Top 15 SEO Certifications To Get in 2022

Blogging can be a very lucrative business if you understand how SEO works. Knowing how to make your content rank on search engines and increase website traffic can give you a great advantage, and exploring the Top SEO Certification you need to get can be a good starting point.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to increase traffic on websites through organic search results. Over time, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very important profession.

It plays a very important role in making matches for users searches all over the world. It is no surprise then that a lot of people, like you, would want to bring out their time to get certifications in search engine optimization.

Research has shown that 64% of marketers are willing and very interested in these digital market tactics. If you are interested in getting an SEO certification, or you simply want to know everything about the best SEO certifications, then keep reading. Let’s get started.

Is there SEO certification?

Yes. There are a lot of SEO certifications. Each certification comes with its own requirements, targets a specific audience, and comes with a different price tag. Study each course syllabus very carefully, read the reviews of existing students, and follow the course that best suits your needs.

What is an SEO certification?

An SEO certification is basically an award given to you after you have completed an assessment in search engine optimization. It shows that you have gotten the necessary training and skills to work with search engine optimization.

Why get an SEO certification?

An SEO certification is important for you if your career goals align with search engine optimization, or if you simply want to gain the knowledge attached. You should get an SEO certification if –

  • SEO increases quality traffic
  • There are unpaid ads in SEO- Once your website has been created, there is no ongoing cost for attracting traffic to your page. This is an addition for you just by your getting an SEO certification.
  • Bypass Competition- If you get an SEO certification, you are already a step further from your competition. This is an important market strategy.
  • User-friendly websites- SEO would help you to create a user-friendly website easily and at a faster rate. Well-structured websites attract visitors more and force them to stay longer, increasing page views.
  • Better conversion rates
  • Build brand awareness- Getting higher ranks in search results increases brand awareness. When your websites name appears on the first page of any major search engine, it builds the trust of your brand
  • Better cost management- Getting an SEO certification would largely help you reduce advertising costs.
  • SEO certifications helps you to work on increasing you brand credibility.
  • SEO certifications can help you in increasing your social media followers. If you know what you are doing, as your barns awareness increases, the popularity of your brans or page on social media also increases, hence an increase in your social media followers
  • SEO is a long term marketing strategy. You can tap into this strategy by getting SEO certified.
  • Getting an SEO certification would help you to break into new markets.

What are the benefits of SEO certifications?

  • Getting an SEO certification shows that you have specific skills
  • You would have an advantage over people who know noting or very less about SEO
  • Your resume/CV would be very strongly built because you would highlight your updated SEO skills
  • Getting an SEO certification proves your commitment to learn new things and the latest SEO trends
  • It gives you a new way to look at things and aim for better page rankings
  • In addition, it gives you a new way to look at things
  • After getting an SEO certification, you would find that you would aim for better page rankings.
  • Another benefit is that you would get exposure to essential techniques that might catch an employer’s attention.
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How much does it cost to get an SEO certification?

The cost for becoming SEO certified varies, based on the course provider. However, an SEO Certification in 2021 costs between $89 and $2800. The price gap also depends on if it is classroom-based or online taught.

How long does it take to get an SEO certification?

The time it would take you to finish your SEO certification entirely depends on you. It takes 1-3 months to learn the basics of SEO and to get certified. This time frame would depend on if you are consuming knowledge daily and learning from experts.

How do I get SEO certified? Give a step by step

  • Find out which course providers you want to use
  • Decide on if you want the free or paid SEO certification
  • Check the best 15 SEO certification courses listed below and pick the one that would be best for you
  • Subscribe to the tutorials, guides and videos for the SEO certification course you have chosen to learn directly from experts
  • Write an exam
  • Get certified

How do I get Google SEO certification?

Google does not offer any form of SEO certification. The search engine giant does not offer certifications for Google Ads, Display, AdSense, and Google Analytics.

What are the best SEO certifications?

There are a variety of SEO certifications to choose from. What is best for you would largely depend on what you want out of the SEO certification you are aspiring to get.

I have listed the 15 best SEO certifications below. I hope when you look through them, you would find what suits you most.

Best 15 SEO Certifications.

If you are interested in getting an SEO certification, the hard part is usually figuring out which SEO program is right for you. These are the best 15 SEO certifications for you to choose from.

  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course- Basically, this marketing course is given by HubSpot, hence, the name. you would be taught inbound marketing and sales software which would help you as time goes on to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.

    There are about seven lessons on this course. Seven of which constitutes thirty-four videos, eight quizzes and lasts for about 5 hours.

    You would also be taught the intricate inbound marketing techniques that range from content creation and social promotion to converting and nurturing leads.

    It is designed specifically for you if you are a novice who wants to learn more about inbound methodologies and strategies.
  • SEMrush Academy- Content Marketing- In SEMrush Academy, there are a variety of search engine optimization certification courses which are offered. However, the content marketing course would lay the groundwork for more advanced training on SEO certifications.

    Asides the video lessons, you would also be getting access to expert SEO tips and further reading to get a vast knowledge of the course. After the course, you can take the exam, which mostly lasts for about 27 minutes for the certification.

    It is best for you if you are a beginner and intermediate practitioner who wants to update your skills by learning from SEO experts.
  • ClickMinded SEO training- This course is offered by ClickMinded. It has helped startups, agencies, entrepreneurs and even students to not just learn search engine optimization, but to also get higher rankings, more traffic, generate your traffic from google and also get you SEO certified.

    You would be taught the training on how SEO works, an introduction to the useful SEO tools, keyword research advice, amongst others.

    This course is best for you if you are a non-technical person who wants to learn technical SEO and wants to get an SEO certification. It costs about $997.
  • Advanced Google Analytics- During the course of learning Google Analytics, you would be taught how data gets collected and how it gets processed into readable reports.

    You would be taught how it uses configurations, some of which include custom dimensions, custom metrics and event tracking to collect data specific to your business.

    The course also covers marketing strategies such as remarketing and dynamic remarketing. This course is best for you if you are an intermediate SEO practitioner who have completed Google Analytics for Beginners.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
    This course is mostly offered by Google Digital Garage. It covers training for digital marketing, data and tech, and careers.

    It is broken down inti 26 modules and takes about 40 hours to complete, with certification offered after you have completed a 40-question exam.

    Learned skills for this course would include analytics and data insights, business strategy, content marketing, display advertising, ecommerce, email marketing, SEM, SEO, social media, amongst others. This course is for you if you are a marketing beginner.
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training- This course would help you in mastering the process of organically driving traffic to your website by teaching you the critical components.

    This course would provide you with self-paced training and online boot camp formats which are aimed at marketing managers, digital marketing executives, content writers, amongst others.

    You would have access to a 15-hour live feed of instructors taking online classes. You would also need to complete three projects and one stimulation test with a minimum score of 60% for you to comfortably get certified in this course.

    This course is best for you if you are a marketing professional with intermediate experience. It costs about $599 for self-paced learning.
  • The Blueprint Training for SEO Professionals- If you are a beginner, this SEO certification course would bring you up to the level of a professional. It is designed to equip you with end-to-end agency management- ranging from acquiring clients to conducting a comprehensive SEO audit.

    Some variables which would be made available to you are- access to all training modules on their platform, exclusive webinars from industry experts and access to a private slack community filled with like-minded professionals.

    This experience would be your forte if you are a marketing professional who is looking to explore or expand your SEO service offerings. The SEO certification course costs about $2999 for the full training bundle.
  • MOZ SEO Essentials Certificate- Taking this SEO certification course, you would be taught all of the essentials of SEO.
    It would provide you with the knowledge to start up your own campaign, how to develop keyword strategy, how to optimize individual web pages for search, how to build links effectively, and how to report results efficiently using Google Analytics.

    It contains about six different video modules with a total of over six hours of content. This SEO certification course costs $595 as registration fee.
  • The Complete SEO Course- This certification course bundle includes 4 courses and basically teaches you all you need to know about SEO. If you are a beginner, this is the best course for you. It starts from the beginning to explain what SEO is and how it works.

    In the course of the certification, you would be given step-by-step instructions to help you apply SEO in practice. This course is mostly offered by Reliablesoft Academy and it costs $89.
  • All-around SEO Training- This SEO training certification course is offered by Yoast Academy. It is a highly reputable company in the SEO industry not only because of its plugins but also because of its contributions to WordPress and SEO community in general.

    This course includes 3 hours of instructional videos and upon completion, you get an SEO certification and badge. This is the best SEO certification for you if you are a non-technical user. It costs $89 per year.
  • SEO fundamentals Course- In this course, you would be taught the basics towards understanding search engine algorithms and how they affect organic search results and websites.
    You would also be taught all the key elements you would need for creating an effective SEO strategy. You would be taught how to select keywords and how to perform keyword research.

    You would also be taught how to effectively conduct on-page SEO analysis to identify opportunities to improve a websites search optimization.

    All of these skills are stuff no blog can teach you for free. It can comfortably be learnt online. Coursera for instance, offers a 100% online learning with access to the readings and lectures. If you can enroll in this course, take it very seriously. On the long run, it would pay heavily.
  • SEO classroom Training- This SEO certification course is specifically for you if you are intent on enriching your SEO knowledge. This is the best SEO classroom training for you if you want to experience SEO training in a live classroom environment.

    With your registration in this course, you would get a 12-month subscription to get a set of tools to help you implement and monitor your website strategy. It costs $2750 (classroom only).
  • SEO Essentials Certificate- This SEO certification course includes 6 hours of instructor- led time and exams and upon the completion of the exam, you would become SEO certified.

    This SEO certification is the best for you if you are a non-SEO professional. It is only six hours long and covers both basic and advanced SEO concepts. Its costs $595.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization- This SEO certification course is offered by UCDavis and Coursera. It includes six courses which cover both basic and advanced SEO concepts.

    This course is best for you if you want to learn how to approach SEO as a server provider. It costs $49 per month.
  • SEO 2021: Complete SEO Training- This SEO certification course is delivered by Udemy. Their SEO 2021: Complete SEO Training has turned out to be their bestseller. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0.

    This SEO Certification is best for developers. It covers a lot of topics that an SEO-aware developer is expected to know like page speed optimization. It costs $199, which is a one-off payment.
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is getting an SEO Certification Worth It?

This depends. If you are starting or want to update your qualification, an SEO certification would probably be worth it for you because it is really a good way to market yourself to potential employers.

Do I get less value for paying for the cheaper certifications?

Not really. It depends on the course. The price tag does not necessarily reflect the value you get from a course but is more how companies approach their pricing model.

Does getting an SEO Certification to make you an expert?

No. You need to practice and learn how the SEO theory can be applied to practice.

How do I know an SEO Certification is the best for me?

Each certification has its own requirements, targets a specific audience, and comes with a different price tag. Go through them and pick one which best suits your interests.

Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwart, Matt Cutts, Neil Patel are a few in the plethora of list of SEO experts you can follow.


Getting an SEO certification is a really bold step. It would turn out to be a very valuable item to your CV and if you are already in the field of the SEO job, it is a great way to prove to your employer and clients that you know all there is to know about SEO.

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