Cost of Studying Medicine in Canada in 2017

Canada is one of the profound Nations of the World with its latitude and Longitudes located around the coast of North America. Each of its ten province stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific ad northward into the Arctic ocean.

Canada has been in the forefront as long as internationally ranked universities and recognition is concerned. All over the world, Canada is a thing of awe. However, they are  house to one of the best medicine universities that brings out the medicine in you.

But the most crucial factor worth considering will tmbe the cost nof living and studying in Canada and in addition, the overall financial expenses that might seem inevitable.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Canada is very affordable compared to other numerous countries like US or UK. As a guide, you’ll likely need between $15,000 Cdn and $30,000 Cdn annually to cover tuition and living expenses.

Tuition fee

Medical aspirants at the undergraduate level will pay about US$29,000 Cdn per year. It’s very advisable that you visit the university portal to find out the specific tuition fee for your program.

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Most institutions offer hostel residence designated for international students, or one generally available to every student. The cost of hostels varies from university to university and in some cases, is among the fee you pay as tuition.

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You can also choose to stay off-campus in an apartment or flat. Going for an off-campus residents might range from approximately $400 Cdn to $1,500 Cdn per month, depending on the city or neighborhood and also, the type of accommodation. You’re also likely to pay additional monthly cost of utilities such as electricity, home phone, internet, and cable television.

Whenever you’re stuck in a rut while looking for an accommodation, the university have specific department that helps provide assistance with finding accommodation.


This is another factor worth considering. It depends on how close you are to the school. You may be able to walk or bike to campus. If the distance is a little far from your residence, choosing a public transportation, bus, subway, commuter trains etc will be just among numerous options to choose from.

The public transport fare typically cost a few dollars and a month, you might use over $90 Cdn. Some transit on the other hand offers student discount.

If at all you have a car and wants to drive yourself to school, it will be mandatory to contact the ministry of transport to determine your eligibility and for issuance of license.

Health insurance

It is very paramount for all international students to have medical insurance. For instance, international students who plan to stay in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island or Quebec most arrange for private health insurance.


The cost of studying medicine in Canada isn’t frightening provided you have a healthy lifestyle that gears into financial management. At the long run in your study abroad, you’ll know that it was worth an experience. Canada is a place to be, a place to make connection and most importantly, chase your dreams in medicine.

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