15 Paid Music Internships For International Students

It takes a specific career path to get a reasonably paid music internship. To do so, ensure you choose a music major that will furnish you with the right skills to venture into the line of music you’ve always wanted to.

Whether you are interning as a singer-songwriter or a band member, the music internship presents you with many opportunities.

Throughout the temporary position, you’ll learn everything about this quick industry from experienced experts, assembling your insight and your organization.

To excel in your music internship, you must review the famous chronicle instruments before applying.

Your employers in the music industry look for passionate undergraduates who are ready to expand their knowledge when the demand is needed.

See the table of contents below for an overview.

What is a Paid Music Internship?

A music internship is a role undertaken by an intern to gain experience in the music line. The company where the music intern is attached evaluates the talent and skills of the music interns.

Before becoming a music intern, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. This may be a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or even an associate degree.

How Much Do Music Interns Earn?

Although, most music interns do not get paid. However, how much the paid music interns earn ranges from $2.25 to $30.15 hourly.

Often, music interns do not work late nights or weekends save for when there is a call for an outdoor event.

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What are the Requirements to Become a Music Intern?

To qualify for a music internship, you must meet the following requirements.

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  • You must be enrolled in a degree program at the time of internship
  • Complete at least 27 credits
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5

List of Paid Music Internships For International Students

#1 Downtown Music Publishing

This organization is a music rights management firm that represents a group of songwriters with over 80,000 titles.

Downtown music focuses on synchronizing creativity with market plans. So, if you are looking for a place to sharpen your music skills, this is the right place for you.

#2 Springville Center for the Arts

This multi-arts center seeks interns who will teach and guide a group of students in grade 12.

Springville Center is a non-profit organization that executes artistic programs in Western New York.

#3 BOD Church

BOD is an establishment after the growth of entrepreneurs, creatives, and business professionals. If you feel you want to make an impact in the world through music, then make the most of this internship position.

It will require you to work for three hours a week as there are day and night shift periods.

#4 Unity One Studio

Unity One Studio is a fantastic team of multimedia group that focuses on production, in-studio recordings, video production, and post-production.

An internship with this multimedia group enhances your skills in mic placement, audio recording, gain staging, studio mixing, audio editing, etc.

There is a limited number of internship positions with Unity One Studio.

#5 Songtrust

This is the world’s largest industry in music publishing. Founded to make music rights simple enough, Songtrust seeks to help musicians.

It would help if you exhibited a strong passion for music, its placements, and the nitty-gritty of the music business to interning with Songtrust.

#6 Sesame Workshop

This non-profit organization is responsible for producing several educational children’s programs.

With specific objectives, this could be an excellent place for a music internship placement.

#7 Coral Gables

Coral Gables is an organization that creates content to build brands on TikTok. They are looking for a proactive go-getter.

So, if you have an evident passion for music and know how social media works, this is your opportunity to make an impact through music.

#8 Missoula PaddleHeads

This game entertainment industry is a place where interns go to gain hands-on experience to produce fantastic expertise.

Here you can learn how to manage live videos, music, and other things that might interest you.

While it gives you an opportunity for a paid-for-credit internship, it also makes room for housing.

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#9, Dolby

The Dolby internship program offers impactful, project-based work experience in a collaborative, innovative environment where you work alongside industry leaders.

Dolby defies possible expectations to give you the extraordinary. Your paid music internship with this organization would be one to connect more users than there can ever be.

#10 Amazon

Amazon Studios, with its headquarters in Seattle, was established in 1994 and has long since pioneered the invention and delivery of things that were thought to be impossible.

This internship-paid music program allows you to gain hands-on experience working with a fantastic team behind some award-winning shows.

#11 Sonicbids

Since establishing this Organization in 2001, Sonicbids has provided a plethora of tools to help connect musicians with promoters, venue owners, and many other music opportunities.

This is where you’ll gain invaluable knowledge of how music technology operates while rooted in data analytics, social media, etc.

#12 HeadCount

Located in Edegem, Belgium, HeadCount is the next place you should consider interning with. You could be lucky to get an offer for a full-time job.

This depends on how much zeal your exhibit for music.

#13 Carbon Fiber Music

This music and entertainment company provides label services to most artists.

If you know your onions in copyright law, music business practices, and music publishing, don’t go any further, as this could be the intern place you’ve always wanted.

#14 Braathe Enterprises

You can do this music internship from the comfort of your room. It requires you to work 5 to 10 hours weekly to create blog posts relating to the music industry.

Also, it allows you to build connections with professionals in the music industry.

You must attend any of the best schools to do well in your music career. See the best music production schools in the world.

#15 Amplify Creative Group

As an intern with the creative group, you’ll help establish a relationship between the artists and the existing market.

It will also need your quantitative and qualitative skills to evaluate the artists.


If music doesn’t appeal to you, you shouldn’t venture into it, as you might not be patient to go through the process.

These internship positions will not only empower you. They will also offer you a professional relationship you can take pride in.


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