15 GOOGLE Internships For Africans 2021 [UPDATED]

Google Internship for African, Are you looking for an adventure? Google offers internship opportunities throughout the year. google Africa internship is for Africans.

One can apologetically say that “internship programs are now valued more than the certificate itself”. Before you argue, take time to pay attention to the eventuate in our society today.

One of the first questions your prospective employer asks you is this, “do you have work experience”, and that boils down to internships.

This is because it can solve the problem of work experience; it can give a fresh graduate or someone is still in the university the opportunity to know what the work world is all about.

With no further ado, we will be listing and explaining to an extent the top 15 internship programs for African students.

This would compass descriptions and application links,  therefore if you’re an African student who is interested in the internship program considering its importance you can hit any of the links and stand the chance of getting your work experience.

The labour market at the university is changing, and its competitiveness is growing. Besides GPA and achievements, employers now want to see more applicants who have completed one or more internships in Africa in 2021.

According to Monster.com, internship experience is most important for employers when considering a new degree in college as full-time work.

Do Google Interns get Paid?

Generally, most Google interns earn more than a majority of full-time employees across the country.

Glassdoor.com says the average Google intern earns about $5,678 monthly or $68,136 annually.

What is Google’s Acceptance rate?

Google’s acceptance rate is 0.2% and has ranked as one of the top companies to work for. It is no longer a surprise that this tech company receives roughly 3 million applications annually.

Year Up Internship

Year Up is an intensive educational program that helps teens improve their technical skills and prepare them for employment in the field of information technology.

The program brings together teachings invaluable IT, communications and professional skills and internships opportunity provision.

Year Up offers educational programs in Boston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and other places.

Students spend six months in IT training and then undergo internships in companies that need IT skills. Students receive scholarships during the internship process. Students receive so many offers, during the program.

Students do not need to have strong technical experience to register, but basic computer skills are required. They should have a big interest in IT and a desire to learn and learn.

Candidates will be tested for technical and written skills during their adoption. Approximately 84% of the students who complete this program work full time for four months after the completion of the program.

This program is available at Year Up, a non-profit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The mission is to provide young people in cities with the skills, experience, and support they need to achieve their potential through vocational and higher education.

Explore Microsoft Internship Program for Women and Minorities

For Students who have minority heritage. Students can enroll in the first or second year of college.

Women, ethnic minorities (African Americans, Americans, Spaniards, Spaniards) and people with disabilities are asked to register.

The internship program lasts 12 weeks in the summer. This feature allows students to experience hands-on experience in software development and computer science, computer science, or related technologies.

This work includes real projects and group projects. To register, students must be first-class or apprentice. At the beginning of the program, you must complete a computer science or similar class in addition to one semester of calculus.

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You must have a technology career and an interest in working in the software industry.

Tv One Internship Program

This is for undergraduate college students in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. The internship programs are for students interested in a career in the media industry.

What do interns do? Meaningful work! A marketer intern, for example, will help in developing creative ideas to pitch TV One shows.

A student with digital media experience will get to help design the network’s website. Each internship post has its own criteria for the required skills and experience. Students are encouraged to read the postings carefully before applying.

Minority Access National Diversity & Inclusion Internship Program

The Access Program for Minority Trainers offers internships for spring, summer, and fall, also courses for students, teenagers, adults, alumni, and professionals.

All internships are paid, with travel expenses and housing benefits. It is available to all students; Minorities may be registered.

Students must be enrolled in a US school with 3.0 CGPA or more.

Interns are in various government and corporate positions where they can gain practical experience in a professional environment.

Interns begin preliminary training for seminars, seminars, and other internships. Some students may get a student internship loan.

Minority Access, Inc. is a non-profit educational institution that works with government agencies and other companies to provide work experience for Africans and ethnic minorities and students.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Internships

The Black Caucus Congress Foundation is available for undergraduate or bachelor degree students. Internship in Africa 2021 is designed to give students practical experience in politics and management.

The intern receives aids to compensate for personal expenses and the provision of housing.

There are three internships on different dates. These include the CFCF Leadership Internship Program, the CBCF Internship Program, and the CBCF Ingress Internship Program.

There are different eligibility requirements, and an internship may vary from person to person.

Interns work 30 hours a week in certain places. They also attended seminars and refresher courses.

The spring semester also launches three programs at George Washington University for the interns. These Internships provide students with a unique opportunity to work with the Senate or other Senate officials and politicians.

Bet Networks Internships

BET Networks internships provide internships for students in five BETN locations. It is open to students who are interested in working in the media industry.

This internship allows students to visualize their careers under social work experience. In spring, summer, and fall, students can find internships based on their experience and interests.

Each internship lasts about 10 weeks. During the internship, students should work up to 35 hours per week. Professional recruiters visit colleges and universities throughout the year and visit agencies to gather information and interact with interested students.

It usually offers works in California, Washington, California, Illinois, Georgia, and New York. Participants may come from a minority race, including Africans.

Allstate Internships 

Allstate internships are a google Africa internship that provides students with summer work experience.

Internships are offered in a variety of large and small educational areas. The inner vase helps students apply classroom lessons for practical experience in a professional environment.

It also offers full-time work after graduation. The internship includes housing stipends and networking opportunities.

Allstate offers two internship programs, including general programs covering a wide range of scientific and technical programs for students with a career in information technology.

It takes an average of 3.3 to 3.5-grade points average, and leadership quality and a desire to move forward.

Price Water House Coopers Internships

Internships at PaysworthCoopers provide students with specialized accounting experience in testing real technology.

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Accounting internships are available in different places. Throughout the year, universities offer internship offers throughout the year.

Elementary programs are designed for high school students in high school. This allows you to expand the business world by challenging real-world projects that serve real customers.

Students will have the opportunity to shadow an experienced staff. This program for graduates is designed for students who are serious and are focused on decision-making and competitiveness, studying the problems of tax policy at a high level.

Dell Internships

Dell internships are currently offered to students in marketing and sales, finance and accounting, IT and more.

This google Africa Internship allows students to have real school experience.

It holds internships for 10-12 weeks during the summer. Students and graduate students work in the Dell team for projects that use classroom knowledge for real-world projects.

Get feedback on experienced professionals and career development and planning.

Students also take part in team-building activities and provide important networking and networking opportunities for leadership lectures.

You can also receive payments, travel, and accommodation.

Oracle Diversity Internship 

Oracle Diversity internship provides students and other people with technical knowledge and experience.

There are several programs that can meet the needs of people with all the experience: short-term internships in computer education provided to people with disabilities in California.

Helps veterans in Afghanistan and Iraq with a one-year internship and technology development.

Another one-year internship provides graduate students with an alienated group of students to facilitate the transition to the working class.

The Oracle Business Scholar Business Internship is an eight-week internship for students at one of the 39 historic black colleges (HBCU).

General Motor Internships

The training offered by General Motors provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge in real conditions.

Internships are available in the fields of communication, finance, information technology, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, health, and safety.

Students receive competitive awards and face serious corporate projects. From ever-expanding budgets and industrial safety and health, industrial relations, industry trends, and trends in consumer attitudes toward developing new products, students gain a complex automotive experience.

Students must register in the same field and have excellent academic and written communication skills.

They must also show that they have complete knowledge of the area in which they are applying.

Merck Internships

Merck Future Talent Program provides internships for undergraduate and graduate students. Areas of specialty include research & development, also sales & marketing, information technology, human resources, communications, finance and legal.

Internships programs are held from June through August for a total of 9-11 weeks.

Participators receive competitive pay; reduced housing and transportation are also available for those who qualify.

Interns from Merck receive meaningful work in a dynamic industry that affects people’s lives. Included is a hands-on experience in a student’s field of study plus interaction with other functional areas of the company.

The trainees may create a profile online. Merck will visit campuses throughout the country to interview students for internship positions.

Participants must have a high academic record, excellent communication skills, and also strong career goals.

Coca-Cola Internships

Coca-Cola offers these internship programs to undergraduate and graduate students in various fields, which includes finance, communications, logistics, business, human resources, and environmental protection.

International transportation options include summer internships from early June, graduate-level strategic apprenticeship programs for specific areas, year-round seasonal classes, academic internships that provide loans at work, and four to five months of student support during the school year.

Make an important project to experience the region you have chosen. Employment opportunities are available throughout North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific.

Nascar Diversity Internship Program 

The NASCAR Diversity Trainee Internship Program is a 10-week summer semester program for qualified students in Alaska, India, Asia-Pacific, African American, Latin American, or other ethnic NASCAR minorities. Students should be interested in the NASCAR industry.

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This exciting program is offered to students with an average CGPA of 3.0 or higher who have completed their second year at the university.

Currently, they must be registered at a college or university. Students receive competitive compensation, tickets for the NASCAR Nextel Cup series and accommodation support.

The purpose of the internship is to provide internship opportunities, providing various career opportunities for NASCAR students and providing students with diverse experience.

Over 150 students from all countries took part in the internship program.

Google Internships

The Google internship program is an excellent internship opportunity for students who took 1st place in Forbes and are interested in building their careers as a software engineer.

Google offers an open culture, a rich learning experience, and an excellent salary.

It aims domestic flights at students of computer science, mathematics and physics, and graduates. Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California offers many opportunities.

You can find more internship programs in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Google provides a fast environment for those who have a passion for technology and complex tasks. Most internships last three months in the summer.

Attractive student privileges include a concierge group that helps you organize your daily tasks, such as the on-site fitness center, free food in the café-equipped cafes, massages, picking, cropping, Night and weekend activities. See some of the notable Google Internships for 2022 here.


These Internship opportunities listed above are available for Africans and underrepresented races.

Therefore if you fall in this category, do well to apply for any of these internship opportunities, most of them are associated with some stipends, opportunities and especially the experience and exposure that comes with it.

The participants of these internship programs will meet professionals and listen to them “first hand.” And get knowledgeable experience to exert their skills in any endeavour they find themselves.

GOOGLE Internships For Africans | FAQs

How important is internship program?

One of the first questions your prospective employer asks you is this, “do you have work experience”, and that boils down to internships. This is because it can solve the problem of work experience; it can give a fresh graduate or someone still in the university the opportunity to know what the work world is all about.

How much do google internships pay?

Google internships offers a reasonable amount of pay to her interns, depending on which of the program you are applying for.

What do google internships cover?

Google internships cover competitive pay; reduced housing and transportation. Students also participate in team-building activities and provide important networking and networking opportunities through leadership lectures. You can also receive payments, travel, and accommodation.

How to apply for google internships?

Application for google internships are usually done through the application portal of the particular program. You may need check out the available opportunities.


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