When is the Best Time to Apply for Colleges in 2023? Perfect Answers

As a high school student, you may not necessarily understand the pain of being rejected by a college after application.

Most rejection of applications is as a result of applying at the wrong time. Well, this is totally avoidable if you apply for colleges at the right time.

This article submits perfect answers on when is the best time to apply for college.

Even if you have perfect grades, and fill out the application forms rightly you can still get rejected if you don’t submit applications at the right time. It is no hearsay that the college you attend has a great influence on who you become afterward.

Also, the rush and competition surrounding college admissions cannot be over-emphasized. While all these got nothing on you, you may get rejected by your choice of college if you fail to do the right thing.

Practically, to gain admission into college, you must sit for standardized tests, write your well-composed essays, and even scout for top-notch recommendation letters. However, to avoid having a rejected application; simply, read this article “When is the Right Time to Apply to Colleges in 2023?” to get perfect answers.

To get highlights of your concerns as regards applying to a college addressed in this article, you should take a quick glance at the table of contents below.

What is College Application?

To get a clearer view of what college application is, you should have a deep reflection on one or two competitions you had registered for in High school. Visualize the day you decided to take part in that competition, why you made that decision, and how you were concerned about winning the prize.

Now the competition in colleges is far-fetched when compared to these competitions. This is because the college has a way of determining your career path and future, unlike the prize which may be momentary.

So, college application refers to a number of activities individuals who intend to gain entry into colleges or universities carries out to earn consideration by the school. This implies the whole process of indicating interest in an institution, meeting up with prerequisites, and sending in all documents to the admission panel of a college for review.

Generally, college application involves filling out a form that may be as many as two pages or just a page, and submission of essays, personal statements, and recommendation letters.

In summary, college application is the means and basic criteria for becoming an undergraduate at a college or university.

Use these amazing simple steps to write a personal statement.

What is involved in a College Application?

Well, just so you know the time between your completing high school to your first semester in college seems to be the most hectic period of your academic journey. This is because you will channel most of your energy toward garnering all the documents you will need to secure a place.

In applying for college, there are several documents you must submit to the college. It is important to note that what you submit for a college application differs from one college to another.

However, most educational institutions will demand:

College Application Demands

This is usually the most important of college applications. While some schools will demand you obtain this form from their physical location, most schools allow you to fill out the application form online.

Also, there is no general rule for what an application should look like or involve. Some application forms can be as short as two pages or much, much longer. Every student should note that an application form is not the entire package. Hence, even if you fill out an online application form, you may need to submit other documents online or through courier services.

In recent times, the online Common Application is a better and faster option. It is currently, accepted by 300 schools and you may not need to complete a separate application form. Interestingly, you will definitely, get the same consideration as students who submit a school-specific application form.

College applications also, require you to submit both SAT and ACT test scores. Some schools accept may require students to submit only one f the two. Since 2009, students have had the option of choosing whether prospective schools receive all, some, or even just one of their SAT scores, but you must register for this option by phone or online, or else all of your scores will be submitted.

If you are yet to sit for SAT, here are invaluable tips for you to excel at the first sitting. You can also use this guide to earn high scores in your ACT examination.

This is an essential college application requirement. The number of letters you submit will be determined by the school you are applying to. However, you will need a minimum of two letters.

One will be from your high school counselor and the other from a high school teacher. The others will be relayed to you by the school alongside who should write each for you.

College applications often involve students writing personal essays. The length of the essay is not universal however, the content is usually the same.

For most schools, this personal essay serves as your personal statement and is an essential part of the application package.

Mostly, this essay may be as few as 300 words, 500 words and even so much more depending on the institution. For so many, this is the most difficult of the application process, but with these simple tips on how to write an amazing college essay, it should be a piece of cake.

This document contains your high school academic performance. So, a college application is not complete without it.

For some colleges, only transcripts sent directly from your high school are acceptable. while others will demand, you collect it and submit it without a broken seal. Your application packet is not complete until the college receives an official transcript from your high school.

How Much Do College Application Cost?

There are basically, no general rules on college Application fee costs. While relevant authorities may regulate this, schools usually have a monopoly on how much students would pay for their college applications.

Statistics show, however, that most students pay anywhere $50 to $90 per application. Also, there are options available for students from low-income families to submit college applications for free.

Students who received SAT or ACT test fee waivers are eligible for college application fee waivers from the testing companies. So, you may benefit from four of such waivers given by the college board automatically to students.

These scholarship opportunities for college students is a great financial aid that can benefit them.

When is College Applications Due?

Basically, college application deadlines are usually set by schools hence, college applications vary. High school students should apply for college at the right time as most colleges do not applications received after the set deadline.

Generally, most early decision deadline for most colleges is usually in November. Therefore, if you are applying via early decision or ED, you should make sure you have submitted all requirements by November 2023.

This explains why students who apply through ED get a response sooner than their peers. So, if you don’t know when the right time to apply to colleges in a year, you may end up sending in applications when college applications are due.

Even though early decision applications are best to get a quick response, it is binding on students who get accepted. That means an accepted student must enroll at the institution.

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Why Do Colleges Reject Applications?

Sadly, you may actually think you have done everything right and still get a rejection. Most times are a result of things you did wrongly even without being aware of it.

The number of applications a college receives, its acceptance, and college admission principles all have a great influence on the number of college applications that may get rejected.

So, you should make sure your college application package is free of all the errors that will be listed below. The most important thing is to submit top-notch application details to stand a higher chance of gaining admission.

Generally, most college applications get a red badge sign of rejection for the following reasons below:

Reasons for College Application Rejection

One of the reasons why colleges reject college applications is when students submit incomplete applications. Basically, before sending in your college applications, you should make research the total requirements.

Line them all up, make sure your garner it all, and fulfill all obligations and tasks before sending it in for applications. If you are applying to more than one college, keep in mind that different colleges have different requirements for information that needs to be provided in the application.

So, do not submit the same requirements for the two colleges except they are obviously, the same.

To avoid a rejected college application, it is important you submit all requirements before the deadline. Every college sets its application deadline, if you fail to meet up with that, your college applications may not be considered.

If you complete your application before the due date, you would stand a better chance and have enough time to review your work. When college applications are due, students may not have the time to crosscheck all sections or allow their parents, family, or teacher to look through them.

If you fail to follow the instructions indicated in your application form, you might have your college application rejected.

So, fill the letters with the right font, right a good essay that is in agreement with the essay topic, and limit yourself to the maximum number of words stipulated.

Express yourself in your essay or personal statements in clear terms and fewer words. Writing 1500 words for an essay of 500 words will get your college admission review officer bored and, subsequently, you may get a college rejection.

This is very important. No matter how well-written your college application appears, if it seems irrelevant to the school, program, and faculty, then, your application may get rejected.

Don’t send an application if you don’t meet up with the college admission rate. Check out the average test score, GPA for your current class, and other requirements to know if you fit into the learning environment of the school.

Actually, to save time, money, and stress, only apply to colleges you meet the basic requirements.

Unfortunately, not all students understand how crucial this step is. As students are filling out multiple applications in the same time frame, it is easy to mix up college names in the essays, or just make silly errors because you are trying to complete the applications in a rush.

To avoid getting a rejected college application, do not make these avoidable errors. Such mistakes will make the college application board doubt your suitability for the college.

A major way to avoid this is to make sure you don’t reuse essays. Even if other documents appear the same for two colleges, editing and rewriting your college essay for each school will aid you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

So, take the extra time to understand what the essay prompt is asking, and go into depth with personal examples and thoughts.

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When is the Best Time to Apply for Colleges in 2023?

The best time to apply to a college is to avoid sending in applications after the college application deadline. College applications stand a better chance of gaining admission if you apply at the right time.

In fact, admissions experts advise students to begin the application process by the start of their senior year of high school.

This is because most colleges may push the college application due date back into early spring since schools have the flexibility to take such decisions.

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Perfect Answers to When to Start applying to Colleges

Most of the answers by college experts to this question do not dispute the fact that you should make a list of the colleges you wish to apply to.

When you should apply to college is a question you should seek answers to after you must have made your choice of college. Another regular option in all the answers remains the fact that you should start your applications on time.

Do not ever assume you have enough time, because narrowing your college options to crafting a succinct essay and lining up stellar recommendations can be time-consuming.

See the perfect time to apply for colleges below:

Apply for College Summer Before Senior Year

In most parts of the country, senior year is the final year of a student in secondary school. Admission experts advise students to begin narrowing their college options at this point.

This is basically, the last year in high school and it is expected that you start your complete your college options at this point.

If you begin college applications the summer before senior year, you will break down college applications into smaller bits. During this period, you should schedule a tour for each of the colleges you have in mind to attend.

Make a final list of who will write your recommendation letter especially, the recommendation letter required from your high school teacher.

In addition, make your thorough research on each of these colleges, and visit their websites to learn admissions requirements.

Make all requirements readily available, then, request an application. You can use Common Application to complete your applications if the colleges are one of the 300 colleges that accept Common Applications.

According to Fraser, the Summer of senior year is probably the most common and best time to get organized because (students) don’t have high school overlapping. Summer is a good time to get organized and start on all these materials.”

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Apply for College between October through January

Four months is enough to complete a bulky application process. With the help of your school guidance counselor draw up a chart of important deadlines to stay on track.

At this point, you should have it at the back of your mind that an incomplete e-application is tantamount to no application. So, you should proceed to cross your t’s and dots your i’s.

Basically, students should concentrate on completing their entire application. So, they should proceed to request their high school transcript, and collate their SAT and ACT scores.

More importantly, if you are applying for an early decision, you should complete the college application requirements by November.

If you are unable to complete your application, you should use the rest of the December and January 2023 to tidy up all lapses.

Kelly Fraser, who is the owner and principal at Green Apple College Guidance & Education, opines that applications are often due as early as mid-October through November at schools with an early action or early decision process.

Finally, to receive the best of financial aid, submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid as early as January 1st.

Receive Feedback from Colleges by February through April

By February of next year, applications for most colleges would have come to an end. If you didn’t tidy up your applications for any college, you may as well consider such applications null and void.

Subsequently, students should keep track of all acceptance letters, rejection letters, and wait lists that they receive from February till April.

It is, obviously, no time to panic if you don’t receive feedback by February as most schools do not mail responses till April. Quietly, respond to acceptance letters before the deadline.

By the first week of April, you should make a choice from all the schools that sent you an acceptance letter.

This is very important because most schools have a deposit deadline of May 1st. So, you should make a choice and put in a deposit before the deadline to secure your place.

Finally, making it through the college application process will be considerably less overwhelming if you keep close track of important deadlines and break things down into simpler parts. 

Manage the stress of applying to college by forming a relationship with your guidance counselor, getting started early, and taking time to relax.

You should probably be ready to manage it, especially, as you can end it after a few fast-moving months.


When to start applying to colleges as a high school student is one vital information you should have. It is not a pleasant experience to have five of your college applications rejected.

While this is pitiable and heartbreaking, it is totally avoidable. All you have to do is follow the instruction on your application form strictly, submit all required documents, and write amazing essays.

However, if you do all these and submit applications when the college application is due, you may still have your application rejected. So, this article on when is the best time to apply for colleges is carefully written to aid and direct you to submit a well-written collection application package at the right time.

In summary, reading this article is your surest best to avoid rejected college applications in 2023.



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