15 Best Grants for Adults with Disabilities in UK | 2023 Application

In the UK, being disabled shouldn’t be a barrier to receiving a grant. 

Therefore, if you are a disabled adult and wish to apply for a grant in the UK, this article on grants for adults with disabilities will undoubtedly be very helpful to you. 

A disabled person may be eligible for services and help, including aids and adaptations, since disabilities make it difficult to continue with typical everyday activities. 

For each grant for adults with disabilities, there are several requirements for eligibility.

What are disability grants?

A disability grant is a financial award provided to a person in order to assist them in achieving a goal or to reward accomplishment. 

Grants for adults with disabilities are presents that, in most cases, you are not required to pay back. Before the recipient can completely possess the financial incentive, several awards impose lock-up or vesting periods. 

Only those with one type of disability or another are eligible for grants for adults with disabilities.

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What are the Requirements for disability grants?

If you require one of the grants for adults with disabilities, you must show that you: 

  • possess age-related illness
  • your diagnosis of autism 
  • possess a fatal illness, a mental health problem, a progressive ailment like motor neuron disease, or a cognitive disability like dementia. 
  • It could be necessary to add ramps or grab bars and expand doors for house modifications 
  • Improve access to spaces and amenities by installing a stairlift or a level-access shower, for example. 
  • Make it easier to access your landscape 
  • Build a room addition, such a downstairs bedroom, and put in a suitable heating system.

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How to apply for disability grants?

Contact the awarding organizations and complete the application forms once you’ve located the funds you wish to apply for if you need grants for adults with disabilities.

Before applying, read the terms and conditions to make sure you completely comprehend your eligibility. 

You might be required to submit a report from a specialist, like an occupational therapist or social worker, or to include comprehensive financial information. 

An advocacy group, like the Older People’s Advocacy Alliance, may be able to aid if you need assistance with the filing.

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15 Best grants for adults with disabilities in UK

#1. The Andrew and Catherine Carter Trust

The Carter Trust offers grants for adults with disabilities in the UK of any age financial support for equipment, home adaptations, or transportation. 

Items must not be accessible through statutory channels like the NHS or social services. Funding won’t be provided in the past. 

Direct applications can be submitted through the Carter Trust website’s downloadable PDF or online form. A supporting letter from a qualified professional must be used to demonstrate need.

Visit their website here

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#2. Barchester’s Charitable Foundation

In England, Scotland, and Wales, the Barchester Charitable Foundation provides assistance to senior citizens and other adults with disabilities. 

It awards grants for adults with disabilities live more independently, move about more easily, and overall improve their quality of life. Grants are given from £100 and $5,000. 

It provides: 

  • Senior citizens 65+ 
  • Adults (18+) with a disability, whether physical or mental 
  • 18+ adults with mental health issues 
  • Individuals 
  • small charity and community organizations.

Applications for grants for adults with disabilities must be completed by a third party who is acquainted with the applicant on a personal or professional level. This could be a representative of a charity, a social worker, or a citizen’s advice worker. 

On their website, you can download or access the application form online.

Visit their website here

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#3. The Disability Foundation (TDF)

The Disability Foundation provides complementary therapies and grants for adults with disabilities (including children), those with chronic health conditions, and those who are involved in their care, such as paid and unpaid carers and NHS employees. 

Instead of just one particular impairment or health issue, it is offered for a variety of diseases. 

Before receiving any care from TDF, you must join the organization and agree to its code of conduct. Anyone with a disability must pay £25 to join, while non-disabled individuals must pay £20. 

In Stanmore, Middlesex, at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH), the treatments take place.

Visit their website here

#4. Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

The Trust gives grants to assist those who are ill, recovering from illness, or disabled. 

It currently provides assistance to adults of all ages who are ill, disabled, or have other health issues. However, if financing is scarce, precedence will be given to those with administrative, secretarial, or professional credentials. 

They may fund a variety of medical products and services in order to enhance quality of life. This includes home items like washing machines, orthopaedic beds, and hoists. 

The Trust’s application form, which is available for download from their website, should be used to submit applications on behalf of the client by a medical practitioner or social worker. 

Visit their website here

#5. Glasspool Charity Trust

A national organization that offers modest one-time donations to those with poor incomes and needs. 

The Trust offers financial assistance for necessities around the home, including furniture, clothing, baby necessities, computer needs for school, specialized equipment for those with disabilities, driving lessons and exams, and hospital transportation. 

The typical grant amounts to about £230. 

An organization that satisfies the charity’s requirements, such as statutory bodies, CAB, or charities that collaborate with statutory organizations, must submit an application. 

Send an email to [email protected] to request an application form.

Visit their website here

#6. Heinz, Anna and Carol Kroch Foundation

Grants are available for people with severe poverty or ongoing medical issues from the Heinz, Anna, and Carol Kroch Foundation. Additionally, it will assist domestic violence victims. 

Hospital travel expenses, household items, modifications, and adaptive equipment are all covered by grants. They won’t support vacations or education. 

Self-referrals are not accepted by the charity. Applications must be submitted in writing by a qualified professional—not a GP or consultant—such as a social worker, local official, charity caseworker, or Citizen Advice representative, who must also include the applicant’s financial data.

Visit their website here

#7. The Hospital Saturday Fund

Individuals from the UK and the Republic of Ireland can receive funds from the Hospital Saturday Fund. 

It can provide assistance with the procurement of specialized equipment and useful kinds of care. This comprises: 

  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are examples of mobility aids. 
  • Nebulizers, hearing aids, and other medical devices and assistance, as well as computer hardware 
  • Orthopedic beds, riser/recliner chairs, and complementary therapies are examples of therapeutic tools and procedures. 
  • Home modifications, including stairlifts, access ramps, and walk-in showers 
  • Other – respite breaks at a rehabilitation facility

To apply, fill out the online form on the website or download an application form. 

Grants from the Fund may also be given to authorized health charities.

Visit their website here

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#8. The League of the Helping Hand

Because of illness or incapacity, the League of Helping Hand (LHH) offers financial help to those who need it. Additionally, they aid those who care for impaired children and adults. 

Regular recipients, One-time grants, mainly for specialized or necessary household items.

Download an application form, fill it out, and mail it to The Secretary, LHH, PO Box 34, Burgess Hill, RH15 5AQ, to apply.

Visit their website here

#9. Linking Help with Hope

For those in need who have exhausted all other financing options in the UK, Linking Help with Hope (LHH) offers financial support. 

It benefits people with learning difficulties, physical and mental health disorders that have been medically identified, and caregivers of challenged children and adults. 

LHH provides one-time subsidies of up to £250 for specialized equipment and necessary home products that are not covered by statutory services. 

Along with monthly cash help, it also offers continuous financial support. 

Depending on the amount of money available, funding for caregiver breaks may be offered. 

Download the relevant award application form to submit your application. A qualified organization, such as Citizens Advice or Social Services, must complete and submit the application form.

Visit their website here

#10. Masonic Charitable Foundation

Assistance is provided to Freemasons and their dependents through the Masonic Charitable Foundation. 

It can provide help in the following areas:

  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Family

Personal income is taken into account, however, certain income is not, such as a War Disability Pension or a Disability Living Allowance.

Visit their website here

#11. The Mobility Trust

After an evaluation by an independent occupational therapist (OT) the Mobility Trust has dispatched to the patient, the Trust supplies equipment such as wheelchairs and mobility scooters. 

The OT will then recommend the best piece of equipment for the patient. 

Only when it is not available from statutory sources or the disabled person cannot buy it on their own is equipment provided. 

To apply, submit a letter to Mrs. Anne Munn at the Mobility Trust, 17b Reading Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire, RG8 7LR, detailing why you require the equipment and specifics of your impairment.

Visit their website here

#12. The National Benevolence Charity

Those in need of financial assistance can turn to the National Benevolence Charity. 

It provides funds to support the purchase of necessities, coordinates the delivery of home goods, and issues coupons for goods and services. 

Additionally, it might supplement income and assist during difficult times brought on by illness, disability, aging, or other factors. 

Apply by filling out the website’s online form. 

The charity offers low-income residents housing in Berkshire and Gloucestershire.

Visit their website here

#13. National Zakat Foundation (NZF)

For Muslims in need, the National Zakat Foundation acts as a safety net. 

It helps the eight categories of individuals listed in the Qur’an, including the needy, the impoverished, and those who are in debt. 

NZF offers help in four areas: 

  • Grants for essential needs and small debts from the Hardship Relief program. 
  • Housing: assistance with rent, late fees, and furniture. 
  • Grants for Muslims who are unemployed or have low incomes. 
  • Education: assistance with postgraduate and vocational training. 

You need an email address, a cell phone number, and internet access in order to apply for help.

Visit their website here

#14. Newby Trust

The Newby Trust offers support to those in need for medical care and poverty relief. 

Social Services, NHS Trusts, Citizens Advice Bureaux, other charities, or comparable organizations must submit applications via the online application form on behalf of the individual. It will be necessary to provide financial statements showing the person’s expenses. 

The Trust offers small donations of up to £250 to help people and families that are in need. 

Use the online form to apply. 

Individual applications won’t be considered. 

The R L Glasspool Charity Trust is now in charge of managing the Newby Trust Fund.

Visit their website here

#15. The Percy Bilton Charity

The Percy Bilton Charity provides necessities to low-income people in need. 

They can help with: 

People over 65 with low incomes who are older. 

Children or adults with a physical or learning disability, a significant sickness requiring high medical costs, or those with severe and persistent mental health issues that prevent them from working are considered disabled. 

The charity can give one-time grants up to a total of £250 to cover the cost of necessities including furniture, clothing, cooking and heating equipment, laundry equipment, and so on. 

Only medical professionals or social workers should submit financing applications on behalf of the applicant.

Visit their website here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do disabled persons qualify for grants? 

If you’re disabled, your council may award you money to make the necessary house modifications, such as installing ramps and widening doors. Access to rooms and facilities should be improved, perhaps with stairlifts or a downstairs restroom. Make a proper heating system available.

How long do grants for disabilities take? 

Within six months of receiving a valid and full application with all required information, the council is required to provide you with a grant approval decision in writing.

Adult disability benefits in the UK? 

In September 2022, the UK government will provide a cost-of-living allowance of £150 to every recipient of Adult Disability Payment. To be eligible for this payout, you must: be paid for adult disabilities.


Grants for adults with disabilities to live independently by making use of several programs and financial aid. Councils and the central government both offer help. 

Additionally, organizations and NGOs can offer grants and other forms of help to people with disabilities. We hope you fully use the top grants for adults with disabilities to help them gain the necessities of daily life.


  • Billhelp.uk – Disability benefits or financial help for disabled
  • Scope.org.uk – Benefits and other ways of funding the extra costs of being disabled


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