21 Best Nail Tech Schools  | Requirements, Admission

Between 2020 and 2030, according to the U.S. BLS, there will be a 33% increase in the number of manicurists and pedicurists employed. This area offers one of the most robust career prospects in the beauty industry.

To be a successful nail technician in the beauty business, you must have a unique skill set. The top nail tech schools ensure you have quality skills for succeeding in the field.

If you’re interested in creating beautiful nails, this piece reviews some of the best nail tech schools in the world to attend and earn a respectable nail technician certificate.

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What are the Best Nail Tech Schools in the World?

With several nail tech schools available, deciding can become quite tricky. Below are some of the best nail tech schools:

#1. Baldwin Beauty Schools

Baldwin beauty is one of the best nail tech schools. Manicuring, pedicuring, and nail esthetics for men and women are all part of its extensive manicurist curriculum.

This 18-week course involves client practice in its full-service student salon and classroom demonstrations. Baldwin Beauty Schools only use premium beauty products to benefit students and clients.

At Baldwin Beauty School, a manicurist curriculum costs $6,500 in total. The school’s prerequisites for admission include the following:

  • The minimum age requirement for enrolling in any course is 17.
  • A high school completion certificate or transcript, a GED, a homeschool diploma, or a college degree or transcript are all required. The high school transcript must show that the student has completed high school, got a college degree, or completed at least two years of a bachelor’s program.
  • For first-time enrollees, you’ll need a $25 registration fee payable by debit or credit card to the Texas Department of Licensing and Renewal.

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#2. Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy

Students at Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy learn to follow their ambitions. It’s among the top nail tech schools that prospective students should consider. 

The curriculum includes all you may learn in various ways, including offering services to actual clients in the student salon and spa.

The 300-hour curriculum is to guarantee that graduates can reach their full potential. The admission requirements for Artistic nails and beauty academy include the following:

  • Must be at least 16 years old (if under 18, must have parental or guardian consent).
  • Visit the school and meet with a representative in person.

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#3. La Belle Beauty Academy

95 of the 240 hours of the La Belle beauty school’s 240-hour Nail Technology curriculum is for services.

The highly equipped facilities will provide demonstrations, hands-on training, interactive learning activities, and theoretical lectures for you to learn.

The beauty school is among the best nail tech schools because of the caliber of its course offerings. Its curriculum includes:

  • Sculpted nails.
  • Nail Design and Art
  • Manicure
  • Wraps and Nail Tips
  • Airbrushing Gel Manicures and Pedicures

You will also study the general anatomy of the skin, the growth of nails, and nail illnesses and diseases.

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#4. Gerber’s Akron Beauty School

The Akron Beauty School is famous for developing various distinctive abilities in the beauty sector.

It is simpler for the student to comprehend and apply what they are learning because of the school’s usage of connections between the theoretical aspects of the classroom and the practical side of cosmetology.

You will graduate from the manicure course with the skills to perform manicuring, hand and arm massages, and apply fake nails in a licensed beauty or nail salon. The course curriculum includes the following:

  • Procedures & Practices for Nail Care
  • Anatomy
  • Nail Enhancements

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#5. Rivertown School of Beauty

The Rivertown School of Beauty offers top-notch vocational instruction and training to help students advance their careers, graduate, pass their state exams, and find employment.

It excels in cosmetology, barber, skincare, and nail classes. Rivertown is one of the top nail tech schools. The 600-hour program covers:

  • Nail structure
  • Nail illnesses
  • Manicure methods
  • Pedicure techniques
  • Nail art 
  • Nail wraps, tips, gels, 
  • Acrylics, 
  • Salon ownership and sales technique.

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#6. The Spa School

The Spa School has provided instruction in the beauty industry for over 80 years. It is one of the best nail tech schools for students. You may master the fundamentals of hand and foot care in the curriculum through theoretical and practical learning.

The program begins by instructing you on various manicuring and pedicuring procedures. The curriculum also teaches participants how to apply silk wraps, overlays, tips, gel paint, and artificial nails.

Three hundred clock hours make up the nail technician and manicure curriculum. Depending on the program schedule you select, the length of the program can be as short as eight weeks for a full-time schedule.

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#7. Academy of Nail Technology

The academy of nail technology’s main aim is to provide students with the best possible education in the nail business. This is through qualified teachers who teach using the most recent nail products, methods, and processes while providing practical, hands-on instruction in the school’s salon.

The academy of nail technology’s entry criteria include the following:

  • 18 years old with identification, a tour, and an enrollment interview
  • Get the school’s catalog before you sign the contract.

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#8. Long Island Nail and Skin Institute

The nail technician courses at Long Island Beauty cover all aspects of manicures, pedicures, acrylics, wraps, and gels.

Students studying to become nail technicians learn the most current methods used in the field, focusing on theoretical and practical expertise in fabric wraps, acrylic enhancements, and nail care.

You may gain access to a high-caliber education at Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute. This course includes:

  • Biology and anatomy
  • Gel nails
  • illnesses and bacteria
  • Infection prevention strategies
  • retailing strategies
  • client interaction
  • Business Etiquette
  • Tip application

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#9. Hollywood Institute

Hollywood institute is one of the best nail tech schools for aspiring nail technicians. Trainers are experts in the field who are still actively involved. They impart the most recent trends and time-tested methods using their experience.

The course curriculum includes the following:

  • Acrylics
  • Manicure and nail art
  • pedicure
  • Firm gel
  • Liquid gel polish

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#10. International School of Skin, Nailcare, and Massage Therapy

The main aim of the International School of Skin, Nailcare, and Massage Therapy is to prepare students ready for entry-level careers in their chosen disciplines. After completion, students will be ready to take the state board test with the necessary theoretical and practical expertise.

The 600-clock/credit Nailcare Program at the International School of Skin, Nailcare, and Massage Therapy lead students through a progressive series of learning processes that address the particular talents this profession demands.

Teachers at the school collaborate closely with the students, imparting their knowledge, subject-matter expertise, and practical experience.

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#11. Summit Salon Academy

The theory, hands-on training, and business development skills included in the Summit Salon Academy’s nail technology program will equip you to provide public nail care services.

Summit Salon Academy offers a 600-hour training course that complies with Kentucky state legislation. 

It covers all facets of the latest nail technology. Its extensive program makes it one of the best nail tech schools.

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#12. PJ College Of Cosmetology

The PJ College of Cosmetology’s Nail Technology degree goes beyond the fundamentals of manicures. Some of the most innovative methods in the field are in the curriculum. The course curriculum covers pedicures and manicures from beginner to intermediate levels.

To apply, you must have a valid state-issued ID, a high school certificate from an approved institution, or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

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#13. Elaine Sterling Institute

The ESI Nail Care curriculum provides the skills you need to pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology test and prepares you for a career at the beginning level in a salon or spa.

The program is a practical training course that teaches you the fundamentals of a manicure, pedicure, gel manicure, nail enhancements, creative nail art, and the most recent nail fashions. It is one of the best nail tech schools.

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#14. Turning Point Beauty College

You’ll receive the training you need at Turning Point Beauty College to become a skilled nail technician and pursue a rewarding career in the beauty business.

The focus of the 600-hour nail technician curriculum is on the science of beautifying hands, feet, and nails. Its quality program makes it one of the top nail tech schools.

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#15. International College of Cosmetology

The International College of Cosmetology offers you the opportunity to study traditional and innovative nail design methods.

The curriculum includes information on the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the skin and nails. It also covers information on professional nail products and their applications.

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#16. Georgia Career Institute

The Georgia Career Institute’s 620-hour nail technician program provides skills in applying manicures, pedicures, nail designs, tips, and sculptured nails.

It generously offers a practical introduction to fundamental Reflexology and Aromatherapy techniques.

The course broadens knowledge and supports the development of entry-level professionals. Students will get familiar with all the common nail treatments through this active learning program, including acrylics, fills, gel nails, airbrushing, and buffing.

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#17. Genesis Career College

The Genesis Career College nail technology program teaches the science of expert nail care and how to apply fake nails and perform manicures and pedicures.

You will experience visits from guest nail artists who show new methods and materials besides the practical and clinical exercises, ensuring you have the most current knowledge possible to impart to your future nail customers.

It is one of the top nail tech schools option for aspiring nail technicians.

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#18. Michigan College of Beauty

The Michigan College of Beauty is one of the best nail tech schools for nail technicians. It aspires to be the best in the beauty sector.

The institution takes pride in educating students with excellent technical skills and professionalism using Pivot Point techniques.

Additionally included in the curriculum is how to prepare students for lucrative opportunities in the beauty sector. Approximately 150 full- or part-time students are currently at the college.

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#19. Milan Institute of Cosmetology

Students can gain and practice fundamental manipulation skills in the fields of manicures, pedicures, nail tips, wraps, and nail enhancements through the Milan Institute of Technology’s Nail Technology Course.

You’ll learn to use your fundamental analytical abilities to choose the best nail treatments and nail shaping for the demands and overall appearance of your clients. The school has several board accreditations and is one of the best nail tech schools.

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#20. Aveda Arts and Science New Orleans Cosmetology School

Aveda institute is one of the top nail tech schools because of its distinctive curriculum and training method. It provides you with high-demand vocational courses in nail technology besides cosmetology. The program combines comprehensive hands-on training in a salon with classroom instruction. 

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#21. Paul Michell Nail Academy

With over 100 outlets around the nation, Paul Mitchell is one of the best nail tech schools for manicurists. In terms of nail technology and artistry, Paul Mitchell employs some of the most outstanding educators in the nation.

Studying here gives you access to first-rate hands-on experience if you have the tools necessary to succeed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a nail tech?

Nail tech programs usually run for 300–600 hours.

What is the average salary for nail technicians?

The average income for nail technicians usually ranges from $12.26 – $19.75 hourly.

Is becoming a nail technician worth it?

Besides the positive job outlook, nail technicians have an impressive income range. 

Can you find nail technician programs in Universities?

Yes, some universities offer nail technician programs.

Can I find nail tech programs online?

Yes, some schools offer their nail tech programs online. 


The top nail tech school will often provide you access to the fundamentals of nail care and design and knowledge of hygienic practices.

Many schools provide information about their courses online. To learn more about what each program offers, you may visit a campus in person or contact a program representative by phone.



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