15 Licensed Esthetician Schools in the World

As a society, we often forget how important our skin is. Most of the time, we’re too busy to take the time to relax and care for it. Or you might think that getting a facial is a waste of money. It’s clear that when you feel good inside and out, your self-esteem goes up. This gives you more confidence.

Estheticians with licenses are in charge of cleaning and taking care of their client’s skin. They usually work in a salon or spa, where they do things like facials, exfoliation, chemical peels, waxing, aromatherapy, and body wraps. They also know how to spot skin problems and can advise on how to clean your skin properly. An esthetician can make a huge difference in lives.

Do you want to pursue a career path as an esthetician? Then you need to know what school to attend and what the school holds for you. This article is a complete guide on the top licensed esthetician schools. It also provides how you can become an esthetician and the pros of the career. Let’s get started.

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Why Should You Become a Licensed Esthetician?

There are several reasons why becoming a licensed esthetician is worth it. Some of the reasons are-

  • You have a lot of job opportunities. By 2024, the number of jobs for estheticians should grow by 14%. There will always be a need for Estheticians because new jobs are always opening up. You can go to school to become a medical esthetician, work in a salon, spa, or dermatologist’s office, or become a skincare expert.
  • The field is constantly evolving. Esthetics is a field that changes all the time. To keep up with the latest changes in techniques or technology, you should never stop learning.
  • You get to help people feel good about themselves. You can help others feel good about themselves, making you feel good about yourself.
  • You get to learn how to take good care of your skin. In pursuing a career as an esthetician, your skin will always be clean and well cared for.
  • Make connections with clients. People will trust you with their skin, and they’ll become friends over time.

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Are There Licensed Esthetician Schools?

To become a practicing esthetician, you must get your license. There are no schools tagged “licensed esthetician schools.” However, some accredited schools can help you get your license easily. A board usually does the licensing. And depending on your state, you could do it online as well.

All you need to do is reach out to them and register to get your license. Remember, it is subject to renewal.

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Can You Take Online Classes to Become an Esthetician in the Best Licensed Esthetician Schools?

Most schools allow you to take online classes. Some of the best-licensed esthetician schools you can take online classes at are-

  • Hollywood Institute of Beauty
  • Evergreen Beauty College
  • The School of Cosmetology at Campbellsville University
  • The West Georgia Technical College
  • The Minnesota School of Beauty Culture
  • Laurel Technical Institute.
  • Aglaia Esthetics
  • Honolulu Nails and Aesthetics Academy
  • Edith Serei High School
  • 3D Lash and Brow Academy
  • Estelle Skincare and Spa Institute
  • Westside Tech
  • JD Salon and Spa School
  • Victory’s School of Beauty Culture

And these are just a few. Depending on your state, all you need is to check if the top licensed esthetician school you are about to go to, takes classes online.

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How Much Do the Best Licensed Esthetician Schools Cost?

Esthetician training is available at both community colleges and private technical schools. The costs vary a lot from school to school. Generally, private school tuition can cost up to $9,000, while it costs about $2,500 to go to a community college.

Most states require estheticians to have a license. Even if the requirements are different from one state to the next, they usually include a course of study at an accredited school. It would also require an exam, an initial license fee, and a fee to renew the license every six months.

Most of the time, the fees are small. For example, in New York, a license costs $20, but in South Dakota, it costs $80. Some states charge a separate fee for the exam, while others add the exam fee to the fee for the first license.

Most of the time, the books cost extra, usually between $100 and $200 per term.

How Long Does It Take to go to the Best Licensed Esthetician Schools?

It only takes between six and nine months to become an esthetician. That’s the same as a 600- to 780-hour program, depending on the school and program. If you sign up for the program and do everything it asks of you, you could get a diploma and be able to take the esthetician exam.

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What are the Best Licensed Esthetician Schools?

Most of the best-licensed esthetician schools. Most of the courses and programs are online. Because of this, students from all over the world go to the best-licensed esthetician schools to get an education in the field of esthetics. Others who can’t attend in person take these classes online. The top licensed esthetician schools are-

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1. International Academy of Health and Skin Care

2. Jupiter Beauty Academy

3. Canadian Beauty College

4. Atelier Aesthetique institution of esthetic

5. Christine Valmy International

6. New York School of Aesthetics

7. London School of Beauty and Makeup

8. Aveda Art and Science Institute

9. Elaine Sterling Institute

10. Skin Institute New York

11. Estella Skin Care and Spa Institute

12. Lytle beauty college

13. New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis

14. Australian National College of Beauty

15. Olympian University of Cosmetology

#1. International Academy of Health and Skin Care

Tuition Fee: 16,000 Rands

This academy is one of the best private places to learn about skincare. It is one of the best-licensed esthetician schools. They offer courses in hairdressing, beauty therapy, and skincare. They are popular all over the world for their premium schooling system.

They offer training in Health and Skin Care, Hairdressing, and Fitness. The following courses can lead to an international diploma from the International Academy of Health and Skin Care:

  • Diploma in Health and Skin Therapy (SAAHSP)
  • Diploma in Health and Skin Care Therapy (CIDESCO)
  • Diploma in Beauty Therapy (ITEC)

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#2. Jupiter Beauty Academy

Tuition Fee: $715

Jupiter Beauty Academy is a private school in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. The institution only lets in students who are going to graduate from their school. It is one of the top licensed esthetician schools in the world right now.

Jupiter Academy programs are cosmetology, aesthetician/esthetician skin care specialist, and nail technician/manicurist. At Jupiter Academy, the Nail Technician Specialist program is the most in-depth. The school gives up to $5,269 in financial aid to students in this program.

Jupiter Academy lets students learn both online and in person.

#3. Canadian Beauty College

Tuition Fee: $2,162

The Canadian Beauty College is a private school that opened in 2009. The institution offers programs in hairstyling, esthetics, makeup, and health science. These programs aim to provide quality education and good customer service.

The Canadian beauty college has small classes, personal attention, the latest equipment, techniques, and products, modern facilities, highly trained teachers, a high-quality curriculum, full-time and part-time schedules, and more. It is currently one of the best-licensed esthetician schools in the world.

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#4. Atelier Aesthetique institution of esthetic

Tuition Fee: $10, 947

The Atelier Aesthetique Institute of Esthetic is a New York, USA school. It offers courses like micro-needling for estheticians. They also offer derma planning, JB eyelash extension, BB Glow facial, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Advanced courses like aromatherapy and essential oils, Brazilian waxing, and Maximillian waxing are not left out. The New York State Education Department accredited this school. It is one of the top licensed esthetician schools in the world.

#5. Christine Valmy International

Tuition Fee: $8,000

Christine Valmy International School for Esthetic and Skincare is one of the best-licensed esthetician schools in the world. It is a growing field with many job opportunities for people who want to work in it.

Christine Valmy students get serious training from certified teachers to learn their craft’s theory, science, and practical side. They also teach their students how to do well on state exams. This is to ensure they can get a license to work in the real world.

Christine Valmy makes beauty products from natural materials. Most of the courses they offer are in Esthetics, Skin Care, and Cosmetology.

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#6. New York School of Aesthetics

Tuition Fee- $9,935

The New York School of esthetics and day spa started in 1944. It started as the New York State University, which has up to 8,767 students right now. The goal of the New York School of Aesthetics is to give students a fun and well-organized curriculum. The curriculum aims to put them ahead of the fast-growing industry.

The school also gives students a place where they can learn the theory and principles of Esthetic through hands-on experience. Their courses include microdermabrasion, body treatment, and chemical peels.

Their most important courses are facials, makeup application, and waxing. These teach students about different ways to take care of their skin. It is one of the top licensed esthetician schools in the world.

#7. London School of Beauty and Makeup

Tuition fee: £12,300

The London School of Beauty Therapy and Makeup is in Britain. It is one of the only schools that teach only beauty therapy and makeup. London School of Beauty and Makeup is currently one of the best-licensed esthetician schools in the world.

The school’s mission is to make sure that its graduates are ready to work in the makeup industry. The schools give a high-quality makeup education. To do this, they hire freelance makeup artists and beauty therapy lecturers worldwide.

The London School of Beauty has had students from as many as 44 different countries since it opened in 1995. The school offers 51 beauty courses, such as anatomy and physiology, and aromatherapy. Asian bridal makeup, Laser training course, and body massage are not left out.

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#8. Aveda Art and Science Institute

Tuition fee: $18,000

People know that the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Cosmetology has locations in different parts of the world. There are schools in Korea, the United States, Canada, and Australia. They also work in different fields.

Aveda thinks nature is the best beauty therapist, which is why most of its products are usually made from flowers. Some of the subjects they teach are cosmetology and aesthetics. Aveda currently runs one of the top esthetician schools in the world.

Students can go to different places where the school has a hair salon or skin care center. This helps them learn more about the practical side of the school.

#9. Elaine Sterling Institute

Tuition fee: $14,555

Elaine Sterling is a standard education and training institute. Their goal is to train beautiful estheticians who believe in what they do. Esthetics, nail care, massage therapy, and continuing education are some of the programs they offer.

The school is popular for being a non-degree-granting school. 83% of their undergraduate students got scholarships worth $2,247. The total number of students is 134, and the number of teachers is 16.1.

The programs at the Elaine Sterling Institute set their students apart from those at a typical beauty school. They challenge students through d by the school’s strict curriculum.

Elaine institute tries to connect what students learn in the classroom with what they do in the real world. This way, going from work to school is easy. It is one of the top licensed esthetician schools in the world.

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#10. Skin Institute New York

Tuition fee: $12,990

The Skin Institute of New York started in 1979. To date, it is still one of the top licensed esthetician schools in the world. It has three offices in the New York City area, the West Village, and Brooklyn. Their medical staff is the best at both medical and cosmetic dermatological services.

The doctors at the Skin Institute in New York have an aiming to use the body’s natural ability to get rid of unwanted scars. Sunspots, tattoos, extra hair, blemishes, and body fat leave as well.

Their programs include cosmetic, medical, surgical, laser, injectable fillers, testing, and screening.

#11. Estella Skin Care and Spa Institute

Tuition fee: $9,975

The institution is one of the best skin care places in Skokie, Illinois, which is near Chicago. Up to 17 first-year students they accept 100% of the time. Estella Skin Care and Spa Institute is one of the world’s top licensed esthetician schools.

The Illinois campus has taught skincare professionals through a full 720-hour esthetic course. The esthetic program gives hands-on training in European facials, individual eyelash extensions, full-body waxing, and makeup artistry.

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#12. Lytle beauty college

Tuition fee: $4,238

Little Beauty College is a family-run business in the beauty industry that has been open for 43 years. It focuses on creativity, education, and empowering people. It is currently one of the best-licensed esthetician schools in the world.

They continue to improve their skills as a beauty stylist and esthetician. The Lytle Beauty College is popular for its dedication to excellent customer service. Among the things they teach are cosmetology and esthetics.

#13. New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis

Tuition fee: $21, 500

The New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis started in 1984 and is in the middle of Manawatu. It is currently one of the best-licensed esthetician schools in the world.

The institution is one of the most modern and up-to-date schools in New Zealand. They only teach electrolysis and beauty therapy. The school creates a good environment for students who want to start new careers. They also charge good tuition fees.

#14. Australian National College of Beauty

Tuition fee: $51,957

The Australian National College of Beauty is the best beauty school in Australia. Each year, more than 1,000 students sign up to study there.

The programs at the college mean to bring out the students’ love of beauty and help them feel complete. They only offer beauty and spa treatments, including dermal practice.

#15. The Olympian University of Cosmetology

Tuition fee: $15,495

The Olympian University of Cosmetology is the modern school of beauty. It offers courses in cosmetology, which include the standard Milady curriculum. It is also known as the industry leader in recent beauty education.

Olympian University has given out more than a thousand cosmetology certificates to its students. Their training in cosmetology includes Esthetician, Barber, cosmetology, and nail instructor. The Olympian University of Cosmetology runs one of the best-licensed esthetician schools in the world.

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What are the Colleges with Esthetician Programs?

Some colleges aren’t part of the top licensed esthetician schools. They are colleges on their own, studying a diverse range of courses, but still have esthetician programs. Some of the colleges are-

#1. Marinello Schools of Beauty, Los Angeles

The school specializes in offering a wide range of programs and courses on beauty and spa treatment. Students can choose the best beauty education for them based on their preferences and interests. In addition to education, the institute helps all of its students find jobs. It offers a wide range of programs, and esthetics courses are not left out.

#2. Aveda Beauty Schools

Aveda Cosmetology & Beauty Schools is a group of schools in many places around the world. Even though the group works as a separate entity, its main goal of offering beauty programs has not changed. This gives students the chance to learn about more than just hair and skin care while they are there.

#3. London School of Beauty and Make-Up

The London School of Beauty’s sole purpose is to teach make-up and beauty therapy at the highest level in the world. It is a private UK school with more than 40 courses on makeup and beauty therapy. The college has expert professors who teach first-rate classes. It also has workshops led by people in the industry.

#4. The International Academy for Health and Skin Care- South Africa

International Academy for Health & Skin Care is South Africa’s top college for beauty therapy, hairdressing, and skin care. This private beauty school gives diplomas and has programs for people who want to learn more about skincare and health. It teaches health and skin care around the world to the highest standard.

How to Become an Esthetician: A Short Guide

Considering becoming an esthetician? Follow this step-by-step guide-

Step 1. Complete an Approved Program of Esthetics or an Apprenticeship

A typical program in esthetics has top-notch classrooms and hands-on learning. A typical course in an esthetics program includes practical tasks like facials, waxing, and putting on makeup. You also have formal classroom-based instruction and independent study in areas like safety and sanitation.

Most states require people who want a license as estheticians to finish an esthetics program with at least 600 practice hours. However, some states require much less (for example, Pennsylvania only requires 300 practice hours), and some require much more.

In some states, finishing an apprenticeship is also enough to meet the training and education requirements for getting a license. In these states, apprenticeship practice hour requirements tend to be longer than esthetics program requirements.

Step 2: Take and pass a state license exam for estheticians

The next step in getting a license is to show that you know what you’ve learned in an esthetics program or through an apprenticeship by passing a theory (written) and practical (hands-on) exam.

Most states require candidates first to fill out an application for a license. This is so that they can check their eligibility before the exams. To get a license in most states, you have to be at least 16 years old and have at least a 10th-grade education. However, a few states require a high school diploma or the equivalent and/or a minimum age of 17.

Most states require people who want to get a license to take both tests. They are often state-specific. But many states now use either one or both of the National-Interstate Council on State Boards of Cosmetology’s national esthetics exams (NIC). As of now, 13 states use the practical NIC exam, and 28 states use the written NIC exam.

Step 3: Keep your esthetics license and look for higher-level credentials.

Like other state-licensed jobs, estheticians have to renew their licenses every so often. By filling out a renewal form, most states need esthetician licenses renewed every two years. You would also need to pay a fee.

Some states require estheticians to keep their licenses by taking a certain number of hours of continuing education. Most do not. But this doesn’t stop licensed estheticians from getting more education. This ensures they can stay up to date on the latest advances, trends, and innovations in skincare.

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FAQs Licensed Esthetician Schools in the World | 2022

How do I get my esthetician license in NY?

To get a license to do esthetics, you must:

Have to be 17.
Complete an approved 600-hour course of study and pass both the written and practical tests given by the state of New York.
Get checked out by a doctor, a doctor’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner.
How do I get a license to be an esthetician in Illinois?
Complete a training program for estheticians. Apply for an exam and a license.
Pass the CTS National Exams.
Start working as an esthetician in Illinois.
Keep learning to keep your license current.

How long is a school for estheticians in New York?

600-hours. This is a 40-week course that leads to a license as an esthetician in the state of New York. In New York State, you need 600 hours of classroom training to get a license as an esthetician.

How is an aesthetician different from an esthetician?

They are sometimes used the same way, but there is a technical difference. Most of the time, estheticians focus on beauty treatments, while aestheticians do more medical work.

How much do they get paid?

$47,808. In 2022, the average salary for an esthetician or skin care specialist was $47,808. In that year, the top 25 percent made $48,710, and the bottom 25 percent made $27,590.

Can someone in New York become an esthetician online?

Yes. When you use online services, you can also see and access your license records and get updates as the process goes on. In New York State, you have to be at least 17 years old to get a license as an esthetician online.

How long does it take to be an esthetician?

If a student goes to school full-time, it usually takes four to six months to finish an esthetician program. Part-time students should be able to finish the course in about nine to twelve months. This depends on how often they go to class.


Every client has different needs when it comes to their skin. When estheticians give each client full attention and help them with common skin problems, they get higher self-esteem.

It’s an exciting time to become an esthetician because the field of skincare is constantly changing. New scientific research is upcoming, and people are learning about the complexity of the skin. Simply pick one of the best-licensed esthetician schools above. In no time, you would become an esthetician.

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