Master’s Degree In The University Of Southern Queensland, One Of Australia’s Best

Get detailed information to help you in your master’s degree program at the University of Southern Queensland, USQ, one of Australia’s best universities.

For a variety of reasons, Australia is one of the choice destinations for study abroad international students. There are several world-class universities it could get confusing to pick a school. Add to that, the country has such as a huge landmass deciding on a location to study might be confusing. Check out a Master’s Degree In the University Of Southern Queensland.

The issues therefore for study abroad students going to Australia can be broken down to these:

  • The ideal location for your chosen course
  • Tuition fee to match your budget
  • Best University for your chosen course

Postgraduate students for a Master’s degree course also face the same types of problems. The University of Southern Queensland ticks many of the relevant boxes for a master’s degree program

Just take your time and go through this article, the World Scholarship Forum has arranged every detail you need to be an applicant in the University Of Southern Queensland.

University of Southern Queensland (USQ): A Brief Overview

This University has so many things going for it. One of these is the flexible learning programs.

It has four campuses based in Toowoomba, Stanthorpe, Springfield, and Ipswich. In addition to these, it has a campus in the country’s biggest city of Sydney

International students going there would feel at home quickly because of the huge population of foreign students. Last year, 30,000 international students from over 92 countries formed part of the university community

Because of its reputation for providing support for international students, international students named the university the number one university in Australia for foreign students.

Student Cost of living in Southern Queensland

The amount of money needed for living expenses in Southern Queensland for students depends on the location, personal preferences, and lifestyle of the student

The figures below are the average cost for each student. However, international students are advised to do a bit of research. They should consider variables like distance from school, access to public transport, shops and health care facilities before making a final decision.

Rent – the rent varies according to location and type of accommodation. For instance, off-campus accommodation can range from $80-$150. Other accommodation options include

  • Residential colleges with food – $285-$330
  • Sharing with one other student – $100 – $200
  • Rent in Springfield – $140-$195

Note that the amounts above are calculated on a weekly basis.

Food and Groceries – Depending on location and choices, the number of groceries should be between $80 and $150 per week.

Utilities – students living in on-campus accommodation do not have to pay for things like electricity, internet, and gas as they were included as part of the rent. Off-campus students though would need about $20 per week

Phone bills (mobile) – $20

Transport – between $10 and $15 per week

Master’s Degree Courses at the University of Southern Queensland

Like any world-class University, USQ offers master’s degree programs in diverse fields. These range from courses in the humanities and arts; Business and Management; science, technology, engineering, and medical courses.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are charged based on the credit load and the number of years. This means, the more courses chosen, the higher the school fees.

On average though,  tuition in USQ for the Master’s program range from about $23,760 for an MBA to about $24,480 and $24,320 in Engineering/Science and Arts/Education programs respectively.

For a comprehensive list of the tuition charged for all courses, this file (pdf) gives the complete low-down all fees charged at USQ (undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate).

Other fees– in line with the new regulations by the central government, international students are charged compulsory Student Service and Amenities fees. This is for the purpose of delivering better services to the students.

Some of the services include:

  • health and welfare,
  • Support for new students during orientation
  • Student development programs
  • Student assistance programs

The fees are calculated based on the student’s credit load. The amount charged on each credit load is $36.75. However, the total amount charged by the year must not exceed $294.

For further information about the University of Southern Queensland Master’s program for international students, check the official website.

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