10 Best Nail Tech Schools in Flint, Michigan

What would your dream job be if you could wake up tomorrow and have it? Would you be able to set your hours? If so, consider becoming a nail technician.

To become a profitable nail technician in Flint, you must attend one of the best nail tech schools in Flint, MI. 

Nail technicians are in high demand in Flint, MI. As such, there are several nail tech schools in Flint, MI.

In this article, we highlighted the best ten and included other details we felt you might need. Keep reading!

Why Should You Go To The Best Nail Tech Schools In Flint, MI?

Learn to think outside the box

Are you a true artist? You can spend your days as a nail technician playing with different colors, shapes, designs, and more.

Clients always want new looks, so it’s up to you to learn from the best nail tech schools in Flint, MI. You might even start a new trend!

After school, you get to set your hours.

Don’t you like the typical 9-5 schedule? You can set your own hours as a nail artist for a living.

Many salons and spas will let you put in your hours, whether you want to work three days a week or full-time. You can also run your salon suite or work independently as a freelancer. 

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Go wherever you want

If you work for yourself, you can not only make your schedule, but you can also decide when to take time off. When you’re in charge, you get to choose everything.

So, that trip to Beliz that you’ve been dying to take? Feel free to take it! Make sure you plan so you don’t have to meet with clients while you’re gone.

Opportunities to ensure you are in demand

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the job outlook for manicurists and pedicurists is better than average!

From 2019 to 2029, the number of jobs should grow by 19%, which is much faster than average. 

Work in a place with other people

Becoming a nail tech could be a great job if you like to talk to people. In this job, you can connect with your clients and coworkers meaningfully.

Salons and spas are social environments. As a nail tech, you can work with a group of people who are just like you!

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What is the Cost of the Best Nail Tech Schools in Flint, MI?

The Cosmetology program has four payment periods (1-450 hours, 451-900 hours, 901-1200 hours, and 1201-1500 hours). Book & Kit and Tuition are costs spread evenly over all four payment periods. Charges and financial aid disbursements get posted to the student’s account at the beginning of each payment period.

The payment depends on the student’s actual attendance hours, pending a Satisfactory Academic Progress review. You must also pay a fee when you send in your application. At orientation, you have to pay the price for signing up. When a student re-enrolls, the cost of tuition and how long they have to pay it will differ.

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What is the Length of the Program at the Best Nail Tech Schools in Flint, MI?

To work as a nail technician in every state except Connecticut, you must get a license. To be able to take a state test, you must either go through a formal training program or work as an apprentice.

The rules of the state determine how long a training program will last. It also depends on whether the classes are full-time or part-time. Generally, a training program in any form should take at least 400 hours and a few weeks to complete.

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What are the Requirements for getting into the Best Nail Tech Schools in Flint, MI?

  • Good moral character (must not be an ex-convict or rehabilitated)
  • The SSN (Social Security Number). 
  • Be at least 17 years old. 
  • Have the same level of education as someone who has finished the ninth grade. 
  • Any other necessary means of identification

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10 Top Nail Tech Schools in Flint, MI in 2023

#1. Michigan College of Beauty

Michigan College of Beauty ranks #1 on our list of top nail tech schools in Flint, MI. Their 600-hour manicure course is to get students ready to work as professional manicurists. Students learn skills that will help them get jobs and get ready for the state licensing exam.

Classes can be taken full-time or part-time, during the day or evening. Students can pay as they go or pay the whole amount on the first day and save 5%. They are also allowed by the US Department of Education to give out Pell Grants and Direct Student Loans.Visit School Here

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#2. Creative Hair School of Cosmetology

For many reasons, the Creative Hair School of Cosmetology is one of the best nail tech schools in Flint, MI. Creative Hair School of Cosmetology offers an intensive Manicuring/Nail Technician program that leads to a license as a Manicurist/Nail Technician!

The State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology approved the course outline, units of instruction, and all of the activities in this program. If you pass the Manicuring program and the Manicurist Licensure Exam from the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology, you will get a License as a Manicurist/Nail Technician.

Visit School Here

#3. Transitions School- Cosmetology

Transitions School: Cosmetology is one of the top nail tech schools in Flint, MI. The school is not only in a skilled and hands-on area, but it also has room in its curriculum for courses that help medical professionals. 

Here, students learn about the hands and feet and physiology. They also know how to keep things clean, common nail diseases and problems, and how to do a manicure. They also take courses that teach them to do something like putting on different kinds of nails. You would have an advantage over people who learn by doing.

Visit School Here

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#4. Hair Force Academy Inc.

Even though it is small, with only 85 undergraduate students, it is a for-profit college. In addition to cosmetology and nail technician, they have majors in Esthetician and skincare.

In addition to their degrees and skills, Hair Force Academy graduates earn a starting salary of about $18,800. They have found a place in the world of beauty. It is one of the best nail tech schools in Flint, MI. 

Visit School Here

#5. Teach 2 Reach School of Cosmetology 

This is not only one of the best nail tech schools in Flint, MI, but it also has great teachers. Statistics show that it sends about 10,000 nail technicians into the world annually. You would be lucky to learn from some of the country’s most experienced nail artists and techs.

In this school, you can get the best hands-on experience and all the tools you need to succeed. This program makes sure that you are ready for your tests and state. It also comes with excellent chances for financial aid.

Visit School Here

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#6. Sharp’s Academy of Hair

Sharp’s Academy is a school that has won many awards. The most recent one is the ACCSCT School of Distinction Award. This award goes to schools committed to ensuring their programs are good.

At Sharp, the goal is to create an environment that helps students grow personally and professionally. 

Sharp’s Academy of Hairstyling, Inc. was started by Patricia Sharp in 1984 so that people in the Flint area could get Cosmetology training. It is made possible by giving each student the personal attention they need to meet their needs.

They keep class sizes small and have teachers who care about their students’ education. It is one of the top nail tech schools in Flint, MI. 

Visit School Here

#7. Genesee Career Institute

Genesee Career Institute ranks #7 on our list of top nail tech schools in Flint, MI. The Genesee Career Institute (GCI) teaches and gives students hands-on experience in many career fields.

This helps Genesee County students get ready for work after finishing high school and the GCI program.

An institute is also an excellent place for students to get advanced exposure to knowledge and skills that will help them get ready for college in their chosen field. Some courses taken at GCI can even lead to college credit.

Visit School Here

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#8. Grondins College of Cosmetology

Grondin’s College of Cosmetology has skilled manicurists. They work towards ensuring every student can study what they want at a price they can afford.

Going to this cosmetology school can turn your love of all things pretty into a fun and lucrative job. It is one of the best nail tech schools in Flint, MI. 

Visit School Here

#9. Ross Medical Education Center

The Ross Medical Education Center Flint campus on Miller Rd is west of I-75 and north of I-69. The campus is in the Flint Township Best Buy plaza.

This academy has several large hospitals, specialty clinics, pharmacies, and research centers.

With all of these healthcare facilities, this metro area is excellent for getting healthcare training.

Visit School Here

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#10. Summerset Salon & Day Spa

Summerset Salon & Day Spa put your creativity on a high pedestal. They have programs in cosmetology, nail technology, and esthiology. Students also get a high-demand course in cosmetology and nail technology. 

You can finish in as little as 6 to 12 months, connect to salons and spas, and make a lot of money. Every Digital Curriculum kit comes with an iPad for practicing for the licensing exam.

The program teaches how to cut, color, and style hair, as well as how to care for nails and apply makeup. It is one of the top nail tech schools in Flint, MI. 

Visit School Here


In the past few years, the beauty industry has snowballed. Now is a great time to learn more about different career paths and find a niche that fits you. Nail technology is a field that needs people who are good with their hands. 

Spas and salons in Flint, MI, hire licensed manicurists to give their clients manicures, pedicures, massages, and fake nails. To succeed in this career and the best nail tech schools in Flint, MI, you must also pay attention to detail and can think of new ways to do things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a license to work as a nail tech in Flint, MI?

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is in charge of giving nail techs their licenses. A sales tax license from the Michigan Department of Treasury is necessary to sell things to the public.

How much do nail techs make in Flint, MI?

As of September 26, 2022, the average Nail Technician salary in Michigan is $21,729. The range is usually between $19,204 and $25,057.

Is being a nail tech an excellent job?

There are more and more jobs for nail techs, but that’s not the only good thing about being a manicurist or pedicurist. A steady income is one of them. It’s important to remember that nail technicians can make as much money as they want. 

How do I get a license to do my nails in Michigan?

In most states, nail technicians need a license to work. In Michigan, people who want a state license must have 400 hours of training. They must have passed both a written and a practical test.



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