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If you wish to study law abroad and you are from a commonwealth country, the UK should be one of your study destinations.

Even if you are a domestic student living in the UK, there is a need to attend the best law schools to set your career path on a good foundation.

Studying Law programs at United Kingdom universities or colleges provides a comprehensive and critical understanding of the foundational legal principles and practical skills.

Students are taught the content of law and legal analysis, gaining experience and expertise in the areas of mooting, arguing and negotiation.

Mock courtrooms help enhance their learning process, helping them gain some valuable experience in a real-world setting.

So, you will be discovering the best schools in the UK to study law in this article if you can read till the end. You can even scroll the table of contents below to get an overview of what this post entails;

The Law Profession

In addition to the traditional designations such as solicitors and barristers, graduates of Law can find positions with their qualifications in journalism, business, criminology and many more.

Once a student completes an undergraduate Law degree, many of them often opt to study a Masters of Laws postgraduate degree.

Do you intend to obtain a Law degree in the United Kingdom? Well… That’s exactly our main aim in this article and so we’ve made a compilation of the top 21 Law Schools in the United Kingdom.

Top 21 Law Schools in the United Kingdom

Here is the list of the top 21 Law Schools in the United Kingdom.

1. Cardiff Law School

Museum Ave, Cardiff, CF10 3AX, Phone: +44 (0) 29 208 76705

The Cardiff Law School is a very large and well-resourced center of excellence which plays a parental role in serving the University in its mission. It is known to be one of the UK’s leading research institutions.

In both the year 1996 and the year 2002 Research Assessment Exercises, this great Law School was graded ‘5’ confirming the School’s credibility for international excellence.

The School’s international reputation and credibility is reflected in the number of distinguished academic dignitaries visiting from all over the globe, and a number of leading law journals who has its  base and edition in the School and for the fact of it is the home of a range of highly regarded research centers such as BRASS, the Centre for Law.

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2. Brighton – Sussex Law School

Sussex House, Brighton BN1 9RH, Phone: +44 (0) 1273 606755

It’s quite obvious how Law is naturally exciting, being so deeply connected with the study of the thoughts and actions of human beings. This Law school in Sussex regard it as one of their very responsibilities to deliver a sense of this excitement as part of the education they provide.

They are perhaps mindful of the many functions of legal education. Most of their graduates will go on practicing law while some will play a significant role in the public and private industry whereas others may undertake postgraduate study and research in law.

Whatever a student’s future path is, this system is committed to ensuring that every student’s time in SLS will be rewarding hence intellectually stimulating and will as such provide the best platform for a successful career.

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3. Bristol University – School of Law

Memorial Building, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1TH, Phone: +44 (0)117 954 5356/5329

The Bristol University Law School is unarguably one of the biggest and most successful in the UK.

It has now developed from being a leading UK law school, that delivers high-quality undergraduate teaching into a school that has an international reputation for its undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and for the research produced by its staff.

For prospects who are considering of you enrolling into a law school, the Bristol University School of Law offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that have been established to develop the student’s skills. Their undergraduate and postgraduate programs empower the students to tailor their studies to match your student’s interests.

They have well-established arrangements which give their undergraduates the privilege of spending part of their studies at a university in Europe, Singapore or Japan.  Students, who come from many different countries as well as from the UK, are much sought after by employers in the legal and other professions.

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4. Buckingham University – Faculty of Law

Hunter Street, Buckingham MK18 1EG, Phone: +44 (0) 1280 814080

Buckingham Law School’s approach and tactics toward the teaching and learning of law is traditional in the best sense of the word to describe.

A good number of their students, whether from Britain or overseas, have intentions to enter the profession. The School’s basic aims are to produce confident, competent lawyers, able to practice anywhere in the world.

To achieve this, classes are being conducted in small tutorial groups with about five (5) students in each. This makes room for the students to develop their skills in a friendly environment where their teachers are able to get to know them personally.

Indeed, this institution of learning prides itself on the availability of the staff to help the students with their studies.

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5. Anglia Ruskin University – Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences

The Faculty currently employs around 130 (one hundred and thirty) academic and 45 (forty-five) technical and administrative support staff across the two (2) main campuses (Cambridge and Chelmsford) with a good substance of additional numbers of part-time hourly paid staff. It presently teaches over four thousand (4,000) students, of which approximately 450 (four hundred and fifty) follow taught postgraduate programs.

There are around sixty ( 60) students registered for a research degree (MPhil or Ph.D.), and it’s reportedly said that strategies are in place to double that number.

This Faculty has increasing international recruitment, attracting students both from overseas and from other European countries. In Cambridge particularly, a good number of international students gives the campus a truly cosmopolitan flavor.

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6. Cambridge University – Faculty of Law

10 West Road, Cambridge CB2 1TN, Phone: +44 1223 330033

There are presently sixteen (16) professors, ten (10) readers, and over seventy (70) other University, Faculty and College Teaching Officers. They include experts in almost every aspect of English law and its history, the laws of other countries, mostly European, European Community law, public and private international law, Roman law, legal philosophy, and criminology.

At any given time around 6% of undergraduates are reading the law. The student body, which is considered to be one of the largest of any law school in the United Kingdom, comprises nearly 740 (seven hundred and forty) undergraduate and 250 (two hundred and fifty) graduate students.

Graduates from the Faculty are popular in academic life, in the judiciary, and in both branches of the legal profession. The Cambridge judicial alumni have a former President as well as a current member of the International Court of Justice, two former judges of the European Court of Justice.

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7. Essex University – Department of Law

Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, Phone: +44 (0) 1206 872567

The Department of Law at the University of Essex has a deserved international credibility for excellence in teaching and research.

The Department’s teaching was rated as Excellent by the Higher Education Funding Council for England in the year 1993. The quality of their research earned them a 5 rating in the year 2001 Higher Education Funding Council Research Assessment Exercise.

Many of their staff have made a distinguished contribution to legal scholarship, which is shown in their teaching.

The Department was able to achieve an overall satisfaction score of 4.2 out of 5, in the year 2006 National Student Survey. This Department of Law also offers the oldest established human rights law degree in the United Kingdom, the LLM in International Human Rights Law. This Department of Law contributes to the major of the teaching.

It is been taught by one of the strongest teams of academic, professionally experienced, human rights lawyers in the nation.

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8. Coventry University Law School

Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB,

Law has been taught at Coventry University for over forty (40)years and continues to be highly prominent. Coventry University Law School prides itself on the good relationship between its staff and students and in providing polite accessible staff to support students through their studies.

The School offers a variety of stimulating undergraduate and postgraduate law programs that are often reviewed to ensure they meet the requirements of the students and the legal profession.

At the undergraduate level, they offer both LLB and BA Law degrees. Every single LLB degree offered at Coventry University is recognized by the Law Society and General Council of the Bar.

These programs provide students with a Qualifying Law Degree which justifies the Academic Stage of Training for those who may wish to enter the legal profession.

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9. Warwick University – School of Law

University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, Phone: +44 024 7652 3075

The Law School was established in the year 1969 and has since developed into one of the leading law schools in the United Kingdom. Its teaching standards and research quality have consistently been rated high, and the University itself ranks amongst the leading research and teaching institutions in the United Kingdom.

The contextual approach has been developed at Warwick for over (25) twenty-five years. Their major aim is to avoid treating law as if it can be separated from other aspects of society.

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10. Bournemouth University – School of Finance & Law

Poole House, Talbot Campus, Dorset BH12 5BB, Phone: +44 (0) 1202 961916

Their Legal Practice Course was ‘Highly Commended’ in 5 out of 6 categories by the Law Society. They are Intellectual Property WorldLeaders. The latest figures show that they are well above the national average with their graduate employment rate of 85%.

Their staff participate in national and international conferences and have further published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and professional trade press. They have a thriving research community of academics and research staff working in a variety of key, topical fields including employment, public law, company law, intellectual property, corporate governance, and human rights.

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11. The Queen Mary University of London – Faculty of Law 

This School of Law is one of the six (6) law schools in the federal University of London. Since the year 1965, they have established themselves as a center of national and international excellence in legal study and research.

The School was awarded a 5-star grading which is the highest possible in the year 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. In the official National Student Survey published in October the year 2006, they were rated in the top five (5) law schools in the UK.

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12. The University of East Anglia – School of Law

This Law School in the UK admitted its first students in the year 1977. It is now a well-established and sought-after Law School with excellent credibility for the quality of its research and teaching. According to British Standards, the School is classified as a medium-sized law school. It has twenty-three (23) full-time members of the faculty who are assisted by twelve (12) part-timers.

There are plans to merge the number of faculties substantially over the next few years. Some 760 (seven hundred and sixty) students are registered in the Law School of whom about 590 (five hundred and ninety) are studying for one of the LLB degrees. 28 are for the diploma in legal studies and just under 100 are doing taught postgraduate programs.

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13. Nottingham – Nottingham Trent University – Law School

Burton Street, Nottingham, Phone: +44 (0) 115 941 8418

Nottingham Law School is considered one of the leading providers of structured professional education. They also provide training for those connected with legal practice throughout their careers. They are one of the largest and most diverse law schools in the UK. They have good credibility in research.

They were able to achieve a ‘Grade 4’ rating in a Research Assessment Exercise. Their focus on applied research of immediate professional and client relevance has brought to them leading-edge projects from law firms and their clients, government, and industry both in the UK and internationally.

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14. Oxford University – Faculty of Law

Law has been taught in Oxford for some eight hundred and fifty (850) years.  The idea of bringing the common law into the university was conceived here in the eighteenth (18th) century and realized in the year 1758 when Sir William Blackstone became the first Vinerian Professor of English Law.

Oxford has since been a parent to many key figures of the modern common law such as Anson, Dicey, Pollock, Cheshire, Cross, Morris, and Hart.  Their work has also been enriched over the years by their strengths in comparative law, the philosophy of law, international law, and lately European Law.

Their historic connection with the Roman tradition has been reborn in their collaborations with continental European universities making them one of the best law schools in the UK.

However, specialist centers in criminology and socio-legal studies imply that Oxford is now surpassing all others in some way as a place for academic disciplines connected with the law and its development.

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15. Guildford – Surrey University – School of Law

University of Surrey, Guildford GU2 5XH, Phone: +44 (0) 1483 686228

The study of Law has been a part of the University’s portfolio almost since its conception. With the study of Law and Language combined programs dating from the 1960s.

Over the recent years, legal education at Surrey has undergone a speed expansion with undergraduate programs in Law with International Studies and single honors Law now also being offered, as well as a list of postgraduate programs and research opportunities.

Cognizant of this, as part of the 40th-anniversary celebrations of the founding of the University, Law at Surrey became a School of Law in the year 2007.

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16. Lancaster – Lancaster University – Department of Law

At the Law School of Lancaster University, geographically situated near the historic city of Lancaster, they seek to build on their international credibility in the teaching of law and legal research. The Law School has been graded 5 which means “Excellent” in the year 2001 Research Assessment Exercise.

They emphasize the need for deep comprehension of law. This requires honing the technical study of law, but also complementing how the law relates to wider concerns.

Law is studied in its cultural, political, social, and economic contexts, in a measure that is theoretically informed and practically relevant and coherent.

They also believe in the basic need to address the law in the light of European and International developments.

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17. Leeds Law School at Leeds Metropolitan University

The Law School at Leeds Metropolitan University offers a variety of legal education and training, providing a mutual and supportive teaching environment for over 1,000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

It is arguably one of the top law schools in the UK. 93 percent of undergraduate students are in employment or undertaking further study within six (6) months of their graduating.

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18. Leicester University – School of Law

University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, Phone: +44 (0)116 252 2363

The University of Leicester is unarguably a leading UK University with a boastful past and a promising future. They deliver high quality undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education and create research that has an impact on the international world. Their research changes the world.

According to Thomson Scientific, Leicester has the tenth (10th)highest number of highly cited researchers amongst the UK’s universities.

The discovery of DNA Genetic Fingerprinting is their most famous research achievement, however, their world-class research stretches across the Arts, science, medicine, law, education, biological sciences, and social sciences.

This great institution of learning has the joint highest scores for overall student satisfaction in England amongst mainstream universities National Student Survey year 2007.

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19. University of Liverpool – Faculty of Law

World-class teaching and research are provided by the best in their respective fields of law, and the staff includes eight (8) professors of law and five (5) senior lecturers. Students are privileged to benefit from a dedicated staff who maintain a high degree of professionalism, whilst relating to students on a personal level.

This law School in the UK also enjoys excellent integrity in research and believes that scholarship drives good teaching practice. The Higher Education Funding Council in England rated the teaching in the Liverpool Law School as 5 which means “excellent”, a grade awarded only to a minority of law schools in England.

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20. City University Faculty of Law

This City Law School is one of London’s major law schools and one of the best in the UK, offering an impressive list of academic and professional programs. They were the first law school in London to teach students and practitioners at all the necessary stages of legal education.

Their exceptional history charts a long commitment to new ideas and innovation in the study and practice of law in the school.

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21. London – Inns of Court School of Law

4 Gray’s Inn Place, London WC1R 5DX,

If you have the interest to study law at The City Law School in the UK, you are going to have access to the full range of legal education and training, varying from undergraduate degrees including opportunities to study abroad, through conversion programs for non-lawyers, to the vocational stage training required to become a barrister or solicitor.

They also aim to provide the best support they can for their students to ensure their experience with the school is as good as possible. In particular, they place great emphasis on careers support to help their students find the right job for you after you have qualified.

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Law schools in the U.K are vital to the prospective lawyer’s training. However, every law school doesn’t offer the same level of excellence in training.

The law school stated in this article have a proven standard which has made them great.


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