10 Best Free Online GED Classes in Texas | 2022

The General Education Development (GED) exam allows students to earn a high school diploma equivalent. Some of the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022 are useful in gaining access to higher education and increasing employment opportunities.

The test cuts across four subjects —mathematical reasoning, language arts reasoning, social studies, and science. Like any other test or exam, you will perform well with impressive scores if you schedule a time to study and prepare frequently.

With Online GED classes, students have a flexible and economical approach to raising their test scores. Plus, some of these programs also provide free resources for test preparation.

This article will discuss some of the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022.

Are there free online GED classes in Texas in 2022?

Yes, community colleges and adult education programs provide free online GED classes, even though many GED classes demand a registration fee.

Residents who fulfil the minimum age criteria (18 years for Texas) and go through the enrollment process, which may involve completing an assessment test, usually are eligible for these programs. Here are some of the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022.

  • GED.com
  • Study.com
  • Onsego Texas GED Online Classes
  • Classroom.hellousa.org
  • BestGEDClasses.Org
  • Kaplan
  • Union Test Prep
  • UGO Prep
  • MyCareerTools.com
  • PassGED.com

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Best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022

These websites provide free practice exams and other study tools like videos and question summaries.

#1. GED.com

GED.com is the official website for GED test preparation. Some of the study tools and guides available under the “Study” category on GED.com are also free to use once you’ve created an account. But most of the comprehensive online preparation work comes for $59 each for individual subjects or $129 for all four areas.

You also get access to expert instructors to respond to questions, whether in a particular testing subject or for a holistic strategy across all sections. It is one of the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022.

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#2. Study.com

Study.com allows students to quickly engage with GED preparation material while gaining essential knowledge and test-taking skills through videos, assessment tests, and study guides.

The GED Study Guide contains over 1,300 video lessons, sample tests, and test-taking guides to help students prepare for the exam’s four subjects.

As a student, you can access Study.com’s extensive library of GED review courses on a phone or tablet, giving you the flexibility to study at all times.

You can also use the comprehensive library of test preparation materials from one of the best free online GED classes in Texas for $59.99 each month.

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#3. Onsego Texas GED Online Classes

The Onsengo Texas GED online classes offer Short GED classes in every subject. There are several practice quizzes, and the video lessons are engaging and short so you can view these lectures anytime and anywhere in just a few minutes.

You can rest assured that the online classes are comprehensive and are equipped with everything to help you pass your test with good scores.

Students will also get fascinating steps and strategies to identify correct answers to questions.

The practice tests will also help you note the subjects you should give extra attention to increase your GED scores. With this best free online GED class in Texas, you will surely get a wholesome learning process and impressive scores.

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#4. Classroom.hellousa.org

The USA Hello Classroom provides one of the best free online GED preparation classes in Texas. You can visit their website to find some free topics or sign up for the comprehensive edition with more classes for a cost.

You can register with only your email address to practice for the test with USAHello’s GED® and HiSET® preparation classes. Students also get the flexibility to study on a computer, tablet, or phone in any free time with zero restrictions or ads.

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#5. BestGEDClasses.Org

This website provides free video lessons that teach students math, language, science, and social studies.

These four subjects have over 450 short videos on particular topics that you can access without providing personal information or creating an online account.

There are free-timed practice tests, untimed online tests, and printable practice tests. Also, you get advice on how to approach tests, avoid GED fraud, and who offers the test.

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#6. Kaplan

Kaplan, one of the best online GED classes in Texas, provides a self-paced course for students on a computer, laptop, or smartphone for $129.

On this platform, students can easily access practice exams and questions that align with the official GED test objectives on their devices.

In addition to providing video training, Kaplan instructors respond to any inquiries from students within 24 hours. Also, registered students have unlimited access to the program’s video library.

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#7. Union Test Prep

Test takers can access some of the best free online GED classes and resources in Texas in 2022 from Union Test Prep. The resources include study materials such as sample tests, flashcards, and in-depth study guides.

Although the $0 option does contain commercials, students may purchase an ad-free edition for $5 or a premium version for $14.

The premium option offers bonus content across all testing domains, plus free and regular paid options. All test preparation methods emphasize the knowledge you’ll need and practical test-taking techniques to pass the exam.

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#8. UGO Prep

Some of the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022 are available at UGO Prep. But for a fee ($32.99/ subject course or $69.99 for the entire study fast-track course), students can access both comprehensive and custom exam preparation courses.

The two-week fast-track courses come with study materials, practice tests, and mock exams.

Enrolled students have access to dozens of practice exams for each of the four subjects of the GED exam. UGO offers study materials covering test content and test-taking techniques, including 1,500 practice questions.

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#9. MyCareerTools.com

MyCareerTools.com has a wealth of information on GED testing. It features some practice tests and evaluates various standard GED preparation software solutions. There are tutorials on how to pass and links to other study preparation resources.

Also, the free online GED resources ensure to meet the needs of students. They help you identify your skills and improve on your weak areas.

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#10. PassGED.com

PassGED.com offers study classes at $23 each month. But this website provides free articles, stories, tips, and practice tests. You also have unrestricted access to the Student Success Coaches when you sign up for their Essential Education.

The adaptive learning technique determines what you must learn before producing a customized learning plan to get you there.

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What are some GED study tips?

Because everyone is unique, the “most effective strategy to prepare for the GED exam” will undoubtedly differ by person. However, early preparation will always be advisable. So, plan to study for at least three months, if not for a whole year.

Remember that you may use a calculator to answer problems on some of the maths tests. You can ask your test center what model will be available for your test. It will allow you to become accustomed to your calculator’s buttons before the exam.

It is not a good idea to start studying and staying up late the week before a test. You may become anxious, and the lack of sleep will make you worn out on exam day. You may instead build up a regular study and sleep regimen and adhere to it during the last week.

Remember that the GED does not penalize for incorrect responses, so always take your best guess and fill in every space. Try to eliminate some options before making an educated guess, so you have just two options.

What are the Texas state GED eligibility requirements?

  • You must reside in Texas.
  • You must not be a high school graduate or enrolled in a recognized high school.
  • You must be 18 years or older to take the test. But, if you are 16 or 17, your parents must permit you.
  • Price: The GED exam in Texas costs $145 for all subjects or $36.25 per subject
  • The minimum GED passing score for each topic is 145.

Once you pass the GED test, the State of Texas will issue you a high school equivalency (HSE) certificate. Your HSE diploma will prove that you are on the same academic level as a high school graduate.

How can I get my GED in Texas in 2022?

After enrolling in any of the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022, you can take the following steps to get your GED.

  1. Confirm your eligibility with Texas’s requirements here.
  2. Study the material on your own or in your online GED classes.
  3. Practice with your resources.
  4. When it’s time, schedule your test online.
  5. On the exam day, bring a valid, government-issued photo ID and take your exam.

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FAQs on the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022

How do I register for the GED test?

You can take, register, and pay for the four subtests separately on the GED exam. However, you must create an account on GED.com and pay for your test appointments through the MyGED portal.
You can also apply for accommodations for the GED (if needed) through GED.com.

What subjects are on the GED test in Texas in 2022?

The subjects in the Texas GED exam are Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. 

How old do I have to be to take the test in Texas?

You must be 18 years old. But your parents must give you permission if you are 16 or 17.

Can you take the GED test online?

Besides preparing online, students can take their GED exam online too.
Note: The GED Testing Service is the only recognized provider of online GED tests.
You will need a computer with a webcam and a steady internet connection to take an online exam.
You should also have a valid government-issued ID and access to a private workspace. Plus, you have 60 days from the test date to pass a GED Ready practice test for each exam section.


Although signing up for a GED preparation course is not compulsory, it is advisable, considering that the exam is often a tad challenging.

So enroll in any of the best free online GED classes in Texas in 2022 to prepare for your high school equivalency exam.

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