17 Cheapest Online Ph.D. Programs in Leadership & Management

Working hard to earn a degree in an online PhD program in Leadership, either in the field of Education or Business, or some other area of study- shows a great deal of determination. However, most times the financial costs stand-in our way.

So in today’s writing, we have compiled the 17+ Cheapest Online Ph.D. programs in leadership & Management. 

Doctorate in leadership

This degree, when concentrated in the area of leadership, gives its holders the credentials to run a large academic institution, manage a human services organizations or capital enterprise, consulting in corporate development, train staff in the capacity of a development manager, or to teach at a university level, among other occupations.

Once a graduate gets through the specific coursework of a doctoral program, typically they must write a dissertation, which is often a published culmination of their academic work to date.

What is the benefit of getting a Ph.D. in Leadership?

A Ph.D. in Leadership is a great choice for those among us who were born to call the shots. Even for those people who have been naturally leading since birth, it takes training and composure to lead effectively, as well as to lead humbly enough to learn from mistakes.

Doctoral degree in management or leadership

A doctoral degree in management or leadership is the highest level of academic degree in the field. Employers, whether in academia or the business sector, view someone with a Ph.D. as an expert in the field.

Those interested in business and management programs now have online options, and won’t have to quit their current career to earn an advanced degree. Today, some of the nation’s top accredited institutions offer an online doctoral degree in management, leadership, or a related discipline.

What do I do with a Ph.D. in Leadership?

Leadership development professionals play an integral role in the success of companies and organizations. These individuals problem-solve to address the specific challenges a business or agency faces and actively work to increase efficiency and improve outcomes.

Those who want to advance to the top of this field can do so conveniently through an affordable online doctoral program in organizational development.

What Career Can I engage in with an Online Ph.D. In Leadership?

The requirements for the Online Ph.D. in Leadership vary greatly depending on the priorities of the student and of the department.

Coursework often includes elements such as public policy, ethics, effective communication, motivational leadership, group dynamics, and even in some of the non-education degrees, as they emphasize teaching or facilitation.

Since good leadership is very important in every field, it takes all kinds of leaders to run all of the corporations and all of the educational programs. Some of the Career opportunities you can enter into with an Online Ph.D. In Leadership include;

  • Career and Technical Education Teachers
  • Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists
  • Human resources managers
  • Human resource specialists
  • Instructional coordinators
  • Labor Relations Specialists
  • Postsecondary education administrators
  • School and Career Counselors
  • Training and Development Specialists

17+ cheapest online Ph.D. programs in leadership & Management available for interested students

Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ph.D. Online in Organizational Leadership

Regent University offers an alternative to an online DBA in the management program. The doctorate in organizational leadership is an online title that is based on research and focuses on equipping students with ethical leadership skills.

There are five areas of concentration available, including organizational leadership and the individualized program. The required courses may include organizational communication, organizational culture and climate, and trends in organizational leadership research.

The program can be completed in just four years. While classes are taught online, two four-day residencies are required on campus.

Regent University is classified by important publications such as US News and World Report as the best national university. If you are looking for a recognized online doctorate in administration or an area related to the lowest possible enrollment, Regent will be the best option.

Tuition/Fees: $1,167

Piedmont International University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Doctorate Online in Leadership: Organizational Management

The affordable online doctorate in organizational leadership of the University of Piedmont was launched in 2015, which makes it one of the most recent offers in our ranking. The program is very flexible, thanks to its asynchronous content delivery, which allows students to complete the courses at a convenient time for them.

However, it is important to note that the program requires a one-week residence in Winston-Salem that must be attended within the first year of enrollment.

Students will also take courses in the concentration of organizational management, such as Marketing for Leaders, Leaders in Multilevel Organizations, and Grant Writing Management and Program Evaluation.

A research core is also required as is a dissertation. Most students complete their studies in just three years.
The university is a member of the International Association of Christian Schools.

Tuition fees: $5,850

Aspen University, Denver, Colorado

EdD online in Leadership and Learning: Organizational Psychology

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The low-cost doctorate in the online organizational leadership of Aspen University is a unique EdD in Leadership and Learning with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

The curriculum for the program guides students through the psychology of leadership while emphasizing three domains of the program: collaborative and ethical leadership, transformative leadership and reflective scholarship.

Students will meet the requirement of 60 credits per hour through 20 different classes. This includes course titles such as Human Potential and Motivation, Techniques and Interpretation for statistical analysis, Creation of a lasting strategic change, and Creation of successful organizations that endure.

A full examination and a doctoral thesis are required before graduation. The University of Aspen is accredited by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission and, unlike other schools listed in this ranking, all its degree programs are offered exclusively online.

Tuition Fees: $6,970

University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, Kentucky

PhD. in Leadership Online

Individuals interested in online doctorate management and business programs may be interested in the Ph.D. in leadership program of the University of the Cumberlands.

The program is designed for students who want to strengthen their content knowledge in leadership and administration. According to the program’s website, the leadership of Ph.D. is more intensive in theory and research than a standard educational leadership title (EdD).

Tuition/Fees: $5,970

Trident University, Cypress, California

Ph.D. Online in Business Administration – Management and Organizations

Doctorate at Trident University. The online management program combines business administration with administration and organizations. The program is designed to train individuals in researchers, academics, and university professors.

There are five concentration areas available, including the emphasis on management and organizations. All courses are taught online and include decision making, dynamic groups and teams, culture and organizational climate, research methods and stress, and work commitment.

A comprehensive examination required includes a written and oral part. In addition, students must complete a dissertation that shows doctoral, knowledge, and scholarship studies with meaningful research.

Trident University is accredited and has received recognition from major publications like U.S. News and World Report as being a top national university.

Tuition/Fees: $6,120

Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee

Online Ph.D. in leadership studies

For students who are interested in Online Ph.D. programs in leadership, Johnson University offers a unique option in online management study programs. The online Ph.D. in leadership studies offers four areas of concentration, including educational leadership, missional leadership, leadership in organizations, and leadership philosophy, and theology.

Depending on the choice of concentration, required courses may include global leadership systems and policies, intercultural behavior, leadership studies and theory, organizational studies and theory, and ways of knowing leadership development.

Core research is also required and includes courses in qualitative and quantitative research and research principles. Students must also prepare a formal research study in the form of a dissertation.

Tuition Fees: $7,050

Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

Online Doctor in Business Administration – Project Management

The online doctor of business administration course at Liberty University offers a concentration in project management. The program implements biblical principles and is designed to equip students with the knowledge needed to successfully lead or teach across various business or educational platforms.

Required online courses include advanced project management, global project management, and operational management. All business programs, including the DBA in project management, have received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Liberty University is ranked by major publications. US News and World Report rank the school even as the 80th best regional university in the south. The online graduate business programs of the school are also # 75 in the country.

Tuition Fee: $8,000

Wilmington University, New Castle, Delaware

Doctor in commercial sciences online

General and accredited online DBA programs are more common than management PhDs, although the curriculum delves deeply into management and leadership issues.

The online DBA at the University of Wilmington combines courses on business, leadership, and management. The program is designed to equip students for leadership roles in various business or academic worlds.
Required courses are business intelligence, ethics in business and management, global management models, leadership issues, and organizational strategy and policy.

Students must also complete a DBA dissertation or a completed research project, which requires at least nine semester hours.

Wilmington University is accredited and has previously been recognized as the best national university by major publications such as the American news and the world report.

Tuition Fees: $8,042

University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, Maryland

Online Doctor of Management

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One of the most affordable online doctoral and management programs can be found at the University of Maryland University College. Courses are delivered in a hybrid format that combines face-to-face residences with online instruction.

The flexibility in doing the Online PhD programs in leadership allows students to participate in the program while living outside the geographic location of the university. Required courses include foundations of management theory, innovation process and strategy, leadership and change, and organizational environments in a global context.
Research methods and preparation courses for the dissertation are also required. Students can complete the program in seven years or less. The university and its management programs are accredited and have received earlier recognition from important publications such as the American news and the world report.

Tuition Fees: $8,514

Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida

Online Arts or Business Administration

Saint Leo University offers an affordable online doctoral or business administration program that is designed to prepare people for careers at a university level. The program also provides students with the expertise needed to work as business advisors and executives.

The lessons are offered online with three required one-week seminars that must be attended during the stopover on campus. Required courses are business innovation and entrepreneurship, global leadership and ethics, financial resources management, and strategic management in global organizations.

Saint Leo University is ranked by major publications such as U.S. News and World Report as the 71st best regional university in the south.

Tuition Fees: $8,730

Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana

Online Ph.D. in organizational leadership

There are alternative paths to online DBA programs. Some combine leadership and management curriculum, such as the online Ph.D. in organizational leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University.

The program is offered in a mixed format with a required residency that takes place in July. The program emphasizes leadership within the organization through courses in advanced leadership theory, ethics and leadership, leadership and personal development, organizational and mature learning, and stewardship.

Students can complete the program in three years or adjust the completion time with the help of the departmental director. The program and the school are accredited nationally and the institution is ranked regionally according to important publications.

US News and World Report rank the school even as the 30th best regional university in the Midwest.

Tuition Fees: $9,700

Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska

Online Ph.D. in Human Capital Management

Ph.D. from the University of Bellevue in an online management degree is designed to prepare graduates for effective leaders in human capital development organizations and programs. Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, the program provides an online curriculum for working professionals.

Required courses include the economics of human capital valuation, human capital development, and productivity, human learning and decision-making, organizational research, and strategic management of human resources.

In addition to the lessons, a dissertation must be completed and defended. Bellevue’s graduate business programs, with the exception of the MBA, have received recognition from the American news and world report as being in the top 100 of best online graduate business programs.

Tuition Fees: $9,900

Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona

Online DBA with an emphasis on Management

Grand Canyon University offers one of the most affordable online promotion and management programs in the country. The online DBA in management training is intended for working students who are unable to attend traditional day courses.

While the lessons are completely online, two internal four-day residences are required. Required courses are designing organizational structures, economics for business decisions, introduction to advanced graduate studies and scholarships, management theory in a global economy, managing relationships with stakeholders, and statistics for business research.

A dissertation is also required. Grand Canyon is accredited and ranked with major publications such as US News and World Report. In fact, the school has received recognition from American news as one of the best regional universities in the West.

Tuition Fees: $10,124

Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia

Online Ph.D. in Business Administration – Management and Marketing Focus

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Affordable online DBA programs may be hard to find, but the Online PhD programs from Hampton University in business administration is both cheap and accredited. The program also enables students to design their courses in a specific area of ​​interest.

Interested in management and marketing can take extra lessons that emphasize these business disciplines. Management courses include advanced decision support systems, international management, problems in operations management, management economics, marketing management, and organizational change theory.

Extensive exams and dissertation are also required. Hampton is ranked by major publications such as the American news and the world report.

In fact, the 2016 edition of Best Colleges lists the school as the 18th best regional university in the south.

Tuition Fees: $10,298

Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida

Online in Doctor of Business Administration

The Davis Doctor of Business Administration from Jacksonville University is one of the top-rated AACSB-accredited online DBA programs. Classes are held monthly, on a Friday and Saturday, with individual required work that may be completed through online exchange with professors and colleagues.

The program may be completed within three years and is designed for executives, policymakers, or those aspiring to faculty positions.

Required courses include corporate and global strategy, marketing with a global market, organizational development, quantitative methods for executive decision-making, and transformation and change.

Students may select an area of business, like management, and complete their applied research and dissertation.

Tuition Fees: $12,960

Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Online Doctorate in Management

One of the most affordable Ph.D. in management online programs is offered at Walden University. The ACBSP-accredited program offers online classes and face-to-face residencies that hone research, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Four specialization areas are available: finance, human resources management, information systems management, and leadership and organizational change.

Depending on the student’s specialization choice, courses may include information systems management, management concepts and theories, and strategies for leading people.

The program may be completed in as little as thirty months. Walden University has received recognition in the past from major publications like U.S. News and World Report as a best national university.

Tuition Fees: $12,609


Success in business depends largely on the competence of his leadership. Companies, non-profit organizations, governments, and educational institutions all benefit from leadership that is innovative and driven. They need leaders who are able to navigate through political environments and a diverse workforce.

That is why exploring Online Ph.D. programs in leadership is so vital.

We have other great scholarship opportunities that might be of help to your search

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Frequently Asked Questions On Online Ph.D. Programs in Leadership

What is a doctorate in organizational leadership?

A doctorate in organizational leadership degree prepares graduates to effectively lead and implement change in their organizations by leveraging various management, motivational, and technological tools and strategies

How long does it take to get a phd in organizational leadership?

Doctoral programs in organizational leadership usually require between 45 and 60 credits to complete, and most students need four or five years to earn their degrees. In the typical doctorate in organizational leadership, students can take no more than seven years to earn their degree from start to finish.

What can you do with a phd in leadership?

Listed below are some of the career opportunities available to you as a doctor of philosophy in leadership.

Business Professor
Training and Development Manager.
Operations Research Analyst.
Education Administrator.
Management Analyst.
Chief Executive Officer.

Is a phd in organizational leadership worth it?

You may think a PhD in Organizational Leadership may not be the best option for those who want to work in education but it still has applications that may benefit your career. A number of organizations will definitely require your services as a leadership consultant.

Are there any online phd programs?

Of course, there are plenty of reputable, regionally accredited institutions taking their doctorates online. They are an easy way to earn a doctorate. While the program may require less face-time or physical presence on a campus, accredited programs are by no means a shortcut to earn your degree.

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