How To Play Background Music On Zoom

To play background music on Zoom, follow these steps

  1. Launch the Zoom desktop application and start a meeting.
  2. Hover over the video feed and click the ‘Share screen’ button at the bottom of the app.
  3. In the pop-up window, select the ‘Advanced’ tab, then click the ‘Music or computer sound only’ button.
  4. This will pick any sound or music coming from your device.
  5. Now go to your music app to share your most preferred song. Note: It’s advisable to keep the music app volume at 25% so it won’t disturb participants in the meeting.


How do you make people hear your music in Zoom?

To make people hear your music on Zoom, launch a meeting and go to share your screen, as normal. Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the window and click on the Music or Computer Sound Only button. Once this is done, Zoom will share whatever audio your computer is playing. You can now go ahead and play some music on your favourite music app—Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube—it doesn’t matter.

Can you play music with others on Zoom?

Yes, you can play music with others on Zoom. To do so, open the Zoom app, share your screen, select the advanced tab and click on the “Music or Computer Sound” tab. From there, you can select “Music” and choose which audio source you would like to use. You can also invite others to join your session and listen to music together.

How do you play music in the background of a Zoom call?

To play music in the background of a Zoom call, you must first share the screen, then from the advanced options, select music and computer sound. After this, you can go ahead and enjoy your most preferred music.

How do you play music on Zoom while someone else is sharing?

To play music as a co-host on Zoom, while the host is sharing, play music on Zoom while someone else is sharing, you first need to make sure that your computer’s audio is not muted. Then, you can either use the built-in audio player or an external media player to play your music. To use the built-in audio player, click on the Audio icon in the bottom toolbar and select the music you want to play.

Why does Zoom mute my music?

Zoom may mute your music for a few reasons:

1. The sound of your music is too loud and is interfering with the sound of the meeting.
2. Your music is copyrighted material and Zoom is not authorized to play it.
3. You have a background noise setting enabled that is drowning out the voices of other participants.

Can I listen to Spotify while on Zoom?

Yes, you Can listen to Spotify while on Zoom. To do this; under Advanced you will see 3 options. Select the Computer Sound Only option at the top of your zoom screen (indicating that you are sharing your audio). Now that you are sharing the computer sound, you can play music on your favourite music player like Spotify, Apple Music, and so on.

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