12 Safest Places To Study Abroad 

Whenever a student is given a study abroad option, the next thing his/her mind races to is ensuring the place is the least safe. Regardless of safety, many benefits come with studying abroad.

Deciding to study abroad may mean different things to different people simultaneously.

To some, it might mean having to experience a new feeling of independence, while to others, it might mean going to experience a different style of education. Then, it could mean an entirely different thing outside the box to another set.

Whatever your reasons are, there is never a wrong reason you should have a study abroad experience.

On that note, a compilation of the safest places to make your study abroad destination has been brought to you. Why not go through to make the most out of your study abroad experience?

If you’re still questioning the safety of your study abroad destination as regards the Corona Virus pandemic that has taken over the globe and, at worse, put it at a standstill, quickly go through the table of contents for an overview.

The World’s Safest Region for Study Abroad

Europe is generally regarded as the safest part of the globe, and as a result, most of its nations are attractive to international students looking to study abroad.

SPI considers three factors—crime rates, traffic safety, and political stability when ranking a nation as one of the safest locations to study abroad.

Let’s look at other countries with high SPIs in Europe

  • Iceland – 93.0 SPI
  • Norway – 88.7 SPI
  • Netherlands (Holland) – 88.6 SPI
  • Switzerland – 88.3 SPI
  • Austria – 88.0 SPI
  • Ireland – 87.5 SPI
  • Denmark – 87.2 SPI
  • Germany – 87.2 SPI
  • Sweden – 87.1 SPI
  • Czech Republic – 86.1 SPI
  • Slovenia – 85.4 SPI
  • Portugal – 85.3 SPI
  • Slovakia – 84.6 SPI
  • Poland – 84.1 SPI

Safest Places To Study Abroad In Europe

One important factor to keep at heart when choosing a study abroad destination in Europe is personal safety. This is paramount because you will be in a new environment.

However, you should have no cause to fret because Europe is known to be a safe place to study.

Below is a list of the safest places you can study in Europe

  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Ireland


Apart from Sweden being home to some of the world’s leading universities, it also has job markets for graduates. Located between Finland and Norway, it has the safest traffic, with Europe’s lowest number of deaths regarding traffic.

Besides having a good piece of clothing handy for the weather, the low crime rate in Sweden makes it stand out as a perfect choice of study abroad location.


Getting a world-class education at little or no cost at all, regardless of where you come from is the most surprising thing about Germany. This, however, does not include most privately owned schools.

Compared to other Western European nations, the cost of living here is nearly affordable, not requiring students to break the bank before they can afford the basic things they need to keep body and soul together.

Suppose you’re still worried about your safety with the benefits above in the big cities. In that case, there are hosts of renowned universities in smaller towns with virtually no crime rate or violence. Therefore, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel safe in this study destination of yours.


Finland offers one of the best higher education systems in Europe’s far North. Its people are known to be warm and have a typical representation of the slogan “live and let live.”

For students, there is almost no place as peaceful as Finland. The only thing to be afraid of is the cold winters. Be sure to arm yourself with good clothing to fight the weather once you step foot in Finland.

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What more is there to expect from a universal environment with universities of high reputation than the warmest of welcomes? Ireland is unarguably home to some of the finest universities in the world.

It is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations in Europe, as its universities offer excellent education in a classical yet modern setting.

The tiny yet regularly voted nation as one of the friendliest countries in Europe is one of the safest places to study.

Safest Places To Study Abroad In South America

South America is one of the most popular studies abroad destinations. However, each country’s uniqueness has decided where to study a hard nut to crack.

Therefore, look at these places in South America that are also Spanish-speaking countries. They have been listed using the global peace and safety rating index.

  • Chile
  • Uruguay
  • Colombia
  • Brazil


Measuring the safety of the inhabitants of this country by all global standards, Chile ranks in the top 25 countries in the world. It is lively with a historical touch, making the country unique and a great place for students.

Probably, the greatest threat to this country will always remain earthquakes! This, however, does not have to bother you much as it doesn’t happen every time and as well, a predictable natural disaster.


Uruguay is the second-smallest country in South America. Coming next after Chile as one of the safest places in South America, it has one or two things to offer to people regardless of class. Students will also find something to do here easily.

The country enjoys the finer things of life enjoys a positive relationship with its government and does not experience unexpected natural disasters. It is, therefore, a haven for students to study and explore the fine art of living.


Having experienced a major setback, things have changed for this nation, making it an uprising destination for technology.

Colombia, however, remains top of the happiest countries in the world, and a perfect way to explore South America is by making a trip to Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city.

It offers a great offset location for learning. Also, it is a country with fabulous and hospitable citizens. You will love its mixture of both ancient and modern.


Brazil has so much to offer from its closures. It houses renowned universities as study abroad options for students, with safety as its foremost priority.

Nevertheless, it has been a popular destination for years and has solid infrastructure put in place. With all these in place, it will leave students with no other option but to fall in love with the decision of having to study in Brazil.

Safest Places To Study Abroad In Africa

Doing something entirely different from what others are doing is a brave step. Don’t you think it is high time you considered taking your study abroad experience in Africa as against normal Canada and other exotic countries?

You may be shocked how the experience will be fun-filled and worthwhile. Below is a list of the safest places to make your study abroad destinations in Africa.

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Uganda

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Priding itself as the ‘Giant of Africa’, Nigerian universities offer majors in virtually every discipline, and all its programs are taught in English.

Nigeria is greatly endowed with a lot to offer to international students. Over the years, the crime rate in the country has drastically reduced. I know this may be your fear, but I am here to clear your doubts that Nigeria is a safe place to study.


Known for its strong economy and overall safety, Ghana offers a fascinating alternative for students who wish to study in a strong academic environment.

Located in the West of Africa, its official language is English, and the courses are also taught in English.

Endowed with nature’s beauty, I still wonder why you won’t want to make this country your study-abroad destination.


Kenya is widely described as the ‘cradle of humanity, where its inhabitants are warm and hospitable. It runs a Western-styled academic session.

As an international student, one reason you want to study abroad, apart from being sure of safety, is to behold nature; Kenya is the surest place for you to get all the pleasure you desire.

This country is home to the most renowned university, which ranks the 20th best university in Africa, the University of Nairobi. It might also be interesting to know that tuition and living costs are low.


Recently, there has been a noticeable improvement in all security aspects except for sporadic cases where petty crimes such as home robbery attacks occur.

That notwithstanding, Uganda is a very safe study-abroad destination for international students. This is one place they will spend their academic years without fear of any violence of any sort.

Uganda is unarguably one of Africa’s most beautiful places, with breathtaking landscapes. It is home to the 11th-best university in Africa, the well-known Makerere University. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss the part where the cost of living in Uganda does not require you to go broke or be in debt.

FAQ’s on The Safest Places To Study

What are the safest places to study in Africa?

There are many African Countries where you can study but the most important factor is your safety. On that note, the four safest places you can study in Africa are: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

What should I note about these places?

When going to public areas, be sure to put on knee-length shorts with polo shirts. Wearing crop tops should be avoided by women.


With the places mentioned above that are safe for your study abroad programs in 2023, we hope you make the most of it and have an amazing experience!


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