Duke University Scholarships 2022

Students interested in Duke University often worry about how they can finance their studies. Fortunately, a number of resources help students finance training costs at Duke. Duke University Scholarship Program 2022 is one of such opportunity.

Therefore, in this article, we bring to you lists of Duke University Scholarships available for undergraduates, masters, and Ph.D. students.

One of the best ways to find scholarships that you could consider is to complete the FAFSA application form. Use this form to quickly find out if you qualify for public or government funding.

In addition to the FAFSA form, students should be sure to consider scholarships offered exclusively to Duke University students. You will find below a list of Duke University Scholarships to consider:

Here are lists of scholarships offered at Duke University

Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship Program

This program is designed to assist future student leaders to attend Duke University. The program was created to help students who have a strong academic promise and leadership qualities, and who come from NC or SC.

Students are expected to actively participate in campus and community life when they are selected to receive this scholarship. Students receiving this scholarship will receive a full trip to Duke University.

In detail, they receive free tuition, no student fees and four years of accommodation and catering. In addition, students benefit from two summers of community involvement.

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One of these summers will be spent abroad and the other in NC or SC. Beyond the financial rewards, students receive mentorship from the faculty of the program.

How to Apply for this scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, you must simply apply to Duke before the admission deadline and be in NC or SC. All students who meet these criteria will automatically be considered for this scholarship. The selected students will be contacted in March. More information on this program can be found here.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars

Students enrolled in the Duke University MasterCard Foundation Fellows enjoy a number of important benefits. You will have the opportunity to pursue a project in Africa while receiving money for your college.

To apply, students must demonstrate academic success and financial need. In addition, only students from sub-Saharan Africa who wish to improve the lives of people living in Africa can participate. More information on this scholarship can be found here.

Duke University Undergraduate University Scholars

Students called Academics also get a complete route to Duke. This means they will receive a full academic registration, no tuition and four years of free accommodation and food. Students are expected to benefit from USP mentoring and attend regular special seminars.

In addition, they should expect an interview weekend, occasionally present USP activities such as cultural programs and coffee shops, and respond to all invitations. Students will automatically be considered for this scholarship when applying to Duke University.

Financial needs do not play a role in the selection process. You will find more information about the undergraduate scholarship program on this site. Click to apply

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Duke University Scholarships-FAQs

Does Duke University offer full scholarships?

International students are eligible for full ride Duke University scholarships, which cover tuition, room, board, and books. There are about 20-25 international students each year that do get all their cost covered by scholarships.

Does Duke give merit aid?

All students who apply and are accepted for undergraduate admission to Duke University are automatically considered for a merit scholarship. Merit scholarships are available for both domestic and international students. Robertson Scholars must apply through a separate application process.

How many merit scholarships does Duke give?

This scholarship program is actually a group of 13 scholarships available to North and South Carolina students, especially residents of the High Point area. Like other merit-based scholarships, students get access to additional mentorship programs and community-building programs.


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