13 Online Colleges in Alaska for International Students | 2023

For different purposes, citizens of different states and cities have reasons to travel out of their homes cities to other cities. And, out of this is the educational purpose.

Many people travel for educational purposes: to learn more and acquire academic credentials. Thus, Alaska remains one of the notable cities that international students can consider for educational purposes. (Modafinil)

However, technology has brought about ease in learning. Schools now offer online courses, making it easier for students to learn. Therefore, this article explores some online colleges available in Alaska for international students. Let’s get right into it!

Online Colleges in Alaska for International Students

Attending the best online school is a priority. The institutions explored in this article are Alaska’s top and accredited online colleges suitable for international students and are chosen based on credibility and excellence. In this light, see the top-notch online colleges in Alaska.

  1. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  2. The University of Alaska Anchorage
  3. Liberty University
  4. Kenai Peninsula College
  5. Ilisagvik College
  6. Capella University
  7. Southern New Hampshire University
  8. University of Phoenix
  9. Grand Canyon University (GCU)
  10. Strayer University
  11. Purdue University
  12. University of Alaska Southeast
  13. Alaska Pacific University

#1. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has over 50% of its courses rendered online. The school offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and associate degrees. 

At the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, they aim to provide degree programs that will ultimately be easy for learners outside the school location or learners who have other engagements but would still want to attend school. 

This flexibility factor makes the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, one of the accredited online colleges in Alaska that is convenient for international students. 

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 #2. Liberty University

Liberty university is a nonprofit higher institution that ranks as one of the accredited online colleges in Alaska, convenient for international students who intend to learn from anywhere. 

The school offers over 100 bachelor’s degree programs alongside master’s and doctoral degrees. These programs are super flexible as they’re taken online, at ease for the convenience of students. 

According to the university, these courses are taken in an 8-week format, making learning more accessible and less cumbersome. 

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 #3. The University of Alaska Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage is a unique university that stands out for exceptional learning opportunities. They offer numerous virtual classes that are both fixed and flexible. 

This university has about 100 online courses, many of which are online only. In addition, you can take classes for free without enrolling in a program. 

The University of Alaska Anchorage offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and also associate degrees. 

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#4. Kenai Peninsula College

At Kenai Peninsula College, they believe quality is vital and ranks as one of the accredited online colleges in Alaska suitable for international students. With Kenai Peninsula College’s online program, students can offer up to 160 online classes each semester. 

The exceptional higher institution offers almost 50 percent of its courses through virtual learning. They are committed to aiding students to become great individuals in their chosen fields. 

Past students at Kenai Pennisula College have good reviews about their online learning experience, with testimonies of a pleasant and knowledgeable learning session alongside organization and simplicity. 

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#5. Ilisagvik College

Illisagvik college is one of the accredited online colleges in Alaska suitable for international students. They offer programs for students who may be physically unavailable.

The institution offers an exceptional educational service to produce students who will become outstanding individuals in their varying fields. At Illisgvik college, they offer over 30 major online programs for undergraduate study. 

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#6. Capella University

Capella University offers more than 160 graduates and undergraduates program you can choose from. Through their exceptional online program, which they call “FlexPath,” you can take your educational journey to another level.  

Their FelxPath program gives you access to an educational program that offers you the free will to set deadlines, manage costs, and learn on your request.  

At Capella University, they have a keen dedication to giving an exceptional learning experience to drive personal and professional growth. Cappella University stands out for outstanding online education for its students. 

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#7. Southern New Hampshire University

The Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a private University located halfway between Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire. Along with national accreditation for its business, hospitality, health, and education degrees, the university has accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education. 

With about 135,000 online students and 3,000 on-campus, SNHU is one of the universities in the country with the quickest growth. The university was established in 1932 as a business-focused institution by “HAB.” 

Shapiro and his wife, Gertrude Gittle Crockett Shapiro, under the name New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science. When H.A.B. Shapiro passed away in 1952, the wife took over. 

Southern New Hampshire University offers online programs in courses related to health, social sciences, technology, business, etc.

Some other benefits are associated with Southern New Hemisphere University. These include low tuition fees: SNHU is considered one of the schools that offer a nominal tuition fee. 

It is a higher education school with a low tuition fee, as the school’s aim is the student’s success. At SNHU, students can transfer credits from previous course works.

This factor makes learning more accessible and faster for students. It also gives room for scholarships and tuition aids for students. The school offers about 300 programs, both online and offline.

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#8. University of Phoenix

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the University of Phoenix is a private institution of higher learning for profit. The institution came into operation in 1976. 

It gives awards, diplomas, and degrees at the certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels. It has open enrollment admissions for many of its undergraduate programs and has recognition from the Higher Learning Commission. 

Apollo Global Management is an American private equity company that owns the school.

The goal of the University of Phoenix was to increase access to higher education, especially for working adults who had full-time responsibilities to their families and careers.

They have been serving adult learners for 40 years and are still committed to doing so. 

Thus, for distance learning, Phoenix offers courses in the following: business and management, social sciences, education, medicine, and health. Computer science, law, etc. The average price for Phoenix tuition is just about 10,000 dollars.

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#9. Grand Canyon University (GCU) 

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is one of the online colleges in Alaska suitable for international students.

It’s a private, for-profit Christian University in Phoenix, Arizona. Grand Canyon University had 70,000 online and 20,000 on-campus students in 2018, making it the largest Christian university in the world based on enrollment.

Accredited, Grand Canyon University offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral in over 200 courses from its nine colleges which include the following: business, education, fine arts, humanities, health and nursing, technology, theology, and doctoral studies. 

GCU’s online programs gears toward delivering a well-rounded education to students. They do this by offering flexible online lecture schedules.

This online program enables international students to learn from anywhere and easily continue with other engagements that may require their time, thereby cutting costs. 

In addition to those, as mentioned earlier, the tuition at GCU is affordable for international students interested in online colleges in Alaska. 

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#10. Strayer University

The main campus of the private, for-profit University, Strayer, is located in Washington, D.C. This exceptional online college convenient for international students was established in 1892, firstly as Strayer’s Business College; later, it changed its name to Strayer College. Then gained its university status in 1998. 

Over the years, more than 50,000 students have enrolled at Strayer university through 64 sites that are across 15 states as well as its online learning programs. 

The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting, business administration, criminal justice, education, health services administration, information technology, and public administration. 

It focuses on degree programs for working adults. A high school diploma or equivalent is required to gain admission into Strayer University’s undergraduate degree programs. 

However, students must have official transcripts from every other college or university they have attended, proof of completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50, some requirements for graduate degrees (excluding the Executive MBA). 

You can undoubtedly receive credit for the courses these online professors give because Strayer determined that they meet the standards of courses that are equivalent to those courses. Strayer allows you to complete your credits more quickly and save money on tuition.

In addition, Strayer, as an online college in Alaska, also offers self-paced online courses that enable students to learn at any time and anywhere and are generally suitable for international students. 

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#11. Purdue University

Purdue University started operation in 1869. The university is also an exceptional online college suitable for international students in Alaska. On September 16, 1874, six professors and 39 students attended the first class.

Major institutional rankings have placed it among the best public institutions in the country, and it is well-known for its engineering curriculum.

Purdue’s online degrees aim to assist its students in acquiring skills and experience that will advance their professional development and livelihood.

Online degrees from all Purdue University campuses give students convenient, flexible access to our highly esteemed instructors and excellent content.

Purdue is An online institution with more than 175 programs, including expedited degree choices and various specialties. 

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#12. University of Alaska Southeast

The University of Alaska Southeast offers programs targeting individuals who desire to become teachers and those already working in the teaching field. 

One of the exceptional online colleges in Alaska options for international students is the University of Alaska Southeast. 

They have a long history of producing outstanding teachers, principals, and administrators dedicated to improving kids’ lives.

UAS offers top-notch training and preparation to aspiring and upcoming teachers through undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs.  

At the University of Alaska Southeast, the availability of online learning makes it possible for upcoming teachers (the students) to learn at their own pace. 

This approach implies that online teaching is extremely easy for students. In this school, admission to online programs requires the exact requirements of entrance into regular education.

However, this school is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get the best out of online learning. 

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#13. Alaska Pacific University

Alaska Pacific University is yet another online college in Alaska good for international students that we consider, although small. APU is a private University established in 1957. From then until about 1978, it had an affiliation with the Noted Methodist church. 

At Alaska Pacific University, undergraduates can put in for liberal arts and also sciences courses. Courses offered by Alaska Pacific University are nine programs for graduates, eight programs for master’s degrees, and one program for the doctoral degree.

However, Alaska Pacific University offers distance/online learning programs in the following Faculties: business and management, computer science, medicine and health, and social sciences.  

Just like our other options, this school stands out as one of the best options you need to bag that desired degree at your convenience. 

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One significant advantage of online courses offered by many schools mentioned in this article is that they are relatively inexpensive to maintain or acquire.

The reason behind this often lies in the fact that the aim schools have for establishing these is the students’ ease.

In addition, some of these colleges offer tuition aid and scholarships for onsite and online students.

This factor brings about a long stretch of ease, even as the students engage in other activities outside school. However, not all of these schools offer tuition aid and scholarships.

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FAQs- Online Colleges in Alaska for International Students

Can international students study thoroughly online?

With the invasion of technology and virtual learning, international students can now study online at their convenience. Courses they can enroll in online come with certifications that can add to their portfolio.

What is the cheapest college online?

Here are the cheapest accredited online colleges

1. Thomas Edison State University
2. The University of Alabama
3. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
4. West Texas A&M University
5. Columbia College
6. Eastern New Mexico University
7. American Public University
8. Grantham University

Does Alaska have an online school?

Yes, some schools offer online programs in Alaska that are not just excellent but convenient for anyone anywhere in the globe. See some of the accredited online colleges in Alaska are suitable for anyone.

1. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks
 2. The University of Alaska Anchorage
 3. Liberty University
 4. Kenai Peninsula College
 5. Ilisagvik College
 6. Capella University
 7. Southern New Hampshire University
 8. University of Phoenix
9. Grand Canyon University (GCU)
10. Strayer University
11. Purdue University
 University of Alaska Southeast

Can international students attend community college online?

Yes. International students attending SBVC on an F-1 Visa have particular limitations regarding online classes. Due to Homeland Security requirements, international students have access to some units they can take online each semester. International students are limited to one class, which is usually three units.



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