MTV Staying Alive Foundation Grant 2018/2019

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation Grant 2018/2019 is currently available and eligible persons are been invited to apply for this program,all applications must be completed before the deadline as stated.

MTV Staying Alive support organisations led by young people between the ages of 15 and 27 that work in HIV prevention. MTV Staying Alive Foundation, are interested in organisations that are start-ups and do not have much support, financial or otherwise. MTV Staying Alive are much more likely to fund an organisation that has little or no existing funding to date, rather than those with several funders on board.

Level: Grants
Field: Health
Grants will be awarded to small, youth-led organisations that:
  1. Are entirely led by young people under the age of 27
  2. Are community-based, grassroots organisations
  3. Educate and/or give out responsible and accurate information about HIV and AIDS targeted at young people in their communities
  4. Eliminate or alleviate the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV and AIDS
  5. Encourage young people to take concrete action to protect themselves from HIV infection
  6. Demonstrate innovation and creativity in their activities
  7. Reflect and honour the culture in which the project operates
  8. We are particularly, but not exclusively, looking to fund organisations who work with key at risk populations, including adolescent girls, LGBTs, sex workers, prisoners and injecting drug users.
  • Every successful grant applicant will receive up to $12,000 of funding from us for 1 year to set up an HIV awareness project in their community.
  • You will also be assigned a dedicated grant manager who will provide you with feedback and advice and you will receive comprehensive capacity building training throughout your grant period to help ensure that your project is successful and sustainable.
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For More Information:

Application Deadline: 19 January 2018 at 12pm GMT.

Visit the Official Webpage of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation Grant

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