15 Online Rug Making Classes In 2023 | Free And Paid

Rugs can serve a variety of functions in your house, from giving warmth and atmosphere to showing your personality, but they can also be a creative expression.

You may learn to manufacture your rug and get exactly what you want instead of spending more money than you want on a beautiful rug or choosing a so-so design that isn’t quite your style.

Making your rug also allows you to be creative and repurpose things you already have around the house to create a design that is truly unique to you.

What is Rug Making?

A rug is a piece of material that resembles a carpet but does not span the width of the room and is not attached to the floor. It’s usually utilized as a floor covering or a decorative element.

The technique of producing a rug out of various textile materials is known as rug making. Rugs have been made in a variety of ways throughout history, including braiding, hooking, and weaving.

These operations can be done by hand, with smaller instruments such as a latch hook, or with the help of a weaving machine. Rag rugs are a historically significant and widely used type of hooked rug.

Rug hooking is an art and a craft in which loops of yarn or fabric are pulled through a stiff woven substrate such as burlap, linen, or rug warp to create rugs. Using a crochet-type hook mounted on a handle (typically wood) for leverage, the loops are dragged through the backing cloth.

What are Rug-Making Classes?

Online rug-making classes are online tutorials arranged for people who are interested in pursuing the field of rug making either as a hobby or as a career.

Why Should I Take Online Rug-Making Classes?

Once you’ve attended online rug-making classes, you’ll never throw away old blankets, bedsheets, woolen sweaters, tee-shirts, or fleeces again.

You can equally start with beginner classes to put you at a steady pace with what is going on. Beginner rug-making lessons include crafting tiny examples of a variety of techniques such as plaiting, prodding, hooking, weaving, punching, locker hooking, and more, utilizing a variety of antique instruments such as lucets, proggers, and bobbins.

Begin with a tiny rug, a wall hanging, a chair pad, or a cushion cover. Learn how to transfer your design from paper to canvas, how to prepare the canvas, and how to choose the right fabrics or yarns for your project; if you do not take rug-making classes you would be deprived of this knowledge.

What Are The Online Rug-Making Classes In 2023?

The power and influence of online rug-making classes should not be underestimated. These courses provide an in-depth understanding of their areas of specialization. Taking these courses can go a long way in improving how much and how well you can make rugs on your own. If you are devoted to taking an online rug-making class, you would notice a positive development within a few weeks.

Below are some of the online rug-making classes available in 2023.

  2. Rug making Patterns
  3. Cindi Gay Rug Hooking
  4. Beginner’s Guide
  5. Rug Making Videos and Patterns
  6. Rug Making Designs
  7. Homemade Rug Ideas
  8. Rug Making
  9. DIY Stylish Rugs
  10. DIY Rugs Craft
  11. Rug Making Course
  12. Crochet Rug Making: Beginner’s Circle
  13. Recycled Crochet Rattie Rag Rugs for Beginners to Intermediate
  14. NORDIC STAR. Scandinavian Design. Surface Pattern Repeats
  15. Beginners Rag rug Technique

The process of tufting yarn through the carpet or rug backing is known as hand tufting.

This session of this course will teach you the fundamentals of tufting and allow you to try out both loop pile and cut pile tufting guns.

The workshop will last for four hours. An overview of tufting and the artists who deal with textiles. Create your rug. Find out how to tuft straight lines, curves, and different shapes. Begin tufting your pattern.

You should be able to make a 30cm × 40cm tiny rug by the end of the class.

Because the backing will take some time to cure, the finished item will be mailed to you.

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  1.     Rug making Patterns

Morgan Roberts will show you how to make various rug patterns step by step. She has several simple-to-follow video tutorials. The tutorials on this page are suitable for beginners.

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  1.     Cindi Gay Rug Hooking

Cindi Gay in this online course shows you how to manufacture different rug patterns step by step in her videos. She also provides instructions on everything from fundamental pattern-making skills to the most complex patterns. The videos are easy to understand.

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  1.    Beginner’s Guide

This course is a product of Deanne’s teaching. In this course, she gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to stitch a rug from start to finish. She also offers instructional videos on how to make various rug patterns. Beginners will benefit the most from her tutorials.

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  1.   Rug Making Videos and Patterns

In this online course, Linda Walsh provides a video tutorial collection on how to hook and stitch rugs. She also teaches how to choose and create various stunning patterns. The videos are simple to understand. She also demonstrates how to turn unwanted clothing into lovely rugs in the tutorials.

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  1.  Rug Making Designs

Diane Roberts is the tutor here. She has a library of several directions and tutorials for making various rug designs. She also gives lessons on how to hook a rug. There are a lot of lessons to choose from, so pick one that you think you’ll grasp better.

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  1. Homemade Rug Ideas

Tanis Gallery offers tutorials on how to repurpose unwanted clothes in this online course. Rugs can be made from old shirts and even skirts. In the tutorial videos, she gives basic, easy-to-follow instructions.

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  1.   Rug Making

The tutor overseeing this rug-making online course is Kimberly West. She has a plethora of pins devoted to rug-making ideas. She gives step-by-step directions and video tutorials on how to make a rug from start to finish. Rug hooking techniques, how to braid wool rugs, and how to crochet rugs are just a few of the topics she covers.

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  1.    DIY Stylish Rugs

Stine Wiemann shows you how to make a rug in a trendy way. She demonstrates how to construct rugs from old items such as shirts and even pants in some of her tutorials. She provides directions on how to stitch and hook a rug to the finished result in her tutorials, which are basic and easy to follow.

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  1.   DIY Rugs Craft

Elisabeth Kruger is the tutor in charge of organizing this here. She offers tips on how to make DIY rugs that will add a personal touch to your home. Kruger provides a tutorial library with directions on how to make several sorts of DIY rugs. The tutorials are straightforward.

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  1.    Rug Making Course

This online rug-making course is overseen by Prime Technologies. Rug-making workshops are given for free. Beginners will reap the greatest benefits from their training. They offer tutorials that are simple to follow and suitable for beginners.

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  1.   Crochet Rug Making: Beginner’s Circle

This rug-making online class is a 19 mins online class that explains all you should know about Crochet rug making.

This course is handled by Morgan Roberts, an internationally published designer, who specializes in modernizing traditional crafts like crochet and embroidery and making even the most simple projects beautifully handmade.

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  1.    Recycled Crochet Rattie Rag Rugs for Beginners to Intermediate

Fabric strips are used to crochet a compact, robust area rug. The strips can be reused for another project, or this craft can be used to clear out an old fabric stockpile. The preferred textile is cotton, but other fibers can be utilized as well.

When you start this course, you will go over all you need to know. As you progress, you will also learn how and why you do what you do so that you may construct products of various sizes and shapes, such as a hot pad for your table or a small placemat for your pet’s bowl. At the end of this course, you could even build a room-sized rug with less stress.

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  1.    NORDIC STAR. Scandinavian Design. Surface Pattern Repeats

Making recurring surface pattern designs satisfies an artist’s creative urges while also providing a new source of income.

In Part 1 of the Repeat Surface Pattern Designs 101 series, you will learn how to:

  • Develop ideas
  • Look for inspiration
  • Setup AI workspace + artboard
  • Create Illustrations
  • Work with color
  • Design repeating patterns you can use on textiles, stationery, wallpaper, wrapping paper, cell phone covers, pillows, fabrics, rugs, or just about any other surface.

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  1.    Beginners Rag rug technique

In this course, you would learn all the basics of British rag rugging in the 2-hour live online workshop. You can also familiarize yourself with the tools, learn how to prep fabric, and try three British rag rug techniques. To receive your tools in time for the workshop, you can book one week in advance.

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Rug hooking is simple. You can even teach yourself by taking online classes. You pull strips of wool material, usually recycled clothes, washed, dried, and broken apart, loop by loop, through a burlap or linen backing. There are no unbreakable rules. The simplest approach to learning is to get a kit from an internet store and begin from scratch with the assistance of online classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Rug Making Class about?

It is a collection of recorded videos that you watch at your own pace. It is not a random group of lessons. They have been carefully crafted to help you understand the techniques and methods. Several lessons have PDF downloads that you can print.

Can the color wheel color plan my rug?

No, the color wheel cannot color plan your rug. It only teaches you language that you can use to talk to others about color. Therefore you are required to gain extra knowledge of color combinations.

How do I know a course will play on my phone?

If you can view a sample video of the course you intend to take, then it will work on your device.

Are there online courses in rug making for beginners?

Yes. There are online courses in rug making that are meant specifically for beginners.



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