Top 21 Best Math Apps for College Students | 2023 Ranking

Without smartphones and laptops, we simply couldn’t envision our lifestyles. They assist us in finding solutions to a variety of issues, such as proofreading business and academic papers for grammatical errors and using alarm clocks to wake up on time. 

To make our lives easier, we also use them as calculators. However, the correct app can help you forget about challenging math issues. 

This article has listed the 21 Best Math Apps for College which are ideal for you if you require assistance with challenging calculations, enjoy playing math games and solving logic puzzles, or both.


Apps, or software programs that run on tablets and smartphones, have expanded quickly in recent years. 

There were 500 apps for iOS devices when Apple launched the App Store in July 2008.

In October 2008, 167 Android apps were made available on Google Play, formerly known as Android Market.

Both online marketplaces currently have more than a million apps available.

Additionally, there are a ton of math apps accessible on Google Play and the App Store.

However, this post concentrated on the top 21 Best Math Apps that forgot college students because math is a subject that is crucial to students’ proficiency at all levels, particularly in college education. 

These  apps have many benefits such as: 

giving students the ability to work on arithmetic issues at their leisure, which can be very helpful for students who are struggling and need extra time to complete a problem. 

giving timely feedback to students and giving rapid feedback to individual learners about their performance is crucial for learning, especially for special education kids for whom this would otherwise be challenging during regular teaching. 

being an effective way to raise student achievement that is less expensive than lengthening the school day, paying teachers more, and reducing class sizes.

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Digital media are used efficiently by today’s learners to communicate, research, and process ideas and personal questions since they are interested in them and are generally absorbed by them. However, it is neither sufficient nor morally appropriate to give these students access to mobile technology alone. 

Hence, to make it useable, it needs to be resourced fairly and have both students and teachers engaged in “up-skilling.” 

To achieve this, they impose certain restrictions on the learning, but when properly incorporated into a curriculum, they bring variety and can improve mathematical reasoning and comprehension. 

Apps can undoubtedly improve students’ learning and understanding of the connected instructional aspects and conceptual thinking is given priority.

In addition to these, the Best Math App for College Students enables teachers to give students assignments and further study based on what has been done in the classroom.

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There are millions of apps on both the Apple store and Google Play and over 50 math apps on both, but picking the Best Math Apps for College Students might be worrisome for parents, guidance, and students themselves.

We have helped to solve this problem by sorting out the 21 Best Math Apps for College Students/ 2023 Ranking from the numerous math apps available for your easy pick.

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First on our list of Best Math Apps for College Students is the HIPER scientific calculator.

HIPER is an app that functions like a standard engineering calculator. 

Everyone who has grown tired of cartoonish apps will find them useful. 

The ideal minimalist calculator for those who value practicality and simplicity over extreme functionality and vibrant style. 

One of the main factors contributing to this app’s excellent evaluations and seldom complaints from both new and recurring users is its simplicity.

On Amazon $32


The next on our list of Best Math Apps for College is the Brainly app. 

This is a fantastic option for algebra novices and math students who struggle with abstract thought. 

Brainly will not only provide you with the appropriate responses and solutions but will also back them up with succinct, amiable instructional explanations in the form of cards that will explain and depict any kind of fundamental math equation. 

If you want to use the app to assist those who are in need, the software may also award you points and boost your rank.

These are the reasons for ranking Brainly second on our list of best math apps for college students.

On Amazon free

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Any young scientist who prefers the old-school green board and chalks to the new-school whiteboard and markers would much appreciate the design of this app called Icrosss. 

Everyone, even those who are having the most difficulty with polyhedrons, will benefit from the quality of iCrosss in their ability to visualize and learn geometry.

Since it is essentially a special collection of polyhedral shapes in three dimensions.

On play store free


On our list of Best Math Apps for College Students is DRAGONBOX ALGEBRA 12+.

This program will assist you in learning algebra using the same methodology as typical puzzle-solving. DragonBox Algebra 12+ is a reliable approach to mastering the principles of algebra once and for all while having a cartoonish UI and lacking the scientific rigour of those undoubtedly used in NASA.

Particularly for admirers of adorable gamification.

On Amazon $8

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Math enthusiasts who enjoy scribbling computations without aiming at their cell phones’ sensor keyboards are the target market for MyScript Calculator 2. 

It also features respectable memory storage where you may retain a record of everything you do in the app. 

You see why this app ranks among our list of Best Math Apps for College Students. 

Additionally, it provides you with the opportunity to access previous computations, which can be helpful and occasionally assist you.

On Google Play $3


The perfect program for those who were strictly instructed to solve problems following their tutors’ wishes. 

Since Algebra Touch enables you to swap all of the variables whatever you like until it makes perfect sense and will thereby make it more exciting and educational, it is ideal for students and former students who want to recover from that damaging and anti-scientific experience.

On App Store $4

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For economic students, Calcbot 2  is a fantastical option and one of the Best Math Apps for College Students.

It has basic and engineering functions in addition to a simple calculator and a handy currency converter.

Calcbot 2 allows you to save the outcomes of all previous equations and mark the crucial ones with a star sign so that you can examine them whenever you need to.

Additionally, Calcbot 2 features a variety of themes and interesting sound effects for each tap.

On App Store free


Students who desire to become more proficient in some of the primary fields of science, as well as math, can use the Khan Academy app.

In addition to Algebra and Geometry, Khan Academy now offers courses in Economics, Finance, and even History. 

It is available in both online and offline versions, is cost-free, and satisfies the requirements of iOS and Android users making it rank among our list of Best Math Apps for College Students.

On Google Play free

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Next on our list of Best Math Apps for College Students is MATHBOARD, one of the most popular apps for those who are struggling with the fundamentals of mathematics is MathBoard. 

Everyone will benefit from gamification with a user-friendly interface in terms of developing accurate mathematical knowledge and/or correcting any prior errors.

On Google Play free


It is a multi-functional calculator with changeable colourful themes of the interface. 

MathStudio Express helps its users to successfully study Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Statistics. It is worth being on our list of Best Math Apps for College Students.

On Google Play $9

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With the help of this program, you can solve any math puzzle like a true magician. 

Simply aim the smartphone camera at a problem, and Photomath will offer you an exact solution right away. 

When you wish to check your homework and have a better knowledge of the solution algorithm, it will be of great assistance. 

You’ll also like the extra features that a calculator offers here.

On Google Play free


We hope you’re not tired of magic yet because this app is the equivalent of David Copperfield in the math digital world. 

You write an equation on a piece of paper, and the recognition system analyzes it and presents a solution to you. 

MyScript ranking among our best math apps for college students supports basic operations, trigonometry problems, logarithms, and many more.

On Google Play $4

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It’s like having an encyclopedia where you can ask questions and get immediate answers. 

The app can help you not only with calculus and statistics, but solve crossword puzzles and find out about interesting facts without paying any effort.

Wolfram Alpha gives you access to universal knowledge and the endless possibilities of broadening your mind.

On Amazon $3


There is no need to continue looking if you were looking for a perfect and cost-free scientific calculator.

You can solve trigonometric and logarithmic functions, undo and redo your operations, work with constants, and more with the help of the many features and add-ons in PCalc Lite. 

You can purchase some of the extra features if the app doesn’t already have anything you require.

On App Store free

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Do you consider reading math books to be tedious and useless? Consider reading them online in conjunction with the more than 20,000 interactive exercises and lessons. 

Math issues can be resolved and their detailed solutions are available. 

Because the app can read handwriting, you may unwind and keep jotting down ideas in your preferred notebook. 

You’ll get helpful comments on your development and puzzles of the appropriate level of complexity. 

This rank on our list of Best Math Apps for College as it can make learning statistics, geometry, and other subjects more fun.

On Google Play free


It’s time to play a game and take things a little less seriously now. Since this game is just as instructional as a student book, nobody will judge you.

You (or your kids) will learn the fundamental concepts of elementary algebra in a fun way by resolving logic puzzles of varying degrees of complexity.

There are 200 riddles to complete, and working on them won’t be time wasted, this makes way for Box Algebra 5+ into our list of Best Math Apps for College Students.

On Amazon $6


When working through arithmetic problems, one of the most frequent questions students ask themselves is, “What am I doing this for? Who needs those features?

But you become more engaged and motivated when it can assist you to defeat the obnoxious foe. 

To defeat your opponent in the game Calculords, you must add, subtract, and multiply integers. The Galaxy requires you! Of course, you also have amazing math skills.

On Google Play free


Math Ref is next on our list of Best Math Apps for College for it has more than 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples provided here to help you master arithmetic, chemistry, and physics. 

The app is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to use. 

This is a great choice for you if you’re seeking some essentials and don’t want to spend a lot of time on them.

On Google Play free

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Excellent software for deceiving kids into learning math is Komodo Maths. 

You can easily develop fundamental algebraic skills thanks to it. 

According to Komodo’s creators, their adaptive technology adapts to the learning progress of each student, making it appropriate for both struggling learners and those with natural aptitude.

On Google Play free


The most versatile and all-encompassing math app on the internet is called Socratic.

It not only provides you with professional assistance on other fundamental subjects like biology, chemistry, and even literature and non-fiction, but it also has step-by-step mathematical explanations and visual tutorials on the topics of algebra and geometry.

On Google Play free

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We’ll wrap up this list of Best Math Apps for College Students with a fun educational game where you may play as super spy Agent Prime and use your prodigious math abilities to battle the nefarious Doctor Odd.

Prepare to employ all of your secret powers as each level will present you with puzzles and riddles of increasing difficulty.

On Google Play $3


Is Photomath good for college?

If you utilize the Photomath app to advance your mathematical knowledge, you are not cheating. It is intended to aid the student in developing a precise and methodical grasp of a topic. However, since it provides you with an unfair advantage, utilizing Photomath to obtain answers during an exam is equivalent to cheating.

Do professors know if you use Mathway?

It is challenging for a teacher to discover a student using Mathway as a learning resource. The app developer keeps the information about the users of the app private. Its privacy policy forbids app developers from disclosing client information.

Is Mathway free?

The foundational Mathway software, which enables you to use its virtual calculators to solve problems, is cost-free, but it requires either a $19.99 monthly subscription or $79.99 a year to see the steps taken to solve the difficulties. 

Which app is good for teaching math?

BuzzMath is an interactive tool that gives teachers the tools they need to give students work that will improve their conceptual understanding of math.


Many of these math apps are not free, while some are. Most of them cost less than $5, but they are all very inexpensive.

However, the cost is justified by the achievement of kids who learn math while enjoying themselves.



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