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Are you among the thousands of West Bengal District, anticipating the Oasis Scholarship 2023? There is good news for you and all the prominent students.

The Higher Education Board has placed the Oasis Scholarships to help students get a Student Loan and study free of charge. And in recent times, the Oasis Scholarship Program has blessed a lot of students with opportunities.

Oasis Scholarship 2023 for SC, ST, OBC, and Pre-Matric Students are for the Backward Classes Welfare department of the government of West Bengal. The Oasis Scholarship is Designed to Support poor Children and their parents.

Recently, stories have been shared with students who got the Pre Matric Scholarship in 2017. Today they are pursuing their degrees at MIT, Harvard, and Higher education Schools in Europe, France, UK, Australia, and other countries of the World.

This article will give you comprehensive details about Oasis Scholarships, their benefits, eligibility, and how to proceed with registration.

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About Oasis Scholarship

In Nutshell, Oasis Scholarship is an Indian Scholarships for what is assumed as Secondary School Students. The Scholarship can be applied online at the Oasis Portal which is

Do you know that Most of the applications fail because most Indian Students and Guidance don’t know how to Apply for Oasis Scholarship 2023 on

In as much as you’re late for the application, don’t be in a hurry, I will take you through the journey on how to Apply for the Oasis Scholarship 2023 i.e  I will take you around the Scholarship Official site

I won’t take along someone who is not eligible for the Scholarship, here we go, Check the Eligibility for the Oasis Scholarship.

Oasis Scholarship Eligibility

From the paragraphs above, we stated that the Scholarships are Designed for SC, ST and OBC and Pre-Matric Students are ongoing for the Backward Classes Welfare department of the government of West Bengal. 

We have also noted some vital information to help you even after qualifying. They include:

  • Annual Income of the Candidate’s parents should be less than Rs 2 Lakh per anum.
  • Candidate Should have made up to 50% Cumulative marks in the previous final Examination.
  • Applicants should have attained a certain number of regular attendance.
  • The scholarship will be reserved for 30% for Female Students.
  • The Scholarship can be given to only two students from the same Family or Blood.

Oasis Post Matric Scholarship to OBC Students Requirements

  • Applicant must have a State of Origin Certificate of Caste Certificate.
  • Candidate must pass the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination.
  • The annual income of the family should not be over Rs 1 Lakh

Requirements for Oasis Pre-Matrix Scholarship for ST

  • The Child must be a West Bengal Resident.
  • The Applicant must be in the ST category and have an Origin Certificate.
  • Only Students in 9th class and 10th class.
  • The annual income of the family should not exceed Rs 2 lakh

Requirements for Oasis Pre-matrix Scheme for SC

  • Applicants have to live in West Bengal
  • Applicant must have a Caste certificate to apply for this scholarship program in category SC
  • Candidate must be in class 9 going to class 10
  • The family’s annual income for these applicants should also be less than Rs 2 lakh.

Post- Matric Exchange for SC / ST Requirements

  • Applicant must live in West Bengal District of India.
  • The student must be in the SC or ST category to apply for the scholarship.
  • Candidates must be enrolled at a post Matric level of Education.
  • The annual income of the student’s family should be less than Rs 2.5 lakh.

OASIS Scholarships Benefits

The Oasis Cuts across various Academic Levels in the Indian Education System. This is ranging for Sc, ST, SC/ST, OBC, Masters Programs, Undergraduate, and Ph.D. Program.

Pre-matric scholarship for SC students

For Day Students: INR 150 per month for 10 months + Adhoc grant of INR 750 per annum.
Boarding Students: INR 750 per month for ten months + Adhoc grant of INR 1,000 per annum

Pre-matric scholarship for ST students

Day Scholars: INR 150 per month for 10 months + Adhoc grant of INR 750 per annum.
Boarding: INR 750 per month for 10 months + Adhoc grant of INR 1,000 per annum.

Post-matric Scholarship for SC/ST Students

Day Scholars: Maintenance allowance of up to INR 550 per month
Boarding Students: Maintenance allowance of up to INR 1200 per month

B.Pharm/ LLB/ B.Nursing/ PG/ Hotel Management courses etc.

Day Students: INR 530 per month
Boarding Students: INR 820 per month

Medical/ engineering/ BSc (Agri)/ MPhil/Ph.D./ LLM students

Day Students: Students coming from their Guidance homes get INR 550 per month
Boarding Students: Students living in the School Dormitory get INR 1,200 per month

For General Courses up to Graduate Level

Day Students:  INR 300 per month
Hostel Students:  Students living in the School Dormitory get INR 750 per month

For students of classes 11th and 12th in 10+2 system intermediate courses/ Polytechnic/ ITI courses

Day Students: INR 230 per month
Hostel Student: Students living in the School Dormitory get  INR 750 per month

Post-matric Scholarship for OBC students

Day Students:  Maintenance allowance of up to INR 350 per month
Boarding Students: Maintenance allowance of up to INR 750 per month

For Medical/ Engineering/ BSc (Agri)/ MPhil/ PhD/ LLM students

Day Students: INR 350 per month
Boarding Students: INR 750 per month

For B.Pharm/ LLB/ B.Nursing/ PG/ Hotel Management courses etc.

Day Students: INR 335 per month
Boarding Students: INR 510 per month

General courses up to graduate level

Day Students: INR 210 per month
Boarding Students: INR 400 per month

For students of classes 11th and 12th in 10+2 system intermediate courses/ Polytechnic/ ITI courses

Day Students: INR 160 per month
Boarding Students: INR 260 per month

How to Apply Online for Oasis Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC Students

Before you apply for the Scholarship, you should have been sure that you’re eligible to apply. If you’re ready to apply for the online pre-metric & post-metric Scholarships for SC ST & OBC students, you must start by visiting the site.

Step 1. Visit the Official Website

Go to This is the Interface you’ll see when you’re at the site homepage. Select your preferred language if the site is not in your language and Continue the Application.

Step 2. Locate the Application Button

Carefully Locate the “Apply Now”  or “Student Registration” Button in the student’s Column of the website. The Interface is below so you can see what it looks like. Never mistake clicking the wrong button; you’ll start the process again.


Step 3. Fill the Online Application Form

Please, carefully Fill in all the blank spaces provided  (such as primary details, Photo, and applied authority details) in the online application form.
Notes: a. Photo is not Compulsory at this level of Application.
 b. Aadhar Card No is also not Compulsory.
 c. You can know the status of your application through Mobile No. or Email.
 d. Other fields are mandatory.
e. At the End of the Application, Press Submit Button.


Step 4. Download the Form

An acknowledgment slip Containing the Details you have filled in the Form Above will be generated for you to download.

You’ll see information Like “Click Download Login Information/Acknowledgement Slip”. Click on the download  Link. A PDF file will be downloaded to your computer. Print it.

If the file is not opening, please install ‘Adobe Reader‘on your computer.


Step 5: Go Back to Oasis Login Page

With the Information provided in the Acknowledge Slip, Go and do an Oasis login at; and Click the Registered Student’s login button in the student’s Column of the website,


Step 6: Login as a User

Furthermore, the Acknowledge Slip Plays a vital role in this step. On the Slip is written the User ID and the Password.  Login with your user id, password & district as written in your Acknowledgement Slip.

Step 7: Insert Your Image

After a successful login to the student panel, you have to fill up the remaining part of the application form now.  Here the application will require you to put your image.

Step 8: Fill Other Information

Find the Button “Further Details.” There is much information below. Click & fill in all the remaining fields. Do that carefully. Just know that the oasis Online Application needs your time so you can win the Scholarship.


Step 9: Fill Your Bank Details

This step involves you putting your bank details for oasis Scholarships for SC/ST/OBC Students.  Click Bank information button & Select your bank, branch & type Account No.


Step 10: Verify your Details

After submitting your Bank details on the Oasis Portal,  you’ll have to Click Verify and Lock button. Please Take note of the Following
 A. This Verify & Lock button will not work if you don’t complete the form correctly.
B. Once you click Verify & Lock button, you can’t modify your details anymore.

With This Information, you must ensure that the data you submitted are authentic and Original before you click on the button.


Step 11: Download Application Form

After all the Application Processes, Never go away if you haven’t downloaded the  Oasis Online Application Form. Click the Print Application button and click Download Application Form.

A PDF file of a  filled-in Oasis application form will be downloaded to your computer;  If you have a printer connected to your Computer, print Immediately or copy it with a Flash drive and print it elsewhere.


Step 12: Submit Online Application Form

After Printing out the Oasis application Form from the Oasis portal, the prospective applicant is to submit this Online application form from the oasis portal with your signature on it to the concerned Block Development Office (for Block area)./ PO cum DWO/ DWO. (For Municipality/ Corporation area).

Step 13: Submit Documents

While Submitting the application form, you must come along with the following Documents:

A. 1 (One) Copy recent stamp-size colored photograph of the applicant duly attested and pasted on the application.
B. An attested copy of the Caste Certificate of the applicant.
C. An attested copy of the mark sheet/ Certificate of the last examination passed.

Step 14: Confirm Application Success

After Submitting,  Congratulation, you made it to the top. Also, you have to make sure this application is made on time.

Oasis Scholarship – Renewal Process

If you have already won the scholarships through the Oasis Scholarship Portal in recent years, you must renew them yearly. Also, For renewal, the application process is slightly different. You can find below the detailed description of the renewal process –

  1. Sign in to your Oasis Scholarship account.

    Visit the official website.

    Click on “Renew Scholarship” in the student’s corner.
    Log in with your user ID/application number and password.
    Check the previously entered data and make changes as necessary.

  2. Renew the application

    Once you have reviewed your existing information, please click “renew app”.
    Provide information about the ongoing scientific study that you are following.
    Click “Renew and Lock Application“.
    Note: If you lock your renewal request, you cannot make any changes in each domain. So be sure to include the right information in each field.

  3. Once you have blocked your renewal application, you can download the application form and send it along with all supporting documents to the relevant Block Development Office (BDO) for the restricted area or to the PO cum DWO for the municipality corporation.

    The documents to be submitted are:
    1. Your recently Taken photo (Stamp Size)
    2. Certified copy of your Caste certificate/Acknowledge Slip
    3. Attested copies of your mark sheets and certificates of the last examination passed.

How to Check your Oasis Scholarship Application Status

Just wait a minute. Do you know that Oasis Scholarship Portal also allows tracking the current Oasis Application status?  Regardless of whether you applied for a scholarship before or after enrollment, don’t Panik.  Easily, you can track the status of your application online through the Oasis portal.

Notwithstanding, follow the steps below to track the Application status of your request.

Visit the official site.
Click the “Track an application” button.
Select the district where your current School or Institution is located.
Enter information such as serial number/user ID,  applied district, and session of the application to track your application.

Oasis Scholarship Contact Information

For any doubts on your form, eligibility, status, etc, call the helpline number.

Here is the official Line: + 91-8420023311.

Documents Required for Oasis Scholarships 2023

These Documents are all you require for a Successful application for the Oasis Scholarship. However, some of the documents are used for Renewal and also for Tracking your Application. Furthermore, These Documents may not be attached online. Some may be needed at the various offices where the applications are submitted.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Annual Income Certificate
  • Bank Passbook
  • Cast Certificate
  • Canceled Check of Student Account
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Fee Receipt
  • Latest Mark sheet
  • Photograph
  • Study Certificate from College


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