15 Best Online German Classes For Beginners

German is an interesting language spoken by a lot of countries. Learning German is easy when you know the right steps to take. You can learn from a traditional classroom but that can never compare with the experience of knowing the best online German classes for beginners.

There has been debate regarding the growing influence of English over the German language. While some parties believe English has clearly dominated German, others feel German has a fighting chance.

According to DW, as a language of scholarship, German is “on its deathbed,” with most academics speaking at conferences and publishing their research in English, the German Culture Council warned this week.

This article will explore the best online German classes for beginners interested in learning to speak German fluently.

Why Use Online German Classes As a Beginner?

German is the second most widely spoken Germanic language after English. In fact, German is a native language to almost 100 million people worldwide and is spoken by a total of over 130 million people. Hence, this gives it the worthy attention it gets as a good number of people use it.

People often say that German is one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn. They won’t be wrong in making that assumption as learning how to speak German can be a tough task, especially for people who aren’t yet fluent in other foreign languages.

In learning German, you can use traditional classes and a lot of other options. However, using online classes for your German learning is a perfect pick. You would learn at your pace with an opportunity to revisit some of your lessons when you feel a desire to do so.

15 Best Online German Classes For Beginners

You can learn German in a lot of ways, but online classes have proven to be highly effective because of their flexibility. To get started in German, you need to know the best online classes that include:

1. Learn German Language: Complete German Course – Beginners

Duration: 17 hours

Price: $19.99

Level: All

In this course, you are exposed to a range of topics on German speaking, German pronunciation, German writing, German grammar rules and patterns, German vocabulary, German conversation and communication skills.

The interactive board and the subtitles help you if you’re a visual learner and the immersion method used for teaching German improves the learning speed, the comprehension of spoken German and fluency.

The available subtitles make it an awesome choice for English, Spanish, Italian, or any other non-native German speakers.

The course starts from basics and includes free .pdf support and practice tests/quizzes. The quality of information and learning pattern make it one of the best online German courses.

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2. German Made Simple: A Complete Course for Serious Learners

Duration: 5 hours

Price: $89.99

Level: Beginner

Whether you are a complete beginner, too busy for a language class, or need to do a crash course before a vacation or business trip, this is the perfect German course for you. It adopts all four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Grammar and vocabulary are communicated through texts and dialogues based on everyday situations ranging from talking about interests and hobbies, daily routines to ordering food in a restaurant and making a doctor’s appointment.

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3. Best Way to Learn German Language-Full Beginner Course-A1.1

Duration: 7.5 hours

Price: $89.99

Level: Beginner

In this course, you get to use so much useful vocabulary, example sentences, real-life dialogue, and grammar delivered in an easy to understand and not too overwhelming way.

After every lesson, you will have an Übung, meaning exercise. This way you can practice your new knowledge right away making it easier to stick to your brain. It is one of the best online German classes due to its easy practice schedule.

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4. 3 Minute German – Course 1 | Language lessons for beginners

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price: $19.99

Level: Beginner

As the name suggests, each lesson in this class lasts just three minutes (more or less!). In each lesson, you learn a little bit of German you can use for your sentence building. As you move through the course, you learn more and more little chunks and your sentences will gradually get longer and longer.

The lessons in this course are focused, practical and effective, and you will develop language skills that you can use straight away in real-world situations. You will possess the ability to speak German comfortably and with confidence whenever you’re in a German-speaking country.

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5. German for beginners (A1 – Part 1/5)

Duration: 5 hours

Price: $89.99

Level: Beginner

This course will give you ensure you stand on a firm foundation when you show interest in learning German. Hence, it is one of the best online German classes for you to enrol in.

In video lessons, you will learn through well-structured lectures building upon each other and versatile, including not only grammar explanations, but also a lot of video-guided exercises, vocabulary, additional information.

After having completed this first part, you will master the conjugation of German regular verbs and the modal verbs, Furthermore, you will make simple sentences containing a subject (the nominative case), a verb, and an object (the accusative case). For so many reasons, this course is one of the best online German classes for interested learners.

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6. Learn German for Beginners: An Immersive Language Journey A1+

Duration: 5.5 hours

Price: $89.99

Level: Beginner

With this German language course, you will dive into the deep end of language learning and the amount of content covered will be enormous. This course was designed to pull you away from standard language teaching, by making it interactive, entertaining, and simply realistic.

This course is perfect for complete beginners as well as people with already some knowledge of German. To make your learning really exciting, you will move through a storyline throughout the course and enjoy many complimentary extras.

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7. Learn German Language: Complete German Course – Intermediate

Duration: 7 hours

Price: $19.99

Level: All

After you have completed the beginner course, it’s wise that you advance to the intermediate level wherein you will learn about German verbs and certain vocabulary involved in the language.

The interactive board helps visual learners stay in-tune and the method used for teaching accelerates the learning speed, the comprehension of the spoken German and the fluency.

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8. The German ABC – a complete guide to German pronunciation

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: $34.99

Level: All

Most German courses or textbooks cover many topics, but hardly in great detail. Normally, there is a tutor to explain every part or section they get into. That can be a problem for those who are teaching themselves as they might not have anybody to explain further.

These courses are in-depth, easy to understand and come with worksheets, quizzes, assignments to help you practice what you have learned. The learning model, revision touchpoints, and syllabus make it one of the best online German classes for interested students.

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9. Perfect Your German: Tips & Tricks to Avoid Common Mistakes

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: $89.99

Level: All

Modern language teaching has admitted that communication is more important than perfection. And yet, many people still don’t get things right. Many students are nervous about making mistakes and feeling stupid when they speak German. This course is here to help.

With the engaging exercises and practices aimed at deepening your knowledge, you gain exceptional support and prompt answers to your questions.

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10. German Language A1: Learn German For Beginners!

Duration: 10.5 hours

Price: $99.99

Level: Intermediate

The course begins by introducing you to the German alphabet and you step up to learning German Grammar, Vocabulary, & Conversation.

Apart from the 31 grammar lectures, this course also has 17 animated videos which will make it easier for you to learn basic German conversations as well as the vocabulary.

It is an interactive course with a lot of varied input and a very experienced and motivated German teacher who will lead you through the entire course. The lessons and distinctive practices make it one of the best online German classes for you to learn and know.

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11. German for You A1/A2: A German Language Course for Beginners

Duration:17.5 hours

Price: $89.99

Level: Beginner

In this course, you will learn everything that you need on this beginner level, so you are not going to miss introductions, what to say in the supermarket, restaurant and so on, only you will learn it when you can actually understand and formulate it yourself.

So what this course is aiming for is giving you a maximum of flexibility in speaking German rather than working with phrases, of which you might not understand the structure.

The lectures are mostly bite-sized and supported with visuals to help you remember all the new things you learn.

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12. Duolingo

Duration: N/A

Price: Free

Level: All

Duolingo is one of the platforms that allow you to learn a plethora of languages from English, Spanish, French, down to German. This platform adopts a learning method that uses both visual and audio representations.

You can learn every day for only 5 minutes by completing a set of questions and puzzles. Duolingo uses everyday easy words in their learning sheets.

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13. Basic German Language Skills

Duration: 2 hours

Price: Free

Level: All

This free online German language course will teach you the German alphabet, colours, and numbers. You will master the vital vocabulary that will help you get around a German-speaking country.

You will also master how to tell the time of the day and speak in German about the things that you like and do not like, and the course will also guide you through German verbs and their proper usage. Get started on your language learning journey, today.

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14. German for Customer Service and Sales Positions

Duration: 2 hours

Price: Free

Level: All

This free online course helps you learn how to use German in the context of customer service and sales. You will pay keen attention to the vocabulary for use in real-life customer interactions to provide e-commerce customer service.

By following the video lessons, you will gain mastery in everything to do with sales in the German language – from product descriptions and online orders to customer delivery and the returns process.

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15. Study German Language

Duration: N/A

Price: Free

Level: All

The free free German lessons are an online adaptation of Foreign Service Institute (FSI), German Basic Course (Volume 1). This course will help provide the student with a basic vocabulary that meets the basic needs of a foreigner living in Germany. Students should be able to make limited practical use of the language in their daily life.

It is the last in our list of best online German classes, but it doesn’t mean it is less effective.

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There are so many online German courses that are incredible. Our list shows you the top one.

Yes, you can get a German certificate online after finishing any of the online German classes.

You can learn German for free by enrolling into any of the online German classes.

Yes, you can. With the aid of online free courses, you will do incredibly well.


A lot of people might assume German is a dying language. However, with over 1 million people speaking this foreign language, I think German would continue to spark tremendous interest for immigrants headed to any of the German-speaking countries.

In learning to speak German, using the best online German classes will offer you that poise, flexibility, and the ability to return to your classes when needed.


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