Tips on How to Write an Essay on Friendship| Full Guide & Sample

Whether you have been given a task to write an essay on friendship or it is something you have chosen to write on your own, the process remains the same. Writing essays about friendship can be as fun as it can be challenging especially if you have had some of the most beautiful friendships. First, it will entail recollecting the memories associated with the friend or friends who will form the body of your essay.

Also, writing essays on friendships requires following a particular guideline which we will be discussing further in this article. So, if you are looking for tips on how to write an essay on friendship; either in long or short forms, then this is the only guideline you need to relive those beautiful memories of your friendships in words.

So, let’s get right to it!

How Do I Start Writing an Essay?

Basically, an essay writing process has three main stages:

1. Preparation

This entails deciding on your topic, brainstorming, carrying out your research, and creating an essay outline. Then start writing your first draft.

2. Writing

This entails setting out the main subject of your essay in the introduction. This is the same for the different types of essays; argumentative, narrative, expository, and others. When you have set the subject out, develop and organize it into paragraphs in the main essay body and wrap it up with a conclusion.

When writing your essay introduction, ensure you hook your reader from the first line or paragraph, and you could end the introduction with a brief description of what you will cover in the remaining parts of the essay. This is applicable especially if you are writing a long essay.

When writing your conclusion, ensure it ties together your main points and further shows why your essay is important or personal to you. You must not add new topics, or stories or try to undermine your essay in your conclusion. Also, you must not end your conclusion with phrases like “in conclusion..” or “to sum up…”

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3. Revision

Go over your essay; beginning from the organization or structure, grammar, punctuation, and spellings, and ensure everything is set right.

Tips on How to Write an Essay on Friendship

If you want to write an exceptional essay on friendship, then follow this essay structure:

  • Establish an outline.
  • List all the points about your friend you would love to cover in the essay.
  • This is an expository essay and it should follow the standard expository essay structure; introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion.
  • Arrange relevant ideas under similar headings.
  • Introduce the reader to your friend in the introductory paragraph with a gripping opening sentence.
  • Introduce your topic to your reader and have a thesis statement. Your thesis here may be that your friend is a good friend or a bad friend.
  • In writing the body paragraphs, describe how and why your friend is a good friend. You could do this in three or four body paragraphs each of which will comprise your main idea, points to support your idea, an elaboration, and a summary sentence. Also, this is where you discuss your friend’s personality traits you admire, personal and professional accomplishments, as well as the impact your friend has had in your life.
  • End your essay with a powerful conclusion. Here, tell how you appreciate your friend and summarize the major points that support your appreciation for your friend. You can end with a positive reflection on your friend.

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Free Sample Essays on Friendship

Before you begin writing an essay on friendship, you must ensure you understand what friendship means as well as what it means to you. Also, ensure you understand the value and importance of friendship.

Typically, your essay on friendship may not necessarily be to or about anyone or a memory of a friendship you have had. It could be your appreciation of friendship generally.

Below are two free sample essays on friendship; short and long essays on friendship:

Sweet I Will Always Love You Quotes

Love Language Quotes

Topics for Essay on Friendship

If you need some writing prompts to help you out of your writer’s block here are some great essays on friendship topics to choose from:

  • The most significant aspect of friendship
  • An unexpected friendship
  • The psychological effect of a bad friendship
  • Is friendship relatable with love and vice versa?
  • Qualities of a true friend
  • The similarity of interests vs. compatibility of temperaments
  • Three kinds of friendships, according to Aristotle
  • The power of friendship
  • A friend to everyone is a friend to no one
  • The need to have a friend
  • Can great friends find online?


Writing an essay on friendship is quite a fun thing to do. We hope our tips and templates are enough to help you draft that exceptional piece you have been tasked with. All the best!


How do you start an essay about a friend?

To start an essay about a friend, begin by introducing the topic immediately, have a thesis statement, and use a compelling first line to draw the reader in. In this situation, your fundamental claim is that your friend is a good friend. Create the body text. Describe your friend and why you think they make wonderful friends.

How do we start an essay?

Three key points should be included at the start of your essay: a hook in the introduction that will draw the reader in. The background knowledge that is pertinent and necessary for the reader. a thesis statement outlining your key argument or idea.


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