15 Online Quilting Classes in 2022 | Free & Paid

Did you know that besides giving your environment a face-lift, quilting is another great way to ease off stress? As you produce colorful and practical products, it could pass as a hobby for you.

Now, you can learn how to be creative with your old-fashioned fabrics through online quilting classes and you can learn that from the comfort of your home.

Our list of 15 online quilting classes you can take in 2022 can help you make an informed decision.

What is Quilting?

According to Wikipedia, quilting is used to describe the process of stitching at least three layers of cloth together, either by hand with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine.

If you want to generate a three-dimensional cushioned surface, you will pass several stitches through layers of the cloth. The three layers of the quilt are the top fabric, the batting, and the backing.

Hence, online quilting classes help to teach you easy ways to achieve this. At the end of your class, you can either put these quilts to good use around the house or put them up for sale.

Why Take Online Quilting Classes?

There are several reasons you can take online quilting classes and they include:

#1. Flexibility

The convenience of taking quilting classes online is the most persuasive reason to do so. Humans juggle a variety of activities and are frequently pressed for time.

As a result, these free online quilting classes provide you with the option of selecting the number of lessons you want to take each week.

#2. Affordability

Whoever said you have to break a bank to afford an online quilting class must have fallen from the skies of Jupiter.

First, you won’t have to pay for transportation to travel for the courses, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on course materials.

If you come from a middle-class family, you can never go wrong with enrolling in an online class.

How Long are These Online Classes?

The length of each online class varies. if you’re looking for a certain ability, expect that it shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes. Beginner lessons with an instructor normally last between an hour and two hours.

The deeper the lesson, the longer it takes. So, it is necessary to confirm with the teacher before registering for any of these classes.

15 Online Quilting Classes in 2022 | Free & Paid

#1. Confident Quilting, Part 1: Design & Piece a Mini Quilt Top

This quilting beginner class covers the basic quilting sewing skills and teaches you how to incorporate creativity into your designs.

By enrolling in this online quilting class, you take the first step towards producing a full-sized quilt.

The total length of this on-demand video is 45 minutes covering themes like supplies, planning, cutting out the pieces, using the sewing machine, and putting it all together.

#2. Quilting 101 (Bluprint)

This is a thorough beginner’s course that will get you started in the lovely world of quilting. It will serve as a step-by-step guide through each lesson and activity.

The instructor; Libs Elliot is a textile artist with years of expertise in fusing current ideas and technologies with time-tested ways of craft creation.

There are downloadable resources, and class projects, and you’ll be entitled to supply discounts as a student member.

Overall, this is an excellent online quilting class that covers everything.

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#3. The Complete Guide to Quilting for Beginners

This beginner-level course will teach you all the fundamentals of quilting including fabric selection, cutting, piecing, and binding for a finished quilt.

Your instructor for this online class is Melodie Allen. He is an entrepreneur who has been making, designing, and selling quilts for over a decade and has an interesting teaching style.

So, if you want to be the best, enrolling in this class is the way to go!

#4. Mother-Daughter Quilting: Making Modern and Traditional Quilts

This intermediate-level online course covers both traditional and modern quilting techniques, allowing you to create beautiful and functional quilts of any size and style.

In this online quilting class, there is one hour of on-demand video covering topics such as measuring and cutting parts, cutting and piercing half-square triangles, and free-motion quilting techniques.

Also, you can access further resources and step-by-step instructions and can ask questions when you come across a confusing lesson.

#5. Teach Yourself to Machine Quilt Free Motion Feathers

Feathers and feather patterns are difficult to grasp but with this intermediate-level training, you’ll be able to design and generate free-motion feathers in no time.

Modules on designing feathers, feather fills, feather spines, corner designs, borders, and sashes are among the more than 5 hours of on-demand video available.

This Udemy online course comes with downloadable resources, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

#6. Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show, Season 1

This quilting class teaches you how to embellish, design, and produce a quilted purse. It is 6-hours long and is hosted on the Bluprint website.

Enrolling for it automatically qualifies you for a discount on materials and a pool of downloadable tools.

#7. Wagga Star Quilt

This quilting class online is an intermediate-level course with 1 hour of video training on-demand.

Gathering supplies, cutting fabric, designing the Wagga star, building the star, and quilting it all together are among the course modules.

Downloadable supplementary resources, class projects, and a gallery for students to showcase finished products are all included in the course.

#8. How to Sew a Hexi Quilt Top By Hand

If you’re up for the unique challenges, hexi quilt patterns of quilting look wonderful and are entertaining to construct. this online course teaches you how to make stunning quilts and provides you with the necessary knowledge and practice.

In this class, you’ll gain lifetime access to the course and downloadable resources. Interestingly, you’ll have a shareable certificate because it is hosted on the Udemy platform.

This is about one of the best online quilting classes you can ever find.

#9. The Machine Quilter’s Toolbox

Machine quilting involves the majority of the quilting procedures being completed with a sewing machine. This course will teach you all about the machines as well as strategies like basting, batting, and marking.

This course lasts for about two and half hours and it is an intermediate-level course.

#10. Sewing Your First Quilt Block

The things you’ll learn in this online quilting class include fabric selection, cutting fabrics, common issues and fixes, sewing methods 1&2, a walk-through block construction.

These lessons make you a great pro. Do yourself some good and enroll for this online class quickly.

#11. Quilter’s Bootcamp: Master the Basics

Learn the essential techniques that any beginner quilter will require to succeed!

Sara Diepersloot, a quilt designer and store owner, breaks down the core skills of quilt-making.

Sara will break down the steps to the core skills that will take your quilting to the next level during Quilter’s Bootcamp. You’ll be shocked at what you can create once you’ve mastered these fundamentals. You can break it down into one lesson every day and have a beautiful finished block by the end of the week!

#12. Make a Quilted Jacket

In this online class, you’ll learn how to sew a reversible quilted jacket without a pattern in this session. A sweatshirt, spare fabric, and your sewing tools are all you need to pull through.

Patchwork, quilting, and sewing are all combined in this lesson. It is aimed at intermediate-level sewers and quilters.

You’ll love your finished jacket and will most likely make more for yourself and your family.

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#13. Foundation Paper Piecing Basics: Create a Butterfly Quilt Block!

In this workshop, we’ll go over the fundamentals of foundation paper piecing while producing a cute 6-inch butterfly quilt block.

You’ll go over how to choose acceptable fabrics, how to cut foundation paper piecing templates and fabrics appropriately, and how to stitch the entire block together. Enroll now to learn this new, enjoyable craft and broaden your quilting skills!

This is an easy-to-follow class for beginners.

#14. How to Sew a Zipper Tote Bag

Don’t you just love it when you can put something you made yourself to good use? This beginner’s tutorial will show you how to sew each part, including a zipper. You’ll also go over several sewing methods on how to make your own bag.

#15. How to Make a Patchwork Quilt Using Clothing (Memory Quilt)

You will get a step-by-step guide on how to change a variety of discarded clothing into a unique and personal patchwork quilt., what equipment you’ll need, and how to choose out details, motifs, favorite patterns and colors.


So, these are the best free online quilting class that you can enroll for in 2022. Go through the time schedules and choose one that suits your plans. Goodluck.



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