15 Affordable Online School Psychology Programs

Yes! getting a degree in School Psychology can be demanding in terms of time, high tuition fees, and other expenses. This has been the major challenge most students desiring to pursue a career in Psychology face.

To render a solution and give many opportunities to build their career, World Scholarship Forum has deemed it fit to put down a list of Affordable Online School Psychology Programs. This is for students who are on the verge of giving up your dream.

The most exciting part of these school psychology online programs is that you are been given the opportunity to pursue the Psychology Program from where you. Even if you are working or pursuing other degree programs.

In addition, online programs are often cheaper because students do not have to pay for accommodations, meals or fees related to campus activities and resources. For students who have the discipline and motivation to conduct their own studies, an online program can better meet their needs.

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a School psychologist and you need an online school psychology degree to acquire, We have what you need right here. But before we move further I think insight into what School psychology is all about will help your understanding of what you need.

What then is School Psychology?

School psychology is a field that applies principles of educational psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, community psychology, and applied behavior analysis to meet children’s and adolescents’ behavioral health and learning needs in a collaborative manner with educators and parents.

Similarly, School Psychology is the application of the principles of psychology to the learning and developmental processes of children and adolescents. School psychologists conduct psychological and educational evaluations in order to plan remedial programs for students, counsel students with learning and school adjustment problems, consult with school personnel and parents, develop and implement educational and psychological programs for schools, and evaluate school programs.

However, School psychologists also use their understanding of psychological principles to help support student learning. Parents and educators often turn to these psychologists to help them solve their developmental or behavioral problems.

During this process, they develop and monitor student performance plans and provide guidance to students and their families. They often work closely with other educators and school professionals, bringing their expertise to improve teaching and administration outcomes.

Most of them work in K-12 educational institutions, although some are employed by private companies or mental health agencies. Others work independently and consult various school districts and educational organizations on specific cases of students or larger projects.

No matter where they work, school psychologists need a firm foundation in psychological theory, specialized knowledge of child development, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Most jobs require a master’s degree in school psychology or a related field.

How Can I Get a Degree in School Psychology Online?

You may Ask,

Prospective students can graduate in various online school psychology programs. The educational experiences of these programs are very similar to those of the campus. Besides the psychological fundamentals, online students also focus on school psychology.

For most programs, students with a master’s degree in school psychology must have clinical experience, often called internships. Although the nature of these experiences varies from program to program, may require approximately 600 hours of field experience.

Online students may face additional difficulties in organizing their clinical experience, especially if they live in an area where few organizations can operate as internships or internships.

Faculty members and program administrators can help find students near organizations that offer opportunities for clinical experience.

Although the clinical component of a degree in school psychology may be more difficult for online students, the format offers many benefits. In asynchronous classes, students can review the content according to their own schedules and perform tasks.

Online students also do not have to go to campus, which makes this format interesting for those with professional and personal commitments.

A key component of any school psychology program is the ability to apply classroom knowledge and skills in real-life situations, and most online programs address the hands-on nature of school psychology by integrating internships and on-campus residencies into their curricula.

Can I Study School Psychology Programs Degree Online at any Level?

Of course Yes. These psychology programs can in any level which includes:

  • school psychologist online Ph.D. programs
  • online school psychology doctoral programs
  • master in school psychology online

Online academic psychology programs at the master’s level typically require 36 credits. Like undergraduate programs in psychology, graduate students provide information on human thinking and behaviour, changing life stages, and psychological assessment.

In addition, master’s programs offer courses in more specialized areas such as counselling, crisis intervention, research methods, and professional ethics. These courses prepare students for their daily work as a school psychologist or for the advanced subjects they need to complete a Ph.D.

These opportunities ensure that students are exposed to scenarios they will probably encounter in the future, allowing them to gain practical experience and develop their skills. Such components require in-person commitments, of course, so students should plan to work them into their schedules.

It is important to note that, The cost of getting an online school psychology degree varies based on a number of factors, including location and duration. Students pursuing their school psychology program online may be eligible for in-state tuition or accelerated options that can help reduce the overall cost of their education.

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Now! here is the big one. Below is a list of 15 Affordable Online School Psychology Programs that you can go for with information about the school that offers them.

List of 15 Affordable Online School Psychology Programs

  • Master of Science and Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology Online- Fort Hays State University-Hays, Kansas
  • Psychology of Education: Focus on School Counseling (M.Ed.)- Texas A University College Station, Texas.
  • Master of Arts in Educational Psychology- Ball State University-Muncie, Tennessee
  • Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition, and Development (M.Ed.)- University of Georgia-Athens, Georgia.
  • Online Educational Specialist in School Psychology- Edinboro University of Pennsylvania-Edinboro, Pennsylvania
  • Online MS in Educational Psychology- University of Memphis-Memphis, Tennessee
  • Educational Psychology Master of Arts: Teaching Applications Emphasis- University of Northern Colorado-Greeley, Colorado
  • MA in Educational Psychology-Learning and Assessment- The University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Educational Specialist in School Psychology Respecialization- Eastern Washington University-Cheney, Washington
  • Master of Science /Specialist in Education (EdS) – Emporia State University 
  • Educational Specialist (EdS) program-  University of Kentucky
  • Doctoral Program in School Psychology (Ph.D.)- University of Central Arkansas
  • Temple University- School Psychology
  • Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) Program- Sam Houston State University 

#1.  Master of Science (MSc) in Science and Education in Online School Psychology- Fort Hays-Hays State University, Kansas

Fort Hays State University offers both an educational psychology specialist and a master’s degree in online psychology (focus on the school) for students who can not follow a traditional campus program. The school psychology programs can be completed in four semesters full time.

Students complete a 500-year internship in their home school district during the second year of the program. This inexpensive online master’s degree in school psychology can be completed with 66 credit hours.

Students complete their master’s degree in 30 credit hours and their education specialist diploma in 36 hours.

In order to meet the Kansas admission requirements, students must complete a supervised placement of 1,200 hours.

Tuition Fees: $ 3,398 per year in Canada and $ 9,676 per year abroad

Graduation rate: 81%Acceptance rate: 91%

Courses: Behavioral therapy; Developmental psychology; Advanced learning and motivation professional honor; Assessment of children

Program LINK

#2. Educational Psychology: Emphasis in School Counseling (M.Ed.)- Texas A&M University-College Station, Texas

This master in school psychology online at Texas A & M University offers synchronous and asynchronous non-residential courses. There is 36 hours of credit. Full-time students can graduate in two academic years.

Although no final dissertation is required for the program, second-year students complete an internship. Graduates are prepared for certification as a school counselors in the state of Texas when they complete their courses, internships.

Tuition Fees: $ 5,784 per year in the state and $ 15,953 per year outside the state

Courses Offered includes:

  • Multicultural school boards
  • professional school councils
  • Research techniques
  • School board theories and techniques
  • Child and youth development issues

Program Lin

#3. Master of Arts in Educational Psychology- Ball State University-Muncie, Tennessee

The Ball State University’s MA in Internet-based School Psychology allows students to graduate while respecting their professional and personal commitments.

The program can be completed online after approximately 18 months of full-time study. Students can choose from three different specializations:

  • Talented and talented
  • Human Development
  • statistical and research methods.

Faculties are recognized nationally and pay particular attention to students taking online courses.

Tuition Fees: For doctoral students: $ 8,386 per year in Canada and $ 20,698 per year abroad

Graduation rate: 49% Acceptance rate: 78%

Courses offered includes:

  • Human learning and motivation for success Psychology of human development
  • Child development
  • Youth development
  • Adult development and
  • Aging

Program Link

#4. Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition, and Development (M.Ed.)- University of Georgia-Athens, Georgia

This school psychologist’s online degree program at the University of Georgia offers a master’s degree in education. In educational psychology, applied cognition, and development. The College of Education offers it.

However, The online school psychology program follows a cohort format of 10 students who complete the 34-credit program in one unit.

So, Students can select courses in the desired area, including Learning with Technology learn for life, qualitative educational approaches Development of high mental capacity.

The University of Georgia ranks sixth in the United States for its Online Graduate Studies (News and World Report) programs.

Tuition Fees: For doctoral students $ 8,492 per year in Canada and $ 24,090 per year abroad

Graduation rate: 85% Acceptance rate: 54%

Courses offered includes:

  • Foundations of human development for education
  • Foundations of knowledge for education
  • Seminar in educational psychology
  • Fundamentals of motivation for education
  • Educational research methods

Program  Link

#5. Online Educational Specialist in School Psychology- Edinboro University of Pennsylvania-Edinboro, Pennsylvania

This academic school psychology program at the University of Edinboro is a three-year NASP-approved program. The school is recognized as a registered school psychologist. Students take online classes during the week and a personal meeting on a Saturday-by-month basis.

Field and school experience are required in the first and second years of the program, while a full-time practicum is conducted in the third year.

However, These first-rates programs for school psychology includes a structured program and small classes to ensure individual attention.

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Tuition Fees: $ 8,694 per year in the state and $ 13,050 per year outside the state

Graduation rate: 45% Acceptance rate: 95%

Courses offered includes: 

  • Psycho-educational assessment of behavioral disorders and development
  • Cultural, social and biological foundations of personality development
  • Collaborative consultation in the educational environment; Individual development until adolescence.
  • Psychoeducational counseling and investigation

Program Link

#6. Online MS in Educational Psychology- University of Memphis-Memphis, Tennessee

The University of Memphis offers a master’s in school psychology online Education for students who require a graduate degree but can not participate in a traditional program. Students come from different fields, including school psychology, social work, health care, and the military.

Hence, Applications will be reviewed in April and November, so students will have multiple start dates each year. Above all, this online school psychology curriculum is ideal for leaders who wish to develop a deep understanding in the areas of psychology.

The areas can be in human development, research, and statistics, as well as learning and cognition.

Tuition Fees: For graduates: $ 8,820 per year in Canada and $ 17,604 per year abroad

Graduation rate: 44% Acceptance rate: 57%

Courses offered includes: 

  • Life span human development
  • Learn and recognize
  • Statistical methods in education
  • Individual differences
  • Students from diverse cultures

Program Link

#7. Educational Psychology Master of Arts: Teaching Applications Emphasis- University of Northern Colorado-Greeley, Colorado

school psychology online programs
school psychology online programs

The University of Northern Colorado’s Affordable Master’s Degree in Online Educational Psychology focuses on teaching applications. The 30-hour loan program can be tracked online in about 19 months or five quarters.

The online program begins each summer and is aimed at teachers who want to help students think more confidently and safely. No final paper is required, but students must pass a thorough exam to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

The graduates then worked as education consultants, business and industry educators, measurement and assessment professionals, and community college teachers or K-12 teachers.

Tuition Fees: For Ph.D. students: $ 9,774 per year and $ 18,968 per year outside state graduation rate: 46% Acceptance rate: 90%

Courses offered includes: 

  • Educational psychology for teachers
  • Superior research methodology
  • Developmental psychology of life span
  • Cultural questions in educational psychology
  • Motivation in education

Program Link

#8. MA in Educational Psychology-Learning and Assessment- The University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The NCATE-accredited, affordable Online Masters Degree in Online Educational Psychology from the University of Alabama offers 30 credit hours. However, It focuses on learning and evaluation. Students with different backgrounds can apply.

Graduates include business leaders, youth ministers, government leaders, and social science professionals.

The professors are the same teachers who teach rigorous programs on campus. One of the major strengths of the program is the diversity of the students and the mix of experienced professionals.

Tuition Fees: For Ph.D. Students: $ 10,470 per year and $ 26,950 per Year Outside the State

Graduation rate: 66%Acceptance rate: 53%

Courses offered includes: 

  • Authentic learning and teaching
  • Multicultural education
  • Consulting: theories and processes
  • Cognitive-academic assessment and data-driven decision-making
  • Introduction to exceptional children

Program Link

#9. Educational Specialist in School Psychology Respecialization- Eastern Washington University-Cheney, Washington

Eastern Washington University offers an online education specialist with a degree in School Psychology.

He has a certificate in school psychology and a diploma as a school teacher. Students with a bachelor’s degree can complete the program in three years, students with a master’s degree in just two years.

The program works as a cohort model. Students complete asynchronous program components through discussion forums and homework.

You must complete a full-time internship of 1,200 hours. The students have to be on campus every fall. You must sign up for a four-day weekend session to meet, attend certification training, and attend live classes.

Tuition Fees: For graduates: $ 10,953 per year and $ 25,438 per year

Graduation rate: 46% Acceptance rate:95%

Courses offered includes: 

  • Professional School Psychology
  • Academic and social/behavioral interventions
  • Academic Rating for School Psychology
  • Psychoeducational groups for children and adolescents
  • Advanced search and statistics

Program Link

#10. Master of Arts in Educational Psychology- Eastern Michigan University-Ypsilanti, Michigan

Eastern Michigan University offers an affordable online Master’s program in Educational Psychology. The program offers two different concentration options: developing learners, research and assessment.

The concentration of learners in development can be done completely online. The focus of research and evaluation is a mix of online and in-person courses.

Students learn to understand the concepts of educational psychology and to apply them effectively in a pedagogical environment. The graduates then worked in research institutions or educational institutions. Many are doing their Ph.D. and teaching at colleges and universities.

Tuition Fees: For Doctoral Students: $ 15,120 a year and $ 27,840 a year

Graduation rate: 37% Acceptance rate: 73%

Courses offered includes: 

  • Multicultural teaching and learning
  • Nature and identification of the gifted
  • Piaget for educators
  • Motivation to learn
  • Intercultural Council
  • Self-image, self-esteem and individual difference
  • Psychology of Adolescence

Program Link

#11. Doctoral Program in School Psychology (Ph.D.)- University of Central Arkansas

The doctoral program in School Psychology is based on the scientific-practical training model. Recognized by the APA * School Psychology Program, the doctoral degree is based on the model of science-practical training.

The program follows the idea that practice and research must influence and reinforce each other.

The program prepares students to integrate knowledge and scientific expertise into all professional activities, promote empirically established practices on behalf of individuals, and illustrate the legal and ethical standards of the profession of psychology.

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Tuition Fees: In-state 8,224 USD, Out-of-state 14,447 USD

Graduation rate: 45% Acceptance rate: 90%

Program Link

#12. Temple University– School Psychology

The school psychology program follows a model of scientific practice. This training model focuses on the major strengths of a school psychologist, resulting from a deep understanding of the science of psychology.

With this understanding of basic psychology, the school psychologist can adapt to changing professional demands and shape the future of the profession.

Without this background, a psychologist could only play the role of a technician and would be poorly equipped to overcome obstacles or lead to recent developments in the profession. Graduation rate: 69% Acceptance rate: 52%

Program Link

#13. Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) Program- Sam Houston State University 

The SHSU School Psychology Specialist Program (SSP) provides training for those seeking to provide psychological services to children, families and educational professionals. This is a 60-hour program that leads to a degree in psychology (advanced as master).

The vast majority of students complete the program as full-time students for three consecutive years, the first two years are dedicated to the success of courses and practical experience leading to last year’s internship SSP.

This is both intense and fun and the work you do here as a Ph.D. student from SAP is very directly linked to the role, so you will play in the future.

The program focuses on hands-on experience for students throughout the curriculum. He is a diploma program without work, so students are not required to complete a research project, but all students are encouraged to take part in research projects they wish it.

Tuition Fees: $4,268.00

Graduation rate: 53% Acceptance rate: 72%

Program Link

#14. Educational Specialist (EdS) program-  University of Kentucky


The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP approved the school psychology program online).

Moreso, the programs are designed to prepare professional psychologists with pedagogical expertise who can work in a variety of educational contexts. However, it is based on the concepts of “scientists” and “ecosystems” / “whole child”.

In the same vein, it facilitates the design of the school psychologist as being able to conduct research and effectively with clients,

Besides considering the ecological complex in which the child is practising. Program teachers have a strong interest in the full-service school model, which gives the school psychologist a general role.

Tuition Fees:  $12,556 for in-state and $30,192 for out-of-state students.

Graduation rate: 61% Acceptance rate: 91%

Program Link

#15. Master of Science /Specialist in Education (EdS) – Emporia State University 

This school psychology degree online program is the first educational psychology program in a four-state region and has a long history of respect and tradition.

The candidates have been working in 1952 and until today, school psychologists trained by ESU work in almost all districts and the cooperative special education of Kansas started with schools.

In the School Psychology Program Emporia State, the head coaches are professors, graduate students in Educational Psychology and many years of experience in the field.

If you work with children with unique characteristics and backgrounds and want to offer them preventive and corrective services to help them succeed, our program may be right for you.

Tuition Fees: In-state 6,179 USD, Out-of-state 19,392 USD

Graduation rate: 39% Acceptance rate: 87%

Courses offered: The courses cover disciplines such as adaptive education, early childhood, school counselling, educational administration, and clinical psychology.

During this time, candidates learn theory, characteristics, and methods related to preschool and school-aged children with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, intellectual deficiency, autism, emotional disturbance, and more.

Program  Link 


Is Educational Psychology the same as school psychology?

The major difference between a school psychologist and an educational psychologist is that school psychologists are trained to work directly with children who have learning and behavioural issues that are the focus on “macro”, while educational psychologists are researchers.

Can I be a school psychologist with a bachelor's degree?

Every aspiring psychologist must make sure they complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology, education or other social science courses.

Are School Psychologists in demand?

This demand of demand for professional Psychologists increases daily. However, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 14.3 percent employment growth for school psychologists between 2016 and 2026.

Can I do psychology online?

Advancement in technology has made studying very accessible. Students select from a variety of online programs, including an online bachelor’s of science in psychology.

However, students enrolling in an online accredited psychology degree take 43 credit hours of psychology coursework.


In conclusion, These Affordable Online School Psychology Programs are offered in various universities in the world including the USA, Germany and other parts of Europe.

However, These Online degree programs cover different disciplines and courses making it possible for one to pursue over one program.


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