10 Best GED Classes in Maryland | Free, Online, & Paid

About 39 million adults in the United States did not finish high school. As employers want their workers to have more education, it gets harder to find work if you don’t have a high school diploma. The best GED classes in Maryland take care of this.

Because of this, there will always be a rise in the demand for writing GED exams, even among adults. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that people who have a GED diploma are more likely to work full-time than those who don’t. The BLS state that the unemployment rate for people with less than a high school diploma is 12.7%, while the unemployment rate for people with a high school diploma is 8.3%.

The tests aren’t too hard if you study right by taking the best GED classes in Maryland. A GED test can be easy if you take the time to understand and review what you need to know.

The best GED classes in Maryland are a way for you to get ahead and scale through in your GED. This article provides all you should know.

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Why should you take the GED in Maryland?


A high school diploma wasn’t always required by employers not too long ago. Without a high school diploma, many got jobs in factories, offices, and other places and have been there for years.

The trouble starts when you lose your job, the company goes out of business, you don’t get promoted, or your job doesn’t pay (or give you) enough to live the life you want. Adults lose their jobs daily and realize that the job market has changed.

Getting a new job or promotion can be challenging if you don’t pass the GED test. A GED certification can help you get a job, move up in your career, or get training for your job.

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A high school diploma isn’t enough if your goals are big. Jobs that pay well and make people happy usually require training and education. You can go to trade schools, community colleges, and universities with a GED certificate.

The federal government has set a goal that by 2020, the United States will once again have the most college graduates of any country in the world. A college education is good for you and the entire country.

It makes the U.S. more competitive in the world economy and helps the economy of the U.S. For many Americans, getting a high school equivalency diploma is the first step toward reaching that goal.


Most people start on the path to passing the GED or HiSET test so they can get a better job or more education. Many people don’t think about another benefit: feeling good about yourself.

Too many intelligent people think they are dumb because someone told them they were dumb or had trouble in school. Too many adults feel left out because most people around them have high school diplomas or college degrees.

When adult learners work hard to get a diploma and are successful, they feel proud and like they’ve done something good. They find out that they can reach higher than they thought they could. You don’t have to be stuck in a life with no options if you drop out of high school. You can show yourself how much you can do by getting a diploma.


Even though most people with a GED diploma don’t make as much as those with a traditional high school diploma, the 2009 U.S. Census found that those with a GED diploma made an average of $3,100 a month.

This was $700 more than those with some high school and $1,000 more than those with only elementary school.

Not only can people with a GED apply for more jobs than people without a diploma, but the knowledge, skills, and discipline they need to earn a GED diploma may also help them keep their jobs and move up in the workplace.

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How to Sign Up for the GED in Maryland?

Make an account on GED.com first. Then, choose a Test Center that is close to you. There are more than 20 places to take tests in Maryland.

Some are by adult-education centers, community colleges, and local school boards. Call 1-877-392-6433 (1-877-EXAM-GED) or go to GED.com and click on Locate a Test Center to find a local testing center.

If you live outside of Maryland., you might be able to take the GED Tests at a Pearson VUE testing center. For where and how to take the test, go to GED.com or call 1-877-392-6433 (1-877-EXAM-GED).

The cost to register for the GED depends on where you live. GED customer service can provide more details at 1-877-392-6433 (1-877-EXAM-GED).

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How Good is a GED Score in Maryland?

Scores on the GED depend on how many points a person gets in each section, not on how many questions they answer correctly. Different questions have different point values.

For example, questions with two blanks to fill in or two drop-down menus to choose from are worth two points each.

Depending on the type of test, the number of questions a person will see on test day may differ. The number of points on each test stays the same no matter how it’s written.

Then, the total scores from each of the four GED tests add up and turn into a standard score ranging from 100 to 200.

On your final GED transcript, you’ll find your standard scores and your percentile ranking, which shows how your scores compare to those of high school seniors.

To get an equivalency diploma, you have to get an overall score at least 60% higher than the scores of high school seniors graduating.

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10 Best GED Classes in Maryland in 2023

#1. Adult ESOL & Literacy Grant Program (AELG)

This course will help you figure out what you’re good at and what you need to work on, so you can study the things you need to most. You will learn the basics of what you need to know to do well on the four GED test modules: Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Before signing up for this course, check with the official GED Testing Center where you plan to take your tests to make sure they meet their requirements. Adult ESOL & Literacy Grant Program (AELG) has one of the best GED classes in Maryland, made explicitly for adults.


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#2. Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education is one of Maryland’s best GED classes, with almost a 5-star rating. They have an online course that works well on mobile devices and teaches students everything they need to know to pass the GED Test.

The adaptive learning system uses built-in practice tests to make a personalized learning plan for each student that skips over skills they already know. This course will fully prepare students for the GED in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

It has more than 3,500 lessons and activities that students can do together. Along the way, teachers can track students’ progress, make learning plans, and figure out when they are ready to take the GED Test.


#3. Howard Community College

Howard Community College currently runs one of the best GED classes in Maryland. They know how hard it is to keep adult students interested. Howard Community College GED class had

They scrapped teaching that works for everyone the same way. They have an adaptive learning system that determines what the learner doesn’t know or can’t do. It then makes a personalized learning plan for that learner.


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#4. Allegany College of Maryland Adult Education Program

Allegany College of Maryland Adult Education Program creates content that’s easy to understand. They teach lessons in a way that makes sense to adults. Students will remember what they’ve learned when taking the GED Test if the skills hinge on real-life situations.

As one of the best GED classes in Maryland, they ensure engaging delivery. Unlike many other educational courses, they teach the material in a fun and interactive way for students. Instead of boring slideshows, lessons have animated characters that adults can relate to.


#5. Baltimore City Community College

As one of the best GED classes in Maryland, Baltimore City Community College works closely with the GED Testing Service to ensure that their prep test looks like the actual GED Test.

All of the content is 100% in line with the goals of the GED Testing Service. They also use the same weighted scoring system as GED Testing Service. The service ensures students can be sure of their practice test scores.


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#6. Carroll Community College

When teachers can see how each student is doing, they can know when and where to help them. As one of the best GED classes in Maryland, Carroll Community College does this.

The classes have teachers skilled in managing classes and students. They can make their classes, add and remove students, and manage student accounts.

At Carroll Community College, there is also student learning plan management. With this, teachers can assign lessons to students based on what they learned in class or how they did on their official exams or practice test.


#7. Prince George’s Community College – Main Campus

Prince George’s Community College is prestigious for carefully tracking the goals and performance of students. With it, they see how well students are doing in their lessons, quizzes, and practice tests.

They also track study time to see how much time each student has spent studying as a whole or independently. The teachers also sort by class, a range of dates, courses, and whether you’re in class.

Toward the end, they run a skill mastery report. With this, they can find exactly which skills students have mastered and which ones they still need to work on. Undoubtedly, they run one of the best GED classes in Maryland.


#8. Chesapeake College

Chesapeake College GED classes are for all students, with special care given to those who don’t learn well in a traditional classroom setting. Due to this, their lessons are made from the ground up to help as many people as possible learn.

Whether you have hearing disabilities, visual disabilities, or physical disabilities, you can go to Chesapeake College GED classes. With a 3.9 out of 5, they run the best GED classes in Maryland.


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#9. Laurel College Center

Laurel College Center has live course instruction in which you meet your teacher and other students face-to-face in a virtual classroom. Students learn lessons for a particular course as a group in interactive sessions that encourage collaboration.

You can talk to an expert teacher one-on-one in a small class and have an immersive learning experience. Through their IOS and Android apps, you can quickly check your account online and on your phone.

You can call or log in to your account for world-class customer service. With Laurel College Center, you can also take private lessons to keep learning!


#10. Wor-Wic Community College

Wor-Wic Community College runs one of the best GED classes in Maryland. They have a GED Prep Course to help students prepare for the GED by giving them skills and tips on how to do well on the test.

Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning Through Language Arts will all be in this course. By the end of the period, students should know how the exam is, how to take tests, and how to find and answer complex or tricky questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to write the GED in Maryland?

It would be best if you lived in Maryland. You must be 18 or older. Candidates younger than 19 must have officially dropped out of high school and given the Maryland GED Office the GED Official School Withdrawal/Exception Form.

How much does each module cost per test?

Each module of the GED test costs about $30.00.

In Maryland, how many times can you take the GED test?

In Maryland, you can only take a maximum of three tests per module per year. You are also limited to the number of forms the GED Testing Service has for each module.

How long does it take to get your GED?

How long it takes to get your GED depends on how smart you are and how much you have learned. On average, it takes three months, but it could be faster depending on how well you study for the exam.

How many times are you allowed to take the GED?

You can take the same class twice in a row whenever you want. (First, though, study!) After that, you’ll have to wait 60 days before you can try again if you haven’t passed.

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If you didn’t finish high school and are too old to go back, the GED test is probably a good choice.

And even if you have a job, kids to take care of, or other things going on in your life that make getting your GED hard or even impossible, you should do it NOW.



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