PSSA Practice Tests : Study Guide, Tips, Dates, Results, And Login

Preparing for an exam comes with a lot of tension among students due to the tedious nature of the preparation. So, the thought of sitting for an exam can be scary.

Technology has made it easy by bringing a new approach that allows students to prepare and familiarize themselves with the PSSA practice test procedures.

So, to equip you for this practice test, we have put down everything you need to know about the PSSA practice test. This includes the tips to pass and the requirements you need for the test.

Similar to other state assessment tests across the country, the PSSA test was founded in 1988. Having undergone major changes structurally and curriculum-wise, this test helps teachers to identify their students’ weaknesses in subject areas like Mathematics, English language, arts, and science.

So as to help improve them.

So, one of the ways to prepare for this test is to use the PSSA practice test continuously. Relax and carefully read through this article to get more information pertaining to the PSSA Practice test, its requirements, tips, and its Study guide.

You can navigate through using the table of content below.

What Is PSSA?

PSSA is an acronym for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment. This is a standardized statewide test that is taken by students in public schools in Pennsylvania.

However, with adequate PSSA training and assessment, students are well-prepared to take these exams that cover various grade levels.

In this test, assessment is thrown open for students in grades 3-8 in Math and English Language Arts while grades 4 and 8 students sit for Science examinations.

PSSA tests help to identify what capabilities students should have at various grade levels in key subjects of Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science.

PSSA Test Study Guide

The PSSA test study guide is a free resource for all PSSA takers. It compiles the specific body of knowledge that a student needs to prepare for the PSSA test.

When it comes to testing, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is the authority and the PDE has a great collection of free resources for educators.

The reason for the PSSA test guide is to help students and test-takers be successful on the test day.

Also, little hard work and preparation will go a long way in providing the support you need as a student to be successful in the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA).

Where Can I take PSSA Practice Test?

There are lots of resource sites that offer PSSA Practice Test. Usually, questions are similar to those obtainable in PSSA exams.

Also, the practice materials help students build confidence and provide a variety of resources that you need for preparing and getting a high test score.

The more you practice with the materials the higher your chances of getting a good score. Here are some educational resource websites where you can take PSSA Practice tests online.

  • You can download it on

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How Much Does It Cost To Take the PSSA Test?

Actually, the cost to take PSSA is quite expensive, depending on the number of subjects you wish to sit for. The test fee is around $35-$60 per subtest.

This is applicable when you want to take the subtest differently. But it has a different price if you want to take all the tests at once.

As a guardian, If you choose to have your child take the PSSA at the local public school to fulfill the testing requirement, there is no charge.

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How many Questions Will I Answer in MY PSSA Test?

PSSA tests consist of three types of questions: selected-response, multiple-choice, and constructed response. While this year’s PSSA has 6 tests: 3 subsections in Math and 3 subsections in English.

In the reading sections, you will answer a total number of 66 Multiple Choice Questions and 6 constructed Response Questions.

In Math, you will cover some key areas which include:  Numbers and Operation, Geometry, Algebraic Concepts and Measurement and Data, and graphs.

While in the science test, you will cover four major categories which include: Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Science, The Nature of Science, and Biological Sciences.

How To Register/Apply for the PSSA Online Test

Here are the following steps to follow to apply for PSSA exam

  • To apply for the PSSA test, you click here
  • Then click on the registration button
  • Complete all required field like name, phone number, etc
  • Input your valid email address that can be easily accessed to ensure future communications are received.
  • From the IU drop-down menu, choose the IU to which your LEA is assigned
  • Next, choose your District, and School from the drop-down menu.
  • Lastly, you select the REcaptcha checkbox and click submit to your complete registration

How Often is the PSSA written?

The testing window for PSSA exams varies based on the year. Typically, PSSA exams are administered in the Spring.

In some cases, students may be allowed extra time if need be under special circumstances. Generally, tests last between three to four hours depending on the test administered and grade level.

When is the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment 2023-2024 Test?

PSSA Testing Window 2023-2024

​English Language Arts​April 22 – 26, 2024​Grades 3-8
​Mathematics, Science and Make-ups​April 29 – May 3, 2024​Grades 3-8
​Early Reporting Deadline​May 3, 2024​Grades 3-8 
PSSA Math, Science, Makeups (Optional)​May 6 – 10, 2024 (No early reporting)​Grades 3-8

How To Check Your PSSA Test Result

After your exam, you are advised to be at rest and not bother yourself with checking your result. At the time of registration, the email address you provided is where you are sure to receive your test score.

However, some tests take longer to score than others. For example, students are provided with instant results and feedback after taking tests and are able to view reports which include comprehensive charts and graphs tracking progress.

At the other extreme, some are sent through the mail which takes about 6-8 weeks to return your scores.

Tips To Pass PSSA Online Test

Just like any other test, you need to prepare for the PSSA test to excel. So, here is a guide through which you will pass the PSSA exam if you follow them properly.

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 #1. Avoid Procrastination

It is advised to start studying for PSSA online tests on time and avoid procrastination. Procrastination increases failure and regrets.

So, in order not to experience these things, begin studying early. This eliminates tension and the amount of time needed to study.

#2.  Avoiding the Trap of Familiarity

When studying avoid familiarity. Ensure you read every area you are supposed to read, don’t skip or read some parts because you think you know it.

Instead, You can revise those parts that seem familiar to avoid forgetting them.

#3. Get the PSSA Online Practice test

One of the most important means of studying is to practice PSSA tests online. This will help identify the areas of your strength and weakness. With it, a study pattern and routine can even be formed.

The practice tests will also expose you to the way questions are set. Although the question style of PSSA can be confusing, the practice tests will give you an understanding and a guide to the examination pattern.

It is recommended to take practice exams under similar exam conditions. You will feel the pressure as though it is the actual exam.

#4. Create a Study Plan

As a student, you need 2-3 hours of daily study to pass the PSSA test. Once you have information on the format of the test, you should draw up a study plan to practice for each PSSA subtest.

Your study plan should clearly state when you will take the PSSA subtest. This will give you a guide on how to read and prepare for the exam.


The annual Pennsylvania System School Assessment evaluates a student’s progress.

Reading through this article will reveal the importance of the PSSA practice test and a guide to prepare you for the PSSA exam.

Good luck!


What can I use my PSSA for?

PSSA test results provide clear data that will help parents, teachers, and students improve academic performance in reading, math, writing, and science. PSSA testing is also used in evaluating each school’s Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

What does PSSA stand for?

According to Wikipedia, the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) is a standardized test administered in public schools in the state of Pennsylvania.

How long does the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment last?

Each section of the PSSA is approximately 60 minutes in length. Generally, tests last between three to four hours for all sections depending on the test administered and grade level.

Who should write the mathematics and Reading Assessment of the PSSA test?

Mathematics and Reading Assessments are administered to all public school students in grades 3–8 and 11; the Writing Assessment is administered to all public school students in grades 5, 8, and 11.



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