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You might have arrived here while searching for nail tech schools in Houston, Texas, how to become a nail technician, how much nail technicians earn in Houston, or the best cosmetology schools in Houston. You need not search further because you are in the right place.

Our update will also cover all you need to know about this industry that is worth billions and how to excel in it. In a state where many claims to be nail technicians, your aim is obviously to get the best.

Your quest to find the best nail technician schools in Houston in 2022 is answered here.

Nail technicians operate in a range of settings, including salons, airports, and even cruise ships. Houston has quite a handful of nail technicians. They employ them at spas.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of jobs for manicurists and pedicurists will increase by 13% by 2026, about twice as fast as the average job growth rate in the country, which is predicted to increase by 7%.

What Does a Nail Technician Do? (Job Description)

A nail technician does much more than simply paint nails. Additionally, technicians need to be proficient in sales, customer service, and hygiene. On the job, nail technicians are in charge of the following duties:

  • Manicures \sPedicures
  • Application of nails
  • Nail preparation, trimming, and filing
  • nail buffing or polishing
  • hydrating the hands and feet and giving a brief massage
  • Making appointment plans
  • Client assistance
  • Preserving a clean working environment
  • Sharing details on services that are offered
  • Promoting and hawking skin-care and nail-care goods
  • Updating management on product requirements

How to become a Nail Technician in Houston

A substantial amount of study and training is needed to become a nail technician. The fundamental steps to becoming a nail technician are as follows:

1. Graduate from high school

To enrol in cosmetology programs and become licensed, you must have a high school diploma or GED. It is not necessary to pre-prepare for cosmetology studies, however, it may be beneficial to give biology and anatomy, art, or business classes more attention.

A few vocational high schools provide cosmetology courses, allowing future nail technicians to begin their education before they graduate from high school.

Without enrolling in a cosmetology degree, you can even be eligible to take your state’s license exams thanks to these programs.

2. Complete a cosmetology course

Apply for a spot on a cosmetology course after graduation. The foundations of nail art, nail care, customer service, and cleanliness can be learned through these programs, which offer both academic and practical instruction.

Depending on state licensure requirements, course lengths vary, but you should anticipate a program to last four to eight months, occasionally longer. Some subjects the course might cover are:

Anatomy: In this lesson, students learn about the hands and the nail’s anatomy, including the nail plates and cuticles.

Chemistry: To provide your clients with the most cutting-edge nail treatments, you must have a basic understanding of chemistry and chemical safety.

Hygiene: Students learn the skills necessary to uphold the highest levels of sanitation in the salon. To stop the spread of parasites, germs, and fungi, good hygiene is essential.

Application of artificial nails: Students are taught how to do it properly and without harming their natural nails.

Customer service: In order to provide their customers with a positive experience, students learn how to interact with them appropriately.

This is mandatory for most of the nail tech schools in Houston.

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3. Obtain your license

You are qualified to sit for your licensing examinations after your program is through. Although certain states may require you to be older, the minimum age requirement is 16 years old. States may have different requirements for additional licenses.

For instance, nail technicians in Florida must have 240 clock hours, while those in Kentucky must have 600. It’s crucial to take the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) test.

A good number of the nail tech schools in Houston follow the same process. There are written components and a practical exam on the test.

Your understanding of nail care, nail technology, and health and safety are put to the test in the written portion. You must show that you are skilled at executing a manicure and other nail treatments in order to pass the practical exam. Passing the test is essential to obtaining a license.

5. Gain experience

You can now start looking for your first job as a nail technician after getting your license. Many businesses, including hotels, spas, nail salons, and beauty salons, have openings for entry-level technicians.

You can develop your abilities and confidence as a nail technician in your first employment. There may be chances for you to rise to management roles or work toward starting your own salon as time goes on.

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The average salary for nail techs

The annual salary for nail technicians in the United States is $56,838, on average. It’s vital to keep in mind that nail technicians’ individual salaries can differ based on the type of workplace they have, such as a boutique, cruise ship, mall, or beauty salon.

The location, experience, and education of a nail technician are further determinants of pay.

Job outlook for nail technicians

They predict manicurist and pedicurist employment to grow by 33% by 2030, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

This translates to an annual increase of almost 18,800 additional employees. The BLS anticipate this rise in demand in part as a result of anticipated growth in the demand for nail care and other grooming services.

15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Houston 2022

High nail tech salaries can be achieved in Houston. It’s difficult to find reputable nail technician schools in Houston. Finding one that won’t try to upsell the students into a degree they don’t want is even more difficult.

Here are the 15 best nail tech schools in Houston that are currently blazing the trail in the industry.

  1. Houston Training Schools
  2. ICC Technical Institute
  3. Champion Beauty College
  4. BL Cosmetology School
  5. Sebring Career Schools
  6. 360 Degrees Beauty & Barber Academy
  7. Stay Ready Nails
  8. Design Beauty College
  9. Top Beauty College
  10. Got Nails University
  11. Elite Beauty School
  12. Nailology
  13. Ogle School network
  14. Victoria’s Academy
  15. Cut Artistry Institute

1. Houston Training Schools

Small class sizes are a specialty of Houston Training Schools, which have 4 campuses in the Houston region. There are two methods to finish the nail technician program.

Their cosmetology curriculum can be finished in two years or less, and graduates will be able to leave the field and work in a variety of positions across the beauty sector.

You can finish the manicurist program provided by Houston Training Schools in a year which enables the graduate to work as a manicurist immediately after graduation.


2. ICC Technical Institute

If you want to begin your job as soon as possible, ICC Technical is the school to attend among the nail technician schools in Houston.

ICC Technical helps students find jobs as soon as possible after graduation and prepares each student for the state board licensure exam. Due to the fact that ICC Technical is a private institution, quality control and small class sizes are maintained.

3. Champion Beauty College

The aim of Champion Beauty College is entrepreneurship in the beauty sector. The team consists of skilled teachers with a variety of backgrounds who are prepared to instruct and motivate the pupils.

The illustrious staff can help you get there whether your goal is to become a nail technician or create your own salon.

The school is one of the nail tech schools in Houston offering online nail technician tutorials. With this, you can always pursue your dream of being a nail technician if you’re interested.

4. BL Cosmetology School

The BL Cosmetology School’s manicurist program includes technical teaching and hands-on training for the industry. Nail diseases and disorders, nail anatomy, sanitation and safety, chemical agents, bacterial development and infection, nail care, skin care, salon management, ethics and professionalism, and many other topics are covered in the courses. To be qualified to take the state exam, students must finish the allotted program hours.


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5. Sebring Career Schools

Through theory and practical applications, the manicurist specialist curriculum at Sebring Career Schools prepares students for entry-level employment. Students will learn how to diagnose cosmetic preparations for the hands and nails and use their knowledge in facilities that are TDLR-licensed.

The curriculum is broken down into six categories: orientation and TDLR rules and regulations, tools, implements, and supplies, methods, arms, and hands, bacteriology, sanitization, and safety precautions, as well as professional practices.

Students who attend lessons will finish the curriculum in 20 weeks Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Only students who attend for a minimum of 96 hours per month are eligible for financial aid.

Website: http://sebringcareerschools.com/

6. 360 Degrees Beauty & Barber Academy

In order to assist students to develop the technical skills and attitudes necessary to pass the State Board exam and become eligible for entry-level nail technician work, 360 Degrees’ Nail Technician Course combines theory and practical applications.

The nail and its problems, bacterial development, skin care, manicures, pedicures, application of artificial nails, acrylics, and related theory are the study topics.

For the state exam, students must complete all 600 hours. There are numerous class schedule options available for students who are working.


7. Stay Ready Nails Academy

For people who desire to begin a profession as a licensed nail technician, Stay Ready Nails offers a nail technician curriculum. The course will cover manicure and pedicure trends, safety, sterilization, cleanliness, massage techniques, and much more.

There are no evening sessions offered; instead, classes meet from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


8. Design Beauty College

Students taking part in Design Beauty College’s nail technician program will have all the knowledge required to offer qualified nail services.

The course may be accessible online and is taught in both English and Spanish. On the Houston campus, the training’s practical component will take place.

Topics covered in the course include manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, nail art, management, sanitation, skin care, nail anatomy, and more. To ensure that they are qualified to take the state exam, students must finish the program hours in order to gain a Nail Technician Diploma.

Website: https://www.designbeautycollege.com/

9. Top Beauty College

Students at Top Beauty College receive the training they need to become successfully licensed manicurists.

To help students develop the skills necessary to offer nail treatments in a professional capacity, the state-approved program includes theoretical studies and practical exercises.

They will learn about manicuring, pedicuring, nail problems, anatomy, communication, and professional ethics. They will also learn about cleanliness, safety, nail art, salon administration, and massage techniques.

Students will be qualified to sit for the state exam to become licensed nail technicians once they have completed 600 hours under state requirements.

Website: https://www.topbeautycollege.com/

10. Got Nail University

A pioneering professional institution, Got Nails University is dedicated to inspiring and teaching those who wish to follow their own path.

Prior to enrollment, the registration fee and kit fees must be paid as a whole. These fees guarantee availability and materials for the scheduled attendance day.

Website: https://www.gotnailsuniversity.com/

11. Elite Beauty Academy

It is recognized as one of the best and most seasoned dermoplasma and micro-blading training academies in the world and was founded by Bojan Joni and Maja Lipovec.

We offer top-notch dermoplasma training and professional micro-blading services all around the world. Our master trainers, who will make sure you leave with the best possible knowledge of the beauty industry, will guide your first steps in this field.

Our program has received complete approval and accreditation from ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists), and it is the first program in the UK to receive Guild accreditation.

Website: https://elitebeautyacademy.com/

12. Nailology

NAILOLOGY is a nail salon in HOUSTON, Texas 77008 that provides a wide range of opulent nail services to make everyone feel revitalized and renewed. With timely, effective nail care, we are dedicated to giving you the best service in the neighbourhood.

To ensure your complete pleasure, the knowledgeable team is dedicated to going above and beyond. A few of their wonderful services include waxing, threading, facials, massages, and nail treatments.

For students and others interested in learning more about the rapidly growing beauty sector, they also provide training and lessons on nail technology.

Website: https://nailologyhouston.com/

13. Ogle School North Houston

One of the newest campuses in the Ogle School network is the North Houston-Willowbrook location, which provides day and nighttime cosmetology classes in subjects like hair, skin, and nails.

The Ogle School North Houston-Willowbrook campus is a fantastic spot to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a brand-new area to establish roots.

Website: www.ogleschool.edu

14. Victoria Academy

There are six various professional options in the realm of cosmetology arts and sciences available at Victoria’s Academy in Kennewick, Washington, including a full, cutting-edge massage program. As an NCEA Certified Training Facility, Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology provides training.

Website: www.victoriasacademy.edu

15. Cut Artistry Institute

You can take advantage of the top-notch courses offered by Cut Artistry Institute and the committed teachers willing to assist you to pave the way to your new career.

Their goal is to educate you on the most recent techniques required to create the greatest in manicure and beauty technologies through in-depth, personalized education.

Website: https://www.cai-texas.com/about

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a nail tech?

The majority of nail technician programs last 300 to 600 hours on average to complete. Depending on your ability to attend school full- or part-time, you may usually finish a nail tech program in three to nine months from the time the program begins.

Is nail technician a good career?

There are many different benefits to being a manicurist or pedicurist, in addition to the fact that there are an increasing number of nail tech jobs available. Stable income is one of them. Keep in mind that the earning potential for nail specialists is limitless, depending on how hard they are prepared to work.

How much does a nail tech make in Texas?

In Texas, a nail technician makes an average yearly pay of $27,500. In Texas, nail technicians can earn anywhere from $16,500 to $50,000 per year, depending on their skill set, level of experience, employer, bonuses, and tips, among other things.

How much does a nail tech license cost in Texas?

Before you can take the practical test, you must take and pass the written test, which costs $50. The practical test is $72 in price.


A career as a nail technician is very fulfilling, provided you have gained mastery of the art. That is why we made deep research to bring you the best nail tech schools in Houston Tx to reach your aspiration.

The job has a projected high growth rate as the beauty industry continues to witness a boom in recent times.


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