Top 15 Best Point Guards in College Basketball│2022 Ranking

There are five positions on a basketball team, but the point guard is the most crucial. Point guards are entrusted with running the offense and making sure every possession goes as smoothly as possible.

They occupy the smallest position on the court. They also need to be a scoring machine in today’s basketball.

At all levels, the position of point guards in college basketball has always been crucial.

It’s still essential to have a player who can run the offense for the club, find the open man, and pose a scoring danger.

We have provided a list of the top 15 best point guards in college basketball.

The players on this list included some excellent goal scorers. Others are more like the standard floor generals who “pass first.”

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Who is a Point Guard in Basketball?

A point guard, also referred to as the one, runs the “point” on the offensive side of the ball, as the name would imply. That shows that everything passes through them.

They advance the ball up the court, begin the half court set, and generally execute the plays. A team cannot function at its best without them.

Because of this, point guards are frequently the team’s top passers and dribblers. They must move swiftly both with and without the ball, possess great ball handling skills, and can weave in and out of defenses. Point guards must also be fast.

Point guards are frequently the tiniest or leanest players on the squad, and as a result, they are very quick. They normally weigh around 200 pounds and range in height from 6’1″ to 6’3″ in the NBA. That isn’t light for an average person, but it is for the league.

Additionally, there are no established guidelines for these metrics.

In contrast to players like Isaiah Thomas (5’10), Nate Robinson (5’9), and Muggsy Bogues (5’3), other guards, like Magic Johnson (6’9″) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (6’11″), are exceptionally tall.

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Overview of the Best Point Guards in College Basketball

Below is an overview of the top 15 best point guards in college basketball:

  1. Miles McBride, West Virginia
  2. Collin Gillespie, Villanova
  3. Jahvon Quinerly, Alabama
  4. Jose Alvarado, Georgia Tech
  5. Will Richardson, Oregon
  6. Jaden Ivey, Purdue
  7. Remy Martin, Kansas
  8. Andre Curbelo, Illinois
  9. Brad Davison, Wisconsin
  10. Andrew Nembhard, Gonzaga
  11. Kennedy Chandler, Tennessee
  12. JD Davinson, Alabama
  13. Marcus Carr, Texas
  14. Kendric Davis, SMU
  15. Iverson Molinar, Mississippi State

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List of the Best Point Guards in College Basketball

Many of the top point guards over the years have been “pass-first” players who have spent almost all of their time bringing the ball up, leading the offense, and passing the ball to teammates in scoring position.

In more recent years, it has become clear that point guards can score just as easily as anyone else on the court while still passing the ball to the rest of their team.

Below is the list of the top 15 best point guards in college basketball in 2022.

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1. Miles McBride, West Virginia

With his shooting prowess and aggressive mentality, McBride ranks among the best point guards in college basketball.

First of all, McBride plays with a physicality that is perfect for getting downhill and finishing strongly at the basket. He also gets to the rim quickly and finishes quite well.

His three-point shooting percentage off the catch and dribble was 41.4%, which further showed his significant improvement in his game. Along with his ability to finish and pass, he is also efficient in transition thanks to his speed on the open floor.

Additionally, despite his midrange being challenging to contain, he has an impressive ability to pull up in transition. It’s quite difficult for opposing guards to defend McBride because of how physically he plays.

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2. Collin Gillespie, Villanova

With his outstanding basketball skills and superb control, Gillespie contributes to the Villanova identity. He is one of the best point guards in college basketball.

The ability to leap stops and enter the lane to make shots and pass to others is also necessary. He is also excellent at posting up guards for scoring chances or passing out of the post.

Then, at 37.6% from three, he makes pretty good shots from outside the arc when he receives the ball. He’s a decent distributor to others, but he still has room to improve in that department if he wants to play the basketball with more energy. With great floor spacing and a constant shooting readiness, his movement on the perimeter is exceptionally good. He is also adept at making plays in transition to include teammates and make plays on the outside.

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3. Jahvon Quinerly, Alabama

For Alabama, Quinerly had a very successful sophomore campaign in which he seamlessly adapted to the team’s playing strategy.

Quinerly’s ability to shoot from three points at a 43.3% effective dribble and catch rate represented the biggest change for him at this point. He is also excellent at creating space off the dribble so that he can easily get to the hoop and take shots.

In addition, he has a great feel for ball screens and can use them to sprint to the basket from a downhill angle.

Furthermore, he finishes exceptionally well near the basket thanks to his deft use of his hands to complete challenging drives.

Quinerly also exhibits outstanding hand dexterity with both hands, which increases his efficiency near the basket.

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4. Jose Alvarado, Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech under Alvarado had one of its best seasons in program history, winning the ACC tournament.

He has excellent footwork and talent and can get to the basket at a high rate thanks to his 50.4% field goal efficiency.

Additionally, he excels at working in one-on-one situations, effectively reaching the midrange, and regularly making jump shots.

Interestingly, he plays with excellent speed both on and off the hoop, whether cutting to the basket or coming off a hands-off. He is a fairly reliable outside shooter, shooting 39.0% from both the catch and the dribble. With the enthusiasm he plays with, he is effective in the Princeton attack for Georgia Tech.

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5. Will Richardson, Oregon

Despite missing a significant chunk of his junior season because of a fractured wrist, Richardson had a very strong season. In addition, his field goal percentage from outside the arc is very strong at 40.3%. Next, he can efficiently attack in transition and make it all the way to the basket.

Additionally, he has excellent basketball sense, which enables him to attack well and enter the lane with superb control.

Also, he could keep switching back to his left hand near the rim while playing through contact.

He is also a very good distributor and particularly good in ball screen situations where he is trying to score the basketball. He also sets the tempo well in transition and is effective on the boards for a guard.

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6. Jaden Ivey, Purdue

Ivey had a fantastic season and has the potential to be among the top players in college basketball next year. His 3-point percentage was only at 25.8%, but he showed the capacity to raise it during the season and made big shots when they were called for.

Ivey does a great job of spotting up or pushing the ball when running the floor in transition. He also has the physicality and stature to enter the lane and finish strongly through contact.

He can penetrate the defense well against individual defense, and he can get past it off the bounce. His shot would become more efficient and reliable as he improved his game.

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7. Remy Martin, Kansas

One of the finest scorers in the nation during his time at Arizona State, Martin had a successful career before moving on to Kansas.

Ochai Agbaji, Christian Braun, and Martin will form a backcourt, with Martin aiming to be the team’s lead guard. Martin follows up with the capability of routinely making shots from outside the arc, particularly off the bounce at 34.6% from three.

He can also go around the court as a perimeter shooter to spread out the court while playing off the ball. He can penetrate the midrange for pull-up shots while taking defenders off the court.

With so many scoring options available in Kansas, he will also need to continue to improve in the distribution department.

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8. Andre Curbelo, Illinois

Curbelo had a fantastic rookie campaign and eventually rank among the best point guards in college basketball.

Now, Curbelo excels at getting into the lane and finishing around the basket by using footwork and manipulation.

He is also a master at using ball screens, and he has the skills to pass the ball to teammates and get open for mid-range shots.

He can make fantastic plays, but he can also commit enormous errors, therefore it will be crucial to strike a balance and have a higher assist to turnover ratio.

Curbelo plays at a very good pace when playing in the open court, but in order to run an offense effectively, he needs to be more controlled in the half-court.

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9. Brad Davison, Wisconsin

After a fantastic season in Wisconsin, Davison is the epitome of a competitor and is aiming for one more successful campaign.

In order for Davison to rank among the best point guards in college basketball, his consistency in play is crucial. He is now shooting 38.9% from three, improving his outside shot-making abilities. With D’Mitrik Trice leaving, he will also be need to improve the Wisconsin offense’s distribution. He is very aggressive off the ball, effectively distributing the ball on the perimeter and cutting to the rim. In addition, he can make space by himself and has good footwork when setting up shoots outside the paint.

Being able to go to the basket more frequently as Davison develops his game will be crucial.

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10. Andrew Nembhard, Gonzaga

With his dependability and capacity for playmaking, Nembhard played a significant role in Gonzaga’s success.

Nembhard will also return to the conventional point guard position for Gonzaga next season so that he can completely distribute and play a bigger scoring role.

As a finisher, he does a fantastic job of getting into the lane and can even post up well.

Nembhard is a reliable spot-up three-point shooter, hitting 32.3% of his attempts in such a situation.

With his capacity to advance the ball and make crucial choices, he will also play a significant role in their transition strategy.

His general sense of the game is also very outstanding, and he will keep Gonzaga’s attack at the top of its game by bringing great pace to them.

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11. Kennedy Chandler, Tennessee

His NCAA tournament run came to a dramatic finish, but it could be to his advantage when teams are assessing him. Kennedy Chandler is a player with passion, and passion is something that can help develop a culture.

Chandler is a good choice for a club in need of a point guard because he is a leader and an athletic.

His diminutive frame does, however, present a danger.

Kennedy Chandler is relatively little for a point guard, even though they are not unheard of in the NBA at six feet one. He is not a reliable enough free-throw shooter to rely on intentional fouls.

Kennedy Chandler may be challenging to build around, but there are several reasons a team should take a risk on him.

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12. JD Davinson, Alabama

The Alabama Crimson Tide season did not go as planned because they were eliminated in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Davison led the team in assists despite spending nearly the entire season on the bench.

He was a college basketball player who was among the most dynamic and requires more playing time to mature. JD Davison will need to enhance his mental toughness besides his athletic skills, which are many.

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13. Marcus Carr, Texas

Carr was one of the most feared scorers in the Big Ten, and despite never having a strong supporting cast of players, he consistently put up strong assist statistics, finishing in the top 50 in assist rate each of his three college seasons at Minnesota.

Now that he is in Texas, where Chris Beard has nearly too much potential, that has changed. Although Texas’ production is expected to be dispersed, Carr is the one who will most likely post the highest statistics. Given that opponents will have to focus more on his teammates than ever before, Carr, a strong scorer off the dribble, should be a good match in that position.

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14. Kendric Davis, SMU

If SMU had qualified for the NCAA Tournament and had a successful tournament run, America would have fallen in love with Davis in a similar way that everyone fell in love with Max Abmas from Oral Roberts.

With an average of 19.1 points and 7.6 assists, Davis is one of the most successful best point guards in college basketball. He had the best assist rate in the nation. When he turns the corner, he puts defenses in a difficult situation since he is impossible to stay in front of and has excellent vision.

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15. Iverson Molinar, Mississippi State

One of the nation’s most versatile perimeter scorers is Molinar.

Many long-range shooters made most of their threes from spot-up positions.

He’s one of the few players you’ll find who, besides spot-ups, can make shots while moving and running off screens.

Last season, he made 43.6 percent of his three-point attempts, which is astounding given that many of them were made while he was in motion. He can score from all three levels and is proficient off the bounce. 

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How to Be an Outstanding Point Guard in Basketball

The point guard is the court’s commander-in-chief in basketball and usually has the ball in their possession. You may dominate as the floor general on the court by following these excellent steps.

#1. Work on your stamina

You should run 2 to 5 miles (3.2 to 8.0 km), 2 to 3 times every week. If you do this, stamina won’t be a problem.

A point guard needs to be in good physical condition because they will run a lot. Consume a lot of carbohydrates. Fruits will offer you a good boost of initial energy, and occasionally eating a little junk food is okay.

Before playing games, consume pasta or potatoes. Avoid overeating or eating too soon before a game. Drink a lot of water.

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#2. Focus on your lower body

You should perform four sets of 5-8 reps of heavy squats twice a week because basketball is all about powerful legs.

You will drive to the basket easily if you perform leg lifts every other day and military presses twice a week since strong shoulders and abs will make you more of a scoring threat.

By the way, you have adequate strength to dunk effortlessly if you can squat twice your body weight at once. Try to do that at least twice every month.

#3. Dribble a lot, as much as you can

Become more adept at dribbling low, with a straight back, and without glancing at the ball. Try several techniques when honing your dribbling skills.

For instance, dribble two balls low, then high, then center for 15 yards (13.7 m). Then, dribble with 1 ball in a crossover fashion, behind the back, then with spins, etc.

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#4. Don’t be afraid to make risky passes

Make sure your post players are out of the reach of the defenders before hitting them with some lobs over the defense.

#5. Be a leader

Always consider the other players on your squad because the point guard plays the most important role in basketball.

The game should not be played too quickly. The other players may not be in good physical condition just because you are.

Talk to the player and explain what they are doing incorrectly and how to do it correctly if you spot one of your team members making a mistake.

A good shooting percentage will help your teammates score more points when you play basketball, thus you must execute plays to achieve this.

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#6. Make sure you show all around brilliance 

Try to score at least 10 points or provide an assist, and if you can grab any rebounds, DO SO.


Who was the best college basketball player ever?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (formerly Lew Alcindor) was the all-time best collegiate basketball player. Abdul-Jabbar was the epitome of great athleticism, refined hoops abilities, and a selfless, team-first mentality.

Who are the greatest point guards of all time?

The greatest point guards in NBA history are:
1) Magic Johnson
2) Stephen Curry
3) Isiah Thomas
4) Oscar Robertson
5) John Stockton
6) Chris Paul
7) Steve Nash
8) Jason Kidd

What are the qualities of a good point guard?

A competent point guard should possess excellent ball-handling abilities, be a threat to score, direct the offense, dish out assists, and play solid defense against the point guard of the opposition.

Who are the top 10 best point guards in college basketball in 2022?

The top 10 best point guards in college basketball in 2022 are:
Miles McBride, West Virginia
Collin Gillespie, Villanova
Jahvon Quinerly, Alabama
Jose Alvarado, Georgia Tech
Will Richardson, Oregon
Jaden Ivey, Purdue
Remy Martin, Kansas
Andre Curbelo, Illinois
Brad Davison, Wisconsin
Andrew Nembhard, Gonzaga


We have provided a list of the best point guards in college basketball.

Even if the point guard position isn’t the only one on the court, it’s difficult to succeed without one.

They are the leaders of the offense and almost every set or play begins with them. They raise the ball, let the defenders breathe, and usually result in points.



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