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The Irish American Home Society is happy to announce that the application for as many as four (4) annual scholarships is part of the Irish American Home Scholarship. These Irish Decent Scholarships are for Irish American students, so If you are eligible for the scholarship, APPLY NOW immediately.

The Irish American Scholarship is for the Irish American Home Society’s members or sons or daughters.

This post gives you a clearer understanding and information about the Yazd scholarship and how you can apply successfully.

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All You Need To Know About The Irish American Home Scholarship

Level/Fields of study

The Irish Decent Scholarships are open to high school senior(s) intending to enroll as full-time undergraduate students and to full-time undergraduate student(s).

Host Nationality

This scholarship for Irish American students is hosted in the USA. If you are an international student and wish to study in the US, this is a list of USA scholarships.

Eligible Nationality:

The eligible nation for the Scholarship is Irish Americans. Take a look at a list of scholarships to study abroad.

Scholarship Worth

The Irish descent scholarship is worth

Twelve-hundred Dollar ($1,200.00) Scholarships to high school senior(s) intending to matriculate as full-time undergraduate students at an accredited college or university awarding an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.

Twelve-hundred Dollar ($1,200.00) Scholarships to full-time undergraduate student(s) currently attending an accredited university or college and continuing for at least one or more academic years.


Candidates qualifying for this scholarship must be members or sons or daughters of “Members in good standing” (dues paid to date) of the Irish American Home Society. This membership must be active for the past three years for eligibility.

An applicant for the scholarship will be judged on membership years, scholarship, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and essays submitted.

Through this program, the Irish American Home Society seeks students who understand/ appreciate their heritage, show an appreciation of the value of an education, and are willing to work to achieve success.

In addition to the application form, please submit the following:

 High School Senior

1.  Official school transcript including first-semester senior grades, class rank, and College Board scores.

2.  Activity sheet including all extracurricular activities such as sports, class involvement, club involvement, and community service.

3.  Two (2) letters of recommendation. One must be from a high school principal, counselor, or faculty member, and the second from anyone of your choice (not a family member).

4.  Essay.

 College Student 

1.  Official transcript of courses completed, including cumulative point ratio.

2.  Activity sheet (same as item 2 for High School Seniors).

3.  Two letters of recommendation, one from an individual associated with your college/university

     and one from a person of your choice (not a family member).

4.  Essay.

A previous High School Scholarship winner IS NOT eligible for a college scholarship.
A previous College Scholarship winner IS NOT eligible for a second scholarship.

How To Apply for Irish Decent Scholarships

Submit Completed applications and all supporting materials to the email.

Contact: Jim Moriarty, Scholarship Chair 860-563-0804 or [email protected]

Deadline For The Irish American Home Scholarship

The deadline for submitting completed applications and all supporting materials is May 1, annually. Applications postmarked after May 1, annually, will be rejected.

The scholarship will be awarded at the June assembly of the IAHS.

Click Here to download the Scholarship Application (PDF)
Click Here to download the Scholarship Application (MS Word)


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