20 Online Masters in Political Science Programs 

In this turbulent political climate in the world, there is more interest in achieving higher degrees in the political arena. Many schools coordinate their study programs with the growing, current interests of their applicants, which has led to Online Master in Political Science Programs.

Many students choose distance learning as a means to achieve a higher degree in political science, but an Online Masters in Political Science can have a wide range of specialist areas of interest.

In this piece, we will discuss the 20 Online Masters in Political Science Programs in 2023.

What is Political Science all about?

Political science is the multidisciplinary branch of the social sciences that deals with studying the theory and practice of politics in different government systems, as well as with the way in which wealth and resources are distributed among the citizens.

The field of political science can be further subdivided into niche subjects such as comparative politics, international relations, public administration, and global health.

In the course of their work, political scientists exhaust history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics and other social science disciplines that relate to politics and government, but also to law, ethics, policy, and advocacy.

What is a Masters in Political Science?

A master’s in political science, politics or government can open the door to jobs in a very competitive market. Most graduated political science programs are designed to equip students with knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of government and society in our modern times.

Courses generally include comparative politics, international relations, and security issues. Online masters in political science programs are available for those who have to keep a balance with work, life, and educational obligations.

Some of the most valued institutions now offer online graduate degrees in political science or related programs.

Masters programs often enable students to focus their studies on a specialized area of ​​political science, such as comparative politics, political economics or global relations.

Those who obtain a diploma specialization are highly qualified to enter the workforce and look for vacancies within their area of ​​expertise.

Benefits of Online Masters in Political Science

Many of today’s students choose to do their Masters in Political Sciences online rather than in a classroom. Web-based students follow the same rigorous curricula as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, leading to a similar number of post-graduation job openings.

The asynchronous (or at your own pace) format of most online Masters courses in political science is also ideal for students with other obligations that interfere with campus education, such as part-time work or family obligations.

Masters in political science online programs offer a flexible, user-friendly alternative to traditional post-secondary education.
Students can download course lectures and lectures, participate in virtual discussions with other students, submit written assignments, take exams and communicate with their professors according to their own schedules.

Current technology also allows them to study away from their home computer using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other portable devices with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Online masters in political science programs are available for those who have to keep a balance with work, life, and educational obligations.

Some of the most valued institutions now offer online graduate degrees in political science or related programs.

Which Schools Offer Online Masters in Political Science?

The previous list represents the 20 most Online Masters degrees in political science.

#1 Sul Ross State University

Online Masters Degree in Political Science

An excellent higher education, Sul Ross State University has small classes and well-completed courses. For those seeking a future in political science, Sul Ross has several options in the field of behavioral and social sciences; below the degrees of the department is an online graduate in political science.

The political sciences prepare students for education, research, government administration, and more. Distance learning students have the option of obtaining their diploma 100% online, or in a campus / online hybrid structure.

The majority of the Sul Ross State faculty has doctorate level degrees in their field.

Program tuition: $483.00 per credit hour

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#2 Sam Houston State University

Online Masters of Arts in Political Science

One of the largest schools in Texas, Sam Houston State University has an ever-increasing enrollment and graduate success.
This popular college has a 100% online master’s degree in political science; these 30-36 credit programs can be completed on a thesis or a non-thesis track, depending on the preference of the student.

This online political science mast is suitable for recent graduates of universities or for the promotion of career professionals. Political science courses include American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and thesis.

Sam Houston’s online programs are highly praised for their value and strong academics.

Program tuition: $387.00 per credit hour

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#3 Liberty University

Online MS in Political Science

As a Christian institution, Liberty University is a popular school for both on-campus and online students. Liberty’s online Masters in Political Science is a challenging program led by experts from the field.

Students usually complete the Political Science MS within eighteen months, completing courses in economics, public policy, political philosophy, international diplomacy, and more.

Program tuition: $565.00 per credit hour

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#4 Eastern Carolina University

Online MS in Political Science

Eastern Carolina University, founded almost a century ago, is a renowned, community-oriented institution. Among the many academic offers of the ECU is a distance learning program; this program has an online master of science in security studies, a diploma that is found within the political science department.

This online MS specializes in its curriculum in foundations, policy, and practice of security investigations, national security policy, and much more. ECU appreciates an interdisciplinary approach to courses, guaranteeing maximum versatility in the field.

Program tuition: $700.00 per credit hour

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#5 Bellevue University

Online Political Science Masters

Flexible, affordable and popular with many types of students, Bellevue University has an extensive selection of courses. For students who want to get their political sciences, Bellevue has an online master of science in intelligence and security studies; this online program for political sciences is best suited for those interested in the national and international intelligence community.

Students enrolled in this specialized degree complete field-related internships and complete the curriculum in comparative intelligence, foreign policy, comparative politics, post-conflict politics, and much more.

Program tuition: $575.00 per credit hour.

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#6 University of West Florida

Online Masters Degree in Political Sciences

Retirement from the University of Florida, based on Pensacola offers dynamic, engaging academic programs. UWF distance learning department contains one of the best online masters in political science; this degree may be specialized in political science alone, or insecurity and diplomacy.

The 33-credit MA political science online focuses on comparative politics, international relations, and public policy.
Online political science students follow the asynchronous course offer, which means that they attend live lectures simultaneously with their classmates.

Program tuition: $1,024.00 per credit hour (out-of-state)

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#7 Western New Mexico University

Online MA in Political Science

The college of choice for more than 3,500 students, Western New Mexico University has a degree in 70 study areas.
WNMU offers a unique MA in interdisciplinary studies; this online degree has a concentration in political science, a program that examines American constitutional development, Latin American politics, comparative political analysis and more.

Online political science MA students can complete their studies with a thesis or an extensive exam. West New Mexico students have received high praise for affordability, faculty, flexibility and other areas.

Program tuition: $330.00 per credit hour

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#8 American Public University

Online Masters Degree in Political Sciences

A 100% online school, American Public University is especially popular with working adult students. APU’s online political science master’s degree is a 36-credit, two-year degree; this degree can be started monthly and offers maximum flexibility for incoming students.

The cheap online political science master has concentration options in general studies, American politics, and government, comparative government, and development, international relations or public policy; depending on the chosen concentration, the curriculum of the study covers both core areas and specialized thematic areas.

APU has an attractive online classroom and attentive student facilities.

Program tuition: $350.00 per credit hour

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#9 Southern New Hampshire University

Online Master of Science in political sciences

Both affordable and flexible, Southern New Hampshire University has become popular with adult students. SNHU has excellent training courses, one of which is a top online MS in political science.

The twelve-fold Master of Science is in line with the Principles of the American Political Science Association (APSA) for Graduate Education in Political Science; this points to the same weight in analysis and human political experience.

Graduates of the SNHU political sciences program move on to careers in political campaigns, urban planning, immigration, intelligence analysis, lobbying, mediation, and many other settings.

Program tuition: $627.00 per credit hour

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#10 University of Illinois at Springfield

Online MA in Political Science

The University of Illinois at Springfield is a diverse, close-knit community that encourages learning together. Among the online degrees of this school is an MA in political science. Students in the political science program can opt for concentrations in American national and state politics, comparative politics, international relations or public law;

This 40-hour graduate is suitable for those looking for a career in politics, education, law, and related fields. UIS online faculty is the same as their campus tenure faculty, ensuring control of the curriculum and available resources of the university.

Program tuition: $362.00 per credit hour

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#11 University of Norwich

Online Masters in Political Science: MA in diplomacy

The nation’s oldest private military university, Norwich University, values ​​rigorous academics, loyalty, and trust. For students looking for an online Masters in Political Science, Norwich offers an MA diplomacy of eighteen months; this challenging course offers courses in the history of diplomacy, law and the international system, intercultural management, economics and more.

Norwich’s diplomacy master concludes with a compulsory campus residence; this residence serves as an opportunity to make contact with peers, networks and attend the closing ceremonies. Norwich has a diverse faculty of instructors, all of whom have expertise in this area.

Program tuition: $750.00 per credit hour

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#12 Central Michigan University

Online Masters in Political Sciences

A nationally respected institution, Central Michigan University is a vast academic opportunity. This popular college offers more than 300 academic programs, many of which can be achieved through distance learning.

CMU has online masters in public administration, a diploma suitable for those who want an affordable political science online; this top science master includes courses in public policy, organizational theory, program analysis, public service, among others.

As an added benefit, online public administration students complete a practical internship in government and politics.

Program tuition: $575.00 per credit hour

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#13 University of Nebraska in Omaha

Masters program in Political Sciences online

Affordable and military-friendly, the University of Nebraska in Omaha has a high-performing faculty and students. The online masters of political science are an interdisciplinary degree and students can choose a specialization or non-dissertation track.

Students in political sciences have the option to focus on international affairs or add graduate certificates for intelligence and national security or general information options.

Students usually complete the top scientists in political science within two years, and Omaha accepts 12 approved transfer credits.

Program tuition: $400.00 per credit hour

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#14 Northeastern University

Online Political Science Masters: Global Studies and International Relations

Among the nation’s most respected institutions, Northeastern University is among the best in academics. For students with an internationally oriented degree, Northeastern has a 100% online MS in global studies and international relations; this degree is an excellent option for online Masters of Political Sciences, especially those who want to further specialize in their careers.

Northeastern has an extensive global network and offers promising connections in the field study, post-graduation placement, consultancy and much more.

Program tuition: $22,061.00

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#15 Virginia Tech

Masters in Political Science Online

One of the most respected schools in the country, Virginia Tech receives accolades for its faculty and academic excellence. This institute has a ratio of students to faculty of 17:1, which gives students personal teaching experience.

Virginia Tech online courses are becoming increasingly popular, including a top political science master online; VT founded this degree of political science in 1969 and has since developed his curriculum to reflect current theories and career prospects.

Graduates of VT’s political science masters find online careers in government agencies, research institutes, political organizations, and non-profit organizations, among other relevant environments.

Program tuition: $1,595.00 per credit hour

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#16 Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Online Masters in Government – Political theory

Regent University offers an affordable, accredited and fully online Master’s degree in government that helps its students to equip the skills and knowledge needed to take on managerial positions in the public sector.

Viewed from a Christian perspective, the program offers courses in areas such as constitutional law, public policy initiatives, foreign policy, and American political thinking.

Each course lasts eight weeks and students can also start their studies on one of the eight starting dates throughout the year.
Candidates must have an undergraduate degree, although Regent does not require prospective students to submit scores for entrance exams.

Graduate Tuition Fee/Cost: $1,167

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#17 Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio

Online Masters in American History and Government

Ashland University offers an online graduate degree program that appeals to online political science master’s degree-seeking students.

The program focuses on the study of history and government and is intended for busy and working students who have the desire to give social studies or work in different government agencies.

There are 15-months and 27-month delivery times available, depending on whether the student wants to go full-time or part-time.

Online courses include civil war and reconstruction, gender and equality in America, the American Revolution and the rise of modern America from 1914-1945.

Graduate Tuition Fee/Cost: $5,713

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#18 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Online Masters in Public Administration

University of North Carolina offers an online MPA that can be attractive to people interested in online master in political education programs.

The web-based program format is perfect for working students or students looking for a balance between life obligations and education. Students get access to courses on their own schedules instead of attending traditional classes on campus.

While the course focuses on public administration, electives allow students to explore areas of government, economic development, and political theory.

Online courses can include professional communication, public administration and values, and leadership of public services.

Graduate Tuition Fee/Cost: $11,074

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#19 Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Online master in public policy

For those interested in an online Masters in Political Science or related courses, Walden University offers a Masters in Government Policy that deals with public policy issues and the challenges that government agencies face.

All classes are delivered online and given by university professors. A number of specializations have also been designed to help students achieve their career goals.

Some of the specializations include global leadership, health policy, law and public policy, local government management, and terrorism.

In recent years, Walden has received recognition from important publications such as the American news and the world report. In fact, many of the school’s master’s degrees are ranked.

Graduate Tuition Fee/Cost: $12,609

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#20 University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida

Online Masters in Political Science

At the University of West Florida, students can obtain their Masters in political science online or on campus. However, the online program includes synchronous courses, which means that you have to participate in lectures and discussions at specific times per week.

In addition to lectures in areas such as comparative politics and international relations, students can also choose to study research methods to prepare for writing a dissertation on a topic related to political theory or a public policy issue.

Students who opt-out of the dissertation option can choose from a rich list of electives or pursue a formal concentration in the field of security and diplomacy. To apply, you must have a Bachelor’s degree and submit GRE scores.

Graduate Tuition Fee / Cost: $9,062

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What Jobs and Salary can I get with an Online Political Science degree?

Just like the unemployment figures and the expected job prospects, the salary potential for someone with a master’s degree in political science will often come down to their specific position.

Other factors to consider are the level of experience, employer size, and city/state of employment.

Those who have a Masters in Political Science are qualified for dozens of top-level jobs once they have completed their education, although individual suitability may depend on specialization areas.

1. Political Scientists:

political scientists investigate the creation, development and current state of different government systems. They study history, current events, political trends and statistics to support their theories and often publish their work and present findings at professional conferences.

It can reward you with a median annual salary of $99,730.

2. Political Science Teachers (Post-Secondary):

Political Science is widely taught in US colleges and universities, primarily at the level of non-graduates. Teachers often lead courses related to their field (s) and can also independently conduct scientific research and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals.

You can receive a median annual salary of $94,090.

3. Public Relations Specialists:

PR specialists (PR specialists for short) are responsible for cultivating a positive image for individuals and organizations they represent.

They often prepare press releases, schedule public speaking engagements, reach out to journalists and monitor social media activities related to their clients.

The average annual salary can be as high as $56,770.

4. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers:

PR and fundraising managers create promotional materials and ensure secure financing for individuals and organizations they represent.

In politics, this staff often works for candidates, elected officials, advocacy groups, and other entities with a stake in the US government.

The average annual salary can be as high as $104,140.


Masters in political science online programs offer a flexible, user-friendly alternative to traditional post-secondary education.

This post contains the 20 best schools to obtain an online masters in political science around the world. If your dream is to badge a masters in political science, you should consider these schools.


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