15 Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools 2022

After reading this article about the Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools, you will be blown away by the jobs bringing in the big bucks in a county school.

Dekalb county schools are definitely a must-consider for anyone looking to take on a career path in the world of education.

Maybe you have already considered it yourself, if not, well here’s why you should. They are what we will discuss in this article.

What Is It Like Working At County Schools?

The most enjoyable part for most staff members is working with students and seeing positive changes in their lives. Schools play a major role in the lives and growth of students beyond just the classroom learning experience.

For this reason, Dekalb county schools aim to have a positive influence on the hundreds of students that are enrolled at any given time. A typical day of work includes providing services to school-aged children, conducting assessments, writing reports, consulting with teachers, performing screenings, entering progress reports for reimbursement purposes, and therapy planning.

What Skills Do I Need To Get one Of the Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools?

One of the highly sought-after skills and this is often asked during interviews is if you are able to manage children. The ability to not only train but also impact the behavior of students is a strong core skill.

Other skills such as broad industry knowledge, comprehensive understanding of the school system, and the use of tools as well are an added advantages.

Possessing the desire and ability to continuously learn also comes in handy when pursuing a career in education.

Does having Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools Have Benefits?

The health insurance packages offered by Dekalb county schools have been commended as very good. Majority of the employers provide state-level health benefits and the best thing is that health benefits continue into retirement.

The benefits package allows employees to contribute to retirement plans through Teacher Retirement and you should be looking forward to the following benefits while working in a Dekalb county school;

  • Insurance, Health & Wellness Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • Leave Programs (Sick, personal, holidays)
  • Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Savings Plans (457 and 403b)
  • Career development plans
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Long term care benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Mental health benefits
  • Meal Plans

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What Are The Different Jobs In Dekalb County Schools?

A career path in Dekalb county schools is not necessarily a teaching profession. The county schools offer various positions in the organizations which may spark your interest, and yes, including teaching jobs.

Here are some of the roles you can apply for in Dekalb’s county schools;

  • Administrator
  • Office Staff
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • School Nurse
  • Librarian
  • Maintenance
  • Custodial
  • Food Service
  • Transportation

How Do I Get A Job In Delkab County Schools?

There are various sources and postings that you can look into when looking for a job in Dekalb county schools. You can start from national job banks, state and local job banks and attend job fairs as well. Apply for jobs online, via email, or in person.

You will be required to present a resume and a cover letter in addition to a job application while following the school’s specifics. Also, prepare for interviews should you be selected among the applicants.

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Here is a step by step guideline for you to follow in your job search;

  • Send a complete application; letter of application, resume, copies of certificates
  • State your achievements concisely through facts and figures
  • Ensure you have the required licensure for the role
  • Ensure you meet the requirements stated in the job post

The Highest 15 Paying Jobs In Dekalb County Schools

I hope you are excited because we are diving right into it the Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools.

#1. Executive Director

Yes, that’s right! Executive directors are the highest paid in Dekalb county schools. You might be wondering what they do if you don’t already know.

Well here’s what; they provide leadership in the development of goals and implementation of strategic plans, set the highest standards of excellence in operating systems and educational programs, and communicate with internal and external parties regarding the school’s mission, values, and core beliefs.

As an executive director, you also translate the school board’s strategic vision into operational objectives. You are responsible for ensuring financial stability and proper budget management and this includes managing risks and maintaining accountability.

Executive directors maintain professional relationships with external partners, government representatives, and educational experts.

This is the Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools.


  • Masters in business administration or equivalent.
  • Financial management experience.

Salary range: $124,287 – $136,049/yr

#2. Elementary School Principal

The Elementary School Principal is the second-highest-paid position in Dekalb county schools. As an elementary school principal, you coordinate administrative oversight and plan all phases of instructional leadership for the school.

This includes educational programming, administration, budgetary planning, discipline, and counseling services. You are charged with key responsibilities of overseeing the daily management of the school and office, participating in parent meetings and conferences, and acting as an intermediary between parents, teachers, and students to deal with a variety of needs or issues.

The elementary school principal oversees educators in the school, providing periodic observations and evaluations that are timely and constructive and completed based on the timetables set by the school district.


  • Master’s degree in educational leadership or educational administration
  • Principal licensure in their state is an added advantage

Salary range: $121,385 – $130,996/yr

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#3. Head School Counsellor

Third on our list is the head school counselor. The primary responsibility of the school counselor director/coordinator in a district or state is to support the development and implementation of school counseling programs based upon the identified needs of the students in the individual school building, district, or state.

This position typically ensures successful implementation of the school counseling program at the school and integration of school counseling through leadership.

School Counselor is another Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree

Salary range: $104,063 – $113,295/yr

#4. School Administrator

To be the fourth-highest paid in Dekalb county schools you should have strong communication, interpersonal skills and be able to work closely with staff, students and parents. You will assist students, support faculty, maintain academic records, and communicate with parents in this role.

Day-to-day tasks for school administrators commonly include setting and enforcing school budgets, maintaining academic records, assisting students and faculty, and managing staff.


  • Graduate degree in education administration or a related field
  • Master’s degrees (M.Ed. or EdM); Educational Specialist (EdS) degrees; Doctor of Education (EdD) degrees; and PhDs in Education
  • Years of experience of classroom teaching

Salary range: $103,560 – $113,708/yr

#5. Elementary School (ESL) Teacher

A person in this field is responsible for planning lessons and activities, adopting a creative approach. Elementary school teachers also encourage and motivate students to learn.

You will need to be able to create an environment that is conducive to learning in order to be successful in this role. Duties ESL teachers are charged with conducting activities and lessons based on ESL teaching methodologies, encouraging and engaging students to speak in English.

Often, they motivate students and use humor to induce a pleasant learning environment.


  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • TEFL Certification
  • Excellent command of the English language

Salary range: $95,113 – $103,213/yr

#6. Teacher Librarian

As a teacher-librarian, you develop working relationships with school principals and senior staff to ensure information literacy outcomes are a major school focus and promote information literacy development in the school’s plan.

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You also teach and evaluate collaboratively with teachers to ensure the effective integration of information resources and technologies into student learning.

More roles undertaken by the teacher-librarian include curriculum leader, information specialist, and information services manager. You embrace, exploit and share new technologies in an effective way to promote the vast contributions to the school.


  • Bachelor’s degree in library science or a related subject
  • Master’s degree program in library science

Salary range: $92,544 – $99,713/yr


#7. Education Project Manager

Seventh on our list is the education project manager. In this role, you will be responsible for collaborating with colleagues in the Education department to manage all aspects of the current projects and delivering new projects in line with the strategic plan. You also provide a critical link between the Head Office and ORT’s professionals in the field.

Key roles you will take on are; collaboration with ORT ́s professionals overseas to plan seminars, training programs for students, collaborative projects for educational purposes, exchange programs, and other activities and events related to World ORT’s educational strategy.


  • Bachelor’s degree in management, business or a related field
  • Professional certification and extensive related experience
  • Post-bachelor’s certificate or a master’s degree in project management is an added advantage

Salary range: $87,263 – $94,563/yr

#8. Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators are also known as curriculum specialists. They oversee school curriculums and teaching standards. You develop educational material, implement it with teachers and principals and assess its effectiveness.

You evaluate the effectiveness of curriculums and teaching techniques established by school boards, states, or federal regulations. In addition, he observes teachers in the classroom and conducts training for teachers related to teaching or technology.

Day-to-day roles include develop and implement the curriculums, plan, organize and conduct teacher training, conferences or workshops. You will also assess and discuss the curriculum standards with school staff.


  • Master’s degree

Salary range: $86,831 – $92,702/yr

#9. Student Support Specialist

As the ninth highest paid, you will be charged with implementing student retention, support, and advising programs under the direction of the director of student services for online students and in partnership with the academic leadership in the college of graduate studies.

The student support specialist advises graduate students with a focus on student success, retention, and timely progress toward program completion. You also track student’s academic progress and guide students in the ongoing refinement of their individual plan of study.

You assist with onboarding and orientation for new students, students’ registration, and verify students are completing required tasks associated with continuous enrolment.

This is another Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

Salary range: $84,905 – $93,182/yr

#10. Instructional Support Specialist

The Instructional Support Specialist is responsible for providing general instructional support to instructors and students in lab settings. Through this role, you will provide supervision in a lab as students do assign listening, videotape, dictation, or test assignments.

You will also correct and score tests or assignments, discuss assignments and test results with students, as well as suggest areas in need of further study.

The instruction support specialist also provides diagnosis, encouragement, coaching, orientation, resources, and study skills in problem areas while coordinating purchasing, receiving, maintenance, set up, and check out of specialized supplies for use in lab assignments.


  • High school graduation or equivalent is required
  • At least one year of general office experience

Salary range: $82,758 – $90,068/yr


#11. Special Education Teacher

Down to our last 5, special education teacher comes in at 11th. This individual educates children who face physical, mental, emotional and learning disabilities as a special education teacher.

You work in various settings such as schools and child care centers and develop teaching plans according to students’ learning needs.

He also undertake research on activities and resources that can be easily adapted to each child’s educational requirements.

In most cases, you collaborate with school counselors, occupational therapists, psychologists, and parents to help children develop and socialize.

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  • BSc in Special Education
  • Valid state special education certificate
  • MSc is a plus

Salary range: $82,355 – $88,408/yr

#12. School Library Media Specialist

The school library media specialist works hand in hand with the school librarian to manage the library’s media resources.

Your job duties typically include processing new media, finding materials for patrons, helping teachers and students conduct research, and sometimes programming computer equipment.

You should possess strong analytical, communication, and organizational skills, along with basic computer and information management abilities to be successful in this position.


  • Master’s degree in library science

Salary range: $80,522 – $88,713/yr

#13. Teacher, Elementary School

An Elementary Teacher, or Elementary School Teacher, is responsible for teaching fundamental subjects to children in grades K-5.

Your duties as an elementary teacher include giving and grading assignments, homework and tests, helping students prepare for standardized testing, and overseeing students during recess, lunch, and other activities.

You should be able to manage a classroom, communicate and teach one or more subjects clearly and effectively and follow school procedures. You are also responsible for monitoring each student’s progress and providing extra mentorship to those who need it.


  • Bachelor’s degree in elementary education        
  • License or certification
  • Internship or training is an added advantage

Salary range: $53,711/yr

#14. Curriculum Coordinator

A curriculum coordinator’s duties are developing components of a school district’s teaching plans which include curriculum-related plans, technological plans, mentoring plans, and equity plans.

You also compile and file surveys that are required by individual states as well as overseeing state testing programs and analyze the results of these tests.

The main objective is to create and implement an education plan that meets the needs of students. You make recommendations to teachers and other faculties in regard to the ways in which various subjects are being taught in order to enhance learning.

You should be able to develop, implement and maintain the school district’s instructional program.

This is another Highest- Paying Jobs At Dekalb County Schools.


  • Bachelor’s degree in education or closely related fields
  • Master’s or Doctorate degrees in education is an added advantage
  • Education administrator’s license is an added advantage

Salary range: $82,074 – $88,843/yr


#15. Program Coordinator

The role-taking last position in our 15 highest paid roles in Dekalb county schools is the education program coordinator. In this role, you provide support and assistance in the identification, development, and delivery of educational programs or initiatives.

Your duties will include provide routine program logistics/maintain requirements or activities to ensure the quality of programs, monitor program development timelines and communicate status to supervisor and monitor enrolments and report updates to program managers and assistants.

You take on the responsibilities of supporting internal/external stakeholders, implementation of routine program logistics, and participation in team activities.


  • High School Diploma or higher

Salary range: $80,297 – $86,916/yr

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a county the same as a public school?


How many schools does Dekalb county have?

138 schools

What is the cost of living in Dekalb county?

101.9. The national average is 100.

Does Dekalb county schools offer a retirement package?


What disqualifies you from being hired?

  • Criminal record
  • Drug abuse record
  • History of violence in the workplace
  • Not permitted to work in Dekalb county


The 15 highest paying jobs in Dekalb county schools are, amazing right? After a considerable amount of time and dedication towards this career goal, you will definitely be one of the many Dekalb county schools’ staff earning a pretty penny.

And yes, it’s not just teachers that are being employed in schools. We, however, are glad to see they made it on the list.

They do take on a big task. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Or maybe you have an experience; we would love to read that too!



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