Claremont Lincoln University 2023: Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your room to get a quality education; you can get a quality graduate degree through Claremont Lincoln University, an exclusively online school (all degrees/programs offered only via distance learning). Therefore, all school students must be enrolled in online programs.

CLU develops leaders groomed to implement change through mindfulness and dialogue. This philosophy of success through collaboration has become known as The Claremont Core.

It is a graduate university that provides innovative educational offerings with a global view. Students develop the capacity for leadership for positive change across all social and industry sectors.

Our students can engage in dialogue and collaboration across cultural, ideological, faith, and economic mindsets in this interconnected age.

This writing will expose you to all you need to know about Claremont Lincoln University; its Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, and Scholarships.

About CLU

Claremont Lincoln University (CLU) is a private online university in Claremont, California, established in 2011. The university is a distance-learning educational institute in Claremont, California, United States. It only offers a few master’s degrees.

In spring 2014, Claremont Lincoln decided to “move away from its interreligious roots and become a secular-focused university” and discontinue several of its programs.

At this time, Claremont Lincoln and Claremont School of Theology separated. Students whose programs were discontinued by Claremont Lincoln were offered admission into Claremont School of Theology, where they could complete their degrees.

Claremont Lincoln then began to work towards independent accreditation, which it achieved in 2016.

The mission of CLU is to create a new leader show that is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills required to face the world.

They are focused on collaboration and change to make a sustainable social impact and instill mindfulness among their students to prepare them for any challenge their students encounter.

  • The university offers 100% online degrees and programs for all its students.
  • It provides a collaborative online learning environment allowing students to study according to schedule.
  • There is an easy transfer of the credits earned by a student.
  • The university has approximately 100 students currently enrolled in various programs.
  • It provides students with many facilities and services to help them succeed in their careers.
  • The facilities include a library, merchandise shop, and other services.
  • The WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) regionally accredited the university.

CLU Online Education

The university is solely based on providing students with the best quality online education. The online program follows a flexible structure, and the students are given opportunities to learn and study at their own pace.

CLU offers various programs; few of its master’s degree programs are;

  • Sustainability leadership;
  • Human resource management;
  • Healthcare administration,
  • social impact,
  • Peace and social justice, 
  • Organizational leadership,
  • Organizational leadership with ethics concentration,
  • Healthcare concentration, etc.

Does Claremont Lincoln University offer quality services?

Though the university is relatively new and does not have a lot of students yet, that is not stopping the university from providing quality service and education to the students and employees of the university.

The few reviews provided by the students are stated below.

  • The support and faculty staffs are pretty good.
  • Accessing online education is easy.
  • The university needs improvement in some fields, but the veteran-friendly programs are a plus point.

Claremont Lincoln Population

A total of 116 students are enrolled exclusively online at CLU. The student population is screened for gender, age, race/ethnicity, attendance status, and online learning.

According to gender, 20 male and 96 female students attend the school. By attendance status, there are 60 full-time and 56 part-time students at Claremont Lincoln University.

The number of students at Claremont Lincoln University is tiny compared to private (non-profit), 4-year-old, or high colleges in California.

Compared to similar schools in rankings, such as the Academy of Radio and Television and the Avalon School of Cosmetology-Alameda, the population is relatively small (average population 140).

CLU Accreditation

CLU is accredited by WASC Senior College and the University Commission (WSCUC) to offer a Master of Arts in three programs: Social Impact, Interfaith Action, and Organizational Leadership.

WASC accredits post-secondary degrees across California, Hawaii, and the Pacific, as well as a limited number of institutions outside the United States.

WASC is one of the six regional accreditation bodies approved by the US Department of Education and is a Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) member.

The Commission promotes the continuous improvement of institutions. It assures the membership and their constituencies, including the public, that accredited institutions perform their duties to serve their students and the common good.

Claremont Lincoln University Rankings

The rankings of two well-known publications, US News and Forbes, are trusted by applicants and academic experts. It should be noted, however, that Claremont Lincoln University is not on the list of top colleges based on the latest ranking of these publications.

Admissions into CLU

At Claremont Lincoln University, enrolling in our online programs is easy. Start by completing the free online application. Our experienced support staff will guide you step by step through the next steps until you are ready to get started.

All applicants at Claremont Lincoln University are granted an equal chance of admission regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era .

Students must submit a non-refundable fee and the application form to complete the process.

To improve the chances of admission, a person needs to get a high score on a standardized test such as SAT or ACT. At Claremont Lincoln University, however, the average SAT or ACT score of admitted students is nothing to worry about.

It can be concluded from this that this is not a vital approval criterion. As expected, candidates can complete the process online or by visiting the school office at All Programs, offered entirely via distance learning.

Selectivity and acceptance rates can be important indicators of how difficult it is to get admitted to Claremont Lincoln University.

Claremont Lincoln University Tuition Fees

Claremont Lincoln University tuition fees are $18,000. At the same time, students will be charged additional fees and facilities for on-campus accommodation of $199 and $6,843, respectively. The total amount payable for Graduates is $25,042.

For students who wish to enroll in postgraduate programs at CLU, tuition and fees add up to $12,000 per year. In particular, there is no graduation fee for students at Claremont Lincoln University.

2020 tuition and tuition fees at Claremont Lincoln University average $11,999 versus undergraduate programs.

Claremont Lincoln University graduate tuition and fees for 2020 average $12,000. The tuition fees remain the same as last year.

Claremont Lincoln University Programs

Claremont Lincoln University offers 3 Masters’ programs. Depending on the type of degree, it offers 3 master’s courses.

We note that Claremont Lincoln University is a full online school with only programs offered through online learning.

For the 2023 academic year, a total of 54 students have graduated and graduated from Claremont Lincoln University.

Claremont Lincoln University Scholarships

Claremont Lincoln University offers both scholarships and federal direct loans to eligible students on our Master’s programs to help cover tuition and other expenses. 2 of the available scholarships include;

CLU/City Year Alumni Scholarship

Claremont Lincoln University is proud to partner with the City Year Alumni Association, which aims to be a unique and diverse lifelong resource, community, and experience to help drive City Year’s impact and alumni leadership development.

As a community of idealists, City Year alumni will rise to the challenge of becoming Leaders for Life to meet the needs of their communities and continue to change the world long after they’ve removed their City Year jackets.

One of the many opportunities the City Year Alumni Association offers is a scholarship and educational opportunities to develop their Leaders for Life. With this new partnership, the CLU offers City Year alumni 50% scholarships annually.

The grants award 50% of tuition fees for up to five (5) recipients per year.

Sunrise Humanitarian Scholarship

Claremont Lincoln University provides a Sunrise Humanitarian Scholarship Fund for new students who are passionate about humanitarian work.

The courses at the CLU are completely online and offer students the opportunity to learn everywhere. Our asynchronous learning model allows students to study on the go and complete classwork at the most convenient times.

Students build and maintain meaningful relationships with their peers and professors through shared assignments and stimulating and thought-provoking dialogues in discussion forums for each class.

Students who are most successful in an online environment have basic computer and internet skills, are self-motivated, and have good writing skills.

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