HB3 Reading Academy Review | Eligibility, Requirements, Cost

The state of Texas in the United States has an age-long reputation that portrays it operates one of the best educational systems in the World.

Among the many educational policies, the state gained attention with is the HB3 Bill passed in 2019 which made reading academy mandatory for grade 3 and  Kindergarten teachers including principals and school administrators.

The bill was met with quite a number of criticisms but later settled among the populace. These placed Texas among those spearheading the forefront of an educational revolution in the states.

In our update today, we shall be discussing HB3 Reading Academy, how to access reading academies logins, reading academies for teachers among many other related HB3 reading academy review details.

What are Reading Academies?

Teachers’ literacy has continued to form a focal point of the Texas educational revolution. Reading academies are organized programs aimed at teaching reading.

The program provides set-based instructions on how best to comprehend instructions and understand the basics of reading.

Through reading academies, teachers help pupils understand comprehensions and can answer questions from it when put to test by the teacher.

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What is Reading Academies for Teachers?

Reading academies for teachers provide a set of programs aimed at equipping teachers with skills and knowledge of how best to get pupils to read and understand comprehensions. It deals with set out pieces hinging on evidenced-based instructions that help the teachers bring out the best in the pupil.

It aims majorly at getting the student to have a full grasp of language recognition, skilled reading, and word recognition. In addition to teachers, principals and educators are also involved in reading academies. 

What is HB3 Reading Academy?

Like we said earlier HB3 reading academy bill was passed by the Texas legislature in 2019. Which makes a teacher literacy program in reading mandatory for Kindergarten teachers, Principals, 3rd-grade teachers, tutors, and school administrators.

The program as stipulated in the bill must be acquired before the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year.

The program also has a large overview and module that cuts across several cognitive and educational areas as listed below.

  • MODULE 1: Introduction, Overview, Scope, and Sequence 
  • MODULE 2: Science of Teaching Reading 
  • MODULE 3: Establishing a Literacy Community 
  • MODULE 4: Using Assessment Data to Inform Instruction 
  • MODULE 5: Oral Language and Vocabulary 
  • MODULE 6: Phonological Awareness 
  • MODULE 7: Alphabet Knowledge and Handwriting 
  • MODULE 8: Decoding, Encoding, and Word Study 
  • MODULE 9: Reading Fluency 
  • MODULE 10: Reading Comprehension 
  • MODULE 11: Composition 
  • MODULE 12: Tiered Supports 

Furthermore, HB3 reading academy can be exempted for some teachers. If you currently have an all-level certification in art, health education, music, physical education, speech communication, and theatre arts, or theatre. Then you can be exempted from the Texas teacher’s reading academy.

An overview of HB3 reading reveals pathways and formats that aid the process. The pathways targeted to meet the learner’s needs involve General Education Biliteracy and Administrator. The formats are Comprehensive (Face-to-Face) Default for all campuses and Blended (Online, Self-Paced) GT teachers, librarians, and admins.

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Provided you are a teacher or administrator in Texas you are eligible to create an academy of reading login account for HB3 Texas.

Nevertheless, just like we said earlier an exception would be made for holders of certificates in all-level certification in art, health education, music, physical education, speech communication, and theatre arts, or theatre.

Why attend HB3 reading academy?

The bill for HB3 reading academy made it clear that it’s mandatory for all teachers in the above-mentioned levels. Failure to participate in the literacy program can lead to one losing his or her teaching job. 

However, the appropriate authorities can be contacted one has a special request or complaint to make. The program has received wide acceptance with many teachers already onboard.

How many hours is the Reading Academy?

The program allows participants 6 days of intensive learning during the school year. It rises further to 8 days during the Summer. Assessment and reviews are carried out in between these days. The number of hours assigned for each day can be assessed in the TEA reading academy login portal.

In many cases, the teachers can choose days that appear convenient for them. Ensure your details for TEA reading academy are safe and known to you alone to avoid compromise arising from impersonation.

What do you expect to learn or gain during the Reading Academies?

HB3 reading academy aims at equipping teachers with set skills that will help in children’s cognitive understanding while reading.

The importance and what teachers stand to gain are numerous. But, the overlying goal is to help structure the educational growth of children.

The concept deployed in the training phase will help teachers assist students in decoding words, and understanding comprehensions.

It also provides the basis needed in the mastery of communication between the written words and the person reading.

The teacher also gets to see the weaknesses and strengths of the students. Which helps in better interaction and understanding of the student.

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What is TEA Learn

The concept behind Tea Learn is to provide students the opportunity of obtaining skills and in-demand skills for employment opportunities.

Here, students are exposed to a wide variety of easy-to-learn skills. TEA remains an integral part of the WBL high-quality CTE program.

How much is the HB3 Reading Academy

In order to get all-inclusive compliance, the state of Texas districts bears the cost of reading academies for teachers. The program costs $400 per teacher for the blended model while the comprehensive model costs $3000.

The desire is to incentivize the sector more in order to attract more teaching talent. The sound educational upbringing of children remains a pivotal part of Texas government reforms. It might also interest you to know that teachers are entitled to statutory stipends in the course of the HB3 reading academy program.


Similar to the eligibilities, one is required to have some requirements that cut across being a teacher in Texas, Principal, or school administrator.


If one fails to pass the reading academy, you are given an option of resiting for the reading academy for a second enrollment.

Non-certified K-3 teachers can complete reading academies.

The program is for all subject teachers, principals, administrators in Texas.

The science of teaching reading refers to the cognitive and research process of how one learns to read and write.

In Conclusion

The policies surrounding HB3 reading academy are flexible. Any complaints or reasons why any educator in Texas can’t be involved can be communicated to Texas Education Board. Ensure you keep your reading academy login records safe and private to avoid privacy invasion.



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