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What is Harlem Village Academy?

Harlem Village Academies (HVA) is a charter school network located in Harlem, near Manhattan, New York City. It was established in 2011.

I know you may not understand the concept of a charter school, so let me explain that first to make you understand better. Well, What then is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school that receives government money but operates independently of the local public education system.

It’s a publicly supported independent school founded by teachers, parents, or community groups in accordance with the provisions of a charter with a local or national government.

Deborah Kenny is the current Chief Executive Officer of HVA.

Harlem Village Academy is a progressive K-12 charter school network in Harlem that is linked to The Progressive Education Institute.

HVA is dedicated to providing a rich intellectual environment for both students and teachers.

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Why Attend Harlem Village Academies?

Education is given in and around the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, at both public and private schools and institutes of higher learning.

For decades, Harlem’s public schools have been of inferior quality to those in richer parts of the city. It is primarily made up of low-income people.

As of 2017, Harlem is home to eight of District 3’s nine charter schools. (District 3 covers most of the southwestern parts of Harlem as well as the Upper West Side). In Harlem, many black and Hispanic families send their children to charter or private schools, or to better-performing public schools elsewhere in the district.

Even when compared to charters around the country, the Harlem charters have been commended for their educational quality.

Charter schools have been chastised for a variety of reasons, not all of which are unique to Harlem. The only complaint about Charters in Harlem is that there are too many of them such that there are so many charters competing for classroom space with public non-charter schools.

Haven established that the best of the best charter schools in New York state are located in Harlem, it’ll be equally safe to state that Harlem Academy is a place to enroll your child.

Another very interesting but true fact about charter schools is that Charter schools as approved by one of three accrediting agencies. They are; The State University of New York (through its Charter Schools Institute), New York State’s Education Department’s Board of Regents, New York City Department of Education (through the chancellor’s office and the deputy executive director).

In addition, they have fewer constraints than non-charter schools, and frequently have greater student standards.

Many charter schools in Harlem outperform non-charter schools on state exams, doing a better job of educating pupils in maths and English.

Is HVA a High school?

This can be quite confusing to many. It is important you note that Harlem Village Academy is a school network. That simply means it comprises all levels of basic education, from elementary to high school.

Schools in the Harlem Village Academy network include Harlem Village Academy Charter School, HVA Leadership Charter School, HVA High, HVA Middle, HVA Elementary I, and HVA Elementary II.

So to answer the question, Harlem Village Academy is not a High School. However, it has a High School and that high school is called Harley Village Academy High (HVAH).

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What is Harlem Village Academy’s acceptance rate?

Despite the fact that the number of charter schools in New York is expanding, parent demand has long outstripped availability.

As a result, there are long lines of students waiting to enroll. As of 2017, more than 52,700 children were on the waitlist for charter schools in New York City, according to data from the New York City Charter School Center.

Being a young institution founded just about a decade ago, Harlem Village Academy offers a 100% acceptance rate. This means every student that applies automatically gains admission into the institution.

This is because the Institution is for starters, so HVA is responsible for grooming children right from Kindergarten level till they graduate high school.

Around 20% of children in Harlem who are eligible by age are enrolled in charter schools, and this does not include applicants who are rejected entrance due to a lack of space.

But it is also very important to note that when a charter school receives more qualified candidates than it has classroom space to enroll, it normally holds a lottery and puts those who do not win on a waiting list for openings later in the year.

Schools offer classes in a variety of grades, and some add a grade each year so that a student can stay in the same school after starting. 

What is the tuition fee of the Harlem Village Academy?

Harlem Village Academy, being a school network, has different tuition fees for different levels of education. Which means, the tuition fees for elementary school will will be the same as middle school and high school. In New York, the average private school tuition is $19,040 per year.

The average tuition cost for a private elementary school is $19,186 per year, and the average tuition cost for a private high school is $25,014 per year.

Harlem Village Academy being a charter school is a free tuition school. Students are not to pay tuition. But they may have to pay for other things, but tuition is completely free.

What are the requirements to attend Harlem Academy?

New York City’s public school system is complex and difficult to navigate. It has some of the country’s greatest schools as well as some that struggle to provide even the most basic instruction.

In New York City, public schooling begins the year your child turns four. Pre-kindergarten might be found at a regular public school or a community-based program for four-year-olds.

Pre-kindergarten is not required, although it is strongly recommended. 

Harlem Village Academy follows the laws of New York State that pertains to child education.

In general, smaller children within the ages of 5 to 10 in elementary and middle school can register at their local elementary school directly, whereas older children within the ages of 11 and up in high school must first visit or contact a Family Welcome Center.

Your child, as well as two proofs of address, for example, a lease and utility bill, evidence of age, a passport or birth certificate, school records, and immunization certificates, if you have them, are the basic requirements need.

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Student life in Harlem Village Academy

Now, this is an institution where learning is highly esteemed, and this cuts across the borders of the classroom.

Children can participate in a variety of extra curricular activities which range from performing arts, visual arts, Field Learning Museum Trips, and enrichment activities at HVA.

Other activities include Family Paint Night which creates an environment where parents can practically and actively see how their wards learning is progressing.

There are also Specialized Field Trips, Science Fair, Cultural Awareness Day, Community Garden, Author Book Talks, etc. All these activities help to better shape a child

List of Harlem Village Academies jobs

Below is a list of available jobs at Harlem Village Academy. You can apply for these jobs on the schools’ website.

  • Administration Manager
  • Art Teacher, K-8
  • Director of Operations Fellow
  • Electives/Co-Curricular Teacher, K-8
  • Elementary School Aide
  • High School History Teacher
  • High School Inclusion/Special Education Teacher
  • HS Math Teacher
  • High School Science Teacher
  • HVA Elementary After School/Saturday Tutor (ELA, Mathematics)
  • HVA Middle After School/Saturday Tutor (ELA, Mathematics)
  • HVAH After School/Saturday Tutor (English, History, Science, Math, Spanish)
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lead Pre-K Teacher, Montessori
  • Middle School ELA Teacher
  • Middle School Science Teacher
  • MS Special Education Teacher
  • Music Teacher, K-5
  • Teacher – Elementary, Middle, High
  • Technology Teacher, Grades 2-8
  • Upper Elementary School ELA Teacher
  • Upper Elementary School Math Teacher
  • HVA Elementary After School/Saturday Tutor (ELA, Mathematics) who will be paid $60 an hour
  • HVAH After School/Saturday Tutor (English, History, Science, Math, Spanish) to receive $60 an hour.

How much is the Harlem Village Academy salary?

Just as the Harlem Village Academy is an amazing school network, its staff salary is pretty amazing too. This school network offers a salary that is 94% above the national average. Pretty cool right? The average salary for teachers at Harlem Village Academy is $72,619 per year.

Now let us look at More HVA Education & Instruction salaries.

The Average Salary for Physical Education Teachers is $80,000 per year. Mathematics Teachers Earn an average of $50,000 per year.

Learner Managers receive an average of $71,000 per year, while Language Arts Teachers earn an average of $70,000 every year.

High School Teachers at Harlem Village Academy High (HVAH) receive an average of $90,000 every year.

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Harlem Village Academy review.

Reviews are based on individual opinions across different platforms. We will be giving our reviews based on 74 different opinions.

From a poll of 74 participants, 15 people said Harlem Academy is an “excellent” school network while 27 people said the school network is “very good”.

21 persons said it is an average school, 10 persons said the school is poor while only one person thinks the school is entirely horrible.

From these reviews, Harlem Village Academy has over 60% of good reports.

One of the reviewers stated that HVA is like a private school, and an excellent choice both for teachers and students.

The institution ranked #807 Most Diverse Public High Schools in New York, #876 Most Diverse Public High Schools in New York City Area, and #916 Most Diverse Public Middle Schools in New York.

Visit the Academy’s official website


Harlem village Academy was established in the year 2011

 Harlem Village Academies has about 850 students in grades K-12.

The Average SAT score of Harlem Village Academies as reported by Niche is 1020.

The percentage proficiency of Students in Harlem Village Academies in Reading and Maths is 90%.

The Student-Teacher Ratio in Harlem Village Academy is 10:1


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