Co-Creation Hub Incubation Entrepreneurship Program

Applications are currently been accepted for the Co-Creation Hub Incubation Entrepreneurship Program 2022, applicants are to ensure that they comply with the eligibility criteria to avoid disqualification.


The Incubation program at CcHUB takes a hands-on approach to help early-stage entrepreneurs execute a working business model and learn quickly what it takes to grow a sustainable business.

Our goal is to help the entrepreneur(s) properly structure their business, ensure consistent growth, and access funding to build a lasting global entity.

The new incubation program will now run for a fixed duration of 12 months, as opposed to 18+ months. A new program plan has been designed to be more intentional about the support we give to startups with a core focus on enabling startups to gain more traction and access funding post-incubation.





Eligibility Requirements


In addition to an investment of up to $25,000 that startups receive during the program, our startups will get direct access to possible follow-on capital of up to $250,000 from the Growth Capital fund by CcHUB.


Entrepreneurs will get hands-on support from the different practices in CcHUB to help with business strategy, financial management, digital security, and recruitment. In addition, a newly created product development unit will be available to support the technical lead/team of the different startups.

Growth and Distribution

There will be an emphasis on growth and distribution as we have identified how challenging it can be for startups to reach their customers quickly and effectively. This will involve one-on-one sessions with experts in sales, marketing, and distribution, as well as marketing opportunities via partnerships with media platforms, companies, and personalities.


Over the years, CcHub has built a network of corporate partners across the globe. Startups accepted into the program would have access to this network of partners, including several benefits such as $15,000 in credit from Amazon Web Services.

Other program benefits include workspace for up to 6 team members, meeting rooms, and high-speed internet.

Application Deadline:

March 16th yearly

For More Information:


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