How to Become a Motivational Speaker In Less Time

When you think of motivational speakers, what comes to mind? Mind shapers right? Well, you can think of the self-help gurus that tell you how to channel your inner self or visualize your path to success.

Whatever you envision, remember you can become a motivational speaker just by learning the procedure in less time.

Although motivational speakers can offer presentations and speeches on any subject, what counts is your passion for the subject you are addressing. Basically one can become a motivational speaker by developing your message, reviewing your public speaking skills and promoting your speaking skills.

The business of speaking can be a bit difficult to enter. But once you have some paid concerts under your belt, you will probably start taking advantage of more lucrative opportunities.

This read will provide you with rich step-by-step procedures on how to become a motivational speaker in less time.

Who is a Motivational Speaker?

A motivational speaker, also known as an inspiring speaker, is someone who delivers speeches with the intention of motivating or inspiring people in the audience.

Usually, he or she has a reputation as an expert in the subject under discussion and will encourage the audience to look at things from a different perspective and be more attentive to their own talents and abilities.

What do Motivational Speakers Do?

In addition to being able to speak clearly, inspiring speakers need to know the needs of their audiences. They should be able to keep the public engaged, familiar with speech techniques to stay focused and answer questions comfortably.

They must also have a good presence on stage and be able to use reasonable arguments and able to remain energetic during meetings.

The ultimate goal of a motivational speaker is to profoundly change people on an emotional and/or mental level and help them make some kind of professional or personal change in their lives and within themselves.

Naturally, people tend to focus on all their problems. The motivational speaker will help an audience focus on the many opportunities, using any amount of persuasive speech tactics to inspire and motivate. Some speakers may be hired to speak as special guests, and others travel through a planned circuit of oratory commitments.

The most popular motivational speakers can also write and sell inspirational books, DVDs and appear on television. Almost all motivational speakers relate their own experience to an audience, which means they can come from any background and use that information to inspire others.

Not everyone evaluates their meaningful life experiences to determine if those experiences could be useful for others. A motivating speaker is constantly reflecting on his own life to see what information would be useful for his audience or clients.

They speak in a variety of places like schools, corporate boardrooms, community centers, and conferences.

What areas of motivational speaking can I take on?

There are a few motivational speakers within different areas of expertise:

Personal development

This is the type of speaker that is usually thought of when “motivational speaker” is mentioned. They inspire and guide listeners to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

They can give lectures on motivation, inspiration or overcoming adversity, which helps people take action and view the world or their situation from a new perspective.


This type of speaker offers encouragement and guidance to business teams at different levels, from sellers to executive directors. Business speakers usually have business experience and can share their success stories (and failures).

They cultivate enthusiasm, help teams develop a common goal, and inspire them to improve their work.

Youth Mentorship

The goal of a youth mentor is to give children positive guidance and a sense of direction in their formative years.

They hope to inspire young people to lead healthy, ambitious lives, including topics such as taking school seriously, finding their calling in life, studying hard, and learning to interact with others healthily.

They can appeal to young people at schools, churches, community centers, and various other locations. This is why it’s important to understand how to become a youth motivational speaker.


This type of speaker gives motivating discussions about important social and social issues. Their goal is to educate the public and give them the power to take positive action, or they can give a speech that brings people together for a good cause.

Many motivational speakers start by managing the business side of their career, handling tasks such as marketing, books, writing contracts, and collecting payments.

As they begin to find success, speakers can hire an agent or publicist to take on some of these responsibilities for them. Other successful speakers sign with speaker desks.

Event organizers often work with speaker desks to find speakers for a conference or other occasion, and the speaker bureau will connect them with a client who suits them well.

How do I Become a Certified Motivational Speaker?

Here is the step by step procedures on how to become a Motivational Speaker; these processes have being tested and proven effective over the years, and is recommended for anyone who intends to pursue a career in motivational speaking.

Start Speaking in Public

Although most motivational speakers are experts, not all experts can become motivational speakers, especially if they do not have strong public speaking skills. Individuals can speak in public by following formal lessons on the subject.

Public courses offered by colleges or other schools can provide information about persuasive speeches, recording body language, the use of technology, and asking questions to the public.

There are also organizations and clubs that focus on helping people become better speakers. Some of these organizations are meant to help people improve their speaking skills in the workplace, but many of those lessons apply to people who want to become professional inspirational speakers.

In many of these organizations, people learn how to talk better by practicing consistently and receive constructive criticism from other members while learning how to become a motivational speaker, especially for youths.

Read, view and listen to other motivational speakers

Familiarize yourself with the work of other motivational speakers and see if there is something that resonates more with you than others.

Consider the content of their speeches and the way they make it while exposing yourself to different motivational speakers.

• Try to watch TED Talks or YouTube videos from motivational speeches.
• Read books, articles, and blogs written by motivational speakers.
• View motivational podcasts.

Write down all your ideas as materials

In following the process on how to become a motivational speaker, try to describe the message that you want to convey through your speaking engagements. Which topic do you want to focus on? Career? Proportions? Spirituality?

What is your focus on this area? Entrepreneurship? Wedding? Parenthood? Christianity? Buddhism?

Write down as many ideas as you can imagine and keep adding to your notes over time.

Take communication courses

Although a degree in communication is not required for a seminar speaker, public speaking skills are needed. Many colleges and universities offer courses for public speaking in their communication programs.

These programs can include other relevant courses such as mass media, journalism, and non-verbal communication. Some schools offer these courses and programs online.

Build up experience

Inspiring speakers need practical experience to develop their style and presentation. Professionals without previous public speaking experience may consider volunteering to speak at local events or during business meetings.

Healthcare professionals can also volunteer at schools, charities, or community centers.


Start working in the field

After building up sufficient experience, people can charge money for speaking at events. Some inspiring speakers organize their own seminars, including advertising, renting a location, and collecting processing fees.

Other inspiring speakers prefer employment at events organized by event coordinators. People who are experts in their field may not need previous public speaking experience to work as inspirational speakers. Still, the experience can help professionals to feel more comfortable with crowds.

Become an expert

In this context, “expert” is a general term that describes a person with significant life experience or academic education. Often people get immersive life experiences by chance, but not everyone evaluates those experiences to determine if the lessons they contain could be used to help others.

Motivational speakers regularly evaluate themselves so that they can pass on all useful information to their audience or customers. Common motivational life stories can discuss family relationships, overcome an addiction, treat racial problems, or possibly consist of stories about positive personal growth.

Individuals can also become experts through academic training and work experience. Becoming an expert in a specific area often involves attending a university, developing a wide range of skills, earning degrees, and working at one or more jobs.
Well, some career fields would require on-the-job training, but not all fields require college degrees. Professional experts often use their knowledge to find innovative ways to solve problems.

Many also try new approaches and continue to learn about their field. They then talk about what they have learned during speaking engagements.

Get Certified

Motivational speakers can prove their professionalism by becoming certified. Different organizations offer different types of programs for public speaking and leadership certification.

To become certified, people may need to follow training lessons and speak on several live assignments.

Certification as a professional speaker is voluntary and can improve an aspiring seminar speaker’s credibility and employment opportunities.

Hopeful, motivating speakers must determine their field of study, gain speaking experience, take communication lessons, become a member of a professional speaker association and become certified.

Publish your speeches

Many inspiring speakers write books or blogs. Sometimes people only become inspiring speakers after they have published their works and been asked to speak at events.

Using online platforms for blogs, inspiring speakers can also promote themselves and develop a strong following of fans.

Join an agency

Various agencies specialize in connecting conference organizers with motivational speakers. Joining one or more of these agencies can help motivate speakers to find more employment.

In addition, several agencies are willing to handle negotiation costs, event planning, and other relevant details, allowing professionals to concentrate most of their time on their speeches and presentations. J

Join Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International is an organization in the United States where aspiring speaker can gain experience in speaking with a group and also receive feedback on their presentation from other participants to improve their techniques.

Where can I work as a motivational speaker?

Motivational speakers work irregular hours depending on their speaking engagements, travel requirements, and how much time they need to write or refine their speeches.

There is a lot of demand for highly successful speakers. They are usually asked to present at conferences and events around the world. This means that they can have very tough travel schedules.

The task does not always stop when the conference speaking event is over. Many successful motivational speakers also write books, produce seminars, videos or podcasts, and can also appear on television.

How much does a motivational speaker earn?

The most-requested speakers can earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per appearance, but in most cases, these speakers were known for other reasons before they entered the field of public speaking.

For example, well-paid speakers can be best-selling authors, executives of large companies, politicians, actors or athletes.

Motivational speakers who are not celebrities often earn less for their appearance. Speakers just starting can speak for free to build a network, but more experienced speakers can cost a few thousand to 10 or 20 thousand dollars per appearance.

Motivational speakers can start their careers and earn $200 per speech. As they build a motivating reputation, they can earn $2,000 to $10,000 per performance.

Some motivational speakers win more than $200,000 annually with speaking and product sales. Most of these keynote speakers earn more than $5,000 per presentation.

On average, most earn $44,000 a year. However, motivational speakers’ salary depends on their name, expertise, niche, experience, and message.

Motivational Speakers may also become counselors: See the best Counseling Schools in the World.

Are there Schools for Motivational Speakers?

Yes, individuals looking at becoming motivational speakers can attend schools for motivational speakers. Although most public-speaking schools are private, profit-making companies, they are not degree-giving institutions. Some non-profit member organizations offer courses in public; these, too, are not granting institutions.

Sometimes, the courses you take through these organizations may be transferred to a traditional post-secondary institution for a diploma or a continuing education credit.

Courses offered by profit-making schools are generally seminars that last no more than a few days. Typical courses or topics that may be covered may include presentations, voice training, delivery, fluency theory, speech organization, visual aids, and leadership training.

There is currently no traditional school that speaks a diploma in public. However, you can find public courses in various programs that lead to degrees in many other concentrations.

In regards to that, there are a couple of schools that offer certificates and training programs on motivational speaking; Here are the schools that offer Motivational speaking as a course;

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University is a private, non-profit university in Santa Barbara, California, founded in 1974.

In short, this coaching school allows students to take credits and transfer credits from one school to another school. More than 1,000 students also take lessons from Fielding Graduate University.

Programs offered: It also offers a certificate program.
Cost: $8,640 (Tuition only)

School Link


IPEC has been around for over ten years and has classes offered throughout the United States, as well as offers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the EU.

Most of the time, the program at this best life coaching school begins by providing the basis for life coaching. After that, students will now have the option of developing specialized knowledge for themselves.

This process is called Energy Leadership. Therefore, it is about understanding and changing your energy so that you can reach your goals and reach your potential in life and, of course, do the same with your clients.

The IPEC begins with online education classes for more than 350 hours of modules. However, students complete most of their online programs and can attend live conferences in one of the 16 training locations.

In addition, this life training school offers a training program, although its tuition and fees are $ 9895.

Programs offered: It offers a certificate program.
Cost: $8,640 (Tuition only)

School Link

Gestalt Institute

The Gestalt Institute is a private and non-profit school that offers a dynamic, holistic, and creative approach to coaching. The training program at this school takes two years to complete.

However, once a student completes the program, the person will be eligible to apply for the ICF and CCE certification to become a board-certified coach. Then, if the student succeeds, he/she obtains the Gestalt Professional Certified Coach (GPCC) certification.

Programs offered: It offers a training program.
Cost: $9,850 (Tuition only )

School Link

Leadership Coaching Academy

The Leadership Coaching Academy and NLP is a private international development and leadership training company. In addition, the ALCN is mainly formed to support and train leaders, coaches, and companies worldwide.

This best school for life training offers a training program that takes two years to complete. Therefore, the programs include the following:

  • Leadership Retreats
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • NLP Foundation Program
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • NLP Master Practitioner

However, these programs are primarily for managers, entrepreneurs, political leaders, and others who wish to improve and increase their leadership and coaching skills.

Programs offered: Training program
Cost: $9,995

School Link

Coaching Training Institute (CTI)

The Coaching Training Institute (CTI) is a private and for-profit institution founded in 1992 by three of the first visionaries recognized in coaching and motivational speaking.

These people are Laura Whitworth, Karen, and Henry Kimsey-House. In addition, his collaboration with Thomas Leonard led to the foundation of coaching as an industry.

The study duration in this best life training school is 2 years. CTI also offers a training program, and the cost is $11,200.

Programs offered: Training program.
Cost: $11,140

School Link

What Degree Can I Get to Become a Motivational Speaker?

Motivational speakers must not complete a specific degree or training program to prepare for their careers. Still, they must have a unique perspective to share and a talent for communication and interaction with an audience.

Successful speakers advise you to start developing your unique idea or passion. Determine which expertise, experiences and perspectives you can share and which type of audience can benefit the most.

Although you may have expertise and experience to share on a specific topic, you may need to do some independent research or talk to other experts to build a stronger knowledge base in your field.

Motivational speakers must be able to fill a long presentation with original, fascinating ideas, and it may take some time to write a speech that will attract customers.

You can improve your writing skills by following a creative writing course or by participating in a creative writing workshop in your area. Creative writing courses and workshops can help you improve your writing skills and get valuable feedback on your work.

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Are there any certification or licensure requirements?

There are no state permit requirements for motivational speakers, but there are some voluntary certifications that you can earn.

The National Speakers Association in the United States offers the Certified Speaking Professional designation to speakers who meet experience and revenue standards and can make recommendations to customers.

The National Speakers Association also evaluates recordings of the presentations of CSP candidates to determine if they are eligible for the appointment.

How long do I have to study as a motivational speaker?

Although there are no training programs you must complete before starting this profession, it can take years for motivational speakers to develop their presentations and attract the attention of potential paying customers.

What are the job prospects for motivational speakers?

Motivational speakers are often hired to speak at companies, conferences, and schools, so the number of opportunities available and the compensation for those opportunities may depend on the current market and the organizers’ budgets.

The prospects for motivational speakers should improve now that the economy is improving. New speakers may have difficulty breaking through the field because earning commissions often depends on the reputation and audience you have built.

The rise of social media can help new speakers build a name because every platform for social media, such as blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, offers an opportunity to attract an audience.

Motivating speakers who build a strong reputation can demand higher costs for speaking engagements and engagements at more prestigious conferences and events.

The demand for presentations by an inspiring speaker is highly dependent on factors such as the subject, the interest of the audience in the field, the ability of the individual to speak and their experience as a speaker.

The potential for income is large, but starting as an inspiring speaker can be extremely difficult.


Motivational speakers encourage individuals to grow in their careers and personal lives, hence taking it upon themselves to help people improve the quality of their lives through their speeches and stories.

This has made motivational speaking a lucrative and fulfilling career to pursue. Give it a try.



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