12 Doll Making Online Courses | Free & Paid

This online store is bringing forgotten crafts back to life and assisting artists, particularly the last generations of rare doll-makers, in preserving their legacy.

The only way to preserve this unique doll-making art style alive is to inspire future artists to take an interest in this set of top doll-making online courses.

It’s undeniable: the doll aisle has never been more diverse. It’s less noticeable if we can create a more inclusive beauty narrative from scratch.

We’re doing our best to stand by these artists and support them by making available the best doll making courses online.

What is Doll Making?

Doll making is a form of art that focuses on creating dolls. From the design of paper dolls to the construction of figures used in religious rites, there are various schools, styles, and methods for manufacturing dolls.

Doll-making appears to be one of the oldest human art forms, as evidenced by the discovery of antique dolls in archaeological sites worldwide.

Why Should I Study Doll Making?

You should learn doll making for many reasons, whether to start a new hobby, start a business, or surprise your friends and family by making beautiful dolls for festivities.

Becoming a doll maker unlocks doors you could never have imagined, especially in your business.

For instance, becoming the best doll maker by creating beautiful dolls for your business in other for people to buy. So, if you’ve ever wished to study how to make dolls, now is the time.

Making your dolls appear professional takes a lot of effort, so don’t worry! You will attain that after reading this information.

Is It Worth Getting Doll Making Certified? 

Getting a doll-making certification is valuable.

Obtaining a certification increases your confidence and expertise in your ability to establish a beautiful brand centered around your doll design(s), a brand story, and a clear path to interacting with your ideal clients, as well as an understanding of who your target client is and how to contact them.

It aids your clients in attaining their goals by ensuring they are satisfied. It improves your ability to communicate.

Additionally, becoming certified in doll making will allow you to learn facts, information, strategies, and ideas to help you be more productive.

You’ll also have the tools and drive to start your own doll-making business and make a living at it.

You’ll learn how to interact and connect with ideal clients, build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind business, and earn money doing something you enjoy.

In addition, with an employer-ready CV and portfolio, you’ll be set to snag a fantastic job.

Uses of Dolls

Dolls can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some examples of doll usage from ancient times to the present.

  • Dolls have been utilized as deity representations in magic and religious ceremonies since ancient times.
  • Generally, Dolls have been used as children’s toys.
  • Adults also acquire dolls for their nostalgic appeal, beauty, historical significance, or monetary value.
  • Health professionals, medical colleges, and social workers utilize anatomically correct dolls to instruct doctors and nurses in various health procedures and examine all incidents of child sexual abuse.

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Is Doll Making Profitable?

Doll making is, in fact, profitable. Making a good doll can earn you thousands of dollars, depending on the quality and aesthetic.

Most individuals, on the other hand, are willing to pay between $100 and $150 for a single handcrafted doll.

If doll makers work purely on an order-by-order basis, they can make around twice as much money for each doll as they charge.

So, if a person makes 100 dolls annually and sells them for $80 each, they will profit roughly $4,000 annually.

15 Doll Making Online Courses in 2023| Free & Paid

Here are some of the free and paid doll-making online courses

#1. Bendy Doll Making – a doll with life

Instructor: Shakthi Vijay

Price: ₦3,200

Duration: 4.5 hours

Making dolls is a gift that can be cherished. I’m sure you had your doll, no matter how old you were.

What a magical experience to make an absolute doll with your hands. The pleasure you will gain from your work will be immeasurable.

Join me in making a pair of graceful bendy dolls. This course will teach you how to make handmade dolls step by step and how to make a pair of lovely bendy dolls.

You’ll learn how to make dolls using basic sewing techniques. In addition, this is one of the best-paid doll making online courses.

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#2. Nature Lantern and Fairy Doll Making

Instructor: Shakthi Vijay

Price: ₦2,900

Duration: 30min

“The doll whisperer’s hut” welcomes you. It’s a natural, handcrafted item. This lesson teaches you how to make a nature lantern and a simple fairy doll. It’s creative training that will assist you in discovering your unique style.

You’ll learn how to make a no-sew doll and a nature lantern. Furthermore, this is one of the best paid online doll-making courses available.

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#3. DIY How to Make Your Art Doll

Instructor: Chandra Sidwell

Price: ₦6,500

Duration: 1.5 hours

Many artists create these gorgeous sculptures from clay, wire, and fabric on the internet, but how do they do it, and how can you learn to make your own?

This tutorial will assist you in gaining the skills necessary to create professional-quality art dolls. In addition, this is one of the best paid doll-making online courses.

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#4. How to make a plush doll and dress it in lingerie

Instructor: Clara Raurich

Price: ₦2,500

Duration: 10 hours

This is one of the best paid online doll-making courses available. This course will teach you how to make and dress a plush doll in lingerie.

You’ll also learn some techniques the instructor has acquired while manufacturing plush dolls over the years.

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#5. Polymer Doll Making, Craft, and Sculpting Character Art Doll.

Instructor: Pornwan Wongpakdee

Price: ₦3,200

Duration: 6.5 hours

This is one of the best paid online doll making courses. In this course, you will learn the principles and techniques for making polymer dolls using polymer clay – including all of the essential procedures for creating a cute doll – step by step – from start to end that you can easily understand and practice from this video.

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#6. Doll Repainting Step by Step – Beginner

Instructor: Keriann Carney

Price: Free

Duration: 48min

This is one of the best free doll-making online courses. In this class, you will learn the steps of repainting a toy doll from start to finish, which includes:

  • Supplies needed to create a simple face-up
  • How to seal the doll
  • How to create basic shapes
  • Basic shading and blushing
  • Finishing and sealing

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#7. Creature Features – Unforgettable Facial Features for Doll-Making Beginners

Instructor: Allia Rahman

Price: Free

Duration: 18min

This is one of the best free online doll-making courses available. With unique tips and methods from the instructor, you will learn to design customized facial features for your one-of-a-kind dolls.

In addition, this course covers painted glass eyes, realistic nose sculpting, teeth installation, eyelashes, and hair.

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#8. Crochet Your Unique Character: Basic Amigurumi Doll’s Body

Instructor: Olga Bortniak

Price: Price

Duration: 57min

This is one of the best free doll making online courses. This session will teach you how to build a basic amigurumi doll’s body. After that, you can personalize it and make your unique character.

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#9. Polymer Clay Doll Sculpture on a Mug

Instructor: Ela Piero

Price: Free

Duration: 1hr

This is one of the best free online doll making courses available. This lesson teaches you how to sculpt your polymer clay doll on a mug. It can be a wonderful present for your loved ones.

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#10. Doll Making 101: Gathering Tools For Beginners

Instructor: Mary Konovalova

Price: Free

Duration: 15min

Are you a new doll or a bear toy maker? Or will you start making your first doll right away? I’m sure you want to get all your tools as cheaply as possible, and there are plenty of methods to get what you need for a low cost, if not for free!

This course will teach you how to:

  • What equipment do you need to work with fabrics (mohair, plush, etc. ), filling, joints, and various types of clay, which are the most frequent doll-making materials 
  • How can you substitute expensive professional tools with commonplace analogs
  • Where to get uncommon tools and how to find most of your devices at home
  • Also, how to make your tools like an awl.

In addition, this is one of the best free doll making online courses.

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#11. Making Papa Noel DOLL for Christmas

Instructor: Houshang Falahrezaei

Price: Free

Duration: 40min

Christmas is approaching. What do you wish to provide as a gift to others? What do you think of this Papa Noel doll? This is fantastic.

Build a doll from a few pieces of the pattern and the pattern you’ll see in this class. This lovely doll will be completed in just one day.

In addition, this is one of the best free doll-making online courses.

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#12. Intro to Doll Making – Hand Sew a Simple Sock Gnome

Instructor: Luci Ayyat

Price: Free

Duration: 43min

This is one of the best free online doll-making courses available. You’ll master the hand-sewing techniques used by cloth doll makers while making your sock gnome doll in this session. Tips, methods, and techniques for working with socks, fur, and doll filler materials will be displayed.

You will learn to make dolls, an excellent and timeless art form. You’ll also discover how to work with socks and fur. 

Also,  I’ll show you how to construct five fundamental hand stitches that are utilized in practically every cloth doll project you’ll ever complete.

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I hope this article on the best free and paid online classes on doll making has offered you the clarity needed for you to make the right decision on your doll making and will give you the motivation, tools, support, and guidance to build a beautiful creative doll-making business.

Now, you can make a unique and beautiful doll for yourself and your business.

FAQs on the Best Doll-Making Online Courses in 2023| free & paid

What is Doll making?

Doll making is an art form that revolves around the creation of dolls.

What do I need when making a doll?

Here are things you need for doll making
Doll template.
A 10-by-18-inch piece of washable fabric.
10-inch square of cotton Jersey.
Skin-colored thread.
Wool or polyester batting.

What are the different categories of dolls?

There are different categories of dolls which are:
Dolls by era: antique dolls, vintage dolls, modern dolls.
By material: bisque, wood, wax. 
You will also find themed dolls: celebrity dolls, Alice in Wonderland dolls 
As well as dolls by their function: play dolls, collector dolls, utility dolls

How much do doll makers earn?

According to comparably, the salaries of Doll Makers in the US range from $18,740 to $45,250, with a median salary of $27,620. The middle 50% of Doll Makers make $27,620, with the top 75% earning $45,250.



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