Tips On How To Know Topics To Write About In An Essay

Before you pick a pen to write, you need a topic to write on, and these essay writing topics will help you start, and you will have fun doing it.

Generally, writing an essay is an important skill to have as a high school and college student. Essays show a writer’s ability to think through a topic, explore their point of view and persuade or inform others of that. Yet finding essay writing topics can feel vague. 

Commonly, students want to write about something they have a great passion for or are genuinely interested in. However, there is never a correct answer to choosing the best topic.

This list will help you find the right topic for a descriptive or argumentative essay. Also, there are other topics students can delve into to express their opinions and showcase their writing skills.

You will also see tips on how to know the right topic to write about in an essay.

Tips On Choosing The Best Topic

Nothing is more crucial while writing an essay than the topic you select. If your essay topic is weak, it would be incredibly challenging for you to write well.

The topics that fascinate you the most are the ones that make the most sense. If the subject does not interest you, writing the essay will be pain. However, if it is something you actually enjoy doing, noting it will be easy.

Your choice of essay topic should take your audience into consideration. If your audience is unfamiliar with the subject, think about excluding extremely technical and specialized information.

Finally, pick a topic that you find intriguing. What would you like to learn about if you were your reader?

What are the steps to take in Writing an Essay?

These are the following steps to take for the best results:

  • Read the prompt and comprehend it: Clearly understand what is expected of you. It’s a good idea to break the prompt into parts.
  • Plan: When it comes time to compose your essay, organizing and brainstorming your thoughts will simplify your life. Making a web out of your ideas and supporting information is a fantastic concept.
  • Cite your sources properly: Do research. Never plagiarize; rather, use quotes and paraphrase from your sources.
  • Write a Draft: Ernest Hemingway once said, “The first draft of anything is always crap.” Drafts are a fantastic place to get your “crappy” ideas out of the way and are frequently needed by professors and instructors, even though the veracity of this claim is arguable.
  • Create a compelling thesis: The most crucial part of your essay will be the thesis (primary argument). Make a solid case for it.
  • Answer the question: You can begin writing the final draft of your essay once you have ironed out any bugs in your first draft.
  • Proofread: To ensure there are no errors and that you didn’t miss anything, carefully read your response.

Every essay writing is unique; thus, it’s important to keep that in mind. Move on to the next step if one of these doesn’t relate to the essay you are writing.

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What are the Categories of Essay Writing Topics?

As stated above, the topic of your essay mainly depends on the kind of essay you write. Every student should be familiar with the different essay formats, which are divided into four major categories:

1. Persuasive Writing: In this style of essay, the author chooses and supports a particular point of view. Essays in this category include argumentative, persuasive, and research essays.

2. Expository Writing: The main goal of this type of writing is to offer information and inform the reader about a particular subject or idea. This category includes essays on Cause and Effect, Research, Informative and Expository Writing.

3. Descriptive Writing: In this writing style, the author lets their inner artist loose by using vibrant vocabulary and well-thought-out concepts to clarify an idea, define a concept, etc. This category includes Definition and Descriptive essay

4. Narrative Writing: Although not common, this type of writing still exists and needs the author to relate a tale or describe a procedure (something in chronological order). This category includes Narrative, Process, and Personal Writings.

Best Essay Writing Topics to write about

Here are some essay writing topics for the most common style varieties to pick from:

#1. Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause-and-effect essays explain how one thing influences another. The cause and effect method is often used in essays at the high school and college levels.

This essay format enables students to show the connections between various topics. A “reason and result” essay is another name for this type of paper. Here are a few samples of many essay topic categories.

  • Cultural differences cause immigration transition problems
  • Freedom of speech can be abused
  • Does social media improve people’s communication skills?
  • Long-distance relationships and distrust 
  • Kids’ obesity prevention with exercise
  • Drugs and alcohol consumption are the leading causes of homelessness
  • Portion control and healthy weight loss 
  • Communication is the key to a healthy marriage, etc.

#2. Argumentative Essay Subjects

AIn argumentative essays, both sides of an argument are typically included. Depending on the author’s goals and personal beliefs, an argument may be fair to all sides of the debate or it may favor one side over the other. Below are some essay subjects:

  • Should all women have access to birth control and family planning?
  • Does social media violate our privacy?
  • Is vaccination for everyone?
  • Do food companies control our diets?
  • Does our educational system suit our society?
  • Should abortion be banned?
  • Will people ever be able to live without the Internet?
  • Do careers in blogging have a future?
  • Should everyone engage in volunteering and charity?

#3. Narrative Essay Topics

Consider yourself a professional writer as you complete this style of essay. You get to share your experiences and tell a memorable narrative that is amusing, sad, or interesting to you.

Details are essential in narrative essays because one of the objectives is to use your own words to create a picture for the reader. It is preferable to choose a story that you can recall well and even the smallest details about the story. Here are some essay topic ideas you can pick from:

  • Your favorite childhood memory
  • Most recent travel experience
  • The death of a friend or relative that influenced you 
  • Your best friend and how you met
  • Your first time on a plane
  • The first book you read
  • Your biggest fear
  • Your first time driving
  • The most embarrassing situation you have experienced
  • How do you relax on your weekend?
  • Things you love about school
  • The funniest story about you and your sibling
  • A person who inspires you 
  • How you overcome any of your fears

#4. Research Essay Topics

An issue is presented in a research essay using the findings of scholars and scientists. You typically get the opportunity to share your perspective on a topic after outlining what others have to say about it. Here are some interesting research essay topics:

  • Legal drinking ages around the world
  • What does it mean to be patriotic in different cultures?
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Doctor negligence and its consequences
  • Hate crimes and what should be done about them
  • The pros and cons of online retail 
  • Plagiarism and academic honesty
  • Sources of alternative energy
  • Ocean pollution and ways to prevent it
  • Pesticides and how they influence us
  • Divorce rates among young couples
  • Alternative medicine vs. traditional medicine
  • Importance of sleep for a healthy life, etc.

#5. Informative Essay Subjects

Like research essays, informative essays only give information and educate readers on a subject. Here, you are not allowed to express your opinions; you must clearly discuss your topic and inform the reader of it. Here are some good essay topics:

  • History of slavery in the United States
  • The civil rights movement 
  • Why we procrastinate and how to avoid it
  • Child obesity 
  • Cybercrime and how not to be its victim
  • Is a college degree necessary to be successful?
  • Child abuse and its influence on character development
  • Overpopulation in prisons

#6. Expository Essay Topics

The purpose of an expository essay is to provide a fact- and research-based analysis of a particular topic. Here, you must detail the specific process or cause and effect relationship and explain how things are happening. Here are some excellent essay topics:

  • Why graduating from high school is important
  • Things most teenagers worry about
  • Student loans: pros and cons
  • The higher education system in the US
  • Why moving is stressful
  • Why do some things make us happier than others
  • How certain music can influence a society
  • Why are most parents overprotective and strict
  • The psychological causes of smoking
  • Why teenagers join gangs and the dangers associated with it
  • The problems with getting pregnant at 16
  • How to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • The importance of protection during sex, etc.

#7. Definition Essay Subjects

A definition essay’s goal is to define a term. Most of the time, these pieces discuss abstract terminology. These phrases might mean different things depending on culture or personality because there are no clear definitions for them. Here are some definition essay topics:

  • How do you define success?
  • What does love mean to you?
  • Kindness and why it is important
  • What is optimism, and how does it help in life?
  • Procrastination and its consequences
  • Define Buddhism and its role in the world’s belief systems
  • What is happiness for you?
  • Define friendship in your life
  • Perfectionism: pros and cons
  • The institution of marriage explained
  • Define terrorism and the reasons for it 
  • What is peer pressure, and how does it influence teenagers?
  • The institution of marriage explained, etc.

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#8. Descriptive Essay Topics

In comparison to narrative essays, descriptive essays focus even more on detail while containing less action. It’s important to portray a sense of place, mood, or feeling in descriptive essays.

All the topics for a descriptive essay come from your personal experiences and things you remember clearly. Here is some essay topic:

  • The happiest day of your life
  • Describe your favorite literary character
  • The person that inspires you
  • The earliest memory you possess
  • Your favorite birthday
  • Talk about one of your friends and describe him/her
  • The most beautiful view you have ever seen
  • Describe the place that exists solely in your imagination
  • Talk about your favorite memory  
  • The first time you fell in love: describe your feelings

#9. Process Essay Topics

You must clarify to your reader(s) how something is done in process essays. First, the topic must be described, and then the process must be described in detail. The steps may be both gradual and extremely precise.

  • How to drive a car
  • How to learn to swim
  • How to make your movie
  • How to learn to cook delicious healthy meals
  • How to be an A student
  • How to pass your SATs
  • How to deal with procrastination
  • How to be successful in a job search
  • How to overcome being shy
  • How to make new friends
  • How to know you’ve met your other self
  • How to save money
  • How to get rid of a bad habit
  • How to exercise regularly
  • How to learn to say “no” to people

#10. Personal Essay Topics

Personal essays are warm, intimate autobiographical stories with a human touch. Such essays typically have a conversational tone that captures the writer’s personality.

It should also look at your feelings in response to certain things that have happened to you.

  • Your motivation for success
  • A special person in your life
  • The biggest disappointment you have experienced
  • The happiest moment of your life
  • A time you were betrayed
  • Someone who annoys you
  • A moment you were courageous
  • A time when you felt very alone
  • The time you lost a tournament
  • A place that is special to your heart
  • Your favorite time of the year
  • Your bucket list of wishes
  • An inspirational person you have met
  • A moment when you learned a life lesson
  • A time you got hurt by someone you love 

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Essay writing?

Here are the do’s and don’ts:

The Do’s of Essay Writing

  • Use transitions to introduce new ideas and paragraphs.
  • Use paragraph structure to set ideas and assertions in order.
  • To support your claims, use quotations and paraphrasing.
  • Use verbs with meaning, action words, and the active voice.
  • To make your article come to life, use vivid language.
  • Do employ proper wording
  • Carefully review your writing

Don’ts of Essay Writing

  • Don’t utilize transitions too much or start a new thought without one.
  • Don’t use any type of arrangement; just write one long paragraph.
  • Plagiarize
  • Use the passive voice or I/my. Avoid using the words “have” or “be,” and never write “I” or “my” unless you are writing a narrative essay.
  • Misuse words that you don’t understand.
  • Try not to stuff your essay to the brim with data and facts.

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FAQS About the Essay Writing Topics

What are the steps to take in Writing an Essay?

1. Read the prompt and comprehend it
2. plan
3. Cite your sources properly.
4. Write a draft
5. Create a compelling thesis
6. Answer the question
7. Proofread

What are the Categories of Essay Writing Topics?

Here are the main major categories:
1. Persuasive Writing
2. Expository Writing
3. Descriptive Writing
4. Narrative Writing


As you apply to schools, create an essay or a college essay. You put off writing since you often have no idea what to write about. A handy topic list will be helpful.

First, determine the type of essay you need to write before selecting a topic. Then, look through this list of writing ideas to locate one that interests you. Alternatively, you can look through our best essay writing topics to choose a topic.



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