South africans are been invited to send in their applications for the MANDELA MAGDALENE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP 2018, This  scholarship is available to eligible south africans to pursue a taught postgraduate studies  at Magdalene college in cambridge


There has been a continuous tradition of academic study on the Magdalene College site for nearly 600 years.

One of the most common questions we are asked is about the pronunciation of the College’s name. Though spelt in the biblical and continental way, ‘Magdalene’, the College name is pronounced ‘Maudlyn’.

When the College was refound by Lord Audley in 1542, it was dedicated to St Mary Magdalene. The choice of the name of Mary Magdalene appears to have had a touch of vanity. In many early documents, the name is clearly spelt as pronounced: ‘Maudleyn’, containing within it the name of Audley. The final ‘e’ on Magdalene was an attempt, with the advent of the postal service in the mid nineteenth-century, to distinguish Magdalene Cambridge from our sister College, Magdalen Oxford.

College Grace

Benedic Domine nobis et donis tuis quae de tua largitate sumus sumpturi, et concede ut illis salubriter nutriti tibi debitum obsequium praestare valeamus, per Jesum Christum Dominum et Servatorem Nostrum, Amen.

Bless us Lord and your gifts, which from your bounty we are about to receive, and grant that we, healthfully sustained by them, may render to you our dutiful service, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, Amen

The Early Years:

In 1428 Abbot Lytlington of Crowland Abbey near Peterborough was licensed by Letters Patent of King Henry VI to acquire the site to establish a hostel in Cambridge for Benedictine student-monks.

The Benedictines were attracted to having their “Monks’ Hostel” north of the river, aiming to distance themselves from the temptations of the town.

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The monks chose a location which had been inhabited in prehistoric times, an Iron Age settlement of circular houses has been located close by and parts of a paved Roman road, rubbish pits and coins have been found. A spectacular collection of medieval coins, ‘The Magdalene hoard’, was found on the edge of the College site and is now displayed in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

The Benedictine monks began building in the 1470s. John de Wisbech, Abbot of Crowland, planned First Court and completed the Chapel. The Benedictines were only responsible for the communal buildings of their monastic colleges, individual abbeys were invited to provide their own student chambers.



The Mandela magdalene college scholarship was introduced in the year 1995, following the acceptance of the late president Nelson Mandela to lend his name to the Initiative.In this light , Nelson Mandela expressed his profound gratitude to Magdalene college for coming through college scholarship to support south africa to build and develop more skilled men and women that were at a time barely available in South Africa.

This scholarship scheme has the primary objective of supporting graduate students from South Africa who have shown outstanding academic strength and great leadership potential but will be unable to pursue their studies at cambridge university.

The scholarship is open to citizens of South Africa that are resident in South africa and are expected to make either a first class or a second class honours degree or the equivalent from any recognised south african University.

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The Magdalene college due to its position has certain college policies and information for her students, students applying for any scholarship at this institution are advised to know more about this information please click here for College Policies and Information.


The Mandela Magdalene college scholarship is for postgraduate studies .


The field of study must be one that is relevant to South Africa’s Need


This scholarship is for South Africans to in UK


South Africans


The Mandela Magdalene scholarship covers the following

  • University Composition Fee at the overseas rate
  • approved College Fees and rented accommodation
  • a maintenance allowance sufficient for a single student


  • The scheme aims to support South African graduate students of outstanding academic merit and leadership potential who would otherwise be unable to take up a place at Cambridge University.
  • The scholarships are open to citizens of South Africa, normally under the age of 35 and normally resident in South Africa who have, or expect to obtain before 1 October, a first class or high second class honours degree or its equivalent from a recognised University.
  • The scholarship will be tenable from 1 October.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to return to South Africa to work or study after completing the course at Cambridge.


This scheme is administered on behalf of the University of Cambridge and Magdalene College by the Board of Graduate Studies (for admission to the University) and the Cambridge Trusts (for funding). Further information, and application materials, are available in the University’s Graduate Studies Prospectus. All applicants for admission to the University must complete and return a  GRADSAF form to the Board of Graduate Studies.

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Applications will first be assessed by the candidate’s proposed Faculty or Department at the University. If successful, the candidate’s application will be further reviewed by the Cambridge Trusts and Magdalene College.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:The deadline for application for this program is usually by December, however . we shall keep bringing you updated information in this regard, so do well to continue checking on this site foor the latest informations


For more information about the Mandela Magdalene scholarship, please see the official link!


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