15 Best Driving Schools in Miami | 2023 Reviews

Want to get your learner’s permit in Miami, Florida? Your certificate of completion from a course in Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) is necessary for such a situation. You must enrol in one of the premier driving schools in Miami to earn your TLSAE course certification.

Driving schools in Miami that have been certified by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) are up to the same high standards as any other state.

We’ve compiled a list of the top driving schools in Miami, Florida, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. This will help you select a school that is conducive to the way YOU study best. (https://www.bottomlineequipment.com)

In that case, let’s look at the best and top-notch driving schools existing in Miami.

How Do I Apply for A Driver’s License in Miami, Florida?

A learner’s permit is the first step in getting a driver’s license for minors over 14 and a half years old. You’ll need to show your social security card, identification, and bill to verify who you are and where you live and pass a vision and hearing exam.

First and foremost, you’ll need to show that you’ve completed a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) program. You’ll also need to go through the Class E knowledge test.

A state-recognized driving school can help you become ready for both of them.

A Florida driver’s license is available to anybody aged 16 or older who has maintained a valid learner’s permit for at least 12 months or is at least 18 years old.

Remember that TLSAE course completion documentation is also necessary for adult driver applications.

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15 Best Driving Schools in Miami

#1. Artis Driving

Miami motorists may enrol in a course with Artis Driving, one of the best driving schools in Miami. Corporate driver training, behind-the-wheel instruction, and introductory driving lessons are on the menu at this establishment. 

This resource provides drivers with tools to improve their awareness of their surroundings and reduce the likelihood of collisions. The AAA recognizes the firm and is a member of the Driving School Association of America (DSAA). 

Further, all Artis Driving instructors underwent rigorous training before instructing student drivers and passed background checks.

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#2. Cantors Driving School

Since 1976, Cantors Driving School has helped countless locals become safe, responsible drivers. The family-owned organization is Certified by the State of Florida. It offers online Traffic School, including a First Time Driver Course, Basic Driver Improvement Course, and Advanced and Senior Driver Improvement Courses for revoked licenses and older drivers. 

You may also take a course on defensive driving if you’d like. Cantors have been in business for over 40 years, is fully insured, and has taught over 40,000 pupils with the help of ex-law enforcement officers. 

Employees plan and accompany students on their driving tests. The school’s vehicles meet or exceed federal safety standards for dual controls, airbags, and anti-lock brakes (ABS). 

It is one of the best driving schools in Miami. 

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#3. La Escuelita de Manejar Inc.

If you are looking for one of the best driving schools in Miami, this is definitely for you. For ten years, students in Miami have learned to drive at La Escuelita de Manejar Inc. 

The firm serves as a one-stop shop for driver’s licenses and traffic infraction concerns and is bilingual (English and Spanish). The State of Florida requires all teachers to get permits and conducts background checks on all of them. 

Students may take advantage of driving lessons and traffic school, which provides services such as DMV permit examinations, adolescent and adult driving programs, a Senior Driver Improvement course for insurance discounts, a Basic Driver Improvement course, and a driver’s license exam. 

The DHSMV has researched and supervised all classroom and online courses, and the results are publically available. Since its inception, La Escuelita de Manejar has made it its mission to reassure anxious first-timers with the support of its patient and kind teachers.

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#4. Palermo Driving School

Regarding driving schools in Miami, consider enrolling at Palermo Driving School. Fundamental Driver Improvement, Mature Driver Course, First Time Driver Course, Permit Prep Test, DMV Permit Test, Advanced Driver Improvement, and Parenting Course are just a few of the options available at the facility. 

Learners may take advantage of driving classes, receive expert help preparing for their written and driving exams, and earn discount certificates from their insurance providers. Defensive driving courses help keep drivers of all ages and experience levels safe on the road, regardless of weather, traffic, or other factors. 

Palermo Driving School only employs Florida-licensed teachers; some of these instructors are bilingual in English and Spanish.

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#5. South Beach Driving School

South Beach Driving School offers driver’s education to locals in the Miami Beach region. The services provided by this business include instruction in defensive driving, freeway driving, emergency manoeuvres, and a review of fundamental traffic regulations. 

South Beach’s goal is for its permit classes to be light-hearted and enjoyable, which seems to be working: 95 percent of pupils who take the test there pass it on their first try. 

Tourists and international visitors to Florida can get help applying for a driver’s license, and students can brush up on defensive driving practices. The course prepares students for the road exam by covering such areas as highway and city driving, parking, right turns and lane changes, beltway driving, and more.

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#6. Andina Driving School

For almost 25 years, drivers in South Florida have been able to count on Andina Driving School.

They have been one of the best driving schools in Miami for these years, with the hopes that by working with them, you will get the knowledge and experience necessary to feel safe behind the wheel of a car.

Twenty-eight of their teachers are multilingual experts who will ensure a stress-free and secure environment for your child’s education.

Homestead, South Miami, West Kendall, Kendall, Hialeah, Downtown Miami, Brickell, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Miami Shore, and Edgewater are just some of the places they serve in the greater South Florida region.

Thanks in advance for choosing Andina Driving School, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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#7. D & D Driving School

The State of Florida and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles have certified D & D Driving School to provide their courses. In addition, it is a top-tier institution among driving schools in Miami.

Here at D&D Driving School, they provide easy payment plans and registration for our driving courses. Pick the bundle that best suits your needs, make your payment, and off you go.

The training will make you ready to drive in no time. You’ll learn to be a better driver and won’t worry about fines or points on your license.

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#8. JMP Driving & Traffic School

After much research and observation, it became clear that many driving schools in Miami were not adequately preparing their students for the road. The aim at JMP Driving School is to teach students to be safe and polite motorists, and we have done so for over 20 years. 

They provide you with the highest quality driving courses available. Methods are unlike any other since it is student-centred and use various ways to meet each learner’s requirements. As a result, each student receives comprehensive and individualized driving instruction that will help them become safe drivers for the rest of their lives. 

In addition, taking advantage of the online traffic school classes is a way for you to get expertise in traffic safety.

It will help you maintain a clean driving record.

Every driving instructor is extensively trained and highly patient, ensuring that your time with them is pleasurable and instructive. 

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#9. Kendall Driving & Traffic School

One of the best driving schools in Miami is Traffic and Driving School. This driving school has served the community for many years by providing professional driving lessons. 

The goal is to deliver the best driving training in the region while maintaining a high safety standard and encouraging safe driving practices. Traffic and driving school teachers are all highly trained professionals who are also bilingual, so you can be sure that your driving lessons will be fun, safe, and educational. 

This driving school emphasizes defensive driving techniques and driving in adverse conditions. Moreover, they instruct you in defensive driving techniques designed to keep you out of trouble with the law and out of the driver’s seat. 

This driving school offers both online and in-person drug and alcohol education seminars for people who find themselves in need of such assistance.

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#10. Metro Traffic School

Metro Traffic School’s programs have been reviewed and approved by the State of Florida and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. 

The school is an excellent resource for improving your driving skills. At Metro Traffic School, they provide you with the opportunity to fulfill all Florida Traffic School requirements in a single, convenient online location. Students may rely on the expert staff’s guidance to select the best Florida Traffic School option for their needs. 

Courses are available in various formats to best meet the needs of each participant, including traditional classroom instruction, distance learning, and video-based learning. When teaching drivers how to be safe on the road, no one does better than Metro Traffic School. Training here will get you back on the road after a DUI arrest with the knowledge and skills to drive safely and responsibly. 

Metro Traffic School is about helping its students become better drivers and making the roads safer for everyone. They are one of the best driving schools in Miami.

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#11. AB Auto Driving & Traffic School

Established in 2006, AB Auto Driving and Traffic School is a family-run enterprise with a stellar reputation in driver education and traffic safety. When it comes to student education, they provide quality education. 

To provide professional Driver’s Education, they have recent vehicles. Automatic gearboxes, dual braking systems, and two brakes ensure your safety in each automobile. 

All of the permits come straight from Florida. This school is proud of its ability to serve students with a wide range of needs. From individuals who have never driven before and have failed their driver’s test to seasoned motorists looking to sharpen their skills.

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#12. Continental Driving School

Continental Driving School offers various driving programs, including Beginner Driving, Cars for the Road Test, and Traffic. To this day, they remain among Miami’s premier driving academies.

Continental Driving School Has the Best Service. Get your Florida driver’s license for the first time by studying with a licensed instructor.

They provide the top driving instruction in Miami and the surrounding areas. For your convenience and at the best price, Continental Driving School will also accompany you to the DMV and provide a car for your road test and driving practice.

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#13. 24-Hour Traffic School of Miami

When you enroll in classes at the 24-Hour Driving School of Miami, you’ll learn to drive and get instructions on how to be a safe and alert driver.

With the help of the FREE driving evaluation assessment, you can be confident that you’ll receive education at a level commensurate with your current driving proficiency. 

Suppose you enroll at 24 Hour Driving School of Miami. In that case, you can be confident that you will get the skills necessary to safely and effectively handle a vehicle in various conditions. For instance, everyday driving in Miami’s severe climate and efficient strategies for accident avoidance.

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#14. Topline Traffic Driving School

Topline traffic driving school instructors are professional, experienced, friendly, patient, polite, energetic, funny, and calm. These traits help new drivers tackle their weaknesses effectively and relieve stress and anxiety. 

The school provides students with Driver’s Education and Behind-The-Wheel Training to teach new drivers how to become defensive drivers on the road. Topline Traffic Driving School students should find satisfaction in the reasonable prices and exceptional driving programs. 

Topline is indeed one of the best when it comes to driving schools in Miami, Florida.

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#15. Danny’s Driving School

Specializing in teaching the traffic laws and regulations of the State of Florida to people of all ages. Driving courses taught by qualified instructors with years of expertise. All our instructors are bilingual in English and Spanish to better serve you.

They also offer traffic school programs like

  • 4 Hours (START First Tiem Drivers)
  • 4 Hours (Court Ordered or Voluntary)
  • 8 Hours (Court Ordered)
  • 12 Hours (Court Ordered)

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Should I Attend an In-Person or Online Driving School in Miami, Florida?

Many potential students in Miami, Florida, are opting for online driving schools because of safety concerns following the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the availability of the internet, you may organize your study time as you see fit.

We’ve also included a few recommendations for online driving schools that provide a variety of affordable course forms and pedagogical approaches.

The reality is, however, that some students learn best in a traditional lecture hall setting, even if it seems to be the most excellent alternative. In such a circumstance, enrolling in a conventional classroom-based driving school is your best option.

Driving schools that offer both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel practice are another option.


What is a driving school for?

Driving schools help students prepare for the knowledge and skills examinations required to get their learner’s permits and licenses. Classroom instruction is time spent behind the wheel. Some schools even provide specialized education for commercial truck and motorcycle permits. While learning to drive is not mandatory in several jurisdictions, such as Minnesota and California, taking a driving course is still a good idea.

What does driving school teach you?

Students attending driving schools learn:
Local and state traffic laws and driving procedures
Road specifics, such as the meaning of stop and yield signs
Speed limits and driving rules for neighborhoods, school zones, highways, and freeways
In addition to classroom education, students get behind-the-wheel training on both courses, streets, and freeways.

What age can you first go to driving school?

Students in most states can start driver’s education at the age of 15, which includes both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Some states, including Alaska and Arkansas, lower the minimum age to 14. In contrast, others, including the District of Columbia, Connecticut, and Delaware, set it at 16.

How much does driving school cost?

The price of driver’s ed varies from one jurisdiction to the next. Classroom instruction that entails behind-the-wheel instruction costs between $600 and $1,200. Fees for one-on-one, in-car instruction for adults typically range from $50 to $100, depending on the number of hours covered. Depending on the price of gasoline, there may be price differences across different areas or states.

How can I gain confidence in driving a car?

Enrolling in a professional driving school is an excellent first step if you want to feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Consistent training with a professional driver is paramount. Completing a driver’s education boosts not just competence but also self-assurance.


When applying for a learner’s permit in Florida, all applicants must present proof of TLSAE course completion. The issue then becomes: which driving school will best suit your needs?

Hopefully, you were able to use our findings to zero down on the ideal educational institution.

Get behind the wheel immediately at one of Miami, Florida’s top driving schools!


  • flhsmv.gov/ – Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)



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