How To Find Cheap Student Accommodation In Liverpool

Accommodation in this city is quite inexpensive when compared to other major cities in the UK. Liverpool has a wide range of student housing alternatives for the University of Liverpool. The increased number of students coming to Liverpool to study has resulted in a strong demand for housing. As a result, student housing in Liverpool has increased significantly. It’ll come as a relief to learn that the majority of Liverpool’s lodging is located in some of the city’s most desirable locations. This means you’ll be right in the middle of everything fun in Liverpool! While Liverpool offers both on-campus and off-campus student housing, there are additional choices worth considering.

Why Choose Students Accommodation In Liverpool?

Liverpool student life is renowned for its accessibility, nightlife, sports, culture, and academic opportunities. This stylish and fast-paced city, home of scouse humour and friendliness, Liverpool F.C., the Superlambanana, The Beatles, the famed Royal Albert Dock, and more, is a perfect place for students to succeed.

It is regarded as one of the friendliest and fastest-growing cities in the United Kingdom. Thousands of young adults flock to Liverpool’s universities and colleges each year to study at institutions such as the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, and Liverpool Hope University, to mention a few. While the weather is frequently colder than warm, the city’s inviting charm more than makes up for it. There are plenty of exciting things to do in Liverpool for students, including beaches, pubs, shops, and museums.

In terms of affordability, job opportunities, and general satisfaction, Liverpool is one of the greatest places for grads. In terms of economical housing, it also caters well to the student sector. Liverpool has a lot of student housing that is central, making it simple on the wallet when it comes to travel and putting young folks in the heart of the city’s most popular centers.

What Is The Cost of Student Accommodation in Liverpool?

Liverpool is one of the most affordable student destinations in the UK, with a large range of rental housing options. The amount you pay will be determined by the type of student housing you select. In Liverpool, a shared house can set you back £93 per week.

A week in halls of residence costs on average £132, although it can cost more depending on the sort of room you choose. Students who book early often receive substantial discounts and pay significantly lower rent. You can also take advantage of group booking savings and rebates.

Is Student Accommodation in Liverpool Cheap?

Compared to other cities, student accommodation in Liverpool is relatively cheap. For instance, from 2018 to 2019, the average weekly rent in purpose-built student accommodation in the UK was £147. In the private sector, an ensuite room cost £148 a week on average, and a studio cost £193.

In London, the average cost of university housing was £178 per week, while the private sector was £233. Over the course of a year, small differences in weekly rent build up to a large amount. Many students choose to study in places that are less expensive, such as Wales and Liverpool that average at around £132, and save over £2,000 per year compared to London.

Student Accommodation Options In Liverpool

The following are some of the most popular spots for students to live in Liverpool:

Aigburth: You may not be familiar with Aigburth, yet it is one of the loveliest neighbourhoods in Liverpool, if not the United Kingdom. It’s also only 10 minutes from Liverpool’s downtown area, and it’s close to both main bus and train routes.

Allerton is comparable to Aigburth in that it has many parks and a diverse range of bars and restaurants, as well as being home to Liverpool’s only municipal golf course. If you want to shop till you drop, Allerton Road is the place to go.

Liverpool City Centre: If you want to be in the thick of things, look for student housing in Liverpool City Centre – but be aware that the cost of living will be greater here than elsewhere in Liverpool. 

Sefton Park: Located minutes from the city center, Sefton Park is one of Liverpool’s most picturesque sites. It is home to Liverpool’s largest park, as well as a multitude of events and festivals throughout the year.

Wavertree: Wavertree is a popular student neighbourhood because of its proximity to three major institutions, but it also houses some of Liverpool’s most popular attractions, including the Wavertree playground.

Cheap Student Accommodations In Liverpool

Below are some of the best choices you can make owing both to cost and facilities.

House of Agnes Jones: This apartment is ideal for a student searching for an inexpensive, convenient home away from home at university, as it is only a 15-minute walk from both of the city’s universities. Everything you need is on-site, including an entertainment area, bike storage, and laundry. The cost of a week starts at £87.

Heritage Court: Exploring the city is easy with the city center and universities just a short walk away, and the abundance of amenities ensures complete term-time comfort and convenience. After a long day at work, the 7-8-person townhouses provide plenty of space to study, cook, and unwind (or a night out). Choose from a variety of sizes and facilities like in-room showers to construct your own residence, which includes a communal kitchen and living area. The cost of a week starts at £89.

Central Park: You can’t beat the location of this home, which is only a 15-minute walk from both institutions and incredibly close to Liverpool station. Airy rooms, contemporary decor, and laundry facilities make this a great location to call home while at campus. Prices begin at £100 per week.

Falkland House, Scotland: Falkland House’s beautiful facility is a terrific place to study, and Liverpool’s dynamic city centre is just minutes away. The universities are only a 15-minute walk away, and there is an entertainment area where you may rest and unwind. Prices begin at £104 per week.

Pointe de l’Atlantique: Enjoy the variety of life in the welcoming city of Liverpool, with wonderful shopping, bars, and seaside walks nearby. Bike storage, an entertainment area, and a laundry are among the amenities. The cost of a week starts at £114.

Philharmonic Court, established in 2015 and offering self-catered en-suite rooms, is one of the University’s finest on-campus housing options for postgraduate students.

You can also serve as a Residential Adviser as a postgraduate student, living on campus at a discounted rate in exchange for giving assistance and counseling to undergraduate students.

Important Considerations for Getting Student Accommodation in Liverpool

Landlords increasingly include the cost of electricity, as well as other services like water, internet, and contents insurance, in their lease agreements. Make sure you understand how the fees will be calculated and whether there are any usage restrictions.

Keep a copy of all documents and never part with money without first acquiring a receipt. Remember that unless your lease contains a rent review clause, your landlord is only allowed to raise the rent once a year by law.

If all of the inhabitants are full-time students, you won’t have to pay council tax. However, you may need to obtain a certificate of exemption from the university to serve as proof.

After you’ve decided on a shared house, flat, or bedsit, the following step is to complete the necessary papers.

A contract, such as an assured shorthold tenancy or a license, will very probably be required of you. Because this is a legally binding document, please read it carefully before signing. It’s lot easier to reach an agreement early on, but it’s nearly difficult after you’ve signed and moved in. This is one of those times in your life when reading the fine print pays off (literally).

If you don’t understand some of the clauses, don’t sign it; instead, ask the university’s housing office, the students’ union, or a local Citizens Advice or Law Advice Centre for clarification.

Getting Cheap Hall of Residence In Liverpool

Liverpool Life ( is your one-stop-shop for all your housing needs, as well as the application portal. You’ll need your Student ID number to register. This is a nine-digit number that will begin with the number 20. (for example 201234567).

Once you have been offered a place to study or have been invited to an interview at the University of Liverpool, you will receive your Student ID. You can apply for housing as soon as you receive a study offer or an interview invitation from the University of Liverpool. You do not need to wait for an invitation or until you have selected Liverpool as your firm or insurance option on UCAS to apply.

Accepting your offer is straightforward; simply log back into Liverpool Life after receiving your accommodation offer email, enter your date of birth, and click ‘accept.’ When signing up for an Accommodation Agreement, it’s critical to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. You’ll also get a seven-day ‘cooling off period,’ during which you can terminate your contract. If you cancel after the cooling-off period, you may be liable for the entire accommodation contract, depending on the circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I pay my lodging fees?

You will receive a student fees invoice shortly after your arrival. This will list your fees for the entire contract, as agreed upon on Liverpool Life. All payments must be paid directly to student fees, not the accommodation office. 

Q: Is a guarantor required?

Yes, you will need a guarantor if you want to pay in installments. The guarantor must be a full-time employee and a UK resident. They are legally responsible for ensuring you comply with the terms of your tenancy agreement, including paying any rent or costs. They are named on and will countersign your tenancy agreement.

Is it possible to live in student housing without being a student?

No. You cannot live in a student residence unless you are a student. However, you can apply for the school’s Hall of Residence once you have been invited for an interview after your application to the school.

Is student housing available on a first-come, first-served basis?

Yes. The first students who register for housing are given priority. However, there are very rare cases where students don’t get accommodations because of the wide range options you have to choose from

Is student accommodation in Liverpool Cheap?

Yes, student accommodation is Liverpool is relatively cheap compared to other similar cities.


After you’ve been accepted to your preferred university, you’ll need to find acceptable housing. It’s difficult to find comfortable lodging in Liverpool. In reality, the process of looking for a job can be stressful and intimidating. We understand since we’ve witnessed students suffer in the past. As a result, we’ve tried to show fresh students like you how to find student housing in Liverpool.



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