosmetology License (Esthetics), and the Pennsylvania Cosmetology License.

Depending on the qualification, the time required to complete this education training ranges from 3 hours to 12.5 months. The Esthetician program runs for four months.

Good teachers and a positive environment are two of the most common advantages of attending Bucks County School of Beauty Culture, Inc. Tuition range from $3,000 to $20,000. 

#5. Professional Academy of Cosmetology

Professional Academy of cosmetology has assisted students in learning theory and developing practical skills in the beauty industry over the years. It also helps improve students’ study habits, comprehension, and test-taking abilities.

The National Association of Career Arts and Sciences has fully accredited the school. Multicultural make-up, eye waxing, facials, body waxing, aromatherapy, paraffin wax, exfoliators, skin care, skin analysis, skin disorders, and disease are some of the courses covered. The Professional Academy of Cosmetology is one of the top esthetician schools in Philadelphia.

#6. Empire beauty school

Empire Beauty School provides cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology programs. The design of their curriculum is to prepare future professionals for success in the cosmetology industry. If you enjoy making people feel and look better, Empire Beauty Schools’ Esthetics program may be the right for you. 

Esthetician students can work in salons, spas, dermatology offices, and a variety of other settings. Students learn in a hands-on environment and gain the skills and knowledge required to become professionals. The school covers the most recent techniques, skincare innovations, and technologies.

#7. Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology

The education quality at the Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for state licensure. This makes it one of the best esthetician schools in Philadelphia. The course contains an important section on business development.

Graduates of this academy are ready to work as estheticians in spa settings, salons, and resorts.

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Licensed esthetician schools in Philadelphia

Licensed Esthetician schools are specific schools in the state that have received a license from the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology. 

  •  Venus beauty academy
  • Innovate salon academy
  •  Altoona beauty school
  •  Metro Beauty Academy

#8. Venus beauty academy

The Venus Beauty Academy Esthetician Program provides instruction, training, and preparation for a lucrative career in skincare. The school offers classes in facial treatments, microdermabrasion, make-up, hair removal, and science. The information is usually through a combination of career preparation and development instruction.

To ensure that students understand the content, instructors use interactive lectures, demonstrations, video field trips, group discussions, evaluations and assessments, peer coaching, role play, time drills, and projects. The estimate for the program is $5,450. Venus Beauty Academy is one of the top Esthetician schools in Philadelphia.

#9. Innovate salon academy

The Innovate Salon Academy provides future skin care professionals with the resources they need to learn, earn, and live successfully. The program provides you with the necessary education to become a successful skin care professional.

The Dermalogica Institute NYC, GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science, and MUD Make-Up Designory NYC have all contributed to the school’s curriculum. Both full-time and part-time programs are available at the school. The full-time program lasts 5 months, while the full-time program takes 10 months to complete.

The academy employs Bio-Therapeutic Technology kits and other advanced technology to teach students. It is one of the best Esthetician schools in Philadelphia.

#10. The salon professional academy (Altoona beauty school)

The salon professional academy (Altoona beauty school) prepares you for success in the real world by providing the skills and training that salons and spas across the country are looking for. Training is usually through cutting-edge techniques and professional equipment.

It focuses on instilling all of the knowledge required to become a qualified esthetician in its students. To maximize your earning potential, you’ll learn business and marketing skills, including social media.

#11. Metro Beauty Academy

Metro Beauty Academy’s curriculum goes beyond the minimum state requirements for licensure. It also includes 150 hours of advanced training to prepare you for specialized entry into the medical spa industry. Its Pivot Point curriculum also includes a business practices segment. Metro Beauty Academy’s tuition is $7,625.

Cheap esthetician schools in Philadelphia

Affordability is the mantra for these schools. Below are some of the cheap esthetician schools in Philadelphia:

  •  Lansdale School of Cosmetology
  • Universal A Rising Sun Beauty School
  •  Chrome Institute of cosmetology
  •  South Hills North Hills Beauty Academy

#12. Lansdale School of cosmetology

Lansdale School of Cosmetology is a progressive Beauty School that is NACCAS accredited. It is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology to train and certify students for the Professional Pennsylvania State offered licenses in Cosmetology, Esthetician, Cosmetology Instructor, or Esthetics Instructor.

The Lansdale School of Cosmetology believes in its responsibility to educate, guide, and help students develop a sense of responsibility to the beauty industry. The esthetician program is a comprehensive study of skincare and makeup artistry.

The course intends to educate students in the practical sense as well as provide a thorough understanding of the theory underlying the practical procedures. Among other things, the student will learn microdermabrasion, waxing, and paraffin wax therapy.

#13. Universal A Rising Sun Beauty School

This Beauty School provides low-cost cosmetology, esthetic, nail technology, natural hair braiding, and teacher preparation courses. Since its inception in 2005, the beauty school has grown steadily.

Universal A Rising Sun Beauty School has a single goal of preparing its students for success not only in the esthetics field but in the beauty industry as a whole. It also offers some of the best course programs in cosmetology and nail technology.

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#14. Chrome Institute of cosmetology

Chrome Institute of Cosmetology has established itself as one of the best Esthetician schools in Philadelphia since its inception in 2018. It is a privately owned and operated Cosmetology School.

Chrome Institute of Cosmetology is the state of Pennsylvania’s first “All-Inclusive” Cosmetology School. The programs focus on all of the major color and product lines to ensure that when you graduate, you are truly ready to begin your career.

Dermalogica is a partner school at the Chrome Institute of Cosmetology. After graduating from the program, continuing education at any Dermalogica institute is inclusive.

#15. South Hills North Hills Beauty Academy

Students at South Hills North Hills Beauty Academy have the option of attending full-time or part-time. Your course will cover the business side of esthetics as well as retail strategies. Estimates for Tuition are $4,226. The Esthetician program lasts 5 months.

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What are the Colleges with Esthetician Programs? 

There are numerous reasons why estheticians should attend a formal school, believe it or not. While you may be knowledgeable about skincare, you are unlikely to be an expert. Your approach may have worked at your high school or hometown, but thousands of others across the country may have done the same. Below are some colleges that run esthetician programs

1. Aveda institutes

The Aveda Institute has been one of the most popular esthetician schools since its inception in 1977. Students learn the fundamentals of skincare, including facials, body treatments, hair removal, and makeup application. You will also receive training in wellness concepts and environmental stewardship. Students take their wellness-first mindset into their future careers at some of the best spas in the country or into the establishment of their businesses.

2. Merrell University of beauty and arts

For more than 30 years, Merrell has achieved its objectives through a curriculum based on hands-on experience and cutting-edge education. Merrell is the ideal place for future estheticians to learn, with a fully equipped Pivot Point LAB, a full complement of Salon Fundamentals equipment, Mindful Teaching mannequins, and all industry-relevant tools.

3. Empire beauty schools

Empire strives to guide students through every stage of their education and to provide ongoing support after graduation and job placement. Students in Empire’s esthetician program learn the fundamentals of facials, waxing, and makeup artistry.

The program teaches facial treatment techniques, such as deep cleansing and nourishing therapies for the skin of the face and neck, using a specialized tool selection.

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How to Become an Esthetician?

Nearly one-third of all estheticians licensed in Pennsylvania work in Philadelphia. You can specialize in the art and science of skincare as an esthetician. Follow these steps to learn how to become a licensed esthetician in Philadelphia:

1. Complete a 300-Hour Esthetician Training Program

The design of the esthetician training programs in Pennsylvania is flexible so that you can fit them into your schedule. The Pennsylvania Board of Examiners requires that you complete at least 300 hours of esthetician training.

2. Submit an Examination Licensure Application

This application will function as both an examination and a license application. You must be at least sixteen (16) years old and have completed the tenth (10th) grade to register. The application fee is approximately $110.

3. Pass the Combined Theory/Procedural Skill Exam in Pennsylvania.

A professional testing agency proctors the Pennsylvania State Board exams. The Board uses Pearson VUE, which provides the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) exams.

When you submit your application for a license by examination, you will have registered directly with Pearson VUE. You should receive an Examination Approval Letter within ten (10) business days of submitting your application. The Approval Letter will provide you with detailed instructions for your exam schedule.

FAQs Best Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia | 2022

How long does it take to become an Esthetician in Philadelphia?

This usually depends on your school program, but it ranges from 3-8 months. As you’ll need to complete 300hrs of mandatory training.

What is the difference between a medical esthetician and an esthetician?

While a medical esthetician works closely in the medical line to help cancer or burn patients, an esthetician will focus mostly on beauty procedures.

Is it worth becoming an Esthetician?

Yes, Estheticians are in high demand, and projections for job opportunities are positive.

What type of estheticians earn the highest?

Self-employed estheticians earn higher than others.

What is the major con of being an esthetician?

The duties of an Esthetician are physically demanding, as you can stand for long hours.


As an esthetician, you have the power to give your clients the glowing skin they’ve always desired. The best Esthetician schools in Philadelphia are well-equipped to provide their students with the knowledge they need to succeed in the beauty industry.

This article covers Everything you need to know about the top Esthetician schools in Philadelphia. 



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