15 Best Driving Schools in Auburn| 2023 Review

Knowing how to operate a motor vehicle safely and legally goes hand in hand with having a thorough understanding of traffic regulations. Without this information and a legitimate driver’s license, you cannot legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Driving schools in Auburn is home to excellent driving schools where you may learn the ropes of vehicle operation.

Whether you drive a car, bus, or truck, you can discover useful applications.

As most people see it, learning to drive is a skill you never outgrow.

For this reason, enrolling in a driving school that focuses on the skills necessary for the driving you want to undertake regularly is vital.

Worried that you won’t be accepted to the driving school of your choice because you don’t match their requirements?

Your search ends here, then.

Here’s everything you need to know about why you must attend driving school, the 15 best driving schools in Auburn, and frequently asked questions about driving schools.

Why Should You Attend Driving Schools?

Every time you go behind the wheel, you put yourself in danger from other drivers, breakdowns, bad weather, and traffic. The skills you gain at a driving school can be all you need to drive safely. You’ll learn about these risks and how to avoid them in driving schools in Auburn.

Instruction can help people avoid the risks associated with driving behaviors, including drinking and driving, texting and driving, and driving when tired.

The skills you’ll pick up in a well-structured driving school will teach you how to enjoy yourself behind the wheel. The importance of maintaining one’s health while on the road will be highlighted, as will methods for reducing driver fatigue.

Confidence in any setting is made more accessible by proper training. You’ll learn how to respond to various crises, including car accidents.

The skill to drive safely is also crucial. You’ll learn to recognize risks and take precautions to avoid them. Enrolling in a driver’s education course is the best way to learn about driving rules, road safety, and the meaning of traffic signals.

Investing in driver education is another way to improve a fleet’s safety and security.

Owners of fleet management companies can benefit significantly from employing drivers familiar with safe driving practices.

Learning how to drive safely and responsibly is a crucial life skill.

How to do a U-turn or switch lanes without getting into an accident, your responsibilities as a motorist, the rights of pedestrians, parking restrictions, and more will all be covered.

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Requirements to attend Driving Schools in Auburn.

  • As evidence of residency, please submit a photocopy of the visa page in your passport. It’s not just a form of identification but also evidence of age and identity. Please deliver to the front desk with the assigned vehicle and teacher.
  • Copy and original Emirates ID card.
  • Two passport pictures. Driving schools frequently use these passport pictures in their application processes. Use this form as your daily attendance record for the class.
  • An eye test acquired data. If you have health issues requiring special care while learning to drive, make sure your driving instructor knows about them. Included in the lessons you’ll learn at your driving school.
  • Sponsor’s Letter of Support (if required by the relevant traffic department).
  • You’ll find links to their respective websites below if you’d like to enroll in one of the top driving schools in Auburn. This will allow you to quickly research the prerequisites for enrollment at each school and bring the paperwork when you sign up.

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15 Best Driving Schools in Auburn

#1. Barber’s Driving School, Inc.

Auburn is home to Barber’s Driving School, Inc.; however, they also have an online school. The Auburn Driver’s License is one of the seven courses offered here that count toward this institution’s overall training for a single credential. 

This educational session will take 30 hours to complete.

Besides “Good professors” and “Flexible class hours,” respondents also cited “Hands-on instruction” and a “Positive environment” as advantages to attending Barber’s Driving School, Inc. Regarding driving schools in Auburn, one of the top choices is Barber’s Driving School, Inc.

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#2. I-5 Driving School

Suppose you live in or around Auburn and are looking for a driving school in Auburn. In that case, I-5 Driving School is your best bet because we are an approved Washington State Driver’s License Testing Facility.

They have a friendly and helpful staff whose only goal is to ensure that you pass your driving test and can finally get your license.

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#3. Finger Lakes Driving School

The mission of Finger Lakes Driving School is to provide its students with the knowledge and skills they need to become responsible and safe drivers. The goal of Finger Lakes Driving School is to reduce this shocking number. Programs are available not just for new drivers but also for more seasoned motorists.

Because of its compact form, it’s pretty mobile. Their vehicle has an additional gas pedal and the extra brake seen in most driving schools’ vehicles. 

Get your driver’s license in the most secure and comfortable car.

The proprietor of Finger Lakes Driving School will work one-on-one with each student. Expect immediate outcomes in a supportive and sympathetic atmosphere in one of the best driving schools in Auburn.

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#4. Auburn Lewiston Driver Rider Education

Auburn Lewiston Driver Rider Education is the best place to get your driver’s or motorcycle license. Besides being a small family business, the owners are veterans and teachers. 

If you’re looking for the best teachers, look no further; these people are like family—three lessons each day, six days a week, from April through October. 

Each new session of Driver’s Ed begins every two weeks, all year long, and there is never a waitlist. Register right away at Auburn’s top driving school.

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#5. E-Z Way Driving School

They offer Top-Notch Instruction for Drivers Both On-Demand and In-Person. Since 1984, E-Z Way Driving School has been one of the top-rated driving schools in Auburn, providing classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction to students of all ages.

Long-term education, military, and business teachers are on staff. The educators keep abreast of developments in their field by participating in ongoing training.

Driving is a significant responsibility; thus, instructors emphasize this throughout classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel instruction.

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#6. Vijuma Driving School Corporation

We at Vijuma Driving School Corporation understand that learning to drive for the first time may be very stressful. The driving school’s mission has always been to provide its pupils with all they need to hit the road safely and legally. 

Not in a rush to waste your time and money, but because they are ready to identify the unique causes of each client’s driving difficulties and work patiently to address them. 

There is no substitute for high-quality, hands-on instruction; thus, they focus on teaching defensive driving techniques that prevent accidents without using simulators. 

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#7. NorthStar Driving Academy

Auburn is home to Northstar Driving Academy. Regarding the reviews for this institution, the “Driver’s License” stands out as the most popular offering. This educational instruction typically takes 5 weeks and 5 months, with the median being 5 months. 

NorthStar Driving Academy has a yearly tuition fee of $500. Most reviewers said, “I paid for it myself” when asked who covered the cost of their education.

While “Good professors” and “Affordable” were noted most frequently by those who attended Northstar Driving Academy, the positive environment and hands-on instruction experienced by students stood out as particularly beneficial. 

One of the most well-regarded driving schools in Auburn is NorthStar Driving Academy.

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#8. Stick Shift Driving Academy

They specialize in teaching people how to drive manual transmission cars solely. This is the top Auburn school for learning how to operate a manual gearbox vehicle.

With the help of your teacher and their automobile, you can learn to drive with a manual transmission in just a few hours. You will learn the basics of putting the car into gear, balancing the accelerator and clutch, moving up the gears, parallel parking, parking in tight spaces, and using precise foot control. 

Driving schools typically hold their classes in parking lots away from traffic. Your driver’s license must be in good standing before you can sign up for lessons. 

The top three reasons consumers learn to drive a manual transmission are: purchasing a new automobile, traveling abroad, and operating a company vehicle.

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#9. Sonaar Driving School

Picking the best professional driving school is the most crucial action you can take as a new driver. You may have been aware that Sonaar Driving School has state accreditation and certification and offers lessons in several languages. 

All of this, and it’s cheap! After doing your homework, you’ll see that Sonaar Driving Schools offers the best curriculum for learning to drive in Auburn.

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#10. Mukhi Driving School

At Mukhi Driving School, we provide beginner drivers in Auburn with low-priced but high-quality services, including driving test prep and the conversion of international licenses. Be concerned about going? 

Enroll at Mukhi’s Driving School right away! The warm, approachable tone will help you succeed whether you’re a nervous novice, have failed before, or are just looking for a refresher.

You’ll be a better, more assured driver in no time and, more significantly, a safer driver for the rest of your life, thanks to the knowledge and training you gain from these courses.

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#11. Official Driving School

For over four decades, thousands of people have benefited from the services of Official Driving Schools, which have taught them to become competent, confident, and responsible motorists. 

Expert, reasonably priced driver’s education is available for pupils of all ages at sites in Auburn’s schools and Sears retail stores. Auburn is home to one of the best driving schools in the United States.

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#12. Arm Driving School

If you are a novice driver who is having trouble passing your driving test, or an experienced driver who wants to brush up on their skills, you have found the ideal spot. Automatic Rifle Mastery Want to save money while learning to drive from a qualified, patient, and experienced instructor? 

When it opened its doors in 2007, ARM Driving School was one of the first in Auburn. Up to this point, they have yet to have a website. 

Word of mouth and recommendations have kept it afloat, thus far. One of our grateful students even made a Google page to share their experience.

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#13. 3M Driving School

They’ve quickly become one of Auburn’s most popular driving schools. The safe driving instruction provided by 3M Driving School can facilitate your journey to earning your driver’s license (or “P”). 

We are aware of our role in ensuring the safety of our roads and strive diligently to provide the community with responsible drivers. Novice drivers, defined as those with a license but lack road confidence, can enroll in their courses to improve their skills.

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#14. Able 2 Driving School

Third-generation family members now own Able 2 Driving School Inc. Able 2 has expanded from a one-car company into one of Auburn’s largest and most reputable driving schools, while the “Able” moniker has been servicing Central New York since 1947. 

Private lessons, driver’s education, in-class teaching, and in-house corporate training are some services that have propelled Able 2 Driving School to the top of its field. Able 2 Driving School has become what it is now because of its top-notch instructors and dependable services.

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#15. First Go Driving School

To instill confidence, competence, and respect for the norms of the road in the drivers of tomorrow; is the mission. They believe in making the classroom safe and positive for all children.

The pricing for beginner, foreign license conversion, and provisional drivers at First Go Driving School are highly flexible and low. There is a full money-back guarantee on the driving school’s services.

You will learn all you need to know to pass the exam and become a responsible motorist. I highly recommend this driving school as Auburn’s top option.

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At what age can I enroll in a driving school?

There is no uniform minimum age for enrolling in driver’s education programs across the country.

You must be 14 years old to enroll, and you have until you’re 15 to finish the course.

However, the minimum age to get behind the wheel varies by state and may be as low as 16.

Knowing the minimum age requirement in your state before enrolling in driver’s education is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intensive Driving Course?

The typical course length of this type is five to 10 days.
One common feature is extensive travel over the time frame.
Additionally, class times range from six to eight hours long (with breaks counted).

Do I Need to Pass the Driving Theory Test Before I Can take Lessons?

The quick response is no; there is no requirement.
Indeed, we advise you supplement your theoretical studies with hands-on experience.

Can I choose to have a female instructor?

It depends on whether the driving school you’re considering employs instructors.

What Age Can I Enroll in A Driving School?

At the age of 15, teenagers can take part in driver education courses.
Nonetheless, this is state specific.
The legal drinking age varies by state, with some allowing purchases at 15. In contrast, others require purchasers to be at least 16.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in A Driving School?

The typical price of a driving school varies depending on where you live.
The price also fluctuates with changes in the cost of gasoline.
Classroom-based driver’s ed can cost anything from $30 to $180 per student.
However, real-world traffic lessons may cost anywhere from $50 to $150 for each session.
A vacation package that includes everything might cost anything from $200 to $800.


That’s why enrolling in the right driving school in Auburn is so essential. You don’t get a driver’s license automatically; it is contingent upon passing a series of tests.

The level of education you receive from your parents, no matter how much they offer to help, can never be as good as that you receive from a driving instructor.

So, check out these driving schools.



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