How Long Does It Take To Get A Masters Degree?

Technically, you consider a master’s degree after you must have completed your Bachelor’s Degree Program. Meanwhile, you may ask how long does it take to complete a degree? It takes much less time.

Institutions introduced master’s degrees as a path to expanding the knowledge base in a subject area. Increased innovations and scientific discoveries have continued pushing fields to their limits, thereby providing a need for proper sectioning.

Hence, in this article, you’ll get to understand the master’s degree program, the timeframe for study, and the best institutions to study.

What is a Master’s Degree Program?

A Master’s Degree is a program available to students who have completed their bachelor’s degree program.

Unlike bachelor degree programs, a master’s degree program takes less time and has more flexibility. Students get improved interaction with their lecturers in addition to fewer classes.

There are both online and offline master’s degree programs and their prices and credit hours vary. Essentially, your course of study and university will determine how long your master’s degree program will last.

Hence, before we get into these programs, let’s talk about how to run an online master’s degree program.

How do I start an Online Master’s Degree program?

Distance has been a serious barrier for interested master’s degree applicants to start their programs at their choice institutions.

A lot of institutions and organizations looked into it and have introduced an online school. Hence, an online school becomes a place where students worldwide can learn and pursue their master’s program without being physically present in the University.

Therefore, you can start your online master’s program by filling out the application form of your choice university, providing supporting documents, and fulfilling their eligibility requirements.

Cheapest Online Master Degree Programs

Get this! The cost of a master’s degree program doesn’t affect the number of credit hours and duration of the study. Hence, this will help you in making an excellent choice.

Contrastingly, online master’s degree programs give you high flexibility as you can adjust the timelines to fit your schedule. has given a detailed list of the top 20 institutions to pursue your online master’s degree program and their cost per credit hour.

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Hence, they include;

  • Southern New Hampshire University – $627
  • Pennsylvania State University-World Campus – $805
  • Nova Southeastern University – $931
  • Indiana Wesleyan University – $515
  • National University – $406
  • Western Governors University – $276
  • New England College – $565
  • Concordia University-Saint Paul – $420
  • University of Maryland-University College – $559
  • Saint Leo University – $485
  • Bellevue University – $525
  • Concordia University-Wisconsin – $548
  • Tiffin University – $700
  • The University of the Southwest – $580
  • Wayland Baptist University – $540
  • The University of the Cumberlands $315
  • Mercy College – $828
  • Faulkner University – $525
  • Prescott College – $796
  • The University of Louisiana at Monroe – $451

How long does a Master’s Degree Program last?

The duration of a master’s degree program depends heavily on the university, course of study, and program setup.

Most master’s degree programs last from a year to three years, but we will try to be a little more specific.

Therefore, this section will look at these institutions according to their different continents.

Master’s Degree Program in North America

America is arguably the best place to go for a Master’s program because of great study destinations such as the U. S, Brazil & Canada.

The U.S stands out as it holds a strong lead against other countries in this continent. Essentially, the U.S contains the best seven universities in the World and has remained at the forefront of scientific developments and discoveries.

In entrepreneurship, they also have a stronghold as they harbour global companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Oracle.

Conclusively, master’s degree programs in North America take an average of two years to complete.

Available Master Degree Courses in North America

As a master’s degree candidate, you’re open to a lot of options that can help spur your career. However, North America is popularly known for master’s degree programs in;

  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Information Management Technology
  • Mass Communication
  • Computer Science, etc

Categories of Master’s programs

There are two categories of master’s programs run in America. They include;

Academic Master’s program’s

The academic master’s program focuses on broader areas of a subject. Additionally, you get to submit a thesis as evidence of graduation.

Professional Master’s program

This training provides individuals with the technical and vocational skills needed for particular career paths.

Cybersecurity and interior design students are major beneficiaries of this master’s program.

Essentially, most of the professional master’s programs are largely practical.

How much does it cost to pursue a Master’s degree program in North America?

Although there is no index that gives an accurate amount, research has shown it takes about $20,000-$30,000 per year to pursue a master’s degree program in America.

On the other hand, you are eligible for a number of amazing scholarships in the USA and other countries that can help your course.

You can access these awesome scholarship opportunities by clicking the button below.

U.S Masters Scholarships

Application Process

Essentially, the application process for master’s in universities in America is a very simple process.

Possessing one of the foremost education countries, you can apply online for a master’s degree program of your choice.

However, before you start your application, check to see that you fulfill the eligibility requirements stated by the institution.

Master’s Degree Program in South America

Now, I believe you’re probably trying to imagine South America as a great place for your master’s program.

The truth remains; beyond the amazing recreational spots, rigid love for soccer, and beautiful ladies, South America has amazing universities and institutions running great master’s programs in addition to all other facets.

Generally, their programs range from medical sciences down to arts and surveying. Hence, as a core soccer continent, their sports programs are top-notch and are fitted to build development in all participants.

Some of the advantages of doing your master’s program in South America include;

  • Scholarships for local and international students
  • English language programs
  • Free tuition (for countries like Brazil)

How much does it cost to pursue a Master’s degree program in South America?

Studying in South America as a master’s student doesn’t cost a lot. Most times, accommodation is given by selected universities. This brings down accommodation expenses by half.

Currently, tuition fees range from $2,000 to $10,000 in South America. On the other hand, South American countries promote so many scholarships in addition to being educational ambassadors.

How do I apply for a Master’s program in South America?

Most universities in South America make use of entrance examinations. However, the online application process has overshadowed this process.

Hence, as a fresh master’s applicant, you must possess certain supporting documents such as;

  • Application form
  • Official copies of diplomas (“Official” means that it may have to be stamped by a lawyer or by local authorities at your local town hall, consulate or embassy)
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • A CV that includes participation in subject-relevant conferences/meetings/courses, experience in teaching, publications as well as relevant professional experience
  • Two or three reference letters
  • A letter from an academic who has agreed to be your supervisor
  • A copy of the receipt showing that you have paid your application fee

Finally, after you must have submitted your documents, a panel will review your documents in line with your stated course of choice in order to endorse your acceptance.

Master’s Degree Program in Europe

Europe is another study destination for prospective Master’s students. Possessing many countries, their schools are top-notch as they crowd the list of the best institutions in the world.

The European Union (EU) has become an organization that seeks to cohabit with the strength of all European countries and build capacity.

For this reason, universities all across Europe complement each other in their areas of strength and weaknesses.

Course Areas

European universities run master’s programs in over 300 courses. However, some of the courses include; energy studies, art studies, administration studies, etc.

The English Language is the most popular while the program can either be taken part-time or full-time depending on the university.

Generally, it takes a minimum of 18 months to complete a master’s program in Europe.

How much does it cost to pursue a master’s program in Europe?

European universities are promising institutions with a perfect blend of practical insight and theoretical excellence. Hence, that looks like it’ll cost a fortune to run a master’s program in Europe.

Contrary to public opinion, it takes about 5,000 to 20,000 pounds to pursue a master’s program in Europe. On the other hand, scholarships are an avenue to reduce or totally eliminate these costs.

So, your dream to study in Europe is viable and rewarding.

How to Apply

The application process for schools in Europe is done online. Therefore, you have to visit the website of your school of choice, fill out the required forms and submit them.

On another hand, you can apply by mail at your university’s desk (this will depend on the type of application process allowed).

Interestingly, you may get an online master’s degree from anywhere in the world.

Master’s Degree program in Africa

Africans have gradually put themselves on the map through continued innovativeness and increased research power.

Universities in Africa have drawn closer to those in America and Europe. Hence, African institutes are a great shot for a master’s program.

Students who want to pursue a master’s program in Africa are open to a range of courses. Specifically, these courses lie within Law, Medicine, Political Science, and Social Sciences.

How long do the master’s degree programs last? Let’s say it doesn’t take more than two years.

How much does it cost to pursue a master’s program in Africa?

Master’s degree programs in Africa are very affordable. For this reason, you can pursue a master’s degree program in any of the exceptional African universities.

However, on average, a master’s degree program in Africa costs between $500 to $2,000 a year.

How to Apply

Like other universities worldwide, the application process for master’s degree students is online.

On the contrary, most schools in Africa operate a system of handwritten applications supported by a transcript.

Master’s Degree program in Australia

Australia or Oceania is a continent which is regarded to have the lowest number of countries.

A low population status nevertheless doesn’t translate to a depleting education strength as Australia continues to do well academically as their countries have reflected improved economic capacity.

As a student seeking to study in Australia, you must prepare to adapt to the harsh weather conditions.

How much does it cost for a master’s program in Australia?

Universities in Australia offer a range of programs in diverse subject areas.

Generally, a master’s program in Australia costs $14,00 to $25,000.

A range of scholarship opportunities that eliminate the financial burden exists. And these scholarships can either be fully or partially funded.

How to apply for a Master’s program in Australia

In general, applying for a master’s degree program in Australia is a very simple process. This is owing to the fact that the application process is largely done online depending on the university.

However, as a general rule, you must present certain documents supporting your application. Hence, they include;

  • A transcript
  • An application form
  • A CV
  • A student visa

Conclusively, you need to ensure that you fulfill all eligibility requirements listed by your school of choice.

Master’s Degree program in Asia

All over the world, Asia is highly respected for its innovativeness in engineering and traditional medicine.

Although a lot of Asian countries haven’t totally embraced western education, countries like China have measured very high growth levels.

As a master’s student, Asian schools give you an opportunity to practice and learn. Furthermore, you get to practice whatever religion you choose.

How much does it cost to pursue a master’s program in Asia?

Truthfully, it cost some money to study in Asia. And the underlying reason is the increased population which has given rise to standard institutes.

On average with $35,000, you can carry out a master’s program in Singapore. How long will the master’s degree program last? It takes less than two years.

How can I apply for a master’s degree program in Asia?

Application for master’s degree programs in Asia is generally done online.

Hence, you will need to search for the school of your choice using your local browser and fill out the application form online.

On the other hand, some institutions will request you submit a handwritten application letter. Whichever way, it all leads to the same result.

Conclusively, you need to have all supporting documents and be ready to sponsor yourself in the absence of an Asian scholarship.

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How do I pay for a Master’s Degree?

Master’s degrees are run both online and offline. Therefore, the payment option will depend on the university.

Currently, there are two payment options that institutions use; credit card and bank transactions.

Online master’s degree programs use card transactions as it’s the easiest avenue for students worldwide to access. Moreso, it’s the same system used in paying for academic materials.

In summary, while researching your future institution for the master’s degree program, learn about their payment systems.

How many credit hours is a master’s degree?

Master degree programs run across a plethora of subject areas. Hence, each required a certain level of dedicated hours.

However, on average, it takes 36-54 hours of study to complete a master’s program.

Cheapest Master’s Degree Institutions

This list of the cheapest master’s degree institutions contains schools from all over the world chosen based on the cost of tuition.

Hence, these institutions include;

  • Texas Woman’s University
  • The University of Wyoming
  • West Texas A&M University
  • New Mexico State University
  • University of West Georgia
  • Fort Hays State University
  • Texas A&M Commerce

Texas Women’s University

Tuition: $693 per hour

Texas Woman’s University is a co-educational university with health science branches.

Hence, as an interested master’s student, you get to study in different areas from nursing, social sciences & visual arts.

The campus has different locations in Dallas, Houston, and McKinney. Furthermore, they also run online master’s programs.

Application for the master’s program is done online.

Visit School

University of Wyoming

Tuition: $16,009 per semester

Founded in March 1886, UW is a public research university.

An acceptance rate of 95% and a student-faculty ratio of 15:1 exhibit their organization and commitment to excellence.

UW runs over 90 graduate programs. In essence, they have eight colleges that run these programs.

In summary, the application for admission is done online through the student portal.

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West Texas A&M University

Tuition: $80 per credit hour

WT is a public research university located in Texas, U.S.A. Therefore, it stands out as one of the best universities in Texas.

In UW, there are over 40 graduate programs with a range of courses to study. Hence, to get admitted into these graduate programs, you need to fulfill standard requirements.

As a student, you’re open to financial aid, and you can apply.

In conclusion, the application process for admission is done online.

New Mexico State University

Tuition: $236 per credit

Founded in 1888, it is the oldest public institution in New Mexico.

Generally, NMSU runs over 30 graduate programs and is recognized by the U.S as one of the top-tier universities.

An amazing campus setting in addition to a well-structured academic program ensures excellence is delivered to the students.

In summary, application into this university is done online as you get to choose whether you want an online or offline program.

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University of West Georgia

Tuition: $17,962 per year

UWG is a public research university located in Carrollton, Georgia. Furthermore, UWG is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. In Georgia, they are regarded as the sixth-largest public university.

UWG has six colleges in addition to a school of nursing. Essentially, these colleges run arts, social sciences, humanities programs, etc.

A record freshman GPA connotes excellence and high educational standards. Additionally, over 1,000 students get full or part-time employment after graduation.

In conclusion, you can pick up the application form online at the admissions portal.

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Fort Hays State University

Tuition: $609.77 per credit

Fort Hays State University is committed to excellence and improving educational standards. Maybe that’s why their tuition fees are scaled to accommodate students in their programs.

Basically, this school possesses such a strong academic vision as special interest is paid to students with a strong desire to learn and improve.

In summary, you can apply to enter any of the amazing programs offered by the school after fulfilling the admission requirements.

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Texas A&M Commerce

Tuition: $14,128 per year

Texas A&M Commerce

Tuition: $14,128 per year

Texas A&M University of Commerce is a public research university. Essentially, they’re well known for heavily investing in commerce and business.

In this institute, the duration for a master’s program is 18 months as students have access to diverse funding opportunities.

Additionally, the application is online as a help desk assistant will put you through the process.

In summary, this is a great place to further a financial career path.

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A Master’s degree is the correct way of spelling it out. Without the apostrophe, it means something else.

A master’s degree is a degree awarded to deserving candidates who pass through a master’s program.

Health jobs require a master’s degree. Other career paths include Law and some social sciences.

Earning a master’s degree is an edge in the job hunt but it is not a guarantee that you will land the job.

Few of them have exams but the program is totally a research program. Whether you write an exam or not depends on the school’s requirement.

It takes between 2-3 years to earn a master’s degree.


A master’s degree is a great edge for employability nevertheless it’s not a guarantee.

Of truth, the advantage remains an increased level of knowledge on the subject matter in addition to improved execution methods.

Conclusively, you should consider pursuing your master’s degree program at a good university of your choice.


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