Kharazmi University Scholarships for International Students in Iran, 2018

Applications are invited for Kharazmi University Scholarships. These scholarships provide the financial grant to the selected number of academically eligible foreign students to reduce their academic expenses.

If English is not your first language then you will need to show that your English language skills are at a high enough level to succeed in your studies.

Brief Description

Kharazmi University is a major institution of higher education, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of disciplines. Kharazmi University is considered as the oldest institution of higher education in Iran.

Level/Field of study:

The Scholarships are available for pursuing BA, MSc and PhD programme in the fields of humanities, engineering, basic sciences and art.

Host Nationality:

The scholarship is hosted by the Kharazmi University in Iran.

Eligible Nationality:

Scholarship is open to international students.

Scholarship Benefits:

These opportunities has value that includes

  • Scholarship Type 1 (ISP1): This type of scholarship, known as the KHU scholarship, includes exemptions from paying costs of education and receiving scholarships in the first educational year for students applying for postgraduate and PhD degrees.
    Second Type of Scholarship (ISP2): This scholarship includes a reduction of the academic expenses of foreign students in the first semester; it means that the foreign student by receiving this scholarship, the tuition fees will be decreased by 100% in the first semester (with the exception of the fees of the Persian language course and the dormitory).
  • Third Type of Scholarship (ISP3): This scholarship includes the reduction of the tuition fee for the first year of foreign students by 80 %.
  • Scholarship Type IV (ISP4): It reduces the tuition fees of above mentioned foreign students for 70 percent in the first year, and if their scientific evaluation or research performance is acceptable (at graduate level) during the first year of study at Kharazmi University, their scholarship can be extended by approval of the Scholarships Council of KHU International Cooperation Division.
  • Fifth Type of Scholarship (ISP5): The foreign students will have a reduction of their tuition fee to 60% in the first year of study.
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Scholarship Number:

The number of offers was not specified


The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:
An applicant is eligible for the award of a scholarship in a year if, in that year, the applicant:

  1. Has completed a previous program with honours.
  2. Is enrolled in the first year of a postgraduate program.
  3. Students must meet the required criteria for the Institution.
  4. The candidate must have the necessary grades in the previous degree.

Application Procedure:

Documents Required for the Recruitment of Foreign Students

  • The applicant’s CV in Farsi / Persian or English (mentioning the email address and telephone number of the applicant is necessary.)
  • The application form should be typed and required field of study and degree level as well as the term of study should be mentioned.
  • Refer to the admission menu for foreign students on the KHU website

And filling out the application form of foreign student administration at Kharazmi University (in Persian / Farsi or English) and sending it along with other needed documents

  • A photo that is clearly scanned,
  • For admission to Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees: Scanning the following documents with the marks lists is required as follows:
    Master’s and Bachelor degrees. (For Ph.D. Applicants)
    Bachelor’s degree. (For Applicants of the Master’s Degree)
    (For applicants of undergraduate courses)
    Evidence of adequate Persian language proficiency, if available (for students studying in Persian language).
    Evidence of adequate English language proficiency, if available. (For students studying in English).

How to Apply:

Applicants must receive and complete the scholarship application form (ISP5) from the English website of Kharazmi University under APPLY TO KHU (FORMS) menu and send it with other supporting documents at the KHU email.

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You can begin the application and get more details by clicking the Scholarship Link

Application Deadline:

This scholarship is opened throughout the year.

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